7 Day B&W Photo Challenge: Day 4🖤

I was tagged to join in on this 7 day black and white photo challenge, anyone can participate. I’ve made it to day 4 just 3 days to go☺️

The rules are simple and blog challenges are always interesting and fun so I’m glad to participate.🖤

The Rules are:

• Seven days.

• Seven black and white photos of your life.

• No people.

• No explanation.

• Challenge someone new each day.

Today I challenge Lyz who blogs at I Wanna Be A Lady. Lyz if you’re able to participate, great! I know you’ll have amazing pictures to share. Check her blog and Instagram out!💖


Fun Friday #18: 20 Names I Love But Won’t Be Using!💖💙

Happy Fun Friday!

Yesterday I took a look at my very first Fun Friday post, which was name’s I love but wouldn’t use. I shared that list back in March and I’ve added so many names since then! I’m obsessed honestly, I have about 70 written down.

For today’s post I decided to do an updated version sharing 10 girl names and 10 boy names that I love but probably wouldn’t use as my future child’s name. The name “Mireya” was in my last list but I’ve actually grown to really like it, mainly for a middle name but I’d definitely consider using it now. Many of the names on my list sound similar or have an A beginning/end because those are the type of names I prefer. They are still very different. I’ve also added a few of their meanings:)

Here is my updated list:

Analise– Honestly, I adore this name but the main reason I wouldn’t use it is because the first 4 letters spell… Anal. Now, I don’t know if my mind is just in the gutter but I don’t want the first few letters of my child’s name to spell Anal. I think she would hate it, and I feel like some people would point it out and make fun of it. If I ever use this name I would spell it “Aunalise” Auna for short. MEANING: Grace or devoted to God.*I also like Aunalia.

Alara– I really like the sound of this name but couldn’t see myself using it. MEANING: One who brings brightness and happiness to the soul, to the heart.

Indya– This is one of the names I thought I would someday name my daughter. Spelled India or Indya but now I see it as too common. I’m also not really interested in country/continent names anymore like India and Asia.

Yara– I got this name from the beautiful actress and model Yara Shahidi. I just couldn’t see this as my daughters name. MEANING: On Nameberry, the meaning is “small butterfly”

Melody/Harmony– I’m using these 2 as 1 because they are both musical names, beautiful musical names I must add. I wouldn’t completely knock them, If I had twin girls I would probably consider these names. Maybe they would be blessed with great singing voices? That would be lovely. But with me being picky again, I have to point out “Harm” being the first 4 letters of Harmony lol.

Lilia/Lylia– Like Lily, this sounds so pretty but even better in my opinion. Again, this is just a name I couldn’t see my own daughter having. 

Amberlee/Amberly– I started to like this name when I was in middle school or early high school days. It has a really pretty sound but the “Amber” is too common for me. MEANING: A jewel-quality fossilized resin; as a color the name refers to a warm honey shade.

Zuri– I first heard this name on Disney Channel on the show Jesse as Skai Jackson’s character and thought it was so beautiful! I only wouldn’t use this name because I’m not a fan of “Z” names for my own children. Guess what the meaning is??? MEANING: Beautiful

Hazel Won’t be using this name because it’s what I named one of my guinea pigs lol. Also because it’s a color. It’s also a type of tree and nut.

Aliza– I really love this name and the only reason I wouldn’t choose it is because I already know someone who named her daughter that. MEANING: Joy, joyful


For the boy names most of these I wouldn’t choose only because there are other names I like better, or I couldn’t see myself using them.

Luca- I like how nice and short this name is, I just wouldn’t choose it for my son. MEANING: Bringer of light, Man from Lucania

Jeremiah– I like the sounding of Jeremiah, it’s just not for me.

Messiah– I love how powerful this name sounds. Probably because it’s pretty biblical. This name might be too much pressure though. MEANING: Annointed one

Eric– Another nice sounding short name. But this name is too common and also my ex’s name so that would be weird. MEANING: Eternal ruler

Tristan– I’m actually still on the fence about this name. Maybe I would use it, Maybe not. Who knows. I just know that I like it. As for the meaning, I saw several different meanings such as, a knight, tumult; outcry, bold, the loud one, lol… So I’m really not sure.

