Today’s To Do🌻 Another Quick List

Lately my To Do lists have been quick and to the point because I’m so busy trying to post, catch up on blogs, YouTube, and everything else. But our lists go on! Life doesn’t slow down because we have.

Here is today’s list:

✔️Feed/clean after pets

✔️Post my weekend pickups 

✔️Post hair products I use

✔️Post to social media

🌻View another Summer Party Playlist entry

✔️R/C/R (doing a few a day until I’m caught up enough)

🌻Edit/Upload video to pets channel

✔️Work on the rest of my Natural Hair Series

✔️Plan posts for my Q&A game winners (If you are one of the winners, email me if you’d like one of your 5 days to be a guest post)

🌻Work on my summer hit lyrics

✔️Delete some pictures

✔️Watch Pretty Little Liars final episode😩

✔️Watch the sunset

What’s on your list for the day? Have you already completed all your tasks?


Today’s To Do🌻

Well well well. What do we have here? I think it’s been a week or a little longer since my last TTD post. I did mention that you can expect them between Monday-Friday with the exception of days that I don’t have much to do. I haven’t been doing many chores (besides today of course) because I’ve been sick and dealing with a lot of other things. I talked a bit about it in my diary entry last night so if you want you can go read that if you haven’t already. I also haven’t done any vacuuming lately because our vacuum unfortunately is broken now. Hopefully we’ll be getting a new one this weekend because Izabelle is getting messy with her litter and eating area. Sweeping litter off of carpet is no fun. I thought about putting paper or something down but she’ll probably tear that up. The guinea pigs sure do, I think they have newspaper ripping parties.

Anyways, here is my list for the day…

✔️Feed/Clean after pets

✔️Wash dishes

✔️Work on project

✔️Watch The Real


✔️Words of the week

✔️Brainstorming for next week 

🌻Work on some video edits for the pets channel 

✔️Ideas for my summer hit

🌻Grocery shopping (finishing this weekend)

✔️Buy new comforter (the air gets the apartment freezing especially at night, we only have a few blankets at the moment)

✔️Get pets food

✔️Work on Fun Friday (Remember that my Q&A has been moved to Sunday)

🌻Work on SSS


✔️Post to social media

✔️Watch the sunset (way too cloudy to see much tonight)

I don’t know how much more I’ll be able to complete tonight as it’s already 7:30 but I’m going to try to knock out as much as I can without overwhelming myself. I’ll talk to you all very soon!💖☺️

Today’s To Do🌻

Ah, here we are again another Monday. They come and go so quickly right?

My weekend was full of cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and planning. Although there was a lot of cleaning, there still needs to be some dishes done from yesterday evening and night so that will be on the list. Today will be a little busy as well. Let’s get to it!

Today’s To Do:

✔️Feed/Clean after pets

✔️Straighten up around the house (anything left from yesterday)


✔️Words of the week

🌻Girl time with one of my best friends… Actually probably my only close friend at the moment lol. She’s coming over soon. (We’re going to try again tomorrow)

✔️Watch The Real

✔️Light work out 

✔️Post another GoldenPinkDiary entry

✔️Create a GoldenPinkDiary header

✔️Promote latest project

🌻Post to IG & Twitter

🌻Edit video

✔️R/C/R (trying to figure out the best times for me to do this, I’ve been getting so behind but I do make sure to do as many as I can each day)

✔️Continue planning/brainstorming

✔️Work on writing prompts

🌻Make/have a smoothie

✔️Watch the sunset

As always if I need to add anything I will come back and do that. I hope I can complete at least half of the list before 5 PM. What are your Monday plans? Comment below.✨

Today’s To Do🌻

Long day friends, I’ve been busy working on myself (mainly myself, doing a lot of thinking) and my blog. Still making changes and improvements as you read this.

The past two days I haven’t had much of a list to post because my boyfriend has been trying to help out around the house more. He contributes most of the mess honestly so it’s only right. He has washed dishes half of the week, cleaned the bathroom and living room.


I’m glad I had a few days to relax. I needed it. I’ve been so stressed and moody lately with everything going on. 

Since he washed dishes the past two days, I don’t have any to wash today or tomorrow because we also got paper plates.

So what did I do today? And what’s left to do?

✔️Feed/Clean after pets

✔️Work on TW Project task #3

✔️Blog changes and improvements (still working on some images and organizing my categories) How do you like the new header?

✔️Post to Instagram 

✔️Watch The Real

✔️Light workout 

🌻R/C/R (Read Comnent Respond)

✔️Finish working on Fun Friday

✔️Plan for SSS (Short Story Saturday)

✔️Look for words for next week

✔️Watch the sunset

I’ve got an hour before the sun sets, lets see what I can finish before then.💗

*Update: Only RCR is left with 5 minutes left before sunset*

Today’s To Do✨

It’s 5 PM here and I’m almost finished with my list for the day. I feel really good about that! I decided to use one of my notebooks for a temporary planer until I can get one or until I make my bullet journal.

