Hobby Adventures: DIY/Customs✨

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Happy Friday! I hope you’re all ready for this weeks hobby adventure, it’s going to be my favorite one sharing which is why I’ve saved it for last. The series will only have one week left after this one. I’m excited! Not about it ending of course but because I’m going to have a lot of fun with these last two☺️

I’ve always been interested in DIY projects, even before I knew the term DIY existed. I’d find myself trying to come up with ways to make basic bedroom decor and school supplies really pretty, girly, and more unique to my own personality. In school I would try to color my pencils with a permanent marker or put decorative tape around them, I’d decorate my notebooks with markers and stickers or glue doodles on the cover. I remember going camping for a school trip and one of the activities we could participate in was decorating your own little purse, I was so excited to sit down and create mine and show it off. I wish I had pictures but this was back in 5th grade. I barely have any pictures before my high school years, unfortunately.In 2016 I decided to share some of my DIY projects to Facebook just to show my friends and family what I had been up to and how excited I was to personalize my own items. I was proud of what I could do and what I was putting my time and energy into. I started doing this as a hobby and creative outlet for myself since I love to make everything pretty lol.

Friends and family liked and commented how they always knew I was “talented” or they always knew I was creative mentioning my poetry as well. Some told me I should try to open a boutique, and it wasn’t long before other people in my hometown started commenting asking how much would I charge to customize something for them or their children (usually for birthdays, baby showers, Christmas)

I was shocked when money got involved because that’s not what I initially intended when I shared on Facebook. I didn’t even think my crafts were good enough that people would consider paying me, it was really just something I enjoyed doing and wanted to share.

I believe my first customer was a family member, my little cousin’s mother wanted some letters done for the kids’ bedroom.

Another family member wanted custom shoes and then clothing, then I started getting customers I didn’t know, people in different states. Things were moving very quickly, I had no idea what I was really doing or how to do it like a business, I didn’t know much about shipping to other states, I didn’t know what to expect if a customer wasn’t happy when they received their item, it was a lot of work, a lot to take in and do basically on my own.

I had help financially with some supplies, transportation to customers and post office thanks to my boyfriend at the time but other than that it was all me. Communicating to each new customer while having social anxiety was not easy but I had to do it, coming up with pricing, creating a portfolio, spending hours on a custom product hoping you don’t mess up and have to start over because that’s more money to spend, making sure it meets their expectations, these are just a few things. It would take an entirely new post to talk about the things to consider, things I didn’t know starting a small side hustle or business and the mistakes I made. But this post is just about the fun adventurous part.

Here is some of the work I did for customers:


Here you can see I wasn’t the best at doing boy items, I had to mainly add stickers lol and I was so nervous about those “spider webs” but it still turned out cool. This was one I did for a family member so I wasn’t as nervous as I could have been.

This was one of the first clothing items I customized. It was just a practice run, it wasn’t made specifically for anyone.
I made this one for myself. “WAYS” stands for Why Aren’t You Smiling. It’s a song by Jhene Aiko and is one of the songs I listen to whenever I’m feeling the most down.Excuse my hair in the picture lol I had just washed it. This was back in those relaxed hair days, but after I did my first mini chop.I did baby customs, majority of my customers wanted onesies. I’ve done many and I’d love to show more but the clothing is something I’m really working on to improve for the future so i’ll wait until then.


OTHERI actually made a post on these DIY bookmarks and candle jars. I’ll have to update it because some of the pictures were deleted.I was so in love with these phone cases I did! Since I love cases so much I should make one for my phone!I also made a post on this baby shower pin for my cousin who had twins… which I also need to update… Well, it looks like I know some things I can work on soon.

My cousin even let me do her graduation dress! Or was it prom? Either way, It was such a wonderful feeling knowing both her and her mother trusted me to do that. They trusted me with GLUE on her dress for a special moment. I was beyond nervous, I was worried, my hands were shaking. I guess you could say I barely trusted myself with this project. I didn’t ask her for permission to post her picture actually wearing it, so I’ll just show the dress.

I have so many other pictures but I didn’t want to include so many in one post.

