Some blog updates..

No intro, just getting right to it:

– Some of you already have seen but my Instagram and Twitter is no longer GoldenPinkJournal/goldenpinkj. It is now aroseinreverie (a rose in reverie).

– I am still working on my new blog. My blog name will not be aroseinreverie. I thought hard about this and have made my decision. This whole process with more detail will be in the first post on the new blog.

– I know I have not been commenting or answering comments. Honestly I had to stop forcing myself to do it. When I’m happy I’m extremely happy, but when I’m sad and down, I’m extremely sad and down. I don’t want to really be bothered or talk to anyone. I’ll only be a bitch or depressing and I avoid that for everyone’s sake, my own included. I talk to myself, I pray, I write. Sometimes I share my thoughts and keep it moving. I always feel bad when I’m not being as active as I could be but I’m no longer going to apologize for having bad days and hoping people will understand. I’m also speaking of my personal life. It’s now like, if you care and want to be here for me, great. If you don’t, you don’t. What can I do besides move forward with my life? You can’t please everyone and not everyone will be loyal to you. Usually when things go terribly wrong is when you can see who your real friends are, and who really cares. At least that’s what is said.

– I’ve already said how I’m not happy with Goldenpinkjournal which makes me not look forward to logging in or posting, which is why I can’t wait until I’m ready to share and start on this new blog. I need a fresh start. I need to do things the right way this time. What I feel, not what I think everyone else will like. Not focusing on putting stuff out everyday just to increase numbers and keep my followers around and active.

– I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep so I won’t say I’ll catch up on the weekends, or I’ll post this on a certain day… when I’m feeling up to it and feeling back to normal I’ll be here.

– Short Story Saturday will no longer be. There will be no more short stories on GoldenPinkJournal. When I’m on the new blog I will only post short stories when I have one I really want to share. I will also talk about this later.

– Won’t be posting to do lists for a while

– I’m working on a book and getting my Wattpad account back together so that is also taking up much of my time. Also considering work again or my small business because there is some financial issues going on. I’m feeling forced to do so which is going to take up even more of my time, possibly cause more stress.

– I am working on my social media accounts. I have decided that on Instagram I will mainly post my writings, and nature photography. Those that already follow me know I post a lot of sunset pictures.

– My Twitter will pretty much be random thoughts I post and retweets. I really don’t use twitter specifically for my blog and most of the bloggers I see there aren’t really active. I think Twitter may be the hardest social media network for blogging. What do you think?

– I’m still thinking about taking my blog to Facebook but I’m not sure. Does Facebook really help much or is it much like Twitter?

– After this week with Cherylene, I have 2 more bloggers to feature. After that is when the main changes will happen.

– As of right now, my new blog and first post will be up in 2 weeks.

 What does this all mean for GoldenPinkJournal?

– I will not be deleting or completely neglecting this blog. I have worked hard on it and have made almost 700 followers. I’ve learned so much about myself and blogging during these past 6 months so I want to be able to look back on this blog. I also want to keep it active just not as much as now, I’m thinking 2-4 times a month with certain things that I will post. More on that later because I’m still deciding and sorting through all the details.

– I’m currently thinking too much…

Those are the updates I have for now. Thank you to those of you who still read and comment, and also to those that message/email me. I don’t always check my mail on time and sometimes see it late but I really appreciate it.

This is to all of you but especially Cheila. Whenever I’m down she finds a way to reach out to me and I end up seeing the messages days or a week later. Cheila you have such a beautiful soul, thank you so much for always checking up on me. I know you have a lot going on also so we don’t keep up with each other as much as we use to but that’s okay💕

I know so many of us are going through things at the moment so to all of those beautiful souls…Thank you for your kindness and we will talk again if it’s tomorrow or in 2 weeks.✨



The change is happening…


When I first created this blog and spent only about a day deciding on what exactly I wanted it to be about and the name, I thought I had chosen the perfect one! The one I would stick to forever and it would relate to me so well.


That was true until a few weeks ago. Blogging had started to become a chore and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I took a break off and came back thinking I would be recharged and back to normal.


I’ve still been way behind, and feeling the same. Like blogging is more of a chore because something was off and I was so unorganized. It came down to me realizing that I’m not as happy with my content clutter as I’m calling it anymore or about my name at all.

It has set me in a funk and I think it shows.

I do believe that my content is good and many people say they love it, but I also have to love it in order to keep putting it out there.

