A Day of Happiness? International Day of Happiness😊

img_2609This image was taken by me a few months ago. It made me feel good and it made me happy because I was doing something I enjoy, cloud watching, right before I watched the sunset of course. I was out in nature which is full of happiness. If you look closely enough you can even see a heart in the clouds.💙

While every day should be a day to celebrate happiness, March 20th for many is the official International Day of Happiness, founded by Jayme Illien and adopted by the United Nations who announced the official day in July of 2012. The celebration was celebrated for the first time in 2013 as a way to recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world, and a reminder that it does not have to come from materialistic things. Happiness can come in the form of friendship, family, health, spirituality, and greater self-awareness.

There is a difference between material happiness, which implies having all the basic (or extravagant) comforts necessary to live life, and spiritual happiness, which implies something else altogether.

The quote above comes from chapter 41 of a book titled The Teenager’s Guide To The Real World by Marshall Brain. I’ve never read this book before but I am quite interested now after reading a bit about it on bygpub. Have you read or heard of it? If not I encourage you to check this chapter out at least, it’s just one page. Chapter 41: Material Things Will Not Bring You Happiness. The book has 46 chapters but you can read 20 chapters online free! I’m not a teenager anymore and it would obviously probably benefit teenagers more but I think adults could probably pick up a thing or two as well. The website looks to be a bit outdated but still able to read, the book was originally published in 1997. The chapter even goes deeper by discussing the meaning of life. There were a few things I disagreed with, and I almost stopped reading at some point but I’m glad I continued to the end.

No matter where you are in life and what your situation may be. If you allow materialistic things to be the source of your happiness, you give power for it to be taken away. If you have happiness within yourself no one, and no situation will be able to take it away from you.

So today I have a challenge. How many of you can come up with a list of 20 things that make you happy? That’s right- 20! BUT the list can not include anything materialistic (money, shopping, having a nice car/big house and so on). If you accept this challenge repost this or create your own post with your list. Here is mine:

20 Things That Make Me Happy:

  1. Knowing I’ve helped or inspired someone
  2. Prayer
  3. Giving compliments
  4. Seeing people uplift/encourage each other instead of putting each other down or trying to compete
  5. Reaching goals
  6. Music
  7. Deep conversation
  8. The power of a good book
  9. Writing/Blogging/Being creative in general
  10. A night sky full of stars or a beautiful sunset/nature
  11. Alone time when I need it
  12. Being with true friends/family
  13. Seeing a mother with her baby (I am happy to see father’s with their baby as well, but there’s more of an emotional impact with a mother since I’ve grown up without mine)
  14. Animals (kittens especially make me happy)
  15. Feeling full of energy/good vibes
  16. Learning new things
  17. Visiting new places
  18. Waking up every morning because one day I won’t be able to
  19. Love, in general
  20. Knowing that I am becoming more comfortable and confident in myself and growing into this beautiful person inside and out

I did it! Can you? If you don’t think you can come up with 20 things that make you happy, how about a list of 20 happy/positive quotes? Comment below or make your own post.

Don’t worry, be happy!


Over the weekend…✨

Over the weekend…

Over the weekend I did a bit more shopping. The reason I didn’t title this post the usual Weekend Pickups was because I literally only picked up 3 basic items, 2 pairs of jeans which I didn’t take pictures of and another cheap phone case which I did take pictures of. I think I’ll start taking pictures of my clothing item pickups while trying them on in the fitting rooms like I did with the maxi romper.

The phone case I got I picked up at Burlington (along with the jeans) the company or brand is called candywirez, affiliated with Case Study in Las Angeles, judging the packaging. I actually have no idea about this brand but I thought the cases were pretty cute for 8 bucks. One of the cases I saw had unicorns and rainbows on it but I decided on this clear sprinkles snap case.
I wanted to see if they had any others I might like online so I Googled “candywirez phone cases” and clicked on the first result, their website.