                                                                       THE FALL
I was improving, I was gaining more and more customers, everything was growing but then I let a terrible incident in my life shut me completely down. I sent out my last orders and never went back. This incident changed me and was followed by a series of other unfortunate events. It had nothing to do with the start of my growing business but everything to do with life. I could have bounced back from it after a while but I found my love for blogging so I started my journey here instead. I had family members pay me to do a few things for them over time since they could get in touch with me but that was it. I really haven’t been on Facebook, it became draining after a while honestly.

People ask me will I get back into it, people quickly answer for me and say never but the truth is I don’t know. It’s one of those things I’d like to do once I get other things more important to me going. I also feel like if you do any type of comeback, especially after years, it has to be way better than before. You can’t come back with no improvements. That’s just my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Which DIY custom item is your favorite? Which do you think I should recreate? Are you into DIY projects?


Hobby Adventures: Graphic Design✨

Welcome back to another Hobby Adventures! There are only a few more weeks before this series ends. Last time I talked about instruments & writing and for this week I’ll be talking about my experience with basic graphic design and editing.

Graphic design is a very broad term because there are so many different types. You have graphic designers that create logos, websites (which many of us do as bloggers) business cards, those that create clothing designs, illustrations, product packaging, even marketing materials.

Something I’ve recently been working on is creating my own phone and desktop wallpapers even to share with you all! You may have seen a few I made on SheLivesLove. Of course, I’m just starting out so I have a lot to practice and learn but for my first few I think they turned out great!
The inspired galaxy wallpaper is one of my favorite. The background started as a picture of some clouds, during a sunset much like the head in the clouds wallpaper. Editing and filters do work a lot of magic! Here is another cloudy/sunset picture I took and edited…
wallpaperbg7.jpgI haven’t worked as much on cellphone wallpapers but it is something I am focusing on more now. I’ll be sharing some soon on SheLivesLove so be on the lookout!
Here is a look at a quick simple one I made for myself today:

A few years ago I even dabbled in making those cartoons out of pictures, not with a filter. You know the ones people actually edit themselves? I know some are more professional but I was just beginning. These don’t look that great at all, it was something I quickly gave up lol but I had fun the first few tries. I used my own picture and one of my friends:


Besides wallpapers and weird looking cartoons, for a while, I played a game called IMVU. (similar to sims if you play that) It’s an avatar-based social platform where you can do all sorts of things chatting with people around the world within a virtual universe, one of them is becoming a “creator” which intrigued me for obvious reasons.

As a creator, you create clothes, shoes, hair, even rooms and so much more for other players to buy with their credits, which is the currency on IMVU. With each sale, you received a portion of the credits or “dev points” towards creating a new product. If you became pro you could possibly earn real money but I never reached pro level so I don’t know much about that. Pro level is level 5-7 unless they’ve changed things. I made it to level 3 before I quit. A lot of factors came into play when calculating tier points for creator levels which included the sales you made, how many products you made total and recent, product ratings and more. Which meant if you stopped creating for a while, you could go down a level.

Some items you could find already in the shop from other creators that you can derive from, meaning use their product to create a new one. Changing the color is usually what most people did when starting out but then you learned more and could create your own patterns, textures, shapes, whatever your heart desired!

You also had to create your own icon images for the products, and ads if you wanted that as well. I used gimp mainly and a few other editing software programs over time. For the first ad below, I derived the hair and tops from other products just adding my own colors, textures, and text. The top says, “Big Hair Don’t Care” lol. In the second add, I created the hairs the same way but the outfit and boots I designed and shaped all on my own. I was extremely proud of myself because I had been working so hard to learn how to do this, this outfit wasn’t the first try, only the first pictured. I got tired of just adding text or patterns to other products. The rest of the photos are of other outfits and ads I created.





I no longer play or create on IMVU, sometimes I consider getting back into it as another creative outlet I enjoyed but the experience isn’t the same as when I was younger or even a few years ago. I think it’s much more enjoyable as a teen or if you’re really into fashion design which I am not. I’m like, a little into it. I created 195 products in the IMVU shop, you can see how my icons and editing improved over time from my very first product (on page 8) to my very last. Check out the whole shop here! I cringed at some of them, but I am at a different place in life than I was back then, okay? Lol! Carry on…

To the end of this post…I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you next week for another hobby adventure!
Do you play sims? Have you ever played on IMVU? Do you do any type of graphic design? Let me know in the comments.