I found myself trying to come up with things just so I could have something to post every day, just so I could have constant content coming up in the reader so I could continue growing. Nothing is wrong with wanting to grow, nothing is wrong with blogging every day or 5 days a week but you have to be doing it for the right reasons. You have to be doing it because you’re passionate about it and what you write.

I was going to save all of this post for later but I’m tired of waiting and thinking. Remember I created this name in one day. The past few weeks I’ve been thinking about a new name and that itself tells me something. I haven’t changed my mind and decided to stay as GoldenPinkJournal yet and I know for fact I won’t be. So over it.

It doesn’t represent me in the way that I want it to and if you randomly came across it you would just think it’s a gold and pink notebook or something. I love the colors still, just not for a name.

Also, after finally sharing my pictures, telling one blogging friend my real first name, and even being comfortable enough to share myself singing with you all I realized I can just really be my true self. I don’t have to hide every single thing about me anymore. I’m ready to be more open with you all and myself. The next step will be with my family but that’s another story for another time.

So the big change will be that I will be starting over on a whole new blog…

 This was a very scary thought for me and still is because GoldenPinkJournal is now getting closer to 700 followers and I’ll have to gain all of that back again. I’ll have to get people familiar with my name again. But I’d rather start now than later when it would have maybe 1000 or more. Yes I could just change my name on this account but with doing that you have to change a lot of other things and redirect your traffic, etc. I wish it was as simple as changing a username but unfortunately it’s not. This is also why it is good to be 100% sure on your name before you start, which I thought I was. Oops. 

But we grow and with that comes change. We gain more knowledge and confidence and aren’t the same as we were when we first began unaware and afraid.

I know some may think this isn’t necessary, but it is to me. I’ve thought and fought with myself long about this. I know I may lose a lot of views but I’m gonna keep going. In time I’ll get them back. Half of me is excited about this change but the other half is freaking out not wanting to hit publish. I’m still going to. No turning back. Then I would really feel like I’ve made a mistake and lost my mind.

I will be keeping GoldenPinkJournal up and I will still be uploading for the next month, I will be doing the features for my 5 winners here still. But shortly after that my main blog will be the new blog. I have already picked names out and I will be working on the blog and building content over the next month. You may see the change on social media sooner than later. I’ve learned that names for social media go very quick!

I will be sure to follow you all on the new blog when the time comes and share the link here so more of you can find me. 

As I said, I am still here for the next month or so, so this is not my last post. Just an update and a heads up …and an I must be crazy but it must be done post. 

There are a few other reasons I decided to go with another name but I’m going to save that for my first post on the new blog. 

I’ll talk with you all tomorrow💛

Small Weekend Pickups + Updates✨

This was just going to be a few updates, but I decided to share my small weekend pickups also 🙂

On Sunday I went out in search for a few t-shirts and shorts, I’m in desperate need of new clothes for every season. I’m way too behind on shopping, but sometimes there are bigger things to worry about and there are priorities.

Since we’re on a budget I decided not to do a huge shopping spree at once but instead, a few items here and there until I have a few outfits at least. So here’s what I picked up this past Sunday

Another cute handbag🙂 You can remove the long strap which is great. This is the perfect size for me and I needed a new one because my old black bag was worn out. I can’t wait to switch over!

The last thing I picked up was…


I really can’t wait to wear this dress! I saw it and my eyes lit up! They also had a gorgeous yellow one💛 I tried them both on but this was my favorite, I usually go for darker clothing which I keep saying I’m trying to step out of lol I’d definitely go back for the yellow though! I can’t wait to see what else I can find.

Now on to the updates:

I only have a few updates at the moment. I’m still thinking about things and working on having better structure so there may be updates scattered throughout the week or throughout the month just a heads up.

  • Expect to see Maggie on my blog this week. The next post featuring will be 7/5/17
  • My boyfriend is off work for the 4th and we will be out with family most of the day so I will not be posting. This also means that my Summer lyrics will be posted on the 5th
  • You may or may not catch me on social media but know that changes are happening there also
  • Words of the week? This is a series I’m not sure I will be keeping
  • I still will not be posting on the weekend (besides Short Story Saturday)
  • Fun Friday will continue 
  • I am extending my Summer Party Playlist Project. More on that later. So if you still want to participate you can☀️
  • I will be spending more time reading and commenting on your posts✨ I know I haven’t as much but it seems many of us are behind lately?

Those are all the updates I have for now. There will be more. 

