What to Post on Instagram When You’re NOT Good At Photography✨

As bloggers, social media is one of the things many of us consider as another way to connect with our readers, keep up with other online influencers, and grow our followings. One of the main social media platforms today is Instagram. But being apart of Instagram can get discouraging very quickly if you have no idea what to even post. Especially if you don’t feel like you’re any good at photography.

I recently came across a blog post on Lucy’s blog over at ElsieLMC. The post had nothing to do with Instagram photography but it inspired this post because of the short conversation we had in the comments. (View her post here: My Spring Bucket List) I also thought this would be great for her featured post (as promised for being a winner of Can You Guess The Blogger)

The conversation ended with me telling Lucy I don’t think I’m great at photography either but there’s always a way! Beauty can be found in just about anything. So today I’m going to be sharing a few Instagram photo ideas!

What to Post on Instagram When You’re NOT Good At Photography (Ideas, & Apps I Use)

Intro post/picture: This can be a picture of yourself, your blog site, your logo, or a little description of what will be on your page or blog. Here is my introduction Instagram post:

Quotes/poems: This one really doesn’t need much of an explanation. But if you’re going to post quotes or poems make sure they’re meaningful. You can even dress these posts up. For example, here’s something I posted on my old Instagram account:

Nature/Scenery: Get outside and snap a few pictures of the clouds, the trees, flowers, the sunset. They’ll turn out beautiful! You don’t have to be a photographer. As your caption, write a short poem or explain what you love about the scenery. Post your plants, or your garden if you have one. Here are a few nature pictures I’ve taken…

I’ll say it again, I am not a photographer. All of these pictures were taken from my iPhone. The first one was taken back in March, I didn’t raise the window or screen up, the screen can’t be opened. I thought it would turn out horrible but as you can see, it still looks pretty decent.
These kinds of pictures don’t always have to be of nature. It can even be street signs or buildings. There is an endless amount of possibilities for photo taking outside.

Yourself: An obvious choice would be to include pictures of yourself. But what if you’re not ready to really show yourself? That’s okay! You don’t really have to include your whole face if you’re not comfortable with that yet. Here is a picture I shared on my Instagram, I included a poem for the caption.

Behind the scenes: Share a behind the scenes to one of your blog posts. Share a picture of something exciting/interesting you did that day or over the weekend. Share a preview of something you’re working on.

Monthly favorites/hauls: You can post pictures of certain items in your hauls or monthly favorites. Or post a picture of the entire haul!Tell your followers why you love that product, where you got it from and if they should check it out also.

Things you are reviewing: This can go along with monthly favorites and hauls but if you are actually reviewing a product or book on your blog, go ahead and make a post for Instagram as well!

Food: If you’re out or in having a nice dinner, snap a picture of your plate before you eat lol I know you’ve seen this plenty of times. You can share your tips for cooking that meal, the ingredients or why it might be healthy if you go that route. A lot of people are getting into healthy eating habits. When I was making my smoothies in the mornings I would take a few pictures. I could use them for Instagram but food isn’t really my focus.

Room decor: I love watching a good room decor video on YouTube or seeing pictures on Pinterest! Why exclude Instagram? I noticed Lucy did a blog post sharing her Spring Room Decor and the pictures would be perfect for Instagram! I especially like this one:

Books: if you read often, you can share pictures of each new book you start or finish reading.

Outings: If you know you’ll be going out somewhere perhaps a concert or maybe just out for coffee, you could take a picture of your tickets, your view of the stage, you actually at the concert, a picture of your coffee and maybe a book you brought with you. You can even take a picture of the coffee shop. When I went for my first counseling session I made sure to take pictures. I could easily turn a few of them into Instagram posts. I will be using them for a future blog post so I’ll just show one example.

Milestones: Design a cute picture celebrating your milestones and achievements with an app. Maybe you’ve just reached 100 followers, you can line up flowers, candy, glitter, or whatever you wish to make the number 100. You can even use this for countdowns. I like how Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies used this to let her followers know there were just 2 days left until the launch of her spring clothing collection.

These are just a few ideas, but there are so many others! Make sure whatever you decide to post aligns with your blog or your brand unless you’ll just be using a personal account. All you really need to take good Instagram pictures is a decent camera, some natural lighting, focus, and your imagination!