Let me tell you I was so shocked and disappointed at the cases and prices I saw. There wasn’t a good variety of cases, and they were priced for $25-35 dollars! Here is the exact same case I got for just $7.99 at Burlington. The case is pretty but thin and not very protective despite it being “military grade” so I believe what I paid was way more worth it, I’d never buy it for $35. I doubt any of you would either!

I was able to enjoy some cake which actually looks like the phone case I got lol.

On Saturday I was with family for a little get together, just chilling in the garage having a good time. There was a lot of talk about all the March birthdays and how we need to do a huge celebration. They’re planning on doing something this Friday. I’m kind of over it lol, it seems this has dragged on the whole month when I was all for partying and celebrating in the beginning but I’m sure everyone will have a good time again. I know a few people that celebrate their birthday for the entire month, it seems exciting yet draining to me. I think I could do a week long celebration though. Mine would include more chill, relaxing activities with a few more exciting ones. Actually, I’m already thinking about that ahead of time for my 25th birthday next year lol! I am determined to finally celebrate a birthday exactly how I planned. We’ll see.

How was your weekend? Did anything interesting happen? How long do you think you could celebrate your birthday before being worn out?

Hobby Adventures: Graphic Design✨

Welcome back to another Hobby Adventures! There are only a few more weeks before this series ends. Last time I talked about instruments & writing and for this week I’ll be talking about my experience with basic graphic design and editing.

Graphic design is a very broad term because there are so many different types. You have graphic designers that create logos, websites (which many of us do as bloggers) business cards, those that create clothing designs, illustrations, product packaging, even marketing materials.

Something I’ve recently been working on is creating my own phone and desktop wallpapers even to share with you all! You may have seen a few I made on SheLivesLove. Of course, I’m just starting out so I have a lot to practice and learn but for my first few I think they turned out great!
The inspired galaxy wallpaper is one of my favorite. The background started as a picture of some clouds, during a sunset much like the head in the clouds wallpaper. Editing and filters do work a lot of magic! Here is another cloudy/sunset picture I took and edited…
wallpaperbg7.jpgI haven’t worked as much on cellphone wallpapers but it is something I am focusing on more now. I’ll be sharing some soon on SheLivesLove so be on the lookout!
Here is a look at a quick simple one I made for myself today:

A few years ago I even dabbled in making those cartoons out of pictures, not with a filter. You know the ones people actually edit themselves? I know some are more professional but I was just beginning. These don’t look that great at all, it was something I quickly gave up lol but I had fun the first few tries. I used my own picture and one of my friends:


Besides wallpapers and weird looking cartoons, for a while, I played a game called IMVU. (similar to sims if you play that) It’s an avatar-based social platform where you can do all sorts of things chatting with people around the world within a virtual universe, one of them is becoming a “creator” which intrigued me for obvious reasons.

As a creator, you create clothes, shoes, hair, even rooms and so much more for other players to buy with their credits, which is the currency on IMVU. With each sale, you received a portion of the credits or “dev points” towards creating a new product. If you became pro you could possibly earn real money but I never reached pro level so I don’t know much about that. Pro level is level 5-7 unless they’ve changed things. I made it to level 3 before I quit. A lot of factors came into play when calculating tier points for creator levels which included the sales you made, how many products you made total and recent, product ratings and more. Which meant if you stopped creating for a while, you could go down a level.

Some items you could find already in the shop from other creators that you can derive from, meaning use their product to create a new one. Changing the color is usually what most people did when starting out but then you learned more and could create your own patterns, textures, shapes, whatever your heart desired!

You also had to create your own icon images for the products, and ads if you wanted that as well. I used gimp mainly and a few other editing software programs over time. For the first ad below, I derived the hair and tops from other products just adding my own colors, textures, and text. The top says, “Big Hair Don’t Care” lol. In the second add, I created the hairs the same way but the outfit and boots I designed and shaped all on my own. I was extremely proud of myself because I had been working so hard to learn how to do this, this outfit wasn’t the first try, only the first pictured. I got tired of just adding text or patterns to other products. The rest of the photos are of other outfits and ads I created.





