Hobby Adventures: Nail Designs (pt.2)

Last week I shared a few old pictures of some nail designs I tried on myself. If you haven’t checked that post out already, go ahead and do that before or after you’re all done here:) Hobby Adventures: Nail Designs (pt.1)

Painting my nails quickly became a hobby I enjoyed. I was a beginner, so the designs weren’t really fancy and a beginner is where I stayed because I lost interest just as quickly. I mentioned I would be sharing a few of my hobbies I’ve had throughout the years for the next few weeks, and possibly recreating some of them. So today I decided to recreate one of my nail designs. Was it a pass or fail?

This is the design I decided to recreate, but I wanted to use different colors. I didn’t have the same exact color choices anyway.

I chose to go with pink, silver, and blue. Instead of doing the cheetah print I wanted to try polka dots hoping they would smear nicely after applying a top coat for a cool effect.

I first applied a clear coat base, this protects the nail from staining and also helps the paint last longer. The same with applying a top coat. Once I decided which color I wanted each nail, I began to draw the XO. The first time I did this I believe I used a toothpick or a skinnier polish brush which I didn’t have this time so I had to use the blue polish brush lightly. I also used this method to do my polka dots.

Basically, it didn’t turn out how I hoped. Pass or fail? Definitely a fail. Take a look for yourself:

After applying the clear top coat you can kind of see the effect I was talking about. Kind of… And yes, I didn’t bother cleaning around my nails because I knew I wouldn’t be keeping them this way.

Trying to draw the XO on my left hand was very difficult. A hot mess.

I believe where I messed up the most was using a bit too much polish than needed. This causes the drying time to last forever. That was always my problem as well as patience. I was ready to do other tasks and my nails suffered in the process smearing all over the place and taking on other textures. This is how they looked after all the madness… Does it say “RO” now? Is that even a letter at all anymore? A hot mess.

A better look at that effect I keep talking about that never turned out right…

So is this a hobby I can see myself getting back into? Probably not. LOL!
Solid colors and a little glitter will do just fine.

See you all next week with another hobby adventure!adk_0001


Natural Hair Tag!✨

Last summer I did a natural hair series documenting my journey while inspiring others with confidence and tips along the way. I’ve been mentioning doing more posts on the subject so I’ve been planning and brainstorming ideas behind the scenes but recently, I came across a natural hair tag that I couldn’t pass up on. I came across this tag on kozdiaries and thought it would be the perfect way to introduce natural hair to my blog again. Be sure to visit kozdiaries after reading!

Let’s get started!

When did you start taking better care of your hair? 

Back in 2015 is when I knew I needed to take better care because my hair was starting to thin and break off. I went to the bathroom and chopped off a significant amount leaving me with the Dora cut. I wasn’t really getting relaxers anymore at the time, twice a year at most but I was still getting my hair flat ironed, which of course causes heat damage. I didn’t start my official journey until June of 2016 when I got the big chop. I haven’t used a relaxer or heat since January or February of 2016.

What’s your two favorite natural hair products?

This was hard, I think I’m still testing products out lol. Any good conditioner or moisturizer is a favorite of mine but if I have to just pick two things and be specific I’d say True By Made Beautiful Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner and my Denman brush. JBCO came very close!

What’s your ultimate goal length? 

If my hair grows past mid-back length (when stretched) I’ll probably cut it. Nothing longer than that.

Which do you prefer healthy or long? 

Healthy. If it is healthy most likely the length will come also.

What’s your favorite part of your hair regimen? 

Conditioning! Oh, and when I’m finished with the whole process lol.

The most annoying part of regimen? 

Detangling and styling. When I’m having a bad wash day this is what makes me rethink my whole journey and lately, I’ve been getting lazy with styling. But I always get over it, I never regret making the decision.

Oils or Butter? 

I use both occasionally. But lately, I’ve just been using JBCO.

Wigs or weaves?

I’ll say a good wig because when I’m tired of it, need to wash or miss my natural hair I can just pull it right off. Yes, I’m wearing a wig pictured below and it was my favorite. I’ve had two.

