It All Happened In October…Moving away, ending a relationship & more!😮

Does anyone still remember me? I’ve been off of WordPress only about a month but it feels like so much longer. I feel like I have to learn how to be a blogger all over again. I can’t be the only one.

A few months ago I told myself that by October I wanted to reach my 1K follower goal. Well, that didn’t happen because everything else did and I had to step away and take a real break. Many things were broken in the month of October, but by the end… Things may just be getting better. I’ll have to keep pushing forward to find out.

So what exactly did happen last month? That’s what you might be wondering. I’m back to give you all the minor details.
In my last What’s Up Wednesday post I mentioned how things weren’t going so great with my living arrangements, we found out we couldn’t keep or afford the apartment anymore. Technically we could afford it but some people like to splurge when they know rent is due and that kept giving us setbacks. I’m not talking about myself. 

A few days into October my boyfriend and I had a huge fight, and I do mean huge. Actually right after my last post which is why I did not return like I had planned. Things were broken around the apartment including our relationship. I won’t speak about the exact reasons for the fight or breaking up, but know that it wasn’t an overreaction type of situation. He messed up. I got all of my things and left with nowhere really to go. For weeks I moved around from house to house with different family members. 

He is back with his mom and so are our pets. I miss them so much and it hurts so much. They suffered from our problems. Izabelle didn’t like moving to his moms, she hid in the closet for days until I came over to comfort her. Now she is doing much better. We also got a new kitten that I planned on introducing before everything happened…
Her name is Zoey and she is about 4-5 months now. Isn’t she adorable? Maybe I’ll still do a proper introduction soon. She’s doing fine at my boyfriends moms, probably because she’s so young and adventurous. The guinea pigs are doing fine as well but I probably won’t do anymore YouTube videos of them.

I actually don’t know what to call my “boyfriend” we had been trying to work things out but our time apart has only made me realize so much that I was in denial about while we were together. We still talk everyday and see each other sometimes, there’s no hate between us but it’s definitely not the same. It may just be 2 years down the drain. He doesn’t want to lose me but I can’t promise anything at this moment. Whether we fix things or not he’ll always be around, he’s been around for over 10 years in our family.

I ended up staying with my cousin for a while, I’m still at her place with her big family. Everything is fine, it’s a bit more stressful not having as much alone time but at the same time I needed to be around friends/family. They have helped me a lot through all that’s been going on. 

I also ran into someone from the past which was strange because I had been getting signs like dreams and tarot readings (that I sometimes watch/read for fun) that someone from the past would be coming back into my life. There was no bad history, we just kind of stopped talking. I even prayed to be guided and sent to where I needed to be, who I needed to be around… Two days after that prayer is when the big fight happened. So I’m not really sure what is happening but something definitely is. I’m not jumping into anything but I’ll mention this situation again as time goes by. When I came to my cousins house towards the middle of October things have just started to feel right and better ever since, the last week of October was amazing but obviously I’m still torn and hurt trying to figure out what’s next. I learned and found out about many things that has shaken my life up but I look forward to the good from it all. There’s usually something better coming when life is shaken up like this.

Another thing is I plan to go back to work soon and maybe even enroll back in school sometime next year. I’m going to get back into my crafts and continue working on a poetry book and many other things that I had been putting off to the side. I feel more motivated now. You may see me back on social media slowly but surely, I’m going to be making changes and improvements everywhere. I haven’t forgot about the posts I planned such as natural hair and Fun Friday, those will be coming. I definitely need to work on SheLivesLove and not neglect it anymore so I will be busy.

I really hope all is well with you all, I hope that whoever is reading this has had a wonderful October and a great start of November. I hope to chat with you all again. I was away for a while but not for good so this is me updating you on my crazy life and welcoming my own return. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment, email me or whatever you wish💖

Thank you for reading.


What’s Up Wednesday???

What’s Up Wednesday?

Thank you for stopping by my blog again, today I thought I would do a small update with What’s Up Wednesday. I know I have been inconsistent and all over the place lately but I’m trying really hard the best I can to get back on track. When life hits you hard, you really have to be strong to get back up and fight back and work through things. That is what I am doing.


What we’re eating this week:

I’ve still been working on eating healthier and finding alternatives to some of the foods I’m trying to cut out such as burgers. Recently we picked up some veggie burgers, I first tried the Boca brand and I was pretty impressed. I’ll definitely get them again. And actually, I’ll be talking about them more, along with some other brands in a future post.

What I’m reminiscing about:

When I was a little more consistent in the blog community, when I was happier, spending time with friends and family. As of now I just feel lost.

What I’m loving:

I’m loving new music from Jhene Aiko. I’m loving the poems I have been working on. I’m loving kind people in this world. The world is a mess right now.

What we’ve been up to:

Well, I personally have just been working on myself physically and mentally. Spending less time online, healing, building a better relationship with God, and working on my current relationships with family to start. Trying at least.

What I’m dreading:

Something that I don’t want to talk too much into right now but basically, my boyfriend and I are really struggling and are close to no longer having a place to stay. Life is rough and really stressful at the moment but I’m going to keep pushing and fighting through these times.

