Short Story Saturday: The Beauty in Lyric✨

The Beauty In Lyric 

Lyric Wright was 7 years old when she fell in love with writing and singing. She wrote her very first song for the school talent show competition and won 1st place.

🎶One day I will fly, I won’t have to cry, mom and dad will always be by my side but I just have totry, to be a big girl sometimes. Cause I can change the world, even if I’m just a little girl. As long as I’ve got super girl powers I can fly forever.”🎶 She sang softly in front of the crowd of parents, students, and teachers.

Fast forward 10 years later and she hasn’t stopped singing since. It became her dream to become a singer/songwriter, she was just too afraid to turn that dream into reality. She had always been very shy and reserved, so her talents were hidden from the world.
She always wondered whatgave her the strength and courage to go on stage when she was 7 and why she didn’t have it now. Her theory: Children don’t gossip and judge each other as much as teenagers. They literally just want to have fun. Teenagers want to start drama, make fun of you, and pullyou down to your lowest level of life all to fit in and make themselves feel better. Especially if you’re really good looking or talented.

She didn’t have many friends so She didn’t want any unnecessary attention on herself just becauseShe was good at something. Isn’t everyone? She didn’t think she was better than anyone else. Unfortunately, the students at Northwood would think that.

The one friend she did have was Connor and even he didn’t knowshe could sing. They met in Math class in 8th grade when he noticed she was struggling on a few tests. He offered to help her and she accepted with the sweetest smile. They were almost inseparable, people often spread rumors that they were secretly dating even when they constantly told them they were just friends. Connor knew she could write well. He learned that in 8th grade when they became friends. He helped her in math and she helped him with his language arts work. They’re seniors in high school now and still do the same only now it’s calculus and English. They were the perfect duo.

One afternoon after school, Connor stops by Lyric’s house as he often did just to hang out or to study sometimes. Lyric’s motherwelcomes him in and tells him Lyric is in her bedroom.
When he gets to her door it’s cracked and he hears soft singing. It’s her. She can’t hear because she has headphones on and she doesn’t see him because she’s focused on writing.

Connor listens to her sing and watches her write in a purple notebook for about aminute before she stops and takes the headphones off.

He decides to knock before walking in.

Connor: Hey, what you up to?

Lyric: Con! You scared me. Are we studying tonight?

She asks as she quickly closes the purple notebook.

Connor: You know I hate when you call me Con. Like I’m some con artist.
He says as he walks over to sit at the computer desk next to her bed.

Lyric: Oh shut up its cute for your name. Are we studyingtonight or?

Connor: No, I’m just stopping by to hang. What are you up to? You didn’t say.

Lyric: Oh I was just writing. Nothing important. What do you wanna do? My mom got a few movies on bootleg and she says they’re all new, but I haven’t checked them out yet.

Connor: Nah I don’t really feel like watching any movies right now. What you listening to?

Lyric: I was just checking out this new song.

Connor: By who?

Lyric: Um, Rihanna. Whyall the questions?

Connor: Rihanna doesn’t have a new song out and I’m asking because I heard you singing and now I’m wondering why you never told me you could. You’ve got some talent and you’re hiding it like this?

Lyric was astounded. She really didn’t know what to say. No one has heard her sing since the 2nd grade in that talent show. She knew he was only going topressure her to sing more but she just wasn’t ready.

Lyric: I was going to tell you eventually. I mean it’s really not that special it’s just something I like to do.

Connor: it’s something you’re really good at.

Lyric: That’s partly why I keep it secret. You know how people at Northwood are. They’ll think I’m some conceited bitch in a second.

Connor: Or they’ll think you sound great, like I do. Does your mom know?

Lyric: She heard me sing once when I was younger, I wasn’t as good back then though. But you’re different.

Connor: The only difference is I’m your friend and I’m gonna tell you the truth. You shouldn’t care what others think. They’re the snobs If they think that of you because you’re the sweetest girl I know. I think you should try out for that new show Musical Wars. You sing and write lyrics on the show to win 50k and a record deal with Next Star Music Productions. All you have to do is send a video with your information and sing a song for 30 seconds.

Lyric: Yeah I bet a million people audition for those shows. What are the odds of me winning or even being chosen?

