Summer Party Playlist Project: Ideas for all✨

The Summer Party Playlist Project? Some of you may not know what this project is or that I even started it. After my diary entry “rant” or whatever you might wish to call it i’m sure more of you know now.

I received some wonderful comments and suggestions already and Elsie mentioned to me that she has wanted to participate, but has been in a bit of a funk and she just can’t get that pretty brain working at the moment to find the words to submit. This immediately gave me an idea for a new post to promote my project and to help those of you out who may want to participate but just can’t find the words to get anything together.

The project requires submitting a poem, article, or some sort of presentation about Summer. The options aren’t limited at all, only the subject. I’ve decided to come up with a list of ideas you could write about to submit:) I’ll be sharing your submissions on my blog!💛


  • Haiku
  • Poem about the weather
  • Poem about a Summer love
  • Poem only about the sun
  • Poem about nature; flowers, trees, bees birds and butterflies, all the beautiful colors etc

Story Ideas:

  • Story about your first vacation
  • Story about your favorite vacation
  • Story about the best summer you’ve had
  • Story about a Summer holiday
  • Story time about being at the beach
  • Fictional short story about summer: A girl/boy experiences summer for the first time, short romance story relating to summer, a group of teens in summer school, someone celebrating their birthday during summer

Article Ideas:

  • Your first vacation
  • Favorite vacation
  • Your best summer
  • Place you would like to visit this summer
  • Things you want to do this summer/bucket list
  • Outfits
  • Summer DIYs
  • Thoughts on summer school
  • Working, going to school, and trying to have fun during summer
  • Summer treats/health/workout
  • Favorite summer song, why it’s your favorite and share the lyrics; maybe include your own verse
  • Beach article
  • Where you like to shop for summer
  • Summer make up day out look
  • Go to summer hairstyles/products
  • Summer reading list/list of books relating to summer
  • Come to the festival/park/mall/beach etc with me
  • Have a photo shoot and talk about the photos; you can capture sunsets, birds, bees, flowers, family outing, etc
  • Summer art drawings, editing- be sure to include a little about them
  • Summer colors: An article or pictures only using a certain color that reminds you of summer
  • Summer wishlist
  • Ideal summer vacation
  • Outdoor date night ideas
  • Shows/Movies you need to watch this summer
  • Keeping cool during summer
  • Keeping bills low during summer
  • Best ice cream flavors to try
  • 4th of July party ideas
  • Summer activities for kids
  • How to style; Summer trends
  • Top 10 summer essentials
  • Summer skin care
  • Have a birthday this summer? Write an article or post about that.


  • Write a full song (your own)
  • Write a verse to a song (your own)
  • Write the chorus to a song (your own)
  • Submit an audio/video recording of you singing a summer song (your own or other)
  • Submit audio/video recording of you reciting your lyrics or poem
  • Create a summer playlist of 5 or more songs all relating to summer

Other Ideas:

  • Create a PowerPoint or other presentation
  • Create your own summer book title and cover
  • Create a list of things that are “hot/warm” or things that are cold
  • Create a new month for summer, what would it be called? Include a holiday with it, what would the holiday be called and what would it be celebrating?
  • The “flavors” of Summer: Flavors/food/drinks you think of or enjoy during summer
  • The scent of summer: Scents you think of during summer, favorite perfumes, lotions etc
  • Favorite/Least favorite things about summer

Have any Summer related posts already planned but not published yet? Once you post it, tag me in it to use for your submission! 🙂 Again, it must be one not already published.

I hope this helps out a lot! Let me know if it does and if you’ll be participating.☀️

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Today’s To Do✨

Yesterday there was no To Do list, simply because I really didn’t do anything lol. The apartment was cleaned from the day before, my boyfriend had a doctors appointment and I just wanted to relax. I did the basic things like, feed my pets, clean after them, and read a few blog posts. I did The Smile Tag and I also washed my hair but other than that, nothing. This weekend should be a little more eventful. Yeah, just a little. But I’ll try to make things interesting😉

Today won’t be much different but I do have a little cleaning to do, so here’s today’s list…

Today’s To Do:

✔️ Feed/Clean after pets

✔️ Read some blogs/comments

🌸 Work on some tags, I think I have 2 more. Not sure when they will be posted as I need more time (one is a book tag and I haven’t been reading much lately, the great books I have read I can’t remember most 😞 I need to start all over)

✔️ Wash dishes

✔️ Clean bathroom

✔️ Read a few chapters

✔️ Plan/Brainstorm 

✔️ Straighten bedroom (doesn’t need a full clean)

✔️ Boyfriends mom is coming over later

✔️ Relax on the balcony if it’s not too hot (it’s actually raining but I stood out for a while)

🌸 Possibly another post today

What have you got planned for the day? Is your day as chill as mine? Anything else you might want to say or suggest? Comment below💕

Today’s To Do: Annoying Power Outage Edition 

Thanks to all of this rain we’ve been having, we had a power outage last night that carried until 1 this afternoon. Our wifi was out and to make matters worse, the phone company we’re with is shit and we don’t have great signal here at the new apartment. I guess because we’re off in the cut and close to a lot of trees in the back? 😑

I also like to go out on the weekends, but this weather isn’t agreeing. I’ve been so frustrated all morning I couldn’t even finish my breakfast. Short Story Saturday will be up a little later and there won’t be audio for this one. Ugh. I could have used this time to write, or wash the full sink of dishes I didn’t do because my boyfriend kept saying he would. 