Apps I Use:

  • Canva| I use Canva for my quotes posts, like the one I did with the Help quote and sunflowers.
  • Phonto| I use Phonto for quotes, and poetry. Phonto is probably my favorite app for adding text. It also has a few free background images as well.
  • Plann + Preview|
  • img_2969-1
  • Plann + Preview are both Instagram planning apps like Planoly, & UNUM but these are my favorites. You can use filters to create a color theme for your Instagram in both but I think you get the best filters in Preview although you only get 8 to choose from. You can also check your analytics in both but Plann has a feature called Sneaky Peek that allows you to take a peek at other users performance.

img_2968-1I wouldn’t use this feature to compare yourself to others so if that’s something you really struggle with I’d suggest staying away from Plann. But if the idea of seeing what kind of posts are performing best on your favorite accounts (in your niche) sounds interesting, check it out! It also shows best daily time to post, a color palette based on the last 12 images, and best performing hashtag sets. Plann has a lot to offer.


Can You Guess The Blogger?! (Answers)✨

On Friday I posted the Can You Guess The Blogger game and asked you all how many you could guess correctly out of the 10. The first person to comment at least 7 right would be the winner and get featured on my blog. Here are the answers, let’s see how you did!

BLOG 1: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Well, not quite with this blogger. This blogger is quite open about things in her life and her time in Las Vegas which is so inspiring. Some of us hide things we may not want the blog world to know, but she is comfortable enough to share those parts of her life with us. You can expect food recipes. You can also expect journal entries here as well.
The answer isHunidasBlog!

BLOG 2: Take a trip and travel the world with this blogger! She’s been to Peru, Fiji, and even will be traveling to Japan soon! She shared about her boudoir photo shoot experience. Have you ever had smart cookies (one of the cutest cookies ever) or star constellation cookies? You probably saw these on the blog.
The answer isTheLifeofAngela!

BLOG 3: This blogger is a cheerleader! Probably most known for her weekly wrap ups/ outfits of the week she shares which are usually very nice. I can say she has a great sense of style so it’s no surprise that she would like to work in the fashion industry. You may notice she often shops at TJMaxx, Hollister, Kohl’s, and Old Navy to name a few.
The answer isStyledbyMcKenz!

BLOG 4: Many times, you can find this blogger in pictures and video surrounded by nature, lots of green! She share’s unique outfit posts, one of my favorites being a pleated skirt and crop top with these cute rose gold sneakers! She’s quite the lady:)
The answer isIWannaBeALady!

BLOG 5: This blogger recently had a baby sister born back in January! There’s a chance you’ve been featured on this blog in the past on a Saturday. You can find spiritual motivation on this blog.
The answer isDreamingofGuatemala!

BLOG 6: She’s a curlfriend! You can find cute bullet journal spreads on this blog, DIYs, and great blog tips. She even made a blog post on creating your About Me page, making it super creative and interesting which I really enjoyed. She is a London based blogger.
The answer isBeautiful-Inspiring-Creative-Life!

BLOG 7: Her blog name comes from her initials and worked quite well! If you need a smile or a laugh you can probably find one in just about any of her posts because she always finds a way to throw in something funny, I think one of her favorite emojis just might be the laughing one lol! Lives in Ireland.
The answer isElsieLMC!

BLOG 8: You may know this blogger for her many pictures or monthly favorites. In fact, her blog is pretty much based on her life through all the pictures she’s taken. If you follow her, you probably notice how perfect her eyebrows usually are as well- I’m just saying! Lol. She does a really great job. She is also a certified pharmacy technician.
The answer isKittyp0p!

BLOG 9: The first thing I think of when I think of this blog is the color yellow, and sunflowers. This Blogger is from Germany. This blogger has a pretty unique blog name and story behind it, relating to a game!
The answer isGluecksgeist!

BLOG 10: You can expect lots of makeup/beauty related posts on this blog. I’m thinking about getting some rose gold nail polish after reading one of her recent posts! This blogger is a Capricorn, and loves The Weeknd. I love The Weeknd too btw:) but this isn’t about me.
The answer isSimpleSerenity!

And the winner of the game is…

It looks like we have 2 winners! Lucy from ElsieLMC and Angela from TheLifeofAngela, both got 7 correct and both were included. Thanks for participating girls, you’re awesome! Lucy sent her answers (8 guesses) in the comment section only getting 1 incorrect (Blog4) and Angela sent her answers to me on Instagram, she only guessed for 7 of the 10 blogs but all were correct. Can’t wait to feature you both on my blog again!

