7 Day B&W Photo Challenge: Day 5🖤

I was tagged to join in on this 7 day black and white photo challenge, anyone can participate. I’ve made it to day 5 just 2 days to go☺️

The rules are simple and blog challenges are always interesting and fun so I’m glad to participate.🖤

The Rules are:

• Seven days.

• Seven black and white photos of your life.

• No people.

• No explanation.

• Challenge someone new each day.

Today I challenge Hunida, just by reading a few of her blog posts I know there are some exciting things that go on in her life that would make some interesting pictures! You should check her blog out if you haven’t already. & No worries if you can’t participate💖

See you all tomorrow for day 6!


7 Day B&W Photo Challenge: Day 1🖤

Blogging on a Saturday? I haven’t done this in a while but jumping back into the blog world, I was tagged by David of David Speaks (be sure to check his blog out and his photos for the challenge) to join a 7 day photo challenge which I thought would be a great way to step back in. The rules are simple and blog challenges are always interesting so I’m glad to participate!

The Rules are:
 • Seven days.

 • Seven black and white photos of your life.

 • No people.

 • No explanation.

 • Challenge someone new each day.

Today I challenge Angela who blogs at thelifeofangela. If you don’t already follow her you should go and check her out she takes amazing photos and just finished up a 30 day photo challenge. For that reason Angela, I understand if you aren’t able to participate in this so no worries if you can’t. Anyone can participate if they’d like.✨ 

See you all tomorrow for day 2!

Exploring A New App☺️✨

Well I did it! I featured 5 bloggers for 5 weeks straight, each blogger had 5 whole days dedicated to them and I’m so pleased how things turned out. There were times I thought I was going to give up, there were times I just wanted to start my new journey and not have any commitments left from GoldenPinkJournal. There were times that I wondered if I would be able to come up with 5 different posts for the same blogger. Normally when we dedicate a post to another blogger it’s all at once.

It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t extremely difficult either because each of them are amazing bloggers and I had nothing but great things to say. This is the very last post for the features and I want to give one last thank you to Maggie, Pamela, Cherylene, Dakota, and Laura!

Now let’s check out this app:)

The app I’ll be sharing is called Photo Lab: Picture Editor. I’ve seen it in the App Store several times but never really thought to try it out. I didn’t think I had reason to. But I’m glad I finally did, it may not be as useful for blogging like other apps I shared, but it’s actually pretty cool.

When you open the app it will show you a ton of inspiration pictures to show you what you can possibly do.

You can choose from a variety of categories, each with their own cool filters to choose from.

Here is a picture made using a frame in the Amazing Frames category. I’m using Laura’s picture who blogs over at Lauzie’s Lifestyle. Once you choose your photo and frame you will see options to animate, add text, or art and effects.

I also made this one in the Amazing Frames category. “My Photo Equipment” is the name of the frame I used. This picture of Laura was taken today on her birthday🎉🎈

A few other pictures I created in the app:

You can also add text, I must say that the font options are limited but I wouldn’t use this app for adding text anyway. As usual, you will get a watermark unless you pay for the full version which comes with all features unlocked. I really love the choices I chose for Laura, dont they look nice? Her pictures did a great job demonstrating this apps features.

Thank you for being such a beautiful soul Laura! I hope you enjoy your weekend❤️ Everyone wish her a Happy Birthday if you haven’t already!✨

Head over to her blog and check out her Birthday post, “How To Celebrate Your Birthday.

Fun Friday #17: There’s ANOTHER site like Canva?!☺️

Happy Fun Friday everyone!

As promised, I will be sharing another editing app with you all. Don’t forget that there will be another one tomorrow too, so if you’re someone interested in making your social media sites or pictures more aesthetically pleasing continue reading and come back tomorrow to check them out!

Lately I’ve been finding several apps similar to Canva. While Canva still seems to be the best in my opinion, the other apps and editing sites I’ve found are pretty great too. The site that I’ll be sharing today, FotoJet comes the closest so far (of the ones I’ve tried) so I’m putting it in 2nd place right behind Canva.

The sites description: FotoJet is a great online graphic designer, collage maker & photo editor that will enable you to create amazing social media graphics, posters, flyers, banners, cards, collages, and also help you to edit photos without hassles.

Here is one of the “Magazine Covers” I created using FotoJet, and Laura’s pictures from Lauzie’s Lifestyle


Now let’s take a closer look behind the scenes as I edit another!