February Favorites 2018❤️

Sharing monthly favorites isn’t something I normally do on my blog, I also can’t say that I’ll do it each month from here on out but I did have some favorites of February that I want to share. Most of these will be pictures but I’ve included a few posts and videos I loved also.

SnapChat with Zoey💖

One of my favorite pages I read from the sun and her flowers during the month.

Trueee! I instantly fell in love with this Love Like 90’s R&B Hoodie Crop from Rue 21☺️ I caught it while there was a sale.

I also picked up this cheap Blind Love Glitter phone case from Rue 21, I felt it was perfect for the month! I obviously had to be careful with this case because it’s not made for protection, I dropped it a couple of times but only the case was affected (barely) the case is now on sale for $1!

As my hair grows I’ve been able to try more hairstyles. This has been one of my favorite hairstyles so far, puff and bangs. I’ll be sharing a better look at this style in one of my natural hair posts that will be coming soon.

A few days ago I went to one of the parks in my city. Last week we had several floodings in the area and this park was one of them. There are 2 levels at the park and both were pretty much underwater. I heard a boy mention he had been there just the day before on the swings and now those aren’t able to be used. There was also a few ducks swimming around. I took several pictures but this one is one of my favorites. Flooding is never great but it was still a sight to see.

Walking in the muddy park with my good boots on. They aren’t my good boots anymore and this little adventure was not planned. I still enjoyed all of it.

In February I had severe hiccups lol that is where this Google search came from and #5 actually worked! Which is why I’m including it in my favorites. In school, I always tried holding my breath, drinking water quickly and even being scared but neither of those worked. So I tried pulling my tongue which seemed weird and wasn’t as simple as I imagined but the hiccups were gone! Have any of you ever tried this?

A new milestone reached on my 2nd blog! 2/17/18

I recently came across mama_et_mia on Instagram and fell in love with a picture she shared of her daughter jumping on a mattress that she edited very nicely. If you view her BTS story she shows you her editing process. Really cool, check her out!

My favorite blog posts (on GPJ & SLL)

Describing Each Zodiac Sign (my opinion/experience)

How To Make A Blog Header + Tips (Beginners)

Videos I Loved This Month:

The question asked, “What do you do when you feel butterflies in your stomach?” 3-year-old Amalah answers, “I just say, where’s the diamond?” 😂😂😂 The video is super adorable and you all should definitely watch it! Check out the whole channel while you’re there!

Those are my February favorites, what did you enjoy this February?❤️

Hobby Adventures: Nail Designs (pt.2)

Last week I shared a few old pictures of some nail designs I tried on myself. If you haven’t checked that post out already, go ahead and do that before or after you’re all done here:) Hobby Adventures: Nail Designs (pt.1)

Painting my nails quickly became a hobby I enjoyed. I was a beginner, so the designs weren’t really fancy and a beginner is where I stayed because I lost interest just as quickly. I mentioned I would be sharing a few of my hobbies I’ve had throughout the years for the next few weeks, and possibly recreating some of them. So today I decided to recreate one of my nail designs. Was it a pass or fail?

This is the design I decided to recreate, but I wanted to use different colors. I didn’t have the same exact color choices anyway.

I chose to go with pink, silver, and blue. Instead of doing the cheetah print I wanted to try polka dots hoping they would smear nicely after applying a top coat for a cool effect.

I first applied a clear coat base, this protects the nail from staining and also helps the paint last longer. The same with applying a top coat. Once I decided which color I wanted each nail, I began to draw the XO. The first time I did this I believe I used a toothpick or a skinnier polish brush which I didn’t have this time so I had to use the blue polish brush lightly. I also used this method to do my polka dots.

Basically, it didn’t turn out how I hoped. Pass or fail? Definitely a fail. Take a look for yourself:

After applying the clear top coat you can kind of see the effect I was talking about. Kind of… And yes, I didn’t bother cleaning around my nails because I knew I wouldn’t be keeping them this way.