I no longer play or create on IMVU, sometimes I consider getting back into it as another creative outlet I enjoyed but the experience isn’t the same as when I was younger or even a few years ago. I think it’s much more enjoyable as a teen or if you’re really into fashion design which I am not. I’m like, a little into it. I created 195 products in the IMVU shop, you can see how my icons and editing improved over time from my very first product (on page 8) to my very last. Check out the whole shop here! I cringed at some of them, but I am at a different place in life than I was back then, okay? Lol! Carry on…

To the end of this post…I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you next week for another hobby adventure!
Do you play sims? Have you ever played on IMVU? Do you do any type of graphic design? Let me know in the comments.



What I Did For My 24th Birthday! + Hair Update!✨

For those of you who don’t know, I had a birthday last Thursday, my 24th birthday to be exact! I had been thinking about the moment and how I would celebrate since back in December. Usually, once December hits, the days go by so fast and before you know it it’s a new year, and then March. I’ve never been prepared for a birthday no matter how much time I had in advance to do so. It was no different this year.

At 12 AM I got the sweetest message. From? It doesn’t matter. What it said also doesn’t matter but I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff. Waiting up to be the first to tell someone Happy Birthday, making sure the message is perfect minutes before so it could be sent on time and being excited about it. I’ve done it plenty so I know what it’s like on both sides. I ended up talking this person for a while before I started doing my first official birthday activity…

At about 2:45 AM I was up taking pictures of my cats, this continued until about 3:20. Yeah, that’s right, on my birthday I was up taking pictures of my adorable cats loving every moment. Don’t judge me. I don’t get to see them as often since moving, so whenever I spend the night they love cuddling up next to each other with me, although it’s usually just Izabelle that likes to come sleep with me.I’m guessing I finally fell asleep shortly afterward since I don’t remember anything after that.

I told you all how I had just twisted my hair the night before and would be sharing the results since I did them a little differently. I used larger sections for the twists since it has grown more and because I wanted to finish as quickly as possible.
Just washed and conditioned, doing a quick length check update before twisting. 
The last update I shared with you all was my 1-year mark, back in June. This is where I was back then: The front reaching the top of my lip, and the back reaching my collarbone.


Shrinkage is still a thing, even with twists.

For this twist out I used a leave-in conditioner, a styling cream, and Jamaican black castor oil to seal the moisture all in. I washed my hair with the same line as the leave-in and styling cream. Find out which exact products in a future product line review!

I allowed the twists to dry overnight, and part of the day since I started late. You can also use a blow dryer but I prefer air drying so I didn’t mind waiting longer.

This is the twists separated once… Looks like noodles? Heard and seen that a lot throughout the natural hair community.

For more volume separate more, fluff more, and pick out. Note that this may also cause more frizz. I don’t mind frizz and I love volume! You can use an oil on your fingers before separating to minimize frizz, dryness, and breakage. Our fingers can be very drying to the hair. I use Jamaican Black Castor Oil but there are many options out there such as jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, the list goes on!

I separated the rest 2-3 more times each. Some sections required a bit more separating than others.

Here is the final result:

As far as my outfit goes… Well, it was so cold out, I mean I already knew and expected it to be cold but I didn’t think I would walk outside and be smacked and almost knocked down by a gust of freezing wind. I nearly ran to the car half confused. It has also been snowing so instead of wearing any of the clothing items I recently went shopping for, I put on a long blue sleeve shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, and one of my new pair of boots.

Most of the day was spent blogging, socializing on social media, and being around sick people. I may be next… I surely hope not. I didn’t actually leave the house until about 6 PM.