Connor: Your name is Lyric Wright. I think that’s enough reason itself. Your name automatically makes you sound like a star. A lyrical singing genius. Honestly Lyric, you have a great voice from what I heard.

Lyric: I don’t even know what I would sing.
Connor: Sing anything. What about that Rihanna song you said you were listening to?

Lyric: Haha very funny… I was listening to something I wrote in 2nd grade for a talent show. It’s stupid. But I wanted towrite a full version. Maybe even a better version. I don’t know.

Connor: Can you sing it again for me?

Lyric: Promise not to laugh?

Connor: I’m not gonna laugh. I promise.

Lyric: Okay. I’ve been working on it but don’t look at me…

Connor turns around and patiently waits.
She takes a deep breath, and begins to sing…

🎶Born with wings but they seem that they’ve been broken. Trying to read life like a book but it won’t open. How is the story told? How does the story unfold? Is there always a happy ending? I’m just hanging on the branches. One day I will fly, I won’t have to cry, you’ll always be by my side but I just have to try, to be a big girl sometimes. Cause I can changethe world, even if I was still just a little girl. As long as I’ve got super girl powers I can fly forever.🎶

Connor turns back around when he realizes she is finished. She’s just staring at him, waiting for a response probably.

Connor: It’s a beautiful song. It’s nowhere near stupid. How could you ever think that?
Lyric: I don’t know. You really like it?

Connor: I do. I think you should sing it for the audition. I’m pretty confident you’ll be picked. The worst thing that can happen is you don’t get picked and the best thing that can happen is your life changing forever. You have a real talent you’re clearly passionate about. I can tell by your lyrics. This is the time for you to fly. Your wings aren’t broken they just don’t know how to work because you don’t use them. This could be your happy ending, but only if you try. Give it a chance.

Lyric thought about her bestfriends words and he was right. Those words touched her heart in ways she couldn’t explain but she knew that if she didn’t try now, she probably never would. After a few minutes of deliberation, and non stop “do it! do it! chanting from Conner, she decides to send in her audition with Connors help recording.

6 months later…
audience stage

Lyric: I wouldn’t be here tonight, standing here in front of you all as a Musical War winner if it wasn’t for my best friend Connor. He’s the one who convinced me to take a chance and reach for my dreams. He’s the one who convinced me not to worry about what everyone else thinks and just go for what makes me happy. I couldn’t ask for a better friend so thank you Connor. I’d also like to thank everyone for voting for me, my parents, students at Northwood High School. I really didn’t expect all the love and support I got. I’ve learned how to use my wings and I’m flying! Thank you everyone!❤️

Lyric’s life was changed forever, for the better.

I hope you all enjoyed this short story. All stories I have shared are drafts. Let me know your thoughts or what you took from it in the comments.

I remember when I first wrote this short story and a few of you said you really liked the lyrics, and even the story. I thought about finishing the lyrics making a full song, and continuing Lyric and Connors story. Unfortunately I forgot about this because I constantly have so many ideas roaming through my head. Now that I’ve read it again I’m feeling quite inspired to get started on that! It all comes at the right time…



Over the weekend…✨

Over the weekend…

Over the weekend I did a bit more shopping. The reason I didn’t title this post the usual Weekend Pickups was because I literally only picked up 3 basic items, 2 pairs of jeans which I didn’t take pictures of and another cheap phone case which I did take pictures of. I think I’ll start taking pictures of my clothing item pickups while trying them on in the fitting rooms like I did with the maxi romper.

The phone case I got I picked up at Burlington (along with the jeans) the company or brand is called candywirez, affiliated with Case Study in Las Angeles, judging the packaging. I actually have no idea about this brand but I thought the cases were pretty cute for 8 bucks. One of the cases I saw had unicorns and rainbows on it but I decided on this clear sprinkles snap case.
I wanted to see if they had any others I might like online so I Googled “candywirez phone cases” and clicked on the first result, their website.

Let me tell you I was so shocked and disappointed at the cases and prices I saw. There wasn’t a good variety of cases, and they were priced for $25-35 dollars! Here is the exact same case I got for just $7.99 at Burlington. The case is pretty but thin and not very protective despite it being “military grade” so I believe what I paid was way more worth it, I’d never buy it for $35. I doubt any of you would either!