But I couldn’t get my thoughts together, I just wanted the damn wifi! I wanted to post when I normally do, the power outage just completely threw me off. Of course I shouldn’t have let it, but no one is in a great mood when their whole morning starts so bad.
Well, not the whole morning. I did wake up able to see the morning again which we all should be thankful for.

But it’s okay to have bad days. Nothing in life is really perfect, we just have to make the best of them anyway. 

So instead of just sitting there angry or going back to sleep, I grab a book and read a few chapters. It was going to be in my To Do list anyway and who knows when I actually would have gotten around to it. That’s 1 thing I can already have checked off and not have to worry about trying to fit in at 11 PM, when I could be doing something more important at that time💤💤💤

So here’s the rest of my to do list…

Today’s To Do:

✔️ Work on and post Short Story Saturday 

🌸 Read and comment on your posts

🌸 Respond to my comments

🌸 Probably read some more chapters because the book I’m reading is kind of getting interesting. I don’t know 

✔️ Continue planning and brainstorming 

✔️ Vacuum living room 

🌸 Go through and organize boxes

✔️ Give Izabelle her morning and night antibiotics (Morning✔️)

✔️ Spot clean guinea pigs area 

✔️ Grocery store to get something for dinner 

Today’s list seems a bit short. Maybe because I was so frustrated, maybe because the weekends are always more relaxed, or maybe because I’m forgetting something. I’ll come back to add if I am.

How was your morning? Luckier than mine? Got any plans for the weekend? Leave me a comment.✨

First “Fun Friday” Post🤗

I wanted to start a “Fun Friday” series on my blog but couldn’t decide what to start with. I was reading through my first few posts about naming things, and having baby fever which gave me an idea for my first Fun Friday post!

Names I love, but wouldn’t choose for a baby👶🏽🤔

This has also been a trend on YouTube. You can search “baby names I love but won’t be using” or “10 names I love but won’t be using” a ton will come up! I’m into names that are cute and unique, not too common but also not too different. I also have a thing for “A” names.

Here is my list- I’ll start with girl names💖

  • Ava- I really love this name because it’s short and sweet. It has a really nice sound when you say it but it’s so popular! That is why I wouldn’t choose this name. Maybe a variation could be Eva or Avalyn?
  • Aria- Another short, sweet sounding name. I first found a love for this name when Pretty Little Liars TV series came out. This name has also become popular, but not as much as Ava.
  • Arabella- Beautiful baby girl name! Sounds like she’d be a princess. I wouldn’t use this name because “Bella” is again, too common and also because there is already a baby girl close in the family with that name.
  • Alana- This is just a name I’ve always liked since I was a kid. I couldn’t see one of my daughters with the name though.
  • Maraiah/Mireya- Another name I’ve liked since I was a kid but it’s too close to Mariah, which is still a pretty name but eh. Mireya also means Miracle.
  • Amira- I love this name but probably wouldn’t choose it. Not sure. It has a pretty sound and is a name for Princess.
  • Aniyah- This is one of the first names I said I would name my daughter if I have one. Now, probably not lol only because I like other names better.
  • Anastasia- Don’t we all love this name? Any of us that are into princesses. I wouldn’t choose this name because it’s just too long for me and also… it’s my ex’s ex girlfriends name. Which would be a little weird to me lol.
  • Ariella- I like this name instead of Ariel. But again it has that popular “Ella” end. I sound very picky😂
  • Halona- I like this name for the meaning, of happy fortune. It sounds okay too.
  • Hayden- I like this name but it’s too close to Jayden. I would possibly use it for a middle name.
  • Hope- Another name I like but would probably only use for a middle name.
  • Julia- Pretty sounding name but I couldn’t see myself using it.
  • Haleina- This name is a name I found from a YouTuber I watch.
  • Nova- I think it would make a nice name for a baby girl, it means new; young. But she won’t always be young. I also think of supernova but that has to do with stars lol.
  • Sofia- I love this name but I’d rather use it for a pet lol. Or a middle name.
  • Paisley and Haisley- I think this would be cute for twin girls.
  • Aerilyn- I have no clue where I got this name from lol it sounds peaceful, like fresh air or something, idk..
  • Traeh- Pronounced (Tré-ya) I’ve only seen this name used once and it’s another YouTubers name that I watch. It is heart spelled backwards. Remember when Nevaeh (heaven backwards) became a bit popular?

