Fun Friday #15: Exploring A New App☺️(2)

Happy Fun Friday everyone!

This Friday I’ll be sharing another app I recently found and have been playing around with. It’s a photo editing app called Photofy. 

I find that it is similar to Canva and a few other editing apps. I do believe that Canva is better, but Photofy is just as great.

I’ll be featuring the beautiful Cherylene from livingvsexisting to show you how the app works:)
Let’s get started:

Photofy allows you to edit photos into different collages and templates. It comes with ore designed artwork for text and even social media. While a good majority of the apps features are free, there are some templates and artwork that require an in app purchase. Of course we’ll only be using the free items. Here is a shot of some of the artwork you can add to your photos and templates:

Here are some templates I tried out featuring Cherylene💙

I really wanting to change this templates colors using blue which is her favorite color, but unfortunately this app doesn’t give you that option.  Some of the templates had a bit more customization but for the most part it’s limited. It still turned out really nice in my opinion.

I do like that you can add stickers, which is where the arrow came from, and you can change the color or add different patterns/textures. You can also do this with the backgrounds. See below:

The app comes with a lot of free fonts, of course some are for purchase. And many are also in Canva, but there are some that I didn’t see in Canva.

You do have to pay to remove the watermark but honestly I don’t think it’s that distracting, it’s very small and light.

Overall I think this is a great app despite the few things I didn’t like and I’ll definitely use it again for my own pictures. I really want to try out those artwork @Handle features.

Have any of you heard of this app or tried it before? Let me know in the comments if you haven’t and decide to try it out✨

Fun Friday #14: Exploring A New App☺️

Happy Fun Friday everyone! I hope everyone has had a fun, exciting week and if not, I hope you have a better weekend:)

Today, I wanted to try out a new app. It’s not new in the App Store, but new to me. This is something I may do more often because I love finding cool apps, I search for new ones so often.

There were a few that I found yesterday but today I’m going to be sharing one. The app I’ll be sharing is called Patternator.

Patternator allows you to create cool pattern wallpapers using some of their cute photos or your own. They can even be animated. Here is the description in the store:

It says the animation feature is for iPhone 6S and up but if you have an older version don’t worry, you can still make and save cute patterns:)

Let’s take a look inside the app and start creating a pattern!

(Since today is the last feature for Pamela’s week, I’ll be using her picture)

When I first opened the app, this cute kitten pattern came up and I got so excited lol I just knew I would enjoy the app at that moment. They must know my love is so strong😻

But that cute cat isn’t cute Pamela so we’ll have to change that lol.

Click the camera icon in the left and it will open your camera. You can take a new picture or go into your album. I’ll be going into the album to grab some screenshots from Pamela’s Instagram. The next thing you need to do is trace what you want as your pattern. This probably wasn’t the best image for that but it still turned out nice I believe.

Once you’re satisfied with what you’ve traced you can create your wallpaper. It will automatically start with suggestion background colors matching your picture which I love! That’s great. You can also add stickers (I didn’t this time) and change the style of your pattern.

You can also pick your own color and there are so many to choose from! I went to the pastel colors.

Once you’re satisfied just save it. Or upload it to social media, whatever you wish to do. One thing I will say is that there will be a watermark on the saved image. I always hate those. You can pay $4 to get it permanently removed (yikes) or you can invite 3 friends to use the app and once they download the app you get watermark removed for free. Here is the wallpaper with watermark:

I decided to try out a face pattern also so I used one of Pamela’s lovely selfies. I thought it would be cool to trace out a heart pattern❤️

This was Patternator’s suggested color but I went with something different. I also changed the style of the pattern.


Thank you so much Pamela for participating in my Q&A Game and being a constant support! I really hope you’ve enjoyed all of your features this week, I enjoyed posting them. I especially loved the Q&A session and trying out this app with your pictures:) can’t forget about that amazing guest post either!

I don’t know who hasn’t followed Pamela yet but if you’re reading this now and you haven’t- please be sure to check her blog out!

Let me know in the comments if you would try this app out or if you already have. Any cool apps you know of that I should try?✨

Exploring A Fellow Bloggers Instagram✨

We’ve reached that weird mid week phase. It’s weird to me at least lol. It’s not a Monday where you’re freshly recharged with ideas, or dreading the start of the work/school week, but it’s not yet the end of the week that we usually love so much. That’s Wednesday for you. Or maybe just for me. 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️

Today I want to share a fellow bloggers Instagram feed with you all, sharing some of my favorite pictures and hopefully encourage you all to follow her. Can you guess who???