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out all 10 blogs! I hope you all had an amazing Easter Sunday.💖adk_0001

Hobby Adventures: DIY/Customs✨

Before you begin… It may be best NOT to view this in reader. Head on over to my actual site.💖

Happy Friday! I hope you’re all ready for this weeks hobby adventure, it’s going to be my favorite one sharing which is why I’ve saved it for last. The series will only have one week left after this one. I’m excited! Not about it ending of course but because I’m going to have a lot of fun with these last two☺️

I’ve always been interested in DIY projects, even before I knew the term DIY existed. I’d find myself trying to come up with ways to make basic bedroom decor and school supplies really pretty, girly, and more unique to my own personality. In school I would try to color my pencils with a permanent marker or put decorative tape around them, I’d decorate my notebooks with markers and stickers or glue doodles on the cover. I remember going camping for a school trip and one of the activities we could participate in was decorating your own little purse, I was so excited to sit down and create mine and show it off. I wish I had pictures but this was back in 5th grade. I barely have any pictures before my high school years, unfortunately.In 2016 I decided to share some of my DIY projects to Facebook just to show my friends and family what I had been up to and how excited I was to personalize my own items. I was proud of what I could do and what I was putting my time and energy into. I started doing this as a hobby and creative outlet for myself since I love to make everything pretty lol.

Friends and family liked and commented how they always knew I was “talented” or they always knew I was creative mentioning my poetry as well. Some told me I should try to open a boutique, and it wasn’t long before other people in my hometown started commenting asking how much would I charge to customize something for them or their children (usually for birthdays, baby showers, Christmas)

I was shocked when money got involved because that’s not what I initially intended when I shared on Facebook. I didn’t even think my crafts were good enough that people would consider paying me, it was really just something I enjoyed doing and wanted to share.

I believe my first customer was a family member, my little cousin’s mother wanted some letters done for the kids’ bedroom.

Another family member wanted custom shoes and then clothing, then I started getting customers I didn’t know, people in different states. Things were moving very quickly, I had no idea what I was really doing or how to do it like a business, I didn’t know much about shipping to other states, I didn’t know what to expect if a customer wasn’t happy when they received their item, it was a lot of work, a lot to take in and do basically on my own.

I had help financially with some supplies, transportation to customers and post office thanks to my boyfriend at the time but other than that it was all me. Communicating to each new customer while having social anxiety was not easy but I had to do it, coming up with pricing, creating a portfolio, spending hours on a custom product hoping you don’t mess up and have to start over because that’s more money to spend, making sure it meets their expectations, these are just a few things. It would take an entirely new post to talk about the things to consider, things I didn’t know starting a small side hustle or business and the mistakes I made. But this post is just about the fun adventurous part.

Here is some of the work I did for customers:


Here you can see I wasn’t the best at doing boy items, I had to mainly add stickers lol and I was so nervous about those “spider webs” but it still turned out cool. This was one I did for a family member so I wasn’t as nervous as I could have been.

This was one of the first clothing items I customized. It was just a practice run, it wasn’t made specifically for anyone.
I made this one for myself. “WAYS” stands for Why Aren’t You Smiling. It’s a song by Jhene Aiko and is one of the songs I listen to whenever I’m feeling the most down.Excuse my hair in the picture lol I had just washed it. This was back in those relaxed hair days, but after I did my first mini chop.I did baby customs, majority of my customers wanted onesies. I’ve done many and I’d love to show more but the clothing is something I’m really working on to improve for the future so i’ll wait until then.


OTHERI actually made a post on these DIY bookmarks and candle jars. I’ll have to update it because some of the pictures were deleted.I was so in love with these phone cases I did! Since I love cases so much I should make one for my phone!I also made a post on this baby shower pin for my cousin who had twins… which I also need to update… Well, it looks like I know some things I can work on soon.

My cousin even let me do her graduation dress! Or was it prom? Either way, It was such a wonderful feeling knowing both her and her mother trusted me to do that. They trusted me with GLUE on her dress for a special moment. I was beyond nervous, I was worried, my hands were shaking. I guess you could say I barely trusted myself with this project. I didn’t ask her for permission to post her picture actually wearing it, so I’ll just show the dress.

I have so many other pictures but I didn’t want to include so many in one post.