Goodnight/Good morning whenever you are reading this💖

Is this the end? Goals and a sad June…

Last month I decided that every first of the month I would share my goals and things I NEED/want to accomplish. So how did the month of June go? Judging by the title not so well. I went into June thinking it was going to be great! I was having so many ideas, posting, working on projects etc… When I have my mind set on something I become focused on it, sometimes too focused that I put other things off to the side that I should really be working on. Often times I seem like this very positive influence, and that I can smile and be positive through all the negative things going on in my life or around me- issa trick! Don’t be fooled, on the inside i’m usually breaking down and freaking out trying to get me life and emotions together. I think many of us are like that? We don’t want to seem weak, we don’t want to feel vulnerable. Especially if you’ve given power to other people over your life for most of your life and let people walk all over you, if you let every situation bring you to your lowest point… That was me. It’s still me and i’m still working on it but things are getting a lot better. I’ve been working hard on my anxiety/depression, being more positive, standing up for myself and my beliefs, to just keep going but i’m still missing something. I’m still lacking something. Structure maybe? I feel like this month is going to be a shift for me… I just can’t really put my finger on what kind of shift yet. But I do know that I have been doing A LOT of thinking and reconsidering, that I feel my mind is pretty sure and set on some part of that “shift” or change. A change is coming. Something is ending. But when there is an end there is also a new beginning. 

Before I go any further into that. Let’s check out June’s sad goals:

This Month I NEED To:

✔️Pay bills (Yes and it’s time to pay them again. Yay..)

🌻Work on improving ways to Earn/Manage/Save money- I’ll call this mission EMS. Like “M’s” lol (EMS is not going so well, actually I forgot about it. Not that we need to manage better, just that I even made this whole thing)

🌻Get organized in general (Lacking so much organization right now; which is also why things will be ending soon)

🌻Continue consistent writing and posting (I’m always writing but I did take a well needed week off in June, maybe I needed longer?)

🌻Read more (Actually I read less)

🌻Go out more (Actually I went out less)

🌻Eat/Exercise better (Nope. That’s all I can say)

🌻Stay positive (It’s been a roller coaster)

This Month I WANT To:

✔️Change To Do List

✔️Change a few other things on my blog (Changed to do list, feature images, header etc… and now ready for an even bigger change after all of that work I put in)

🌻Work on EMS (We already found out this didn’t happen)

✔️Reach 500 WP followers (Some good news finally showing up, I reached 600)

🌻Reach 250 IG followers (Not quite but close, I currently have 219 but people follow and unfollow every day so.. ya know.)

🌻Reach 6,000 Twitter followers (nope, haven’t even been using it for blogging but currently at 5,927)

🌻150 WP posts (didn’t reach this goal in June due to my break but this post will be #149)

🌻Improve filming skills (haven’t been recording much lately)

🌻Go out more (I’ve had opportunities, but just haven’t been in the mood)

🌻Go swimming (nope)

🌻More DIY projects (nope)

🌻Cook/Eat healthier (nope)

🌻Get a planner/Start a bullet journal (started some type of “pre-planner” but only kept with it for like the first week)

✔️Stationary haul (I shared a few notebooks and folders if that counts)

✔️Summer clothing haul (shared a few summer pick ups, not really a haul but it can still count I guess)

🌻Finish reading Ruined (no, haven’t had any interest in reading that book lately)

🌻Go to Barnes & Noble and Books A Million (nope)

✔️Cool exciting summer posts June-July  (kind of?)

🌻Go to the dentist (nope)

✔️Hair journey post (towards the end of June or beginning of July) (Yes, did a whole week series!)

✔️Start a dream journal and be consistent (When I remember a dream I have been writing them down)

✔️Find new bloggers, and new music! (Yes I have)

🌻Write more/write my own summer jam😮 (have worked on it; not complete)

🌻Stay positive (again, it’s been a roller coaster)

Can you see how sad June was? Hope it was a lot better for you all! I have news that I need to share with you all but i’m not sure when. Maybe today, maybe not. But it’s in regards to this big change, shift, and ending. I just really need to gather my thoughts together at this point and figure out exactly what and how I want to go about things…

Stay tuned because as you know, in June I had my 500 follower Q&A Game and 5 winners to be featured on my blog. The first place winner is Maggie and she has worked on a great guest post that I can’t wait to share! Please bare with me during this next period of time because an end is coming but I don’t know where exactly time is taking me at this moment, nothing is set in stone. I appreciate everyone who has been a constant support I just ask that you keep that same amount of support with this change. Thank you for reading and I’ll be back shortly.



