A Day of Happiness? International Day of Happiness😊

img_2609This image was taken by me a few months ago. It made me feel good and it made me happy because I was doing something I enjoy, cloud watching, right before I watched the sunset of course. I was out in nature which is full of happiness. If you look closely enough you can even see a heart in the clouds.💙

While every day should be a day to celebrate happiness, March 20th for many is the official International Day of Happiness, founded by Jayme Illien and adopted by the United Nations who announced the official day in July of 2012. The celebration was celebrated for the first time in 2013 as a way to recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world, and a reminder that it does not have to come from materialistic things. Happiness can come in the form of friendship, family, health, spirituality, and greater self-awareness.

There is a difference between material happiness, which implies having all the basic (or extravagant) comforts necessary to live life, and spiritual happiness, which implies something else altogether.

The quote above comes from chapter 41 of a book titled The Teenager’s Guide To The Real World by Marshall Brain. I’ve never read this book before but I am quite interested now after reading a bit about it on bygpub. Have you read or heard of it? If not I encourage you to check this chapter out at least, it’s just one page. Chapter 41: Material Things Will Not Bring You Happiness. The book has 46 chapters but you can read 20 chapters online free! I’m not a teenager anymore and it would obviously probably benefit teenagers more but I think adults could probably pick up a thing or two as well. The website looks to be a bit outdated but still able to read, the book was originally published in 1997. The chapter even goes deeper by discussing the meaning of life. There were a few things I disagreed with, and I almost stopped reading at some point but I’m glad I continued to the end.

No matter where you are in life and what your situation may be. If you allow materialistic things to be the source of your happiness, you give power for it to be taken away. If you have happiness within yourself no one, and no situation will be able to take it away from you.

So today I have a challenge. How many of you can come up with a list of 20 things that make you happy? That’s right- 20! BUT the list can not include anything materialistic (money, shopping, having a nice car/big house and so on). If you accept this challenge repost this or create your own post with your list. Here is mine:

20 Things That Make Me Happy:

  1. Knowing I’ve helped or inspired someone
  2. Prayer
  3. Giving compliments
  4. Seeing people uplift/encourage each other instead of putting each other down or trying to compete
  5. Reaching goals
  6. Music
  7. Deep conversation
  8. The power of a good book
  9. Writing/Blogging/Being creative in general
  10. A night sky full of stars or a beautiful sunset/nature
  11. Alone time when I need it
  12. Being with true friends/family
  13. Seeing a mother with her baby (I am happy to see father’s with their baby as well, but there’s more of an emotional impact with a mother since I’ve grown up without mine)
  14. Animals (kittens especially make me happy)
  15. Feeling full of energy/good vibes
  16. Learning new things
  17. Visiting new places
  18. Waking up every morning because one day I won’t be able to
  19. Love, in general
  20. Knowing that I am becoming more comfortable and confident in myself and growing into this beautiful person inside and out

I did it! Can you? If you don’t think you can come up with 20 things that make you happy, how about a list of 20 happy/positive quotes? Comment below or make your own post.

Don’t worry, be happy!


Anti-Valentines Day Playlist🚫❤️

Valentines Day is approaching and I know that there are some people out there that absolutely hate it for different reasons. Maybe they hate seeing all the cheesy couple photos in red and pink, or maybe they’ve just become single before the holiday. Whatever the reason, I’ve put together a list of songs for the occasion.

Initially, I was going to include 14 songs for this post but then I thought to myself, why? This is the ANTI Valentines Day playlist. We’re not getting all fancy and cute with the number 14 here. But whether you are happily single, sad and single, or taken there’s a song you can enjoy or relate to. Not that you’ll want to relate.

If you aren’t so anti-Valentines Day don’t worry, I’ve got a playlist full of love coming as well.

  1. The Weeknd – The Birds (Part 1)
  2. Jazmine Sullivan – Bust Your Windows
  3. JoJo – I Hate Love
  4. Rihanna – No Love Allowed
  5. Miley Cyrus – Someone Else
  6. Neyo – So Sick
  7. Jhene Aiko – Nobody
  8. Beyonce – Me, Myself and I
  9. Beyonce – Single Ladies
  10. Beyonce – Sorry
  11. Kelly Clarkson – Since You Been Gone
  12. Rihanna – Needed Me
  13. Selena Gomez – Same Old Love
  14. Selena Gomez – Me & My Girls
  15. Usher – U Don’t Have To Call
  16. Eamon – Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back)
  17. Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River
  18. Taylor Swift ft Kendrick Lamar – Bad Blood
  19. Big Sean ft E-40 – IDFWU
  20. Pink – So What
  21. Nick Jonas – Bacon
  22. Miley Cyrus ft Britney Spears – SMS
  23. Drake – Hotline Bling
  24. Tinashe – Company
  25. M.O – Not In Love
  26. Drake – Fake Love

What song would you add to this list? Has there ever been a time you hated the thought of Valentine’s Day? Comment below.

Listen to the playlist here.