What’s your take on growth aids? 

In the beginning of my journey, I really wanted that quick growth so I added Wild Growth hair oil to my regimen. It may or may not have worked, I didn’t really keep track because I didn’t use it consistently. I didn’t like the smell. Now in my journey, I won’t be buying any products made specifically for growth aid. I’ll just take care of my hair with a good regimen, live a healthier lifestyle and let it do its thing.

What’s your take on salons? 

During school, my dad would take me to the salon once every two weeks. I do believe that my stylist helped keep my hair healthy (while relaxed) but with our natural hair, some stylists just don’t know what they’re doing- or there’s that evil chance that they do. Either way, I prefer to take care of my hair myself now. If I want something done that I can’t do myself, I’ll go to a close family member I can trust. Usually, one that has done my hair before.

What product do you feel is underrated?

I think aloe vera gel is quite underrated. Most people use or started with eco styler gel, myself included. But I have been using aloe vera gel lately which I now prefer.

What do you dislike about your hair?

My hair is very thick, and while that is a good thing it can also come with negative experiences. I go through products very quickly, I have to use so much to cover each section. I also dislike that it can get extremely dry. Detangling and styling can also be a pain but other than that I love my hair.

I hope you love yours as well and have enjoyed this tag, I am tagging any naturalist that wants to participate. Stay tuned for more natural hair posts, an update on my journey coming soon. Thanks for reading!

What I Got For Christmas 2017✨

What I Got For Christmas 2017

This post was originally supposed to go up back in December as one of my Blogmas posts but due to the fact that I didn’t continue, I’d like to post it before February arrives at least lol.

Christmas wasn’t very eventful, I was alone until later that night and was pretty annoyed. Things didn’t go as planned but I was able to visit my sisters, have dinner, and meet up with my dad. It was nice seeing them since I don’t get to that often. I didn’t expect any gifts, and I wasn’t able to get anyone anything this time around but I know that’s not the meaning of Christmas anyway. Everyone had a wonderful time catching up, enjoying the holiday with family and that’s all that mattered.

Now let’s open some gifts☺️

The first gift I received, from one of my sisters (I have 3) is a set of body creams from Bath & Body Works. You can never go wrong with Bath & Bodyworks, in my opinion, it’s one of my favorite places to shop for gifts and I’m sure it’s a favorite for others as well. I couldn’t pick a favorite between the two, I like them both. They each have a light scent, At The Beach definitely reminds me of summer. I LOVE the design on Hello Beautiful it’s a lot prettier in person, and like the design, the scent is a bit floral. Okay, this is not a review…

Another gift I received from another sister… L.A. Colors Fabu Lips 14 piece set. 14! It comes with 4 lip glosses, 3 matte lip colors, 2 jelly lip shines, and a tutorial booklet that I may or may not use. I’m not that into makeup, I only wear lipstick for the most part and my sister knows that so this is perfect for me. I can’t wait to try them out.

I also got these really cute journals but I picked them up myself. You all know I can’t pass up journals to add to my collection.

My dad gave me $40, he usually does give me a little money or a gift card so I guess I did expect that. I bought myself 2 poetry books that I love so much already. I went to Barnes & Noble and there were just so many books I wanted to pick up, I’ll have to go back soon! Rupi Kaur’s The Sun And Her Flowers was on my Christmas wishlist. Some of you may know that Jhene Aiko is one of my favorite singers so it’s no surprise that I had to grab her first book, 2Fish. She is a Pisces (like myself) if you are wondering what kind of title that is lol but that’s not what the book is about if you were also wondering. Both poetry books have a collection of different poems and short stories, they even include little illustrations, which I really like. 2Fish also includes copies from Jhene’s actual notebooks. I’ve mentioned working on my own… I am more inspired now than ever.


Oblivion is one of Jhene’s songs from her new album Trip if you’re interested in listening click here.