Trying to draw the XO on my left hand was very difficult. A hot mess.

I believe where I messed up the most was using a bit too much polish than needed. This causes the drying time to last forever. That was always my problem as well as patience. I was ready to do other tasks and my nails suffered in the process smearing all over the place and taking on other textures. This is how they looked after all the madness… Does it say “RO” now? Is that even a letter at all anymore? A hot mess.

A better look at that effect I keep talking about that never turned out right…

So is this a hobby I can see myself getting back into? Probably not. LOL!
Solid colors and a little glitter will do just fine.

See you all next week with another hobby adventure!adk_0001

Hobby Adventures: Nail Design💅🏽✨

I was recently looking back on some of the activities I’ve enjoyed throughout the years and started to wonder how each skill, talent, or hobby could have improved by now had I kept up with them. I didn’t hate these activities. I loved them a lot actually, but not as much as writing. Writing is something I haven’t given up on or taken a break from like I have with other things. Which is how I knew writing was more than just a hobby but that’s another topic.

Today, and for the next few weeks, I’d like to share some of my favorite “hobby adventures” with you all and maybe even challenge myself to recreate some of them. For example, this Friday I’ll be showing my adventure with nail design. Next Friday I could be recreating a nail design or moving on to another hobby.

The story…

I always enjoyed doing my own nails. I hated going to nail salons trying to find the perfect set I liked and waiting for my turn. I also didn’t care too much for the aftermath of once those fake nails are ready to come off how your real nails feel and look. So instead I practiced doing different designs. I would search Google and YouTube for easy nail tutorials and try them myself. Sometimes my little cousins would want me to do their nails also. During this phase cheetah print was trending so a lot of the time I did my nails with cheetah print on them. I found this to be easier along with stripes than some other designs. Here are a few pictures of some of my nails:

I would see those cute little Instagram/Pinterest pictures of girls showing off their nails holding a nail polish used so this was my attempt at that lol…

I remember really loving the white and gold here, some yellow also. Still loving it now.

I’m not really into snakes (they scare me), but this ring caught my eye and I couldn’t leave it, it was the only one. I bought it working at my first job, TJMaxx. Unfortunately, I lost it shortly after as with all the other great rings and necklaces I got while working there.
On my ring finger, I used crackle nail polish, does anyone still use those? I think you have to be very skilled with that kind of nail polish or its just hit or miss lol. At times it worked out, at times it didn’t. Obviously, it didn’t here because you can barely tell. The polish only cracked at the tip.

These XO (The Weeknd inspired) nails were my favorite. I think all of these were done back in 2012-2013. Of course, none of these were perfect but as I mentioned earlier I believe with more practice I would have improved and would have been quite proud of myself to see the growth.

Eventually, I got tired of having to redo chipped nails, or messing them up before they dried which I was also good at doing. If I couldn’t make lines straight I would use tape and sometimes that got messy with the polish. It all just became extremely annoying so I stopped trying designs and would paint them in solid colors, resulting in the end of the nail phase.

Do you go to nail salons or do your own nails? Maybe you aren’t into painting your nails at all. Are there any hobbies that you have given up?

Has It Been A Year Already?|My One Year Blogiversary!💖

A year ago today my blog journey began. I had always loved writing but I never thought I would one day consider myself a blogger. For a while, before I started I was trying to build up enough confidence to put myself out there. I would visit different blogs and often think to myself wow I’d love to do something like this but nobody really blogs anymore and people will think it’s weird/lame. A good friend of mine told me I should definitely give it a try because she believed I’d be good at it. I guess that was enough of a push because I began researching all about blogging and finally set Golden Pink Journal up. It’s going to be exciting looking back on my journey, I hope you’ll join me. Are you ready?

My First Post: (I posted twice my first day)
Nice To Meet Me?

Hi. I’m Anonymous, and you are?

Lol, JK! Not really anonymous but for now let’s call me Lee. I’m 22 years old and this is..(drum roll please)


(Currently thinking, wow… LOL, that introduction…)

Behind The Name

Golden Pink Journal. What does that even mean? While it seems pretty obvious, the name does actually have a specific meaning behind it. Choosing a name is something we all love to do, even though it takes time and can get frustrating. Whether it be a title, username, or even for a new baby. You can’t just pick anything…

First Comment:
Thank you so much, Sasha, for being my first comment!