I never made it to the salon to get my eyebrows done, actually I made it there, I just left as soon as I arrived. I walked to the door and saw how packed it was through the glass and turned right back around. It was so full there weren’t enough waiting chairs available. I guess I’ll wait until another time or do them myself later on. Have you ever got your eyebrows threaded? To me it always hurts, they say if you get it done often enough it won’t hurt as much but that never happened to me. Sometimes I even shed tears! But in the end, they look great! Beauty is pain, right? Pretty hurts (cues music…) Okay, a better reason for threading is that the shape lasts longer than waxing or shaving.

I ended up doing a little more shopping at Burlington this time. This is another store I shop at often. I saw a few pairs of jeans I planned on getting but when I tried them on they were too big. I have been losing a lot of weight, (not intentionally) when I went to the doctor back in January or February I had lost about 20 pounds since 2017. Most likely due to a lot of stress. I’ve actually been trying to gain weight but I can never keep on the pounds. They come and go.Of course, I could have gone back and looked for different sizes but it’s not as easy at Burlington looking for the same exact item in a different size and I didn’t feel like I had enough time to look again, it was already late. I decided on a few shirts, after a long deliberation between some other clothing items. They were both florals, oh and a black sweater/cardigan that I just threw over my blue top.

I told myself the next time I go shopping I am definitely staying away from florals lol before you know it that will be my entire wardrobe. This is one of the floral tops I got, it’s in black and white so that when I wear it out one day and take pictures it will feel like the first time really wearing and sharing it lol.

I then went to spend some time with family where there was some good laughter, watching a movie (Split) and just overall good vibes. But my birthday celebration isn’t over, it’s barely begun so this weekend I will be having dinner, going out shopping again, and a few other cool things!

Update (Sunday 3/11)
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to continue my birthday celebration this weekend because I did get sick… Found out it’s an upper respiratory infection. I haven’t been able to enjoy my birthday dinner or any other meals for that matter. I’ve been extremely tired, even feeling weak. I had been hoping I wouldn’t catch what everyone else had but I guess if you’re going to be around sick people, expect to get sick as well. I wanted to post this on Friday but here we are, me typing this update on Sunday after taking some NyQuil (I’ll be knocked out soon hopefully not before I finish up) and you all reading it on a Monday. No Stream of Consciousness this Monday, and hopefully I’ll be getting back into the Hobby Adventures this Friday. I should be all better by then!

Everyone is like it’s okay we’ll have a dinner for you when you’re feeling better, we’ll go out when you’re feeling better. It just won’t feel like a birthday celebration anymore. Better luck next year! THANK YOU SO MUCH to those of you who sent birthday wishes on my previous post, I know some of you sent me a message on Instagram that I already checked, I really appreciate you all. I’ll be getting to your comments shortly!
How did you celebrate your last birthday? Do you have one coming up soon?

Happy 24th Birthday To Me! New Post Live On SheLivesLove💖

Today I turn 24 years old, I’ve uploaded a new post to my 2nd blog about 24 things I’ve learned over the years, be sure to check it out. I will be posting here on GoldenPinkJournal again later, so stay tuned.💖 Enjoy your day as I hope to enjoy mine!

Today I’ll be sharing 24 things I’ve learned in 24 years. This wasn’t the easiest list to come up with but in the end, I made it (just as I have made it through life so far) and in the end realized I’ve learned a lot. You really do become wiser each year. But what’s…

via 24 Things I’ve Learned In 24 Years✨ —

When I Wake Up In The Morning…🎂

When I wake up in the morning…

I’ll be another year older and wiser (actually in a few mins where I’m at and maybe already where you are) Here’s to year 24!

This is me on my birthday last year…

This is me on my birthday the year before that…img_2089

I wasn’t natural at the time and had a sew-in. I think this was the last time I had a sew-in actually. One of 3 times lol I prefer wigs or my own hair.