I made my temporary planner last night, doing only the first 2 pages (blog planning for this week) but so far it has helped so much so I’ll continue it. Maybe I’ll show pictures when I have more pages filled? You can check out previews on my Instagram. Nothing fancy, but still cute. I also decided that I would be doing To Do lists only Mon-Friday. Sometimes I may skip a day if I don’t have much tasks but that’s when you can expect to see them. Anyway let’s get to the list…

Today’s To Do:

✔️Feed/clean after pets

✔️Work on awards/tasks *still a couple left to do*

✔️Post to Instagram 

✔️Words of the week

✔️RCR (Read/Comment/Respond) *almost finished for the day*

✔️Plan & brainstorm (use notebook planner)


✔️Light workout (push-ups, wall sits, stretching, meditation etc)

✔️Work on About Me section

✔️Work on Typewriter Project task #3 (write down ideas)

✔️Video editing

✔️Watch sunset

And that’s all folks☺️

I’m about to eat a quick snack before dinner and then finish the last of my tasks. What have you accomplished today? 

Today’s To Do: Quick List🌻

Today’s been a long day for me. And tonight will feel even longer since after this post I’ll be reading some of yours but that’s not a problem of course:) I just posted for Fun Friday so go check that out if you haven’t already💗

Today’s To Do:

✔️Feed/Clean pets

✔️Watch The Real

🌻June planning

✔️Post Fun Friday

✔️Stay positive

✔️Have my own party (because that’s literally what I did)

✔️Organize kitchen cabinets 

✔️Work on new Fun Friday image

🌻Watch the sunset (missed it tonight)

*Last edited at 10:54 PM | I read all of my comments and replied, eyes are very heavy now and I have a headache. Great. One of my sleeping tips was not to fight it, so I won’t. Goodnight.*

Tomorrow when I wake up I need to record my story time. I may write it too. I also need to work on some prompts but it’s going to be another busy day. We’ll see how it goes.

What are your plans for the weekend? Let me know in the comments.

Today’s To Do: Hello June!🌻

Hey everyone! 

Can you believe it’s June already?? That means we’re already halfway through 2017, wow!

As you know, I mentioned I would be changing my To Do List featured image, you’ve seen it now so what do you think?? 

Do you like the change? I love it. I also made this one:

I like it but felt maybe it was a little too busy. Still cute. I may use this type of edit for something else.

I’ll also be editing some more images for the month of June so you’ll start to see those changes within the next week or two.

Today’s To Do:

✔️Feed/clean pets

✔️Record/Edit/Upload YT video

✔️Post to Instagram & Twitter

✔️Watch The Real


✔️Clean bedroom

✔️Continue working on Fun Friday and Short Story Saturday *10:15 PM, Story Time for Saturday: Story of my first love/heartbreak. I know what I’m doing for Fun Friday, I just haven’t drafted it. Will do it tomorrow like usual. 

✔️Read a few chapters


✔️Planning for June

✔️Watch the sunset;9PM tonight (I will be doing what I call “Sunset Series” on my Instagram. Maybe I’ll do a sunrise series one day, if I want to get up that early lol

The below portion is something I’ll be doing every 1st of the month from now on.

This Month I NEED To:

🌻Pay bills

🌻Work on improving ways to Earn/Manage/Save money- I’ll call this mission EMS. Like “M’s” lol

🌻Get organized in general 

🌻Continue consistent writing and posting

🌻Read more

🌻Go out more

🌻Eat/Exercise better

🌻Stay positive 

This Month I WANT To:

✔️Change To Do List

🌻Change a few other things on my blog

🌻Work on EMS 

🌻Reach 500 WP followers

🌻Reach 250 IG followers

🌻Reach 6,000 Twitter followers

🌻150 WP posts

🌻Improve filming skills

🌻Go out more

🌻Go swimming

🌻More DIY projects

🌻Cook/Eat healthier

🌻Get a planner/Start a bullet journal

🌻Stationary haul

🌻Summer clothing haul 

🌻Finish reading Ruined

🌻Go to Barnes & Noble and Books A Million

🌻Cool exciting summer posts June-July 

🌻Go to the dentist

🌻Hair journey post (towards the end of June or beginning of July)

🌻Start a dream journal and be consistent 

🌻Find new bloggers, and new music!

🌻Write more/write my own summer jam😮

🌻Stay positive 

As always, if I need to add anything I’ll come back and do so. Please let me know your plans for June, let me know if you like my new To Do List idea. Let me know anything you want in the comments!💛