Antonio– This name probably isn’t as popular as it once was but it’s still kind of popular to me so I wouldn’t use it. Otherwise I really like it and would definitely consider it. MEANING: Worthy of praise; of value

Hendrix– I wouldn’t use this name for my son, it’s mainly a surname but I think it sounds really cool.

Malachi/Malakai– I’m not really a fan of M names for boys which is why I wouldn’t choose this name. It also sounds more like a pet name for a dog in my opinion. MEANING: My messenger/my angel

Kavan/Cavan– I just recently came across this name. I would probably use it for a middle name actually. MEANING: Handsome

Jahlil– Ever since I came across this name I’ve liked it. I only wouldn’t use it because I like other names better. But this could still very much be a possibility. I’m including it anyway:) MEANING: Great, Revered, Grand, Noble, Servant of the Majestic

That’s it! 20 names!
Do you like any of the names on my list? What is 1 girl and 1 boy name that would be on your list? Comment below.✨


15 Signs You Might Be A Mom✨

Okay, I’m not a mother. I hope to be one day, but if I’m not a mother how can I come up with 15 signs one might be one???

The short answer to that is… I didn’t. Dakota did, from Essential Living With Dakota.💙
Dakota is the mother of 3 boys and she created this list herself, the list is actually longer but I’ve picked out 15 favorites that I definitely believe to be true by what I’ve seen so far in my own family, and with some of my friends. Here are the 15 I chose:

  1. Sleeping in feels like winning the lottery.
  2. Wearing leggings and an over sized shirt counts as dressing up.
  3. You use baby wipes to clean everything.
  4. You’re eating alone because everyone else has finished and left the table when you are finally able to sit down to eat.
  5. Your purse is full of legos and matchbox cars.
  6. You can no longer pee, or uhh #2, alone.
  7. It’s normal to smell another child’s butt to see if they were the ones who pooped.
  8. You have to say ‘do you want me to pull this van over!?’ before they know you mean business.
  9. You hear ‘Mommmmm’ at least 10 times before you even think about responding.
  10. You’re watching Disney movies and the kids have all gone to bed.
  11. You walk around with pieces of their breakfast on you and you don’t realize (or care)
  12. You can’t put on makeup without hearing ‘Do mine, Mommy! Do mineeee!’.
  13. You carry around a first aid kit at all times. Oh, and a snack kit.
  14. You hide in a closet to eat a piece of candy without having to answer a million questions.
  15. You feel so much love for such tiny creatures that simply looking at them brings a tear to your eye and you feel like your heart could burst watching them achieve such incredible things.

Now I don’t know about you, but parent or not I can relate to every single one of these in some way with someones kid in my family lol especially when you babysit. 

Can you agree? What other signs can you come up with?

If you want to view Dakota’s full list, click here. Be sure to give a follow if you like. Thanks for stopping by.✨


Iridescent Dating👀🤔

Iridescent dating? What is that? Doesn’t iridescent mean luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles?

It sure does. Iridescent dating is my own play on words. It sounds a lot like interracial dating which is exactly what we’re going to be discussing. Interracial dating is when two people of a different ethnicity come together as a couple. Whether they are just seeing each other, with children, or actually get married, many people view interracial dating in different ways.

This is a poll I ran on twitter just last week. Out of 75 votes, 77% of people said that love is love. Meaning interracial dating is no different from any other type of dating. 7% said that it needs to stop, and the other 16% believes interracial dating is only the result of wanting mixed children. I do believe that SOME people do get with another person of a different race just to produce mixed children, because social media does have a way of making them out to be the “cutest babies” with the light skin, light eyes, and “good hair.” There are people who will say an African American who dates outside of their race is only trying to erase their “blackness.” Sadly, it is sometimes an identity insecurity but this isn’t true for ALL.