Speaking of hair, I actually just finished washing and twisting mine. I started near 8 PM. It is now 11:30 as I type this… I knew doing a twist out would take me a while, I actually wanted to start earlier but I was working on blog posts and I was a bit lazy🤷🏽‍♀️ that’s also why I’m just now getting to this post, I planned on having this ready hours ago.

Tomorrow I’ll share an updated picture and how my hair turned out. I haven’t done a twist out in a while and this time I did them a little bit larger, mainly to get finished quicker but as you can see it still took quite a long time.

I still have no idea what I’m wearing tomorrow. I don’t think it’ll be warm enough to wear a dress, I guess we’ll see. I’ll be going out to find a nice pair of jeans and shirt in the morning hopefully. I also plan to go get my eyebrows done. I haven’t got them threaded in a while and it’s for a special occasion. Last minute problems…

I guess I’ll end this post here before I look and it’s already 12AM before I hit publish lol getting pretty close already.

Good night all!💖

Why I Have 2 Separate Blogs🤔

GoldenPinkJournal has been my main blog for a little over a year now and we’ve had our ups and downs but we plan to stick around a while. But as you know, I also started a new blog last year so I thought I’d make a quick post explaining why, and what you can expect from each blog.During the year GoldenPinkJournal has grown a lot reaching almost 1K followers so far but it wasn’t the best it could have done. I was very inconsistent with my blog in the beginning because I didn’t really know what I was doing and of course I wasn’t as motivated just starting out. I didn’t really have an audience yet, I didn’t know what posts worked best for me and what posts didn’t. But after a while, I started to learn more, and post more. Sometimes I made sure to post every day but I had burnouts, the negative parts of life happened and I became inconsistent again.

Another reason I wasn’t as into blogging on GoldenPinkJournal anymore was that I wasn’t happy with the name anymore. I didn’t feel like it told the reader what my blog was about, it was too long, and I thought what is a golden pink journal, what’s so interesting about it? Would I click on this blog site if I was someone else? Maybe. But probably not over another. I also wanted to try out self-hosting for several reasons.

Of course, I had the option to change the name and make this blog self-hosted but if I did that I would have deleted much of my old content and changed a lot. Change can be good, change is inevitable. I wanted to be able to look back on GoldenPinkJournal and compare it to my new blog, I wanted to be able to look back on my old posts and not take away many of the reasons some of you may have followed in the first place.

So I decided to create a whole new blog, self-hosted and start from scratch with the things I’ve learned throughout my journey so far. SheLivesLove was born.

You can read more about why I started a new blog and the whole journey here at Why I Went Self-Hosted and Behind The Name: SheLivesLove where I showed the whole process with tips on coming up with your own blog name…If you ever choose to create a new one of course because obviously you already have one.

What you can expect from each blog (click headers to be taken to each blog)

I want to keep GoldenPinkJournal as a personal lifestyle blog. This is where I’ll post all the fun type of posts for my own enjoyment and yours also. This is where I’ll share personal life experiences. You can expect fun Friday games, journaling, just whatever I’m in the mood to post really. It could be hair related, blog related, giving an update, a haul- anything!

SheLivesLoveSheLivesLove is the blog I plan to take more serious, what I post there will be well thought out and developed, it’ll include information, and a lot of things that will benefit my readers more (in a way that I love doing) I still want to include personal life experiences but those that go along with a subject to help you with something, to give you something of value. To deliver inspiration and positivity for women, to uplift women (while I’m on a journey uplifting myself) you can expect how to’s, DIYs, blog resources, women empowerment/encouragement, and more! SheLivesLove was created to be a source of inspiration and encouragement for young women or anyone who loves to be inspired and to spread the love. Not only that but also as a creative outlet for myself on my journey to self-discovery and finding purpose in life.

Both blogs will include:
& a ton of inspiration!

What do you think of when you see SheLivesLove? What do you think of when you see GoldenPinkJournal? Have you ever had more than one blog or changed your blogs name?