A Few Updates & Thank You For 700 Followers!✨

A few updates…

  • My next post will be the last feature for my 500 Follower Q&A Game Series, I’ll be sharing another app
  • You may have noticed I haven’t been on Instagram much this past week, a lot has been going on. Also, I’m going to have to make another change there. UGH! So much change. There will also be something new with Twitter but i’m focusing on Instagram at the moment.
  • I said I was going to start my new blog right after I am done with features but I have decided to give myself 2 more weeks. This is so I can make final adjustments, be sure things are the way I want, get a few posts ready instead of just 1, and for a little rest. A little break from the pressure of uploading almost every day.
  • During these next two weeks I won’t be posting much, probably 2 or 3 times if any, and reposting old uploads. I will be using this time to reply to some of my many unanswered comments, and reading some of your posts as I haven’t lately. Expect to catch me in your comments soon:)
  • I have reached 700 followers, THANK YOU all so much! Especially since I haven’t been as active💛💛💛
  • This next update is kind of a story too: This past week has been full of ups and downs, but there was one moment that was kind of both at the same time. I recently signed up for a free trial on ancestry.com, I don’t know much about my family because I grew up in foster care and with aunts/grandmothers/sisters etc. My mother’s side is the side I know least about since she wasn’t around at all. I do know that she had at least 2 other children and gave them up for adoption. I saw one of them because he was taken away, we were all in court. He was about 1 at the time so not old enough to remember anything. His name is Dewayne and I always remembered that, and that he was a few years younger than I am. That’s all I knew.While searching on Ancestry, I found a few things about my mom and dad, and their parent’s that I already knew. I couldn’t find much more after that and was ready to cancel my free trial. Something told me to try a search one more time before officially giving up. I followed my intuition and searched Dewayne (with my last name) and an estimate of how old he might be. My guess was around 16.

    I can’t explain the feeling I got when a name popped up with my mothers name as his mother! I was excited, surprised, and anxious to know more. I really just wanted to cry. It wasn’t a lot of information (only his full name, birthday, and our mother’s name) but it was more than what I had. My brother turned 18 in February. I turned 23 in March. For 18 years, he has not known that he has older siblings out there. For about 23 years I’ve known about him, out there somewhere. It will probably be much longer because I’m sure his last name is changed from adoption. A Facebook search led me nowhere. I wonder If his foster parents has told him much of anything yet? Since he is 18 now… I know some people make public posts when they are searching for a family member, but I guess I wasn’t ready to try that step yet. What if they don’t want him to know, but he has the right doesn’t he? For now I’ll be talking with family and asking more questions. I will continue to search for him until we finally meet. I am one step closer…

Life is changing and moving rapidly, but I feel that I couldn’t be more ready for these changes. I don’t know what will happen in the next few weeks, months, or years but I’m feeling growth happening, I’m feeling blessings coming. I’m feeling there is a great reason for all of this. This is why I’m trying my best to keep positive and keep the faith alive despite all the things that bring a challenge my way. Do you any of you understand this feeling? Have you felt this way before?