I’m actually in an interracial relationship at the moment (bwwm) and we’ve been together almost 2 years now. We’ve even dated in the past back in high school. Before we got back together I was actually with a black man and had that relationship not gone south I’d probably still be with him. Everything happens for a reason and you can’t help who you develop a strong connection with or who you fall in love with, it just happens. Running this poll I had no real expectations but I did predict that the first choice or last would be the majority vote. I was pleased that majority felt the same way, that love is love. We shouldn’t see color, what we should see or love about a person should always be what comes from the inside. Who that person is, who that person wants to be, how that person makes you feel is what should matter. After seeing the results I did wonder if there would be a different outcome if voters were 50 years old or older and honestly, I believe it would be. Slightly or dramatically? I can’t say.

Sometimes when my boyfriend and I go out in public I notice stares. Not many, but maybe 1 or 2 every now and then usually by an older white man, or younger black man. At first, I thought I was the only one to notice and I wouldn’t say anything because I didn’t want to sound crazy or seem like I was just looking for things to point out as a black women with a white man, but my boyfriend eventually noticed too- another older white man. Instead of keeping quiet about it, he made sure to say if he sees another person giving us a dirty look there’s going to be a problem. Of course I was glad to know he’d be willing to stand up for our relationship but I’d always try to avoid any confrontation. I secretly wonder what are going through these people’s minds when they see us together and give us dirty looks, I sometimes even wonder if the looks are only for me, is it my hair because I wear it in its natural state? Is it because my lips and nose are a little bigger, or that my skin is a little darker?

Things aren’t as bad as they were years ago, more people are coming together and seeing that we are all HUMAN regardless of what color you are or where you come from. It doesn’t matter if there are differences, the fact that we are all different in ways gives us a similarity. We have come a LONG way as a country and I feel proud to be a part of that but racism and discrimination is STILL alive today. I try my best to pay it no attention, I’ll continue to ignore the ignorance but it is an issue, it has always been an issue that needs to change.

I know that I’m beautiful, my relationship is beautiful an we’re happy in our iridescent relationship. That’s what matters.

What are your thoughts on interracial dating? Have you ever dated outside of your race? What was that experience like?

Until next time, love Lee.

The Dreaded Sex Talk: Some parents take it too far

Children are exposed to sex in some form more and more each day. Whether it be other family members, friends at school, or music and television, it’s everywhere. Naturally, parents want to be able to control how much their children are being exposed to and stop them from doing what everyone else is doing.

Growing up with only one parent present, that being my father, he had no choice but to be the one to give me…The dreaded sex talk. I can’t remember the first time he brought it up, I do remember him bringing it up quite often but when he found out I had a boyfriend in 10th grade was when it really began. It initially started with him telling me that I don’t have a boyfriend I need to break up with him immediately. This to me was unfair so I wasn’t willing to and I didn’t. That’s when I began to become more distant, sneaky and he soon realized he couldn’t keep me away from this boy so he started talking more. Now I don’t know how the talk went for you all, but my dad always made things very awkward. We could be in the car on our way to Walmart and out of nowhere he’d ask “Are you having sex yet?” Of course I always said no and for a while that was true but I just didn’t feel comfortable talking with him about that. He even went as far as asking if I, like other young girls liked “putting my mouth on it.” At that point I realized that was a conversation I never wanted to have with him or anyone else. Not even my sisters when he asked them to ask me if I was sexually active, and to give me the talk since I wouldn’t talk to him. Maybe it was just the way he approached it, or maybe it was just the fact that he’s my father. I would have rather had my mother have that talk with me.

I’m now 23 years old and sometimes he STILL finds a way to bring it up. Asking if i’m using protection, if i’m on birth control, and constantly telling me how men are as if I don’t already know by now. Eventually I did tell my sister I was no longer a virgin, after her asking again. I was relived that she didn’t judge me, had nothing negative to say, and spoke to me in a way that was more comfortable to me than my father. However, I still didn’t prefer talking to family about sex at all. If I was ever curious about anything I would go to google which can be misleading at times, but I would also talk to my close friends. Most of my friends were sexually active and would tell me about it anyway, I was actually one of the last to have that experience so it was a lot more natural for me to go to them. There’s also something about a strong friendship that’s a lot more comforting than any one else.