Screenshot (30)

You have the option to create a design, make a collage, or edit a photo. For this I’ll just be using create a design. There are so many templates to choose from, but some are only for the premium version. The free version still has some really nice ones. I’ll be using “Magazine Cover”


Screenshot (33)

Here is just a look at some of the collage choices:Screenshot (34)Now back to magazine covers…
You’ll notice a scroll bar on the left side with all of the magazine templates. I’ve chosen this Honey template.

Screenshot (35)

Now I’m going to change the text from Honey to LauziesLifestyle using the Homemade Apple font which is my favorite. I also want to change the picture! But I’ll be adding 3 pictures instead of just 1.

Screenshot (38)

Screenshot (39)You can also change the background colors if you want. You can choose single colors, make gradient colors, or use one of the cute patterns they have. I chose to leave the background as is. I did use a gradient I created in the first magazine cover of Laura.

Screenshot (40)

When you are ready to save your image, you can rename it, and choose the format either JPG or PNG. I kept it as JPG. I also kept the size the same.

Screenshot (41)
First photo in image|Photographer:@rbphotographsLauraMag2

I hope you all enjoyed checking this site out with me! Have any of you used FotoJet before? Let me know in the comments if you have or will be giving it a try. Thanks for stopping by.


Interviewing A Lovely Blogger✨

If you can not view photos in reader on the app, please try from your browser.

Happy almost Friday:)

Today I am back with another interesting interview with a lovely blogger. Laura from Lauzie’s Lifestyle. I will say that behind the scenes of this interview was full of struggles for Laura and I. Pictures weren’t attaching, I was already late sending in the questions but my notifications for her responses were also delayed. Still we managed to get it done and I just love how detailed Laura’s answers are. These kind of interviews are the best in my opinion, where you can clearly tell that the person interviewed is fully engaged. This also shows a great side of personality. I’ve grown to love doing these interviews over the past few weeks so this definitely will not be the last I do. Just the last for this series:)

Let’s get to it! Laura’s answers are in Italics.

  1. If you could have your own modeling agency right now, what would you name it? Lauzies Lifestyle of course!
  2. If you had to, would you rather wear yellow or green lipstick for a month straight? Definitely yellow. I always loved when Jennifer Lopez wore that yellow lipstick in her video for ‘Live it up’. I think it would suit my skin tone more and green reminds me of a witch or something – no offense to the colour!
  3. Would you do a photo shoot with 50 snakes surrounding you (non poisonous) for $50,000? If they were non-poisonous, I would happily pose with them.
  4. Can you name 5 public figures that inspire you? 
    1. Jennifer Lopez. I mention her a fair amount on my blog. She was really my childhood inspiration. 
    2. I do not know if this will count, but I could mention many Old Hollywood stars – specifically Lauren Bacall.
    3.  Mary-Kate and Ashley. I love that they stay true to themselves and do not seek out fame. They are very original.
    4. Lisa Eldridge. I have always admired her makeup work and how she launched her career. I believe she started by working in retail at Harrods.
    5.SJP  (Sarah Jessica Parker). She grew up in a very poor household and went on to become a global style icon. Again, I admire her originality. I will also mention the late Aaliyah. She had such a unique look and didn’t give in to pressure to dress a certain way. I think for girls that do not fit the ideal current shape, they can really look to her as someone who was sexy regardless of her ‘curves.
  5. Do you have any modeling advice you can give? Anything you’ve learned or any tips. I am very new to the world of modelling. I suppose one thing that I realized was that signing to an agency – however credible, does not guarantee work. I know of a model who signed to the one of the biggest agencies in the world and she ended up leaving because all they ever did, was send her to free castings for test shoots. You have to treat it like a business because people will always try to take advantage. You have to have really thick skin and be prepared for people not to like your look. For general modelling tips, practice in front of a mirror and try to recreate modelling poses you see in the magazines, to figure out  what comes natural to you. This is some great advice! Can’t you all agree?
  6. What is the healthiest meal you’ve eaten this week? This week has not been my healthiest. I did have a stir-fry though. It was flavoured tofu, noodles with lots of herbs and sesame oil, roasted broccoli and butter beans. 
  7. Is there a photo shoot you’ve done that you was more nervous about than any other?  I was really nervous about shooting video. A cinematographer asked me to be involved with his latest project and it was completely different to photographic modelling. I had to continually move, try and look relaxed whilst also conveying a character. I will be posting a snippet of it today as an Instagram throwback.
  8. If your blogs name couldn’t be Lauzieslifestyle, what might it be instead?
    I have thought about this before and I have never been able to conjure up an alternative. Lauz and Lauzie (law-zee) is a nickname of mine and I have always loved how the term sounds next to lifestyle – which is really the main focus of my blog. Lauzie is a pretty cute nick name:)
  9. Is there anything you want to do in the future that others might think is crazy?
    I am a huge dreamer and I live with the mindset that the sky is my limit. This alone, makes people think that I am crazy. I have big dreams to be a successful writer and business woman. I plan to learn as much as possible about things that inspire me. I don’t believing in labeling myself into one box and this shows with my career changes.
    I can relate to this answer so much!
  10. What are the last 5 words to an inspiring poem of your choice?
    I am actually going to use one of my own poems. The last 5 words are “and now my life begins”. The poem is personal and details a bad relationship where I suddenly realised that this person is no longer worth it and that it is time to move on.
    “No more wasting good times on bad people, pray for me as I fly high like an eagle, I wish you well, and now my life begins”. Wow, perfect choice! I love this.
  11. What would you say are the top 5 items needed for a simple every day makeup routine? Assuming that skincare does not count – I would say a base product (foundation, concealer etc), eyebrow product, bronzer, mascara and lipstick. These are the products that I generally use and one’s that I would always apply on a client.
  12. Finish this random sentence: Because of ___ I will never wear ___ again:
    Because of old photographs, I will never wear a denim skirt again. Unless they somehow make a fashion comeback, I will stick to denim shorts. Aha, I’ve seen some cute ones but not many. I guess some people just know how to rock it very well. I’ve never worn a denim skirt.
  13. Can you attach a picture that describes your exact mood right now?
    The mood is happiness and contentment. This picture is really pretty Laura! The words health and peace came to me.
  14. If you could choose 1 person to work out with, 1 person to do a modeling shoot with, and 1 famous writer to spend a full day with, who would they be and why?
    To workout with, I would choose Shaun T who is a popular trainer and is known for his fitness programs such as Insanity. As hard as they are, working out with him would ensure the best workout possible. To do a modelling shoot with, I would choose someone like Giselle. She would make me feel insecure, but I feel that I could learn a lot. For writing, I would say an interviewer like Diane Sawyer. Someone who met a variety of people. OMG I remember Shaun T commercials Lol! That man be working out FOR REAL! 
  15. Attach a photo of the 5th photo in your camera roll, a photo of a healthy meal you’ve eaten, and a photo of something you’ve written, could be part of a poem or whatever you wish to write, or anything you’ve done before.
    AWWWW so cute!!