If you guessed Pamela, you’ve guessed correctly.☺️

It can be discouraging keeping up with Instagram and being consistent when so many people follow and unfollow so often. Sometimes I get into the mood of not posting for a while or being active at all. Pamela is pretty active I’d say. She has over 400 posts… Yes 400! She also likes and comments on others which is always important when you want to grow your blog or following.

Well let’s check out some of her posts! The ones I’m showing are some of my favorites.

Here is her bio:

I see many bloggers following already!

Her most recent picture: I just love nature photography! I wish I was surrounded by pretty flowers to snap often.

A pink rose?! Of course this would be a favorite:

I felt a bit of anxiety first looking at this one lol but it’s still such a stunning view!

Her trip to Mexico!

A few more favorites:

I love how colorful and pretty this is💖

Remember that Belle is her favorite Disney Princess!


Okay, I have to admit I included this because it was posted on my birthday (LOL) and because it’s a great quote of course!

Can we talk about how yum this bag of bagel looks?

Last but not least, my favorite picture of Pamela! Isn’t she beautiful? This picture was from her 3 year work anniversary with the company. Her bestie Erin was the special photographer.

Which of the pictures shared is your favorite? Do you follow Pamela already? Will you be following her after reading this post? Let us know in the comments✨

Click Here To Follow Pamela’s Instagram

Fun Friday #11: Summer Projects🌻💛🎶

Happy Fun Friday everyone! Earlier in the week I talked about wanting to write my own Summer hit this month, really just this Summer period- it’s on my mental Summer bucket list. But before I write this hit, I’m hoping all of you will help and join along in a project I’ve created, the Summer Party Playlist Project. I came up with the name from last Fun Friday’s post, the Summer Party Playlist Edition where I listed 100 of my favorite Summer/Party songs!

I thought maybe, just maybe some of my blogging friends/family would want to write a Summer hit too. It sounds fun right? But not only you- I’d love for the whole WordPress community to get involved! Open to all☺️💛

What I’m hoping/asking:

I’m hoping and asking that many of you participate, and maybe reblog this or spread the word somehow.

How to help me:

Leave in the comments the things that make you think of Summer: It can be words, feelings, activities, colors, what’s on your bucket list, Summer goals/dreams etc

How to participate in project:

•Do above step☺️

•Write a poem, story, article, any presentation about Summer. You can write song lyrics like I’m doing if you want: It can be in full, a verse, or the chorus (must be your own work) You can submit some of your own summery photographs but there has to be something said with it.

•Include a title

•Include link to your blog and your name

•Send me your submission via email ( or creating your own post and tagging me in it: Can be in word format or audio. Videos would be cool too. You must tag me if you submit by your own post. Also, #SummerPartyPlaylist

Deadline July 1

I will be sharing a few on my blog up until July 1st. On July 4th I will share my Summer hit lyrics, and everyone’s submission between the 4th-8th depending on how many there is. If this project does extremely well, I’ll keep it going until August sometime.

*Please do not link to a previous post on your blog or send a previous post

*Your submission will not be included if you do not include a title, and your name

*Your submission will not be included if it is not Summer related

How will I choose which submissions to share on my blog before the whole “playlist” is released and the order of playlist?

I decided that I will be sharing the articles and stories submitted up until July 1st. Or until August, depending on how many there is. Think of this like the “singles” being released to promote the whole album.

The order of the full playlist will be song lyrics and poems first, then articles, stories etc according to order they were submitted.

The “playlist” is basically all of your submissions being shared on my blog in a certain order like an album. Best way I can explain it lol. Which is also why you need to have a title, your name, and blog URL.

I hope this sounds like something you all will enjoy participating in. If you have any questions feel free to ask them.

Remember to comment below the things that make you think of Summer and if you’ll be sending in a submission💛🎶

Watching sunset with the trees🌳🌅

(All images are my own, I am not a photographer.)

On Friday, May 12th, I decided to watch the sunset from my balcony for the first time. Not just the first time on my balcony, but for the first time period. I didn’t plan on watching the sunset that day, I just happened to be in the living room with Izabelle and glanced out the window. This is what I saw stepping out:

Of course you see the trees want to watch also so they’re  kind of in my way.. It was still beautiful.

Izabelle was with me the whole time. She was mainly watching birds and cars by☺️💕

😂 Woah.

Minutes later:

By this point I was getting excited, and jealous of the trees front row seats at the same time.

Here’s the best moment (and I’m sure the trees can agree also)💛

Zooming in

The sky looks painted right? It’s beautiful.

My boyfriend and I will be going to the park near our apartment when the weather is really nice to watch for a better view. I’ll post that one too✨

Have you ever watched the sunset? Where did you watch? Did you take pictures? Comment below.🌅