Blogmas Day 5: Winter Likes & Dislikes💙❄️

It’s December, people are in the holiday spirit, it’s cold outside and I know many people especially in my family that love cold weather. I actually am not one of them. Winter is honestly my least favorite season (mainly because of the weather) but there are still many things that I do love about it! I think it’s like that with every season right? Things you’ll like and dislike about it. Today’s Blogmas post is going to be what I like and dislike about winter.

What I Like About Winter❄️

  • Having hot chocolate, with marshmallows on top of course!
  • Movies
  • Wearing sweaters, cardigans, & boots!
  • The snow
  • Scenery- A beautiful blanket of snow, before there’s any footprints or slush. The trees coated in snow, all the decorations
  • Decorating the Christmas tree and yard
  • The holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year)
  • Shopping/great sales!
  • Soup. Yes, a warm bowl of soup or stew during the winter is amazing😋
  • Fuzzy long socks
  • Candy canes/peppermint. Gingerbread houses & Christmas cookies
  • Cuddling
  • Heaters/fireplace
  • Relaxing with a good book
  • Less bugs
  • Pajamas/onesies
  • Longer nights

What I Dislike About Winter❄️

  • Cold weather
  • Getting in & out of the shower while it’s cold
  • Not much to do outside like it is in the Summer especially for someone who doesn’t like being out in the cold much
  • Dirty snow, slush. Doesn’t look too appealing and it’s pretty messy.
  • Ice, slipping. Ugh! The worst!
  • Waiting for cars to warm up
  • Getting sick
  • Seeing the flowers die, bare trees, and dead grass
  • Getting out of bed in the morning. When it’s cold I just want to lay underneath the covers all day.
  • Having to bundle up to leave the house if it’s too cold out. I hate having to bundle up because it’s kind of uncomfortable.
  • Bulky coats. Bulky coats are definitely uncomfortable. Or maybe I’m the only one that thinks so?
  • Scraping car window of snow and ice. I don’t drive, but I’ve had to help people scrape their car windows before and it’s not meant to be a fun time.
  • Dry skin, but bloggers and vloggers can make great winter skin care content so that’s a plus.
  • Slow driving. It is so annoying when the roads are so bad but you have to be out and you have to drive or ride around very slow. I actually love car rides but I would prefer the normal speed.

Those are my Winter likes and dislikes. I’d love to know what you like or dislike about winter. Leave a comment letting me know. Leave a comment if you can relate to any of mine.💙❄️

Blogmas Day 3! What Am I Watching??💚✨

It’s day 3 of Blogmas and as I’m typing this I’m thinking about ending the night cozying up next to the heat and watching a good movie. It’s one of my favorite things about the holidays and tonight I’m going to share some of my favorite movies to watch during the winter. What movie will you be watching?

❄️My Favorite Christmas/Winter Movies❄️

1.Elf Elf is definitely one of my favorite comedy Christmas movies😂. I had to include it first, but this is in no particular order.

2.Holiday In Handcuffs I’m not sure if any of you have seen Holiday In Handcuffs before, I first saw it on ABC Family several years ago and loved it ever since. A waitress tries to fool her parents by kidnapping one of her customers, a handsome guy, bringing him to her parents and forcing him to pretend to be her partner for Christmas. A comedy with romance. If you haven’t seen it already, you might like it.🙂

3.Dr.Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas Okay, we all know how The Grinch stole Christmas right? Classic.

4.The Polar Express I’d say this is another classic. I think I’ve watched The Polar Express at some point during the holidays each year.

5.The Nightmare Before Christmas 6.Snow Day

7.The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe

8.The Ultimate Christmas Present This has to be one of my favorite Disney Channel Christmas movies.

9.Snowglobe Snowglobe is about a woman who is given a snow globe which turns out to be magical and transports her into a Christmas wonderland where everyday is December 25th.

10.Snow Dogs

11.Mr. Popper’s Penguins 12.Jack Frost

Those are just 12 of my favorites but of course there are so many others that are just as wonderful to watch. What are some of your favorite holiday movies? Do we share any favorites? Which movie from my list would you watch if you could after reading this? Let me know in the comments.💚

The 2nd Day of Blogmas!💚✨

It’s the 2nd day of Blogmas!

Blogmas wouldn’t be complete without a wishlist of course, so for day 2 I’ll be sharing my personal holiday wishlist. I don’t count on getting much this year and Christmas isn’t about gifts especially when you’re older, but I thought it would still be fun to look around and create a list of what I would like if Santa or any loved ones came to visit this year😊

I want:

Cute notebook/planner

New iPad

Cute phone cases


Question: Is it weird to ask for notebooks as a gift? I’ve actually never done that and now I’m wondering why🤷🏽‍♀️

I need:



I’ll wear:



Cute scarf


I’ll read:

Milk And Honey by Rupi Kaur

The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso

One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M.Mcmanus

Into The Water by Paula Hawkins

But something I would really love:

Something personalized with my name on it (other than a t-shirt or mug) or with a personalized message from the one gifting me. I think that would be really thoughtful and sweet.

