Today’s To Do✨

How was everyone’s weekend? How is everyone’s Monday going? Mine is just getting started. I’ve been up since about 8 AM but my boyfriend is home for the holiday.It feels kind of weird, like he’s at work with me for the day lol. I don’t know but with him here I just want to relax and watch movies. Maybe he can help me with some of my tasks.

Here is today’s list:

✔️Light work out

✔️Feed/clean after pets

✔️Laundry/fold clothes *finished yesterday 

✔️Dishes *finished yesterday 

✔️Vacuum *finished yesterday

✔️Watch The Real

✔️Words of the week

🌸Read/Comment/Respond *getting as much as I can before I fall asleep

✔️Read a few chapters

🌸Plan for the week *Nope. Try again 

✔️Relax on balcony

✔️Check daily post/daily word *choosing not to write about today’s word “Detonate”

✔️Create some Story prompts *Still working on some

✔️Check email

✔️Post to Instagram 

✔️Stay in a positive mood despite the unfortunate things going on (I’m trying🌻*so far good)

What do you like to do when it feels like the world is crashing down on your shoulders? Basically, what do you do when you’re stressed tf out and feel like you’re only 1 more problem away from crazy? Comment below✨

I’ll be changing the featured image for Today’s To Do in June.

Today’s To Do: I WILL Complete!✨

✔️Feed/Clean after pets

✔️Watch The Real

✔️Post to Instagram

✔️Light exercise (push-ups, stretching, etc)

🌸Read/Comment/Respond (Doing some now and some tonight)

✔️Record for pets YouTube channel *recorded and uploaded

✔️Post Fun Friday

✔️See about working out car issues *Gonna be without for a while. It’s always something. Blah.*

✔️Read a few chapters

✔️Check my Email

✔️Delete more pictures from phone

✔️A sleep related post (later tonight)

✔️Plan Short Story Saturday

✔️Work on some new images (will do new image for my to do list, and maybe my Fun Friday header image also) *Will start using them during June*

That’s all for now. I’ve been a lot more productive today than the rest of the week so that’s good. I was going to add laundry to the list but decided to hold that for tomorrow. Today has already been full of tasks and stress. I’m about to go eat a little lunch before coming back to read a few blogs, I waited too long to eat a 2nd meal and now I’m feeling weak.


Today’s To Do + Intruder & An Annoying Weekend!

I’m just gonna jump right into things, yes I have another busy day today. But don’t worry, I’ll definitely be reading and commenting on your posts! It’s a part of the list💛

So, this weekend was pretty… wild? Crazy? Annoying? Weird? I don’t really know what to call it but I wasn’t feeling it at all! 

I’ve been waking up feeling so tired and I wasn’t able to get the energy to do much bloggging or anything else. I told you all we were supposed to go help my boyfriends brother move out. Well, my boyfriend went. I stayed home. I’m usually not in the most comfortable of moods to be around people, I was tired, and I didn’t know how long it would take. Plus I needed to work on Short Story Saturday still, which I didn’t do until 11 that night. I wrote Saturday’s story with much frustration. So my boyfriend came back home and a few hours later my cousin needed his help cleaning a building for work. My aunt has her own cleaning business and my cousin has a good part of it also but he only had an hour to get things done, so 4 hands would be better than 2. Unfortunately our tags are still bad, bills and unfortunate events occur that leave our pockets dry or with only enough left to survive. There’s just always something happening it seems!

My boyfriend got pulled over twice this week and got the tags taken. So, we need to get that taken care of so it doesn’t happen again. 

The car is actually a piece of shit anyway. It looks nice on the outside but so many problems on the inside we have to always get fixed. 

Could things get worse? Yep!

It rained that night/morning and he forgot to roll the car windows up so I guess the seats and everything got cleaned pretty good😒

We also had an intruder! Yeah, not the kind you might be thinking. A lizard got in from our balcony! I’m not sure if it got in from us leaving it open for a minute or crawling in some other way but we got him out safely. I assume he/she is a blue tailed skink.

Maybe it’s a he. I read online that young skinks have blue tails, but the males will fade their color and stripes as they age and they begin to grow a reddish color underneath the neck. Females keep their blue tails throughout their life. I also read that when they are frightened, they can detatch their tails as a distraction to the predator for them to get away! The bright blue coloring on the tail is to direct the attention of the predator towards it, instead of its vulnerable body. I thought that was pretty interesting, I know I was amazed by that beautiful tail! Lol.

Off he goes.

