Watching sunset with the trees🌳🌅

(All images are my own, I am not a photographer.)

On Friday, May 12th, I decided to watch the sunset from my balcony for the first time. Not just the first time on my balcony, but for the first time period. I didn’t plan on watching the sunset that day, I just happened to be in the living room with Izabelle and glanced out the window. This is what I saw stepping out:

Of course you see the trees want to watch also so they’re  kind of in my way.. It was still beautiful.

Izabelle was with me the whole time. She was mainly watching birds and cars by☺️💕

😂 Woah.

Minutes later:

By this point I was getting excited, and jealous of the trees front row seats at the same time.

Here’s the best moment (and I’m sure the trees can agree also)💛

Zooming in

The sky looks painted right? It’s beautiful.

My boyfriend and I will be going to the park near our apartment when the weather is really nice to watch for a better view. I’ll post that one too✨

Have you ever watched the sunset? Where did you watch? Did you take pictures? Comment below.🌅

Inspiration of the day✨

I found this picture online by someone asking for similar images with messages you could interpret. I do not know the name of the artist.

When I see this image, the pencil stands out on the crowd. All of the others have eraser heads and are surrounding the only different one. My interpretation is that the pencil top is trying to be different and be themselves in a world where everyone else is trying to be the same. The erasers represent those very people. They wonder why he is not an eraser like them, they want to erase his differences.

You don’t have to fit in with everyone else to be accepted or successful in life. Be yourself, stand out. There is nothing wrong with you for being different, you aren’t lost. You’re just on your own path. Everyone’s journey is different. We all have different obstacles, and slower/faster starts. Some of us may be on our journey on feet, in cars, or airplane. If your journey is a little slower or rougher, “on feet” you’ll get tired. If you’re a little more lucky, on your journey by car…you still have to stop for red lights, stop signs, and gas.

And of course… even the quickest way- an airplane can still crash and a flight can be delayed.

The point is no matter how different we are, or how different our paths may be, no one lives a perfect life and we’ll all have different obstacles to get through.

& remember, it’s how you get through that matters. Not when.

Have any of you seen this image before or where it actually came from? What would be your interpretation?

Inspiration of the Day


How many of you are familiar with this image? I found it years ago searching for inspirational quotes and it stuck with me ever since. I’ve added my interpretation under the art work. I also want to add, if you give up too soon, someone else may be right behind and earn what could have been yours. This is something I plan to do every day on my blog from now on, post an inspirational quote or picture with my interpretation or something I’d like to say with it. I hope you all enjoy this one and that it inspires you to keep reaching all of your goals. Don’t give up! You’re almost there.❤️



Art From The Heart: Poetry by Lee💖

My art comes from my heart, it flows out into my surroundings in various ways.

Maybe I draw, maybe I paint,

Maybe I write, or maybe I sing.

The art that comes from my heart can come out as a lot of things.

No art is the same every heart is different.

We can stare at the same painting and interpret different meanings.

We can read the same poem and feel different feelings.

Or hear the same song and reminisce on different memories.

My art comes from my heart, so please don’t judge the way I express myself or the way that I think.

Maybe I find beauty in the naked body. Maybe it’s my way of showing confidence.

Maybe I’m comfortable and happy with my sexuality.

Maybe I find beauty in fashion, Don’t judge my designs or the way that I dress.

Maybe I like myself like this.

I love the way I express myself.

Maybe I find beauty in pain and my art tends to reflect the deeper, sadder things.

What is beautiful to me, may be ugly to you.

What is powerful and meaningful to me may be degrading, meaningless or irrelevant to you.

But I will not stop, change, or be ashamed because my art comes from my heart

And it flows out in various ways.


Thanks for reading! Always remember that we are all unique and what may be art to one, may not be seen as art to another. Things that we enjoy, may not be what everyone else enjoys but it still doesn’t take away the beauty or passion for it. Do what you love and love what you do no matter what others think.✨

Until next time, love Lee.