I also got a few tops and accessories for Christmas that I just didn’t take pictures of. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Sorry if this post is messed up, I am on the mobile app and it’s really frustrating trying to fix the problem…

What did you get for Christmas, did you make a post about it? Feel free to include a link. Have you read either poetry book? Comment below


Similarities>Differences: A Poem✨

We share more similarities than we do differences

We’ve all loved someone

We’ve all had our hearts broken

We’ve all been angry

We’ve all felt hate towards someone

at least once

Sure we come from different places

We all have different faces

But we have more similarities

than differences

We all have eyes

Some just see things differently

We all have mouths full of words to say

Some of us are just afraid to speak

We all have fears

We all have dreams

We all have weaknesses

We all have strengths

We have our own personalities

We’re all unique

and that’s what makes us the same



7 Day B&W Photo Challenge: Day 5🖤

I was tagged to join in on this 7 day black and white photo challenge, anyone can participate. I’ve made it to day 5 just 2 days to go☺️

The rules are simple and blog challenges are always interesting and fun so I’m glad to participate.🖤

The Rules are:

• Seven days.

• Seven black and white photos of your life.

• No people.

• No explanation.

• Challenge someone new each day.

Today I challenge Hunida, just by reading a few of her blog posts I know there are some exciting things that go on in her life that would make some interesting pictures! You should check her blog out if you haven’t already. & No worries if you can’t participate💖

See you all tomorrow for day 6!

7 Day B&W Photo Challenge: Day 1🖤

Blogging on a Saturday? I haven’t done this in a while but jumping back into the blog world, I was tagged by David of David Speaks (be sure to check his blog out and his photos for the challenge) to join a 7 day photo challenge which I thought would be a great way to step back in. The rules are simple and blog challenges are always interesting so I’m glad to participate!

The Rules are:
 • Seven days.

 • Seven black and white photos of your life.

 • No people.

 • No explanation.

 • Challenge someone new each day.

Today I challenge Angela who blogs at thelifeofangela. If you don’t already follow her you should go and check her out she takes amazing photos and just finished up a 30 day photo challenge. For that reason Angela, I understand if you aren’t able to participate in this so no worries if you can’t. Anyone can participate if they’d like.✨ 

See you all tomorrow for day 2!

Exploring A New App☺️✨

Well I did it! I featured 5 bloggers for 5 weeks straight, each blogger had 5 whole days dedicated to them and I’m so pleased how things turned out. There were times I thought I was going to give up, there were times I just wanted to start my new journey and not have any commitments left from GoldenPinkJournal. There were times that I wondered if I would be able to come up with 5 different posts for the same blogger. Normally when we dedicate a post to another blogger it’s all at once.

It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t extremely difficult either because each of them are amazing bloggers and I had nothing but great things to say. This is the very last post for the features and I want to give one last thank you to Maggie, Pamela, Cherylene, Dakota, and Laura!

Now let’s check out this app:)

The app I’ll be sharing is called Photo Lab: Picture Editor. I’ve seen it in the App Store several times but never really thought to try it out. I didn’t think I had reason to. But I’m glad I finally did, it may not be as useful for blogging like other apps I shared, but it’s actually pretty cool.

When you open the app it will show you a ton of inspiration pictures to show you what you can possibly do.

You can choose from a variety of categories, each with their own cool filters to choose from.

Here is a picture made using a frame in the Amazing Frames category. I’m using Laura’s picture who blogs over at Lauzie’s Lifestyle. Once you choose your photo and frame you will see options to animate, add text, or art and effects.

I also made this one in the Amazing Frames category. “My Photo Equipment” is the name of the frame I used. This picture of Laura was taken today on her birthday🎉🎈

A few other pictures I created in the app:

You can also add text, I must say that the font options are limited but I wouldn’t use this app for adding text anyway. As usual, you will get a watermark unless you pay for the full version which comes with all features unlocked. I really love the choices I chose for Laura, dont they look nice? Her pictures did a great job demonstrating this apps features.

Thank you for being such a beautiful soul Laura! I hope you enjoy your weekend❤️ Everyone wish her a Happy Birthday if you haven’t already!✨

Head over to her blog and check out her Birthday post, “How To Celebrate Your Birthday.