                                                                       THE FALL
I was improving, I was gaining more and more customers, everything was growing but then I let a terrible incident in my life shut me completely down. I sent out my last orders and never went back. This incident changed me and was followed by a series of other unfortunate events. It had nothing to do with the start of my growing business but everything to do with life. I could have bounced back from it after a while but I found my love for blogging so I started my journey here instead. I had family members pay me to do a few things for them over time since they could get in touch with me but that was it. I really haven’t been on Facebook, it became draining after a while honestly.

People ask me will I get back into it, people quickly answer for me and say never but the truth is I don’t know. It’s one of those things I’d like to do once I get other things more important to me going. I also feel like if you do any type of comeback, especially after years, it has to be way better than before. You can’t come back with no improvements. That’s just my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Which DIY custom item is your favorite? Which do you think I should recreate? Are you into DIY projects?

What I Did For My 24th Birthday! + Hair Update!✨

For those of you who don’t know, I had a birthday last Thursday, my 24th birthday to be exact! I had been thinking about the moment and how I would celebrate since back in December. Usually, once December hits, the days go by so fast and before you know it it’s a new year, and then March. I’ve never been prepared for a birthday no matter how much time I had in advance to do so. It was no different this year.

At 12 AM I got the sweetest message. From? It doesn’t matter. What it said also doesn’t matter but I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff. Waiting up to be the first to tell someone Happy Birthday, making sure the message is perfect minutes before so it could be sent on time and being excited about it. I’ve done it plenty so I know what it’s like on both sides. I ended up talking this person for a while before I started doing my first official birthday activity…

At about 2:45 AM I was up taking pictures of my cats, this continued until about 3:20. Yeah, that’s right, on my birthday I was up taking pictures of my adorable cats loving every moment. Don’t judge me. I don’t get to see them as often since moving, so whenever I spend the night they love cuddling up next to each other with me, although it’s usually just Izabelle that likes to come sleep with me.I’m guessing I finally fell asleep shortly afterward since I don’t remember anything after that.

I told you all how I had just twisted my hair the night before and would be sharing the results since I did them a little differently. I used larger sections for the twists since it has grown more and because I wanted to finish as quickly as possible.
Just washed and conditioned, doing a quick length check update before twisting. 
The last update I shared with you all was my 1-year mark, back in June. This is where I was back then: The front reaching the top of my lip, and the back reaching my collarbone.


Shrinkage is still a thing, even with twists.

For this twist out I used a leave-in conditioner, a styling cream, and Jamaican black castor oil to seal the moisture all in. I washed my hair with the same line as the leave-in and styling cream. Find out which exact products in a future product line review!

I allowed the twists to dry overnight, and part of the day since I started late. You can also use a blow dryer but I prefer air drying so I didn’t mind waiting longer.

This is the twists separated once… Looks like noodles? Heard and seen that a lot throughout the natural hair community.

For more volume separate more, fluff more, and pick out. Note that this may also cause more frizz. I don’t mind frizz and I love volume! You can use an oil on your fingers before separating to minimize frizz, dryness, and breakage. Our fingers can be very drying to the hair. I use Jamaican Black Castor Oil but there are many options out there such as jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, the list goes on!

I separated the rest 2-3 more times each. Some sections required a bit more separating than others.

Here is the final result:

As far as my outfit goes… Well, it was so cold out, I mean I already knew and expected it to be cold but I didn’t think I would walk outside and be smacked and almost knocked down by a gust of freezing wind. I nearly ran to the car half confused. It has also been snowing so instead of wearing any of the clothing items I recently went shopping for, I put on a long blue sleeve shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, and one of my new pair of boots.

Most of the day was spent blogging, socializing on social media, and being around sick people. I may be next… I surely hope not. I didn’t actually leave the house until about 6 PM.

I never made it to the salon to get my eyebrows done, actually I made it there, I just left as soon as I arrived. I walked to the door and saw how packed it was through the glass and turned right back around. It was so full there weren’t enough waiting chairs available. I guess I’ll wait until another time or do them myself later on. Have you ever got your eyebrows threaded? To me it always hurts, they say if you get it done often enough it won’t hurt as much but that never happened to me. Sometimes I even shed tears! But in the end, they look great! Beauty is pain, right? Pretty hurts (cues music…) Okay, a better reason for threading is that the shape lasts longer than waxing or shaving.