That wasn’t much to ask for and not long if a list at all right?😊

What are some things on your Christmas wishlist this year? Let me know in the comments.💖✨

Merry Blogmas! I’m participating💚✨

Merry Blogmas dear blog friends! It’s actually quite weird for me to say because this is my first time participating in Blogmas as this is my first year as a blogger. But also because I haven’t been posting as frequently, especially not everyday I haven’t done that in months. So much is still going on and I’ve been a bit busy, I plan to do a life update next week to fill you all in.

This month I will be posting everyday, early or late so just stop by when you get the chance to see if I’ve posted. I understand that some people do not celebrate Christmas or the holidays so for that reason there will be Christmas, winter, and other fun related posts.

As for Blogmas Day 1 I will be doing a simple post to get things started.

How many words can you make out of “Merry Blogmas?”

My list is down below. Comment what other words you came up with that I may have missed (3 or more letters.)

To make it more fun and challenging, time yourself and see how many different words you come up with in say…5-10 minutes?





















Orgasm…(Okay, at this moment I realize I’ve placed oral and orgasm together… I could have switched words around or taken one out but what fun is that? We’re all mature here right🙂)







































That’s what I have on my list but I’m sure there are so many others! I’d love if anyone comments any big words they find also. See you all tomorrow for day 2 of Blogmas! A Golden Blogmas💖

Happy Fun Friday!✨

Summer Party Playlist Project: Ideas for all✨

The Summer Party Playlist Project? Some of you may not know what this project is or that I even started it. After my diary entry “rant” or whatever you might wish to call it i’m sure more of you know now.

I received some wonderful comments and suggestions already and Elsie mentioned to me that she has wanted to participate, but has been in a bit of a funk and she just can’t get that pretty brain working at the moment to find the words to submit. This immediately gave me an idea for a new post to promote my project and to help those of you out who may want to participate but just can’t find the words to get anything together.

The project requires submitting a poem, article, or some sort of presentation about Summer. The options aren’t limited at all, only the subject. I’ve decided to come up with a list of ideas you could write about to submit:) I’ll be sharing your submissions on my blog!💛


  • Haiku
  • Poem about the weather
  • Poem about a Summer love
  • Poem only about the sun
  • Poem about nature; flowers, trees, bees birds and butterflies, all the beautiful colors etc

Story Ideas:

  • Story about your first vacation
  • Story about your favorite vacation
  • Story about the best summer you’ve had
  • Story about a Summer holiday
  • Story time about being at the beach
  • Fictional short story about summer: A girl/boy experiences summer for the first time, short romance story relating to summer, a group of teens in summer school, someone celebrating their birthday during summer

Article Ideas:

  • Your first vacation
  • Favorite vacation
  • Your best summer
  • Place you would like to visit this summer
  • Things you want to do this summer/bucket list
  • Outfits
  • Summer DIYs
  • Thoughts on summer school
  • Working, going to school, and trying to have fun during summer
  • Summer treats/health/workout
  • Favorite summer song, why it’s your favorite and share the lyrics; maybe include your own verse
  • Beach article
  • Where you like to shop for summer
  • Summer make up day out look
  • Go to summer hairstyles/products
  • Summer reading list/list of books relating to summer
  • Come to the festival/park/mall/beach etc with me
  • Have a photo shoot and talk about the photos; you can capture sunsets, birds, bees, flowers, family outing, etc
  • Summer art drawings, editing- be sure to include a little about them
  • Summer colors: An article or pictures only using a certain color that reminds you of summer
  • Summer wishlist
  • Ideal summer vacation
  • Outdoor date night ideas
  • Shows/Movies you need to watch this summer
  • Keeping cool during summer
  • Keeping bills low during summer
  • Best ice cream flavors to try
  • 4th of July party ideas
  • Summer activities for kids
  • How to style; Summer trends
  • Top 10 summer essentials
  • Summer skin care
  • Have a birthday this summer? Write an article or post about that.


  • Write a full song (your own)
  • Write a verse to a song (your own)
  • Write the chorus to a song (your own)
  • Submit an audio/video recording of you singing a summer song (your own or other)
  • Submit audio/video recording of you reciting your lyrics or poem
  • Create a summer playlist of 5 or more songs all relating to summer

Other Ideas:

  • Create a PowerPoint or other presentation
  • Create your own summer book title and cover
  • Create a list of things that are “hot/warm” or things that are cold
  • Create a new month for summer, what would it be called? Include a holiday with it, what would the holiday be called and what would it be celebrating?
  • The “flavors” of Summer: Flavors/food/drinks you think of or enjoy during summer
  • The scent of summer: Scents you think of during summer, favorite perfumes, lotions etc
  • Favorite/Least favorite things about summer

Have any Summer related posts already planned but not published yet? Once you post it, tag me in it to use for your submission! 🙂 Again, it must be one not already published.

I hope this helps out a lot! Let me know if it does and if you’ll be participating.☀️

Click here for more details