    The meal is a stew of lentils, quinoa and Bulgar wheat, carrots, chopped tomato, spinach, harissa, lots of herbs and seasoning – paprika, cumin, mixed herbs, coriander and a handful of cheese.

    You’re a great writer. Your writings always take me to a deep place, mainly an inspiring place, making me think about things in my own life. I especially love your poems. I’ll be enjoying reading and being inspired by more of your work!

I hope you all enjoyed this interview and maybe even learned something from it. If you’re not already following Laura’s blog, go over and check her out! The link is posted right in the beginning:) Also, check out her Instagram while you’re at it.💙


Introducing another beautiful blogger✨

Wow! It’s August 1st already and this is my 5th and final week introducing/featuring 5 different bloggers here on Golden Pink Journal. I can’t believe it has been nearly 5 weeks since reaching 500 followers and sharing with you all my very first Q&A, which I actually made into a game also. That is the reason I have been featuring these 5 special bloggers, they participated, played along, and have been great supporters.
I appreciate you all so much!

Our last feature will be Laura from Lauzies Lifestyle.

Laura is so brave, talented, kind, and beautiful you all! I’m very excited to be ending this out with her.

I can’t quite remember how I found her blog, but I do remember reading her posts and being able to relate to so many. I was able to relate to some of the good and much of the bad yet still be able to walk away with something positive.
If i’m able to read or view your content and walk away with something positive from it, that get’s an automatic follow and automatic support from me. These are the type of creators, and artists that influence me the most because that’s the type of influence that I want to be.

Laura is a published writer, model, makeup artist, health enthusiast and a blogger of course. Already we can tell that she is one hard working, determined woman. This is also something that inspires and influences me to be more hard working and determined. I love blogging but I want to do many other things also such as publishing my first book, being confident enough to just feel like a model, dabble in YouTube, do spoken word or other forms of poetry, start and continue a successful business. There’s just a lot that I really want to do and have a passion for, and I constantly see that it CAN be done! You don’t have to be limited to one thing.

On Laura’s blog, you can find and expect beauty, fashion, health & well-being, poetry, mental health and general living posts. Sounds like my type of blog, maybe yours too? Then you should definitely follow her!