I was able to enjoy some cake which actually looks like the phone case I got lol.

On Saturday I was with family for a little get together, just chilling in the garage having a good time. There was a lot of talk about all the March birthdays and how we need to do a huge celebration. They’re planning on doing something this Friday. I’m kind of over it lol, it seems this has dragged on the whole month when I was all for partying and celebrating in the beginning but I’m sure everyone will have a good time again. I know a few people that celebrate their birthday for the entire month, it seems exciting yet draining to me. I think I could do a week long celebration though. Mine would include more chill, relaxing activities with a few more exciting ones. Actually, I’m already thinking about that ahead of time for my 25th birthday next year lol! I am determined to finally celebrate a birthday exactly how I planned. We’ll see.

How was your weekend? Did anything interesting happen? How long do you think you could celebrate your birthday before being worn out?

Happy 24th Birthday To Me! New Post Live On SheLivesLove💖

Today I turn 24 years old, I’ve uploaded a new post to my 2nd blog about 24 things I’ve learned over the years, be sure to check it out. I will be posting here on GoldenPinkJournal again later, so stay tuned.💖 Enjoy your day as I hope to enjoy mine!

Today I’ll be sharing 24 things I’ve learned in 24 years. This wasn’t the easiest list to come up with but in the end, I made it (just as I have made it through life so far) and in the end realized I’ve learned a lot. You really do become wiser each year. But what’s…

via 24 Things I’ve Learned In 24 Years✨ —

Why I Have 2 Separate Blogs🤔

GoldenPinkJournal has been my main blog for a little over a year now and we’ve had our ups and downs but we plan to stick around a while. But as you know, I also started a new blog last year so I thought I’d make a quick post explaining why, and what you can expect from each blog.During the year GoldenPinkJournal has grown a lot reaching almost 1K followers so far but it wasn’t the best it could have done. I was very inconsistent with my blog in the beginning because I didn’t really know what I was doing and of course I wasn’t as motivated just starting out. I didn’t really have an audience yet, I didn’t know what posts worked best for me and what posts didn’t. But after a while, I started to learn more, and post more. Sometimes I made sure to post every day but I had burnouts, the negative parts of life happened and I became inconsistent again.

Another reason I wasn’t as into blogging on GoldenPinkJournal anymore was that I wasn’t happy with the name anymore. I didn’t feel like it told the reader what my blog was about, it was too long, and I thought what is a golden pink journal, what’s so interesting about it? Would I click on this blog site if I was someone else? Maybe. But probably not over another. I also wanted to try out self-hosting for several reasons.

Of course, I had the option to change the name and make this blog self-hosted but if I did that I would have deleted much of my old content and changed a lot. Change can be good, change is inevitable. I wanted to be able to look back on GoldenPinkJournal and compare it to my new blog, I wanted to be able to look back on my old posts and not take away many of the reasons some of you may have followed in the first place.

So I decided to create a whole new blog, self-hosted and start from scratch with the things I’ve learned throughout my journey so far. SheLivesLove was born.

You can read more about why I started a new blog and the whole journey here at Why I Went Self-Hosted and Behind The Name: SheLivesLove where I showed the whole process with tips on coming up with your own blog name…If you ever choose to create a new one of course because obviously you already have one.

What you can expect from each blog (click headers to be taken to each blog)

I want to keep GoldenPinkJournal as a personal lifestyle blog. This is where I’ll post all the fun type of posts for my own enjoyment and yours also. This is where I’ll share personal life experiences. You can expect fun Friday games, journaling, just whatever I’m in the mood to post really. It could be hair related, blog related, giving an update, a haul- anything!

SheLivesLoveSheLivesLove is the blog I plan to take more serious, what I post there will be well thought out and developed, it’ll include information, and a lot of things that will benefit my readers more (in a way that I love doing) I still want to include personal life experiences but those that go along with a subject to help you with something, to give you something of value. To deliver inspiration and positivity for women, to uplift women (while I’m on a journey uplifting myself) you can expect how to’s, DIYs, blog resources, women empowerment/encouragement, and more! SheLivesLove was created to be a source of inspiration and encouragement for young women or anyone who loves to be inspired and to spread the love. Not only that but also as a creative outlet for myself on my journey to self-discovery and finding purpose in life.