I ended up doing a little more shopping at Burlington this time. This is another store I shop at often. I saw a few pairs of jeans I planned on getting but when I tried them on they were too big. I have been losing a lot of weight, (not intentionally) when I went to the doctor back in January or February I had lost about 20 pounds since 2017. Most likely due to a lot of stress. I’ve actually been trying to gain weight but I can never keep on the pounds. They come and go.Of course, I could have gone back and looked for different sizes but it’s not as easy at Burlington looking for the same exact item in a different size and I didn’t feel like I had enough time to look again, it was already late. I decided on a few shirts, after a long deliberation between some other clothing items. They were both florals, oh and a black sweater/cardigan that I just threw over my blue top.

I told myself the next time I go shopping I am definitely staying away from florals lol before you know it that will be my entire wardrobe. This is one of the floral tops I got, it’s in black and white so that when I wear it out one day and take pictures it will feel like the first time really wearing and sharing it lol.

I then went to spend some time with family where there was some good laughter, watching a movie (Split) and just overall good vibes. But my birthday celebration isn’t over, it’s barely begun so this weekend I will be having dinner, going out shopping again, and a few other cool things!

Update (Sunday 3/11)
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to continue my birthday celebration this weekend because I did get sick… Found out it’s an upper respiratory infection. I haven’t been able to enjoy my birthday dinner or any other meals for that matter. I’ve been extremely tired, even feeling weak. I had been hoping I wouldn’t catch what everyone else had but I guess if you’re going to be around sick people, expect to get sick as well. I wanted to post this on Friday but here we are, me typing this update on Sunday after taking some NyQuil (I’ll be knocked out soon hopefully not before I finish up) and you all reading it on a Monday. No Stream of Consciousness this Monday, and hopefully I’ll be getting back into the Hobby Adventures this Friday. I should be all better by then!

Everyone is like it’s okay we’ll have a dinner for you when you’re feeling better, we’ll go out when you’re feeling better. It just won’t feel like a birthday celebration anymore. Better luck next year! THANK YOU SO MUCH to those of you who sent birthday wishes on my previous post, I know some of you sent me a message on Instagram that I already checked, I really appreciate you all. I’ll be getting to your comments shortly!
How did you celebrate your last birthday? Do you have one coming up soon?

When I Wake Up In The Morning…🎂

When I wake up in the morning…

I’ll be another year older and wiser (actually in a few mins where I’m at and maybe already where you are) Here’s to year 24!

This is me on my birthday last year…

This is me on my birthday the year before that…img_2089

I wasn’t natural at the time and had a sew-in. I think this was the last time I had a sew-in actually. One of 3 times lol I prefer wigs or my own hair.

Speaking of hair, I actually just finished washing and twisting mine. I started near 8 PM. It is now 11:30 as I type this… I knew doing a twist out would take me a while, I actually wanted to start earlier but I was working on blog posts and I was a bit lazy🤷🏽‍♀️ that’s also why I’m just now getting to this post, I planned on having this ready hours ago.

Tomorrow I’ll share an updated picture and how my hair turned out. I haven’t done a twist out in a while and this time I did them a little bit larger, mainly to get finished quicker but as you can see it still took quite a long time.

I still have no idea what I’m wearing tomorrow. I don’t think it’ll be warm enough to wear a dress, I guess we’ll see. I’ll be going out to find a nice pair of jeans and shirt in the morning hopefully. I also plan to go get my eyebrows done. I haven’t got them threaded in a while and it’s for a special occasion. Last minute problems…

I guess I’ll end this post here before I look and it’s already 12AM before I hit publish lol getting pretty close already.

Good night all!💖

Weekend Pickups (Early Birthday Haul)🌸

We are at the end of the weekend which I must say went by rather quickly. I hope you’ve all enjoyed yours, mine was full of ups and downs but I’m going to focus on what I enjoyed which was my shopping trip. I picked up some really cute items that I’ve been excited to share.

I went shopping to find something specific for my birthday which is this coming Thursday, and a new pair of boots since I ruined my other pair walking around a muddy park. I left with nothing specific for my birthday and a few pair of boots that I won’t be wearing on a regular basis. That seems to be what usually happens when we go shopping, come out with everything but what we went for. Or we come out with what we went for plus more.

Although I didn’t find an outfit I’m sure I’ll be able to piece something together. If the weather is nice enough I should be fine with what I got but it’s not looking too promising as of now. Here is a look at what I picked up this weekend:

Another cheap phone case. I’ve been getting so many cute cheap cases because I love changing them so often.