In her about section, she has listed 5 of her favorite posts and I’ll be linking 2 down below for you to check out. After checking them out, be sure to give a follow and show some love to her likes and in the comments. Come back tomorrow for an amazing guest post and the next few days for more features. I will also be sharing 2 apps this week instead of 1. One will be for Fun Friday, and one on Saturday. I think you all will enjoy them!

2 of Laura’s favorite posts: (these are also some of my favorites so check them out!)

Why is it wrong to believe in your dreams?

A motivational piece questioning why as adults, the millennial generation are told to be more realistic.

Ten do’s and don’ts: Red lipstick  

Advice and tips on how to wear red.

I also want to share some of my favorite pictures of Laura from her Instagram💕

Photographer: Studio GD Photography

View full rhyme by following. Laura writes inspiring poetry under some of her photos. I’ve loved all the ones I’ve read so far!


A healthy lifestyle will have you feeling beautiful inside and out☺️💛 she also recently cut her hair which I definitely can relate to since a year ago I cut all of mine away. A year before that I did my first mini big chop which gave me this type of cute Dora look lol.
But it’s true what that say, I’ve confirmed it, Laura has confirmed it and so has many others- A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life! This is a famous quote actually and when I cut my hair I felt some sort of instant freedom and confidence that I can’t really explain, it was a strong positive feeling that I never thought I would have. I honestly thought I would hate my haircut and literally brought a wig to the salon with me for my 2nd chop. Didn’t even need it. I felt beautiful, I felt like I had cut away so much negativity from my life. I walked out with that wig still in it’s bag, about an inch of hair left, and a smile on my face. I’d say cutting my hair was the start of a new journey for me, a more positive one. Have any of you ever done any big chops? Did you feel this way too, and did your life change in a way afterwards? Let me know in the comments.

Follow Laura on Instagram!

One last thing, I will be doing another update post sometime this week so stay tuned for that. Thanks for stopping by!✨


Fun Friday #14: Exploring A New App☺️

Happy Fun Friday everyone! I hope everyone has had a fun, exciting week and if not, I hope you have a better weekend:)

Today, I wanted to try out a new app. It’s not new in the App Store, but new to me. This is something I may do more often because I love finding cool apps, I search for new ones so often.

There were a few that I found yesterday but today I’m going to be sharing one. The app I’ll be sharing is called Patternator.

Patternator allows you to create cool pattern wallpapers using some of their cute photos or your own. They can even be animated. Here is the description in the store:

It says the animation feature is for iPhone 6S and up but if you have an older version don’t worry, you can still make and save cute patterns:)

Let’s take a look inside the app and start creating a pattern!

(Since today is the last feature for Pamela’s week, I’ll be using her picture)

When I first opened the app, this cute kitten pattern came up and I got so excited lol I just knew I would enjoy the app at that moment. They must know my love is so strong😻

But that cute cat isn’t cute Pamela so we’ll have to change that lol.

Click the camera icon in the left and it will open your camera. You can take a new picture or go into your album. I’ll be going into the album to grab some screenshots from Pamela’s Instagram. The next thing you need to do is trace what you want as your pattern. This probably wasn’t the best image for that but it still turned out nice I believe.

Once you’re satisfied with what you’ve traced you can create your wallpaper. It will automatically start with suggestion background colors matching your picture which I love! That’s great. You can also add stickers (I didn’t this time) and change the style of your pattern.

You can also pick your own color and there are so many to choose from! I went to the pastel colors.

Once you’re satisfied just save it. Or upload it to social media, whatever you wish to do. One thing I will say is that there will be a watermark on the saved image. I always hate those. You can pay $4 to get it permanently removed (yikes) or you can invite 3 friends to use the app and once they download the app you get watermark removed for free. Here is the wallpaper with watermark:

I decided to try out a face pattern also so I used one of Pamela’s lovely selfies. I thought it would be cool to trace out a heart pattern❤️

This was Patternator’s suggested color but I went with something different. I also changed the style of the pattern.


Thank you so much Pamela for participating in my Q&A Game and being a constant support! I really hope you’ve enjoyed all of your features this week, I enjoyed posting them. I especially loved the Q&A session and trying out this app with your pictures:) can’t forget about that amazing guest post either!

I don’t know who hasn’t followed Pamela yet but if you’re reading this now and you haven’t- please be sure to check her blog out!

Let me know in the comments if you would try this app out or if you already have. Any cool apps you know of that I should try?✨