Both blogs will include:
& a ton of inspiration!

What do you think of when you see SheLivesLove? What do you think of when you see GoldenPinkJournal? Have you ever had more than one blog or changed your blogs name?

Stream Of Consciousness 💭|Looking Back: My First Entry

Stream of consciousness writing is a style of journaling where you write whatever comes to mind without stopping to think about anything. There are no rules to this style of journaling, you don’t have to worry about grammar, punctuation, or structure. You aren’t telling a story, it doesn’t have to make sense.

This January I started stream of consciousness journaling as a way to release the clutter in my mind, help with writers block, and to help understand my thoughts and feelings more. I am literally allowing my consciousness to flow onto paper. But instead of reading it right away I wait a few weeks or longer, that way I’m not criticizing myself, trying to fix errors or erase things which defeats the purpose. Instead of uploading a new entry today I’ve decided to take a look back at my first entry with you all. As I’m typing this I have not read it yet, I will be copying and pasting it below and reading it afterwards. I’ll be back with my thoughts…


I had a short break from life. Now I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to go back. My mind is made up I won’t be there for long. That’s the way it’s always been. Been. Here. Gone. There. Everywhere or anywhere. Everyone wants to be happy. Sometimes it makes us selfish, sometimes we’re too selfless and give too much of it away just to keep everyone else happy. And then we break down. I hide the way I truly feel because it seems so selfish.Selfish selfish selfishness. Selfishly. But every once in a while you have to put yourself first. There are only a few hours left in the day before I go back to misery? I guess it’s up to me how that all plays out. Maybe I’ll have my favorite company, even though I’ve had company all this time. Just wasn’t the company I really wanted. I’m realizing the things I want out of life and the people I want out of my life. Energy I don’t want to be around, not letting anyone control how my day is going to be. If I don’t want to do it, I don’t want to do it and I don’t have to. Unless it’s like a life or death situation or something. If I don’t want to be there, I don’t want to be there and I don’t have to be. Unless I have nowhere else to go. It sucks when you feel like you’re running out of options but deep down you know you’re not, you’re just so exhausted and over all the unfortunates you become lazy and discouraged. I must be feeling discouraged I’ve been saying that word a lot lately I’ve noticed. I’ll be finding more positive words to say. 111, 1111, 222, 22, 333, 33, 444, 44, 555, 55, 10:25. I see these numbers so much.

My thoughts…

Wow! To me this was an interesting read and I didn’t even feel like I was reading an entry from my own journal. I felt like I was reading a post I could relate to word for word. I’ve also realized I am still working on some of the things mentioned, but also there has been small improvements. In the beginning I wrote I had a short break from life. Now I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to go back. My mind is made up I won’t be there for long. That’s the way it’s always been. Been. Here. Gone. There. Everywhere or anywhere. Everyone wants to be happy.

This was about not wanting to be at places that make me feel uncomfortable or unhappy. I was away from it for a while but there was a moment I had to return. I had my mind made (at the time) that I was going to move away soon but now I am undecided about that again. I am always moving everywhere, anywhere to find happiness. But happiness isn’t a place, it can’t be located in GPS, you can’t “move to” happiness. You have to find it within yourself and that takes time and effort. I’ve been going to counseling lately and one of the things my counselor suggested was creating a compromised balance. Basically, if you know you have to do something or be somewhere you don’t want to be, be sure to also make the time for the things and places you do enjoy. Maybe you have to work Monday-Friday, and you have children. You could possibly set time during the weekend to go out to the park, museum or whatever you like. Make time for meditating even if it’s for a few minutes a day, treat yourself. It’s a huge start.

Another issue I’ve been having is saying no. I’ve always been that person that wanted to be nice as much as possible, and hated creating conflict or problems for other people which was often a result of telling them no. But while I was helping them, I wasn’t helping myself by feeling obligated to do things I knew I didn’t want to.