I got this really cute Steve Madden backpack from Tjmaxx. If you don’t know by now (I’ve mentioned it a few times on the blog) TJMaxx was my first ever job. It was also one of my favorite jobs before the store I worked at closed down. I hadn’t really shopped there much since then because the other one we have in my city is a bit further out. Going there this weekend brought back so many memories, the set up hasn’t really changed much and it’s been years. I walked passed the fitting rooms and instantly remembered my first few weeks working. Working at TJMaxx I fell in love with Betsey Johnson and Steve Madden bags and they were usually a bit more expensive so when I saw this backpack for $30 I had to grab it.🌸

My last few pickups are from Rue21, I shop there often. Any of my pickups you’ll probably see something from there.

I want to get these in Black also but I have to find my size.


I really wish I could have gotten a better picture of this shirt dress but I’ll try to take one whenever I decide to wear it. They had a few other colors but this one stood out to me most.

I got 2 of these maxi rompers (below) because I instantly fell in love when I saw them. I often see clothing like this and shy away from them thinking it won’t look right on my body. Basically, any tops or dresses with a low cut because I don’t have much cleavage. I’m like oh I don’t have anything to hold this top up, I’m just going to look like a little girl or a little boy in a dress. But for some reason, this time I thought to go ahead and try it on it might actually look really good…img_2021

Now obviously this isn’t the greatest picture just trying it on (ignore my pink socks and everything else about fitting room pictures lol) but when I tell you I fell in love, omg. I think I gained a little more confidence in that fitting room. Never again will I not try on something because I’m afraid it won’t “look right on me.”

If the weather is nice, I’d like to wear this on my birthday with the 3rd pair of boots above. But if not I’ll definitely wear it as soon as I get the chance on a beautiful spring day!

And here is the 2nd one in navy blue and stripes

That’s all I picked up so far. Did you do any shopping this weekend? Did you recently have a birthday or one coming up? What did you/ will you wear? Have you ever felt insecure about trying anything on out of fear it won’t look right?

February Favorites 2018❤️

Sharing monthly favorites isn’t something I normally do on my blog, I also can’t say that I’ll do it each month from here on out but I did have some favorites of February that I want to share. Most of these will be pictures but I’ve included a few posts and videos I loved also.

SnapChat with Zoey💖

One of my favorite pages I read from the sun and her flowers during the month.

Trueee! I instantly fell in love with this Love Like 90’s R&B Hoodie Crop from Rue 21☺️ I caught it while there was a sale.

I also picked up this cheap Blind Love Glitter phone case from Rue 21, I felt it was perfect for the month! I obviously had to be careful with this case because it’s not made for protection, I dropped it a couple of times but only the case was affected (barely) the case is now on sale for $1!

As my hair grows I’ve been able to try more hairstyles. This has been one of my favorite hairstyles so far, puff and bangs. I’ll be sharing a better look at this style in one of my natural hair posts that will be coming soon.

A few days ago I went to one of the parks in my city. Last week we had several floodings in the area and this park was one of them. There are 2 levels at the park and both were pretty much underwater. I heard a boy mention he had been there just the day before on the swings and now those aren’t able to be used. There was also a few ducks swimming around. I took several pictures but this one is one of my favorites. Flooding is never great but it was still a sight to see.

Walking in the muddy park with my good boots on. They aren’t my good boots anymore and this little adventure was not planned. I still enjoyed all of it.

In February I had severe hiccups lol that is where this Google search came from and #5 actually worked! Which is why I’m including it in my favorites. In school, I always tried holding my breath, drinking water quickly and even being scared but neither of those worked. So I tried pulling my tongue which seemed weird and wasn’t as simple as I imagined but the hiccups were gone! Have any of you ever tried this?

A new milestone reached on my 2nd blog! 2/17/18

I recently came across mama_et_mia on Instagram and fell in love with a picture she shared of her daughter jumping on a mattress that she edited very nicely. If you view her BTS story she shows you her editing process. Really cool, check her out!

My favorite blog posts (on GPJ & SLL)

Describing Each Zodiac Sign (my opinion/experience)

How To Make A Blog Header + Tips (Beginners)

Videos I Loved This Month:

The question asked, “What do you do when you feel butterflies in your stomach?” 3-year-old Amalah answers, “I just say, where’s the diamond?” 😂😂😂 The video is super adorable and you all should definitely watch it! Check out the whole channel while you’re there!

Those are my February favorites, what did you enjoy this February?❤️