Everything else that happened was a little more personal. I am glad to say Sunday was a little better, the only thing was we were both pretty lazy.
Which brings me to…

Today’s To Do:

✔️Feed/Clean after pets *Fed✔️

🌸Wash a sink full of dishes (sarcastic yayy)

✔️Clean out refrigerator 

🌸Clean bathroom

✔️Vacuum apartment

✔️Watch The Real

✔️Work on a few awards

✔️Read/Comment/Respond *still have a few

✔️Read a few chapters of book


🌸Post to Instagram; maybe Twitter

🌸Post words of the week


🌸Work on some new images

✔️ Forgot to add wash day for ny hair, which actually is about a 4 hour process when I’m not being lazy. So, that took up majority of my time and energy.

I think that’s all for the day, of course I’ll add anything that comes up if needed. Hopefully I have plenty energy.

Anything interesting happen to you this weekend? Do you have a busy day today? Let me know in the comments✨

Today’s To Do✨

Good afternoon everyone! I’ve decided to work on completing majority of my tasks for the day, before posting them again. Yesterday I didn’t have much of a list. My boyfriend washed the dishes for me the night before so all I had to do was work on an award, feed and clean after pets, read, and watch The Real. I also managed to upload another video to the guinea pigs YouTube channel. I guess that is kind of a list after all? A very short one but still. Shrugs. 

Today’s To Do:
✔️Feed/clean after pets (including Izabelle’s litter)

✔️Vacuum apartment 

✔️Wash dishes

✔️Watch The Real

✔️Read book 

✔️Still have a book Tag I need to be working on but as I said may take a while. Work on an award.


🌸Work on Fun Friday (I’ll have to do it in the morning)

🌸Work on Short Story Saturday (I’ll have to start this tomorrow also)

✔️Drink water/have smoothie 

✔️Work on first task for Typewriter Project

🌸Post to Instagram, maybe Twitter also

How has your day been so far? Have you been very productive? Are you participating in Mahriya’s Typewriter Project? Let me know in the comments✨💕

Monday Missing + Today’s To Do✨

Featured image is my own. Coming from a post that will be uploaded later on🌥

Yesterday I wanted to test out not blogging on a Monday. I’ve already made my mind that I won’t be posting on Sunday’s anymore but I was considering cutting Monday also. This is just so I can give myself time to recharge and plan freely so things aren’t as overwhelming each day…Honestly it almost felt like I was fighting off an addiction.

One part of me wanted to post something so badly, even though I had no clue exactly what I wanted to post. I could have done a To Do list but chances are, I wouldn’t have done anything on it since I was feeling lazy and blue. No need to force content that may not be as good as it could be if I just relax for a day or 2. Take the time to relax, reflect, and gather more ideas and inspiration. Spend time with your loved ones, go out and enjoy nature. Trust me you’ll feel fresh and rejuvenated and ready to come back with a another great post! The other part of me was glad that I didn’t make plans or promises to post because again, I felt lazy and blue. I even decided to paint my nails blue since I hadn’t painted them in a while and that’s the mood I was in. But then I didn’t want to be all sad so I needed to add more color. I ended up wanting summer, beach theme colors. Of course I’m no nail technician and I can get a little messy but my simple nail painting skills are still cute I think lol.

These are all the colors I used.

There’s a lot more in that bag than it looks like. I still want more! Lol

Here you can see my nails a little.

I really love the Hard Candy and the blue Revlon glitter polish. Would you like to see my whole collection?

Maybe I’ll try to find pictures of actual designs I’ve tried to do for a future post.

By 7 PM I was feeling a little better but not enough to post. At 11:44 PM I was still awake, thinking about posting and wishing I had something epic to post, but not feeling like it anyway. By this time I was thinking of all the ideas I could use for Today. And I actually still haven’t decided if I would cut Monday out or not🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

Maybe I’ll use it as a free day, a post if I feel like it kind of day. Fun Friday and Short Story Saturday is pretty much set in stone as of now. Sunday is pretty much an off day set in stone, now I’m working on the rest of the week.

I won’t be lazy today (even though I really want to be) so I’ll post a To Do list below☺️

Today’s To Do:

✔️ Feed pets 

✔️ Spot clean guinea pigs area

✔️ Upload 2-3 posts 

✔️ Read/Comment/Respond

🌸 Read book

🌸 Have smoothie with Kale *Nope, guess I’ll try again tomorrow*

✔️ Watch The Real

✔️ Upload to guinea pigs YouTube channel (Izabelle has been added to the show😻 There may be a name change soon)

🌸 Wash dishes *I’m so tired of dishes lol how do we have so many? There’s only 2 of us*

✔️ Decide which DIYs I’m going to do first and work on them for Fun Friday

That’s all I’ll give myself today, it’s a pretty good list 10 tasks. I think I can complete it, we’ll see🙂

What are some of your tasks for the day?