Sometimes, you have to do these things though. For example if it involves your living situation. Yes you can always say no and live uncomfortably or kicked out (that may not even be the case) but that’s unfortunate right? So instead of saying yes each time, you can say I’ll do it on these days but it’s unfair for me to do it this often while I have other things I need/wish to do also. Or if you’re asked to do something, feel free to tell them you’ll get back with them later. This gives you time to think about whether you really want to or not and how you can go about it without feeling pressured to answer right away. You aren’t obligated to and they should respect you by asking in a timely manner. It’s okay to say yes to yourself every once in a while, when you’re constantly saying yes to others.

I then wrote I’m realizing the things I want out of life and the people I want out of my life. Energy I don’t want to be around, not letting anyone control how my day is going to be… However, sometimes I am still letting these things control my day. I will be seeing how the next few counseling sessions go. Even when you feel like you are running out of options or places to go don’t give up. Always remember you may be closer than you think. If you give up, you won’t get anywhere at all.

Hobby Adventures: Instruments and Writing✨

Welcome back to another week of my hobby adventures! The past 2 weeks I took you all on my nail art adventures, this week I’ll be sharing my adventures with playing instruments and writing.

Throughout elementary and middle school I played a few instruments. Recorder, cello, bass, violin, with violin being my favorite to name a few. I played the violin quite well in middle school. We went to competitions, and I even participated in an audition in my orchestra class for first chair (the violinist that plays in the front and leads/starts performances. Sometimes has small solos) and guess who got that chair?

Yes, I did!

Our teacher sent us all to the back in her office, and made us close the door so no one could see who was playing or show favoritism. Everyone was able to judge with their ears.

You’d think as shy and introverted as I am I wouldn’t want to be first chair but I loved the orchestra so much and I knew that I was good at playing the violin. It made me feel good. We had orchestra, chorus and band, as most schools do I believe. Around the holidays or other school events we would have concerts during and after school for our parents/guardians to come see. Sometimes all 3 groups would join together for one massive performance. I remember one specific concert for Christmas the chorus sang Silent Night while the orchestra and band played along. I remember another time in elementary for the talent show we had to perform. I was also a cheerleader, the cheerleading team had to perform, and I was one of the talent show hosts for half of the show. Good times. Good times. Auditioning for host was actually a wonderful experience even though it was just a little in school thing. Thinking of doing it today gives me anxiety lol. But that’s all another story.

Going to music class was my favorite part of the school day each year until moving onto high school. My high school didn’t have a good orchestra program, and I was embarrassed to even join. I think it would have been the same if the program was bigger and more popular. This is one of those hobbies I wish I would have kept up with. I can only imagine how much improvement there could have been by now.

Two instruments I would love to play are the piano and guitar. My daddy played the piano for a little while when he was in school. I don’t think he’s into it or remembers much now. I know I can barely remember how to play a violin or read sheet music.

In 2015 I started writing a book (more like an urban story that was full of drama and all over the place, it also rhymed a little) the story was getting a lot of attention and love on Facebook and Wattpad. This was at a time where short stories (mainly urban) on Facebook was popular. I eventually talked to an author/publisher. But I got scared, is why I didn’t go through with everything. I realized I wasn’t really ready for all of the attention I was beginning to receive.

If I didn’t post the next chapter quickly enough soo many people would be commenting and inboxing asking questions and it just became overwhelming. I felt rushed but I can say that I learned a few things from the experience. One thing being to have the whole story complete before sharing parts every so often because if you get stuck one week you’re going to have to push back and all of your readers might not be as patient. Another thing being you definitely have to be ready for that kind of attention. Sometimes you can think you’re ready for it and you’re just not. The same can apply to blogging.

I did finish the draft of the story, I just never edited it for an actual book. I didn’t plan to have the book rhyme. I also wanted to begin a sequel type, which I did. But again, that never got finished. I’ve thought about posting it here or the Wattpad link but I look back on the story not being so proud of it because I don’t see myself being the same girl who wrote it. And I definitely wouldn’t write that story today. Who knows, maybe one day I won’t care as much and say hey have a look.

I’m more focused on starting over and trying again. I am currently in the process of that with my poetry book I have been working on. I can’t wait until it’s complete and I can share it! This is a goal that’s on the top of my list so I am determined.✨

I hope you enjoyed this week of my hobby adventures. Have you played any instruments? Have you written any books or short stories? I’d love to know.💖