Today’s To Do🌻 Another Quick List

Lately my To Do lists have been quick and to the point because I’m so busy trying to post, catch up on blogs, YouTube, and everything else. But our lists go on! Life doesn’t slow down because we have.

Here is today’s list:

✔️Feed/clean after pets

✔️Post my weekend pickups 

✔️Post hair products I use

✔️Post to social media

🌻View another Summer Party Playlist entry

✔️R/C/R (doing a few a day until I’m caught up enough)

🌻Edit/Upload video to pets channel

✔️Work on the rest of my Natural Hair Series

✔️Plan posts for my Q&A game winners (If you are one of the winners, email me if you’d like one of your 5 days to be a guest post)

🌻Work on my summer hit lyrics

✔️Delete some pictures

✔️Watch Pretty Little Liars final episode😩

✔️Watch the sunset

What’s on your list for the day? Have you already completed all your tasks?

My Weekend Pickups: 6/24-6/25✨

Hey everyone! Today I’m here to share some of my weekend pickups. I usually go out to some of my favorite stores during the weekend to check things out or to grab a few things that we need or that catch my eye. Normally I get more than what I expected, like this time:)

My boyfriend knows the routine. He always says “I already know you’re gonna start looking at other stuff and want something but remember we only have x amount of money.” And then he tries to get a bunch of snacks (he’s a diabetic by the way so this is what he needs to be avoiding) or something that costs way more than what I was going for. He’s something else!

We were actually going out to get a new vacuum. The old one was his moms old vacuum and we used it to hold us by when we first moved into our apartment back in April. It lasted for the first month, maybe a little bit longer which is just fine.
Here’s the new vacuum ($100) we picked up at Big Lots:

It’s really good so far! Probably one of the best vacuums I’ve ever used lol.

We also agreed on getting a dry erase calendar board ($7) for the bedroom. Im thinking about getting another to use for my blog scheduling. He wrote his vacation days down (yayyy!) rent, and pay days:

Now, here’s where I wandered off and found things that I didn’t need but definitely wanted and had to get:)
I saw these really cute donut folders and notebooks! They had others but these were my favorites🍩💛

All of the folders were $1 and the small notebook $3

And another notebook/diary💜 $5
All of the pages say life is better when you’re laughing💕

After leaving Big Lots, we decided to stop at Rue21 since it was in the area. I haven’t had a proper shopping spree since about 2014-2015 during the summer. Lately I just go when a holiday is around the corner. We also haven’t been to the mall in so long so I plan to go there and also try some new stores out this summer.
I didn’t see much that I really really wanted this time and neither did he. But that’s okay, we still found something nice.

He picked up this outfit (can’t quite rennet the price, everything was on sale) that he plans to where if we go out or for the 4th of July:
I picked up:
This cute off shoulder tribal black/white romper (obviously these aren’t the greatest pictures but as long as you can see👍🏽) when I wear them I’ll try to get better shots. $9
Super cute floral wrap skirt that I absolutely love!🌸

They had so many different patterns and I wanted at least 3 of them lol, I may go back for the others. I’ll have to get a top later.($7)
And then I got this really cute handbag. Again, there were so many cute options that I’ll have to go back for! ($20) which Izabelle had to check out for herself lol😻

The last stop was the dollar store to pick up some candles:
Each are $5 and they smell sooo good! They look good too right? The first one is Tangerine Twist, perfect for the summer! The last one is by the brand TrueLiving, I’ve tried quite a few of their candles and haven’t been disappointed yet.

That’s all we picked up this weekend! What did you do this weekend? Did you do any shopping? Let me know in the comments:)

Today’s To Do🌻 Quick List

I’m still way behind on everything so today that’s what I will be doing mostly. Actually that’s what I will be doing all week. Here is today’s list:

✔️Feed/Clean after pets 

✔️Post to social media

✔️Catching up on your posts, I will be trying to read 2-3 posts from your blogs within the next few hours, and do the same for the rest of the week. (Working on it)(I’ve done a few!..slowly but surely)

🌻Respond to comments (working on it)

✔️Share the first Summer Party Playlist “single” entry 

✔️Natural hair terms post

✔️Write my weekend pickups post (share today or tomorrow)

🌻Planning posts for the rest of the week

🌻Delete unneeded pictures from phone (I have way too many for no good reason) ended up adding more🤦🏽‍♀️

✔️Watch the sunset