Today’s To Do✨

I hope everyone is participating and enjoying Fun Friday! I have a To Do list today and like I said yesterday, this weekend would be a little more eventful☺️ 

Most of today’s list is complete but I’ve got a few more things to check off. So let’s look at how productive I’ve been so far…

What I’ve Done So Far:

✔️ Hair and eyebrows. * I think I’m getting better with my eyebrows. I only razor them just a little and apply an eyebrow gel. About 2-4 times a month, usually only twice. I haven’t had them threaded in months nor have I felt the need to. I do use cleansing wipes or alcohol. I have naturally thick eyebrows so I don’t need to fill them in, unless I make a mistake with the razor lol please let’s not let that happen.

✔️ Feed pets & clean after guinea pigs. * I need to film this soon for a daily routine YouTube video 

✔️ Go to pet store (food/toys for Izabelle and hay for Piggies) *we bought a toy for Izabelle when we first brought her home, it’s a mouse on a string but the mouse makes noise and she doesn’t like it at all, scares her lol. The toy selection at the pet store sucks, we got her a few balls. She had no interest in them at first, but after a few minutes she finally started playing with one of the. Next time I’ll see what Walmart has.

✔️ Go to Hobby Lobby (I’ll be doing a few small DIYs soon to start off my DIY series) 

✔️ Grocery shopping (spent $106, decent amount of food) *this is something I want to start keeping track of

✔️ Get gas and electricity in our name for apartment *Luckily we got there when we did. It seems like once we arrived, so did everyone else. We were in front so we were basically in and out.☺️

Today’s To Finish:

✔️ Decide and cook what we want for dinner *boyfriend is thinking burgers and green beans. One side? Eh. I’m thinking about Grilled BBQ burgers, mac and cheese, potato salad, AND green beans now lol, not the healthiest but we’ve been doing good lately and a lot better than before (but we ain’t livin lavish enough lol)

✔️ Wash dishes *Boyfriend is doing them now but he’ll probably leave something lol and I might do them after we eat anyway.

✔️ Clean Izabelle’s litter

✔️ Read/Comment/Reply|Respond or (Read blog posts, Comment on blog posts, Reply to my comments) >still have many to read and comments to reply on

✔️ Work on tags (hoping to post one next week)

✔️ Read a few chapters 

🌸 Planning *I need to get better at planning lol

🌸 Didn’t work on Short Story Saturday, but I’ve got some ideas and a few stories written (started) I can finish and use. We’ll see???

I think that’s it for Friday. I’ll add anything I forgot as always. Let me know what your plans for this weekend are and how your Friday has been in the comment section✨

Side note: I just saw Izabelle chasing her tail as I was about to hit post lol! It was the cutest thing. I was I had my camera open! Alright, NOW until next time…

Love Lee☺️💖

Blog Hostage😧

Today I decided to do things a little differently. The past few days I’ve noticed I’ve been really tired, sleeping in, and not completing my tasks on my To Do lists. I decided not to have that happen again, I was feeling the laziness kick in- Nope not today! If I was going to get anything done, I had to just get up and do it.

I had to b r e a k  f r e e ! (For a day☺️ lol, I might do this more often though honestly)

I knew that if I posted this morning, I would have gotten trapped in the WordPress community spending majority of my time reading posts and replying to comments. You may think it doesn’t take that long but it does! And I only have 300 followers. I can only imagine how long it takes those who have thousands! Blogging is very time consuming and at times we all become what I like to call, blog hostages.

We want to make content, read content, and reply to our comments of course. But we also make plans and commitments to do things other than blogging yet once we log in, it seems we’re logged in longer than we expected or really wanted to be. This can also include social media.

I feel so much better completing my tasks first and then coming to visit the blogging community, without worrying about how many things I need to check off while being “held hostage.”

So here’s what I’ve done today so far- The only thing else I will be doing is having my blog time of course, working on some tags I received, reading, and watching Pretty Little Liars.

  • Fed pets 
  • Fed myself
  • Watched The Real
  • Cleaned kitchen (dishes & guinea pig area)
  • Cleaned/Vacuumed entire apartment 
  • Showered after cleaning since I knew I’d be hot & sweaty. Yuck
  • Uploaded video to guinea pigs YouTube channel
  • Posted to social media 
  • Went out on the balcony (it’s pretty hot today so didn’t stay out too long.)
  • Signed up for the Typewriter Project over on Mahriya’s blog
  • Made an email just for my blog; finally sent to Cheila
  • Brainstormed and wrote future blog post ideas
  • Yesterday I said I would research or look up something and I ended up looking up the word of the day from a few sites: 

Have you used any of these words before?

I feel like there’s a lot more to add, I’m always forgetting something but all in all I still feel like today has been very productive, and one of my better days within this past week which I’m really thankful for.✨

How has your day been? Did you complete your tasks? Have you been a blog hostage all day? Comment below.