Similarities>Differences: A Poem✨

We share more similarities than we do differences

We’ve all loved someone

We’ve all had our hearts broken

We’ve all been angry

We’ve all felt hate towards someone

at least once

Sure we come from different places

We all have different faces

But we have more similarities

than differences

We all have eyes

Some just see things differently

We all have mouths full of words to say

Some of us are just afraid to speak

We all have fears

We all have dreams

We all have weaknesses

We all have strengths

We have our own personalities

We’re all unique

and that’s what makes us the same




7 Day B&W Photo Challenge: Day 2🖤

I was tagged to join in on this 7 day black and white photo challenge, anyone can participate. The rules are simple and blog challenges are always interesting and fun so I’m glad to participate.🖤

The Rules are:

 • Seven days.

 • Seven black and white photos of your life.
 • No people.
 • No explanation.
 • Challenge someone new each day.
Today I challenge Maggie who blogs at Dreaming Of Guatemala. Be sure to check out her wonderful blog, you won’t regret it!💕

    Sometimes We Lose: New Post Live✨

    Sometimes in life, we lose. But every loss can turn into a gain if we allow it. Think about it, when you misplace important things you might get frustrated, you might even panic. When you sit down a minute and think about things, you remember where that item is or you learn to be more…

    via Sometimes We Lose… —

    Volume: Before the song is over…🎶

    I can hear the soundtrack of life playing on the radio
    A rather catchy tune
    Tuning out all the unfortunate happenings
    and tragedies I’ve experienced or could remember

    I need to turn the volume up
    I need to dance
    I need to sing
    Loud and proud
    I need to smile
    I need to allow this joy into my hopes of peace

    I need to sing
    I need to dance
    I need to enjoy the soundtrack of life

    before it comes to an end


    Judy The Bunny Tag🐰

    This is pretty cool, a tag about bunnies?! Thank you to Life’s Fine Whine for tagging me and inkgirlandwords for creating this amazing, adorable tag! Check out both of their blogs after reading:)


    -Link back to the person who nominated you and also to the creator of the tag (Me!)
    -Answer this question: Why do you like Rabbits?
    -Post a cute picture or drawing of a bunny (if it isn’t yours, credit it)
    -Write a short story or poem about Judy the bunny
    -Post the video Introducing Judy the Bunny
    -Nominate up to 20 people and let them now you’ve nominated them


    Image found here.

    Why Do I Like Rabbits?

    The cuteness of course! I love watching them hop around, and explore. I’ve never owned one but my cousin has, and I also watch a few on YouTube sometimes.


    Happy hopping little Judy

    Happy hopping curious Bunny

    No more cuddles

    I just want to play

    I love you most when you feed me 

    alfalfa hay!


    My Nominees Are:

    Anyone who loves bunny rabbits, anyone who love pets in general. Consider yourself nominated 🙂


    Dancing in the Rain💧(A poem by Lee)

    One lonely night the sky starts to cry and the wind sings loudly

    The grass and the trees dance swaying from side to side

    Some leaves shimmy down

    Onto the wet ground

    As the skies tear drops play a tune in the night

    Drip drop, drip drop

    Until the night calms

    Drop drop, drip drop

    Until the cry stops.

    ✨Whenever there is rain or stormy weather in general in your life, take a moment to find joy in that moment- go ahead and “dance” or smile! Do whatever you need to do to feel better and get through it because that storm will pass, the sun will shine again, and the rain from the night before won’t even matter anymore.✨

    Love Lee