Blog Changes: (Appearance)
Throughout the year my blog has gone through so many changes, actually, she’s still going through changes. Let’s take a look at some of my headers and signatures…





I’m still trying things out but the last few are my favorite of course. Which one is your favorite?

Most popular post: (Top 2)
10 Reasons I Might Follow Your Blog

Natural Hair Terms (Part 1 of Series)

Some of my favorites:
Better Sleep Better Me, Better Snooze Better You

500 Follower Q&A Game

20 Names I Love But Won’t Be Using

Behind The Name: SheLivesLove

Fun Friday (Coming back soon)
Short Story Saturday
Golden Pink Dairy>Stream of Consciousness Journaling
Golden Comments (I am bringing this back!)
Words of the week
Today’s To Do
Natural Hair Series (more coming)
Inspiration of the day (something similar moving to sheliveslove)
Blogmas (turned out to be more like 5 days of Christmas)

First friend: Cheila/PinkForDays has also been blogging sis. We bonded first over the “pink” in our names lol but we related in so many other ways.
I consider many of my readers as blog friends. Even if we only talk every now and then in the comments or haven’t talked in a while. But a few that I could name are Maggie, Lyz, Hunida, Laura, Angela, and Cher.

Starting A New Journey/Blog:
Back in August 2017 I began a new journey and started a new blog. The initial idea came from me wanting to change my name (GoldenPinkJournal) I didn’t feel like it fit the true purpose of my blog. But I wanted to keep this blog fun, free, and as a learning experience, so I finally decided to create a new one for the purpose I intended in mind.
SheLivesLove was born. I have neglected it lately but I haven’t forgotten about it, I’ve been working on some posts to upload soon. Stay tuned!

First Award: Liebster, (I’m not sure if this is my first ever blog award, I had a few at the time but it was the first one I posted) nominated by Cheila/PinkForDays
Thank you to everyone who has ever nominated me for an award, even if I was not able to get to them I appreciate them all. As a blogger, things like that keep us going.
The Awesome Blogger Award
A Passion For The World
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The Versatile Blogger Award

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The Mystery Blogger Award
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The Cramm Award
Golden BloggerPass: I was very proud of this award I created. It didn’t get popular or anything but I’d love to bring it back. Do you think awards/tags are starting to be overused?
100th Post: May 2017

Stat Goals:
These aren’t the greatest stats but they are exceptional and I’m proud nonetheless. As with followers, stats are not something to be obsessed with but they are encouraging as the numbers increase. I wasn’t very consistent during my first year of blogging, there were months I didn’t post at all and months I only posted a few times. I’m confident that my second year will be much better now that I know more of what not to do.
By the end of 2018, I would like to be at 300 posts (at least)
20K views by Summer 2018
10K Visitors by Summer 2018
I would also love my Best Views Ever day to improve to a more recent date. (Post on how I will achieve this later)

As of today…January 30, 2018


The Road To 1K:
As I type this post (Jan 27, 2018) I currently have 896 followers. I am calling this the road to 1K and I plan to achieve this goal by the end of March 2018. March is my birthday month so that would be pretty cool, but of course, blogging is not just about how many followers you have and I will be thankful if I achieve it earlier, and thankful if I achieve it later. I’m not sure what I’ll do for my 1K milestone but I’ll be brainstorming fun unique ideas. You can also leave suggestions for me in the comment section.

Thank you all who have been here from the beginning, and to those of you who are new. There’s room enough for us all on this journey.✨


Similarities>Differences: A Poem✨

We share more similarities than we do differences

We’ve all loved someone

We’ve all had our hearts broken

We’ve all been angry

We’ve all felt hate towards someone

at least once

Sure we come from different places

We all have different faces

But we have more similarities

than differences

We all have eyes

Some just see things differently

We all have mouths full of words to say

Some of us are just afraid to speak

We all have fears

We all have dreams

We all have weaknesses

We all have strengths

We have our own personalities

We’re all unique

and that’s what makes us the same