Short Story Saturday: Izabelle’s Edition🐾💗

Is this thing on??

Oh HISS! Yeah it is okay. Hi. Meow😻 My name is Izabelle. Many you humans might remember me from Fun Friday #6 that my human mom posted when she first brought me to her home. Humans live in homes, not outside or in cages that’s what I’ve learned. Mom has proved you humans to be good, I love her and her companion. They are both really nice to me but mom is the nicest.

I’m told this is supposed to be a story because many you humans like reading them. So I will meow my favorites and one not so favorite times shared with mom. I hope you will like them. Mom says she hopes so too. Humans say things, they don’t meow, something I also learned. But sometimes mom meows back to me, she must think it’s adorable. I have no idea what she is trying to communicate. Okay, this just in- she’s being a copy cat… I’m a little confused too. I’ll just get back to the story.

One of my favorite times with mom is when I’m sleeping, especially next to her or under her cover. I sleep a lot.

I sleep on moms legs why she blogs in bed sometimes.

I also sleep on moms comfy cat shoes sometimes.

I also love lots of lovin💗

I love grooming myself

I also love eating and playing but mom doesn’t have any pictures of that yet. She does have videos of me playing on YouTube. Now all the world can see me having fun!

I also like checking the piggies out, that’s what mom calls them. I don’t really know what they are but they’re cool. I just watch them or lay close by. Sometimes I sniff their bums or noses but mom always says I can’t be too close or not for long times.
This is me and Hazel:

I think she kind of looks like me so I had to check her out a little more. Then I decided she’s okay and lay next to her. Mom says I better keep that paw away.

The one time I don’t like so much is when mom went out to watch the sunset and I had to stay inside. She doesn’t stay out long but I want to come too. She thinks I might jump off the balcony because I’m very curious. I meow for her to come back in and it works every time! Humans, if you want something really bad meow for it and you get it. I learned that. But you may get pictures taken of you like this:

So keep that in mind. Everything comes with a price you humans say.

Other than wanting to follow mom out life is pretty good. Thank you for reading my story I don’t know if it’s great. Is your life as good as mine? Do any you humans like anything I like? Leave comments for us to read and answer😻


Golden Comments✨

Happy Saturday everyone!

Are you all waiting for Short Story Saturday? No worries, it will be posted this afternoon. I’ve got a few tasks to complete first including grocery shopping and laundry. Last night (fighting sleep) and this morning I spent a lot of time catching up on your blogs. Of course I’ll be doing this all weekend so if I haven’t gotten to yours yet I will.

Today I wanted to share some special comments I got in the past 2 weeks. I have to give them a bit of spotlight because they were so amazing. If this happens more often I’ll have to make this a series!

So here are my golden comments for the week in the order they came. Thank you SO MUCH to each of you!✨ this week has been very stressful for me so I really appreciate it.

Once again, thank you all for your kind words💛 y’all are beyond amazing.

Inspiration of the day✨

Today’s inspiration comes from a song I fell in love with, by a woman named Anhayla. The song is titled U.G.L.Y. 

If you’ve ever felt insecure or maybe you still do, if you’ve ever looked in the mirror and felt you weren’t good or pretty enough- This song is for YOU.

I know we’ve all dealt with insecurities at some point in our lives. We’re human.

But in order for anyone else to love and accept you for who you are, you have to love and accept yourself first. That’s when you respect yourself and know your worth. If you feel like/tell yourself you’re not good enough, you’ll act like you’re not good enough, you’ll be hurt and accept when someone else says those very things you already tell yourself. Remember we all have flaws. The mirror can be one of your worst enemies if you let it. So can television, social media, and magazines. 


Be true to yourself, and love yourself for who you were meant to be in this world. There is no one else exactly like you, embrace it.💖

Don’t hate or change it.

Anhayla- UGLY (Listen/Watch Here)

One Lovely Blog Award 💖

Well it’s Monday again lol…

How has everyone’s day or weekend been?

By the title, you know this is another bloggers award. I received the One Lovely Blog Award on February 13th so I’m a little late on posting. I’m still very new to blogging so at the time, I wasn’t expecting 2 awards in the same day. I’d like to thank Glits&Glamz for nominating me I really appreciate the recognition. This is just something else to smile about and gives me another reason to keep doing what I love. She’s a beauty/lifestyle blogger, If you haven’t already go check her blog out! You won’t regret it.




  • Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  • Post about the award
  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate at most 15 people
  • Tell your nominees they’ve been nominated for one lovely award

Seven Facts About Me:

  1. Lee is not my first name. 🙂
  2. I’m very interested in lucid dreaming. (being aware that you are dreaming, and being able to control the dream) I would LOVE to be able to control my dreams every night.
  3. I have 3 sisters, and 3 brothers. My 2 youngest brothers, I have never met but hope to some day.
  4. I’ve always been very shy, but I was once a cheerleader and in the talent show in elementary school twice.
  5. I love writing short stories and developing the characters is my favorite part. I’ll share some soon!
  6. My favorite color as a child was blue, in high school purple. Now pink and gold.
  7. Something I want to do before I leave this earth is learn to play the piano and guitar!

The Nominations:

This part came the hardest to me because I’m still finding, and getting to know other bloggers. But here are some that I have had the time to check out, their blogs are definitely lovely!

Girl Eccentric

Soul Gifts

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Cozy At Heart


Stitches And Poems

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Crystal Arts

Elsie LMC

I hope you all enjoyed reading my 7 facts and I hope to read some of yours if you choose to do so.❤

Until next time, love Lee.