I don’t believe parents should stop talking to their children about sex because at the end of the day they care the most and are going to be the ones to give the best advice but, they should instead get to know their children more to find out the best way for that individual child. Everyone is different, what made me feel uncomfortable may not have made one of my sisters or someone else uncomfortable. Some people are just more open than others and nothing is wrong with that. You shouldn’t be upset or disappointed if your child doesn’t feel comfortable talking about something as personal as sex, just let them know they when they are ready and if they do get curious they can come talk to you at any time. It’s okay to tell them to be careful because there are STD’s, it’s okay to inform them about pregnancy but don’t be a pest. You don’t want your child to be resentful or rebellious which happens far too often, not just about sex. In my opinion, it’s going too far to constantly ask anyone personal questions. Ask or attempt to have the conversation a few times, after that leave it to the child to decide if he/she wants to discuss things more. Especially if they are old enough to make their own decisions and learn from their mistakes on their own, you can’t protect them from everything.

I often run polls on my Twitter account. Many to go with my blog, sometimes just for fun. On Monday, to go along with this particular blog topic, I Tweeted a poll (above picture) asking how many people were comfortable having “the talk” with their parents. My goal was to have at least 100 votes but that’s okay, the post received 67 votes. Of the 67 voters I can’t say how many were male or female, or their ages. My followers ages range from teenagers to young adults under the age of 30. As you see from the final results, 33% of voters said that they were comfortable talking with their parents about sex while a larger 67% said they wouldn’t be.

If you’re a parent, how did you go about having the talk with your child? Was it difficult? Were they open about it? If you’re not a parent how would you go about having the talk? Or how was it when your parents had the talk with you?

Until next time, love Lee.

Baby Fever: Have You Caught It?

Many of us have experienced it, I know I have. You’re scrolling down the timeline of your favorite social media app  and suddenly you see the CUTEST picture of a baby, or more! You watch a few videos of babies doing the cutest things and you get that urging fever to have your own. No?

Okay. What about your adorable niece/nephew, baby cousin, or even all of your closest friends babies? Getting exited about the great news, going to the baby showers, seeing all of the little clothes and shoes… And when they’re born seeing how cute they can really be. Knowing that they aren’t your kids and you don’t have to deal with the whole responsibility as a parent is definitely an easy way to catch baby fever. Once you catch this virus, you usually don’t think about the whole responsibility. You just want that unconditional love and cuteness overload.

Since high school, I’ve seen more and more pregnancies each year.It’s almost like everywhere you look there’s a pregnancy being announced. Most of my friends have had their first baby in the past few years  but I know people from high school having their 2nd and 3rd already. Often with a different mother/father but that’s another story. Are these people just having unprotected sex thoughtlessly? Or is it baby fever? Maybe a trend? Many celebrities have been announcing pregnancies lately, or just recently had a new born. Such as Beyonce who just announced her pregnancy with twins, and Blac Chyna who recently gave birth to baby girl, Dream Kardashian. Yes, I do understand that some people have a baby to start or extend their family out of nothing but love. It still seems to be a sort of trend now to me.

I’ve been a victim many times mainly when seeing the adorable babies on social media, or friends having theirs. It comes and goes, much like a cold. But it seems obvious that we’re more likely to have baby fever when we’re seeing the nicest parts of being a parent. Such as cuddling with your baby, seeing your baby smile, taking those beautiful pictures, all the compliments, seeing them crawl or walk for the first time and being able to share it with everyone you love. Then it fades and you’re less likely to have it when they’re crying, you notice there are things you will have to give up, or when seeing children misbehave.

Baby fever is a real emotion, even men get it. I know this because my boyfriend has had a moment where he talked to me about having kids. He even knows exactly how many he wants;4. Yikes! Maybe 2 or 3 lol. Anyway, he was seeing his best friend and everyone else in the family having babies, yet everyone is still waiting on our addition. One day…One day. The first thing you should do is look at your circumstances and consider if having a baby will be the best decision for not only you but the baby too. For me, that wouldn’t be the best decision right now. So, whenever I catch a fever I’ll just cope by reminding myself of all the responsibility and knowing that I should wait until I’m fully stable in life.

Have you ever experienced baby fever? Do you have children already? Men with baby fever? Comment, I’d love to read your thoughts.♥

Until next time, Love Lee.