That’s all for the girls💖

Here is my list for boy names💙

  • Andre/Aundre- Since I love A names this would be a perfect name… if it wasn’t too common.
  • Rowan- I like it, not too common not too different. I just couldn’t see it for my son.
  • Landon- Becoming very popular.
  • Carter- Another popular one, but I would probably use this as a middle name.
  • Nathan- Simple but nice. Unfortunately a guy I was involved with has that name.
  • Elijah/Alijah- I like it with the A.
  • Isaiah- I like this more for a middle name.
  • Jayden- This name can be used for boy or girl but is way too common. I have a baby cousin (girl) with the name but spelled “Jaedyn” which is really cute.
  • August- If he is born in August maybe.
  • Caden- Kind of common.
  • Azavier- I saw someone mention this name instead of Xavier, I think it’s pretty cool but just not for me.
  • Marcellus- I like how this one sounds but I’m not a fan of M names for boys.
  • Andriel- Instead of Adrian or Andre, how about Andriel?
  • Aiden- We all know this is a common name lol
  • Alaric- I couldn’t see myself ever naming my son this but I really like it. I first heard it on The Vampire Diaries.
  • Aris- Love this name! A friend of mine chose this one already though.
  • Arlo- Cute sound, short, A. But I think I like it best for a pet.
  • Ezra- This is another name I got from Pretty Little Liars.
  • Idris- I couldn’t name my baby after a celebrity but If you don’t know who the famous Idris is (Idris Elba)… look him up 🍫
  • Reese/Reece- Really nice name just not my favorite

That’s all for both my lists💖💙

Some of the names will not be on the list because they are names I might choose if I do have children one day☺️

If you see your name or your child’s name like and comment below. Which names from my list are your favorites? If you enjoyed reading this, create your own list✨

Until next time, love Lee.

International Day of Happiness😊


(Photo from Live Happy Magazine)

While every day should be a day to celebrate happiness, March 20th for many is the official International Day of Happiness. The celebration was introduced in 2012 and celebrated for the first time in 2013 as a way to recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world, and a reminder that it does not have to come from materialistic things. Happiness can come in the form of friendship, family, health, and emotional well being.

Don’t worry, be happy! No matter where you are in life and what your situation may be.

So today I have a challenge. How many of you can come up with a list of 20 things that make you happy? That’s right- 20! The list can not include money, or getting new/nice things (materialistic) If you accept this challenge repost this or create your own post with your list. Here is mine:

20 Things That Make Me Happy:

  1. Smiling/Seeing smiling faces
  2. Giving or receiving compliments
  3. Reaching goals
  4. Music
  5. Books
  6. Writing/Blogging
  7. Food
  8. A night sky full of stars
  9. Alone time when I need it
  10. Being with true friends/family
  11. A newborn baby
  12. Animals
  13. Feeling full of energy
  14. Knowing I’ve helped or inspired someone
  15. Learning
  16. Visiting new places
  17. Waking up every morning because one day you won’t be able to.
  18. Coming together on the holidays
  19. Knowing that I can be comfortable in my skin and feel beautiful and worthy
  20. Uplifting and seeing people uplift others instead of putting each other down

I did it! Can you? If you don’t think you can come up with 20 things that make you happy, how about a list of 20 positive quotes?


Until next time, love Lee!😄❤

My Apartment MUST Haves

Getting your very first apartment/home is an accomplishment to be proud of and it’s also exciting. You finally get to be out on your own in your own space, even if it’s just a small apartment. Even if it’s not the fanciest or most expensive apartment, it’s still yours to call home. Yours to decorate and have your own set of rules. So, what to do with all of this new space? Aside from all of the obvious things needed (food, utensils, bed, etc) Here are MY apartment must haves:



  • COMFY couch and fleece throw. The couch for the living room MUST be comfortable to sit and sleep on lol. And I just have to have a fleece throw on or near by in case I want to Netflix & Chill, or take a nice afternoon nap.
  • Decorative pillows!
  • Recliner or accent chair
  • Coffee table
  • Storage cubby organizer or shelf unit
  • Tv in living and bed room
  • Candles
  • Lamps
  • Beautiful, inspirational wall art
  • Gold decor
  • A pets allowed apartment!
  • Space for my guinea pigs, and cat soon 🙂
  • Book shelf (if enough space available)
  • Vacuum
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Fan/Heater
  • DIY bulletin board/Dry erase board (some type of to do list/planner)
  • Calendar
  • Wine and wine glasses! Yes, very specific lol. I want to always have a bottle of wine available and wine glasses to drink from for my own personal time.
  • Desk area
  • Vanity
  • Full length mirror
  • Blender
  • Microwave
  • Water filter/purifier
  • Extension cord
  • Nice/matching comforter set
  • LARGE clothes hampers (I need at least 2) lol
  • Dresser
  • An ottoman. I’d love to have this for sitting and extra storage.
  • Balcony table & chairs (Our apartment comes with a small balcony)

If it was a house (dream house) MUST haves:

  • In ground swimming pool
  • Entertainment room (Gaming, Movies, etc)
  • Sectional couch
  • Office
  • Furnished basement
  • Washer/Dryer hook up
  • WALK IN closets
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Big yard/Patio
  • Everything in the apartment must haves 🙂

What a list! I’m not even sure if that’s everything- yikes! lol. I may have forgot a few things or it’s just about right. I know I won’t be getting all of these things at once, but eventually I do plan to have most, if not all once fully settled in. Let me know in the comments your must haves. Is there anything on my list that wouldn’t be on yours?

Until next time, love Lee.

and happy living!