What I’m working on:

As I mentioned above, I have been working more on myself. But I’m also working on posts for both GoldenPinkJournal and SheLivesLove and a few other things that I will share later on.

What I’m excited about:

Getting back into the community, enjoying what I love to do again and just finding myself again because I know this storm will be over eventually.

What I’m watching/reading:

I recently picked up some new books but I haven’t started to read them yet. I’m currently watching ’90s house as I type. I thought I would check the show out, and it’s pretty cool and interesting so far but there have been a few cringe moments. Have any of you watched it?

What I’m listening to:

I have been listening to Jhene Aiko’s new album Trip. She made an album, a short film/movie, and poetry book. I really enjoyed the film. I’m also going to check out Demi Lovato’s new album.

What I’m wearing:

T-shirt and leggings, nothing special.

What I’m doing this weekend:

It will be wash day for my hair. Hopefully, this time goes much better than the last. I haven’t made any plans for the weekend so it’ll just be a surprise. If anything I’ll still be working on catching up with things.

What I’m looking forward to the next month:

Getting out of this funk is really my main priority. Also, I am close to 900 followers here on GoldenPinkJournal, that’s pretty cool. Hello to my new followers!💖

What else is new:

I recently made my 200th post here which was exciting. There are a few things that I’ll talk about on a later date. I want to keep you all updated on things without putting my whole life out there, and without having too many sad depressing posts. I will be posting today, tomorrow, Friday, and possibly once this weekend. I also will be reading your posts and comments.

How has life been treating you lately? Good or bad I’d love to know. I look forward to catching up with you all.💖


Updates: Feeling Better!

Hey everyone! I know I was supposed to update you all a bit sooner than now, but honestly, the day was just a bit stressful and our wifi and cable was turned off. It is now back on but my laptop is going extremely slow which is quite annoying but I’m working with it.

My boyfriend and I are thankfully feeling much better! I am ready to be back in the blogging community and new posts will be coming very soon. I’ve been writing a lot of poetry since then, thinking, going through a spiritual transition and a lot more. You’ll all see in the future.

I plan on sharing more natural hair posts, as I experienced hate for my own natural hair for the first time recently. Really it was just a couple of bad wash days but it was enough to stress me out. I also plan on uploading to my YouTube channel soon so stay tuned for that. I have a few more updates to share with you all but I’ll leave those for another post.

Fun Friday will continue next week. I know I was supposed to do a numerology post but something was just telling me not to go through with that. I don’t know. It was a strange feeling but I just keep getting these feelings keeping me from posting certain posts I planned. I will be trying something similar though, that I still feel okay with posting.

As for our hospital visit… This isn’t going to be the greatest story.

Before we went I had awakened around 2AM throwing up and feeling horrible. My boyfriend felt the same but hadn’t thrown up yet. He called into work to let them know he wouldn’t be able to make it in. They told him “you might not have a job anymore…”

Obviously, we couldn’t risk him losing his job because we wouldn’t be able to pay our bills so he forced himself up and went in to talk to the head boss, whom wouldn’t be in until around 9AM. My boyfriend was at work feeling horrible from 6-9 and actually threw up at work. The head boss sent him home and told him that he couldn’t be fired because of that since they knew he had health issues with diabetes before they hired him.

When we arrived, our temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and etc were checked. My heart rate was too fast so I had to wait for it to go down. Once they came back to check it had gone down. My boyfriend had a bit of a fever. Other than that we pretty much had the same symptoms besides me also having the rash on my stomach. The lady at the front desk asked what we needed to be seen for (she spoke with me first) and we told them the symptoms we were having. She then told me there were currently no rooms available and I would be seen as soon as one was ready, my boyfriend was next to me so after speaking with him about his symptoms she told us again that no rooms were available yet so we were sent to the waiting area. Now, as soon as we sat down about 30 seconds later my boyfriend was being called back. So I’m thinking wow that was quick, maybe it won’t be so long after all and I’ll be called back soon. WRONG. I don’t know how hospitals work with what patients are seen next but something felt off to me.

I had been waiting about 30 minutes when my boyfriend texted me and told me the room number he was in, I replied telling him I was still in the waiting room and this frustrated him. About an hour goes by and more people are coming in filling up the room and some even being sent back. Then some that came in long after we did were being sent back while I was still waiting. Now I’m wondering why haven’t they called me back yet and how is everyone else being seen before me if they said no rooms were yet available. I saw no one in life-threatening or serious conditions other than one guy who twisted his ankle. Everyone else was coming in with coughs and nausea etc much like me. Yes, I made sure to keep my ears open.

I’m the type of person that bites my tongue a lot because I hate conflict of any kind. I don’t often speak up for myself and that caused people in school and even family members to constantly pick on me. It takes a lot for me to “go off” or speak up when I feel bothered in some way. This is something I am working so hard on now but I felt like at the hospital wasn’t the time and place to start or make a scene. So I stayed calm… on the outside, and continued to wait. My boyfriend texted me again and asked was I in a room yet and I told him no, that everyone else has been seen besides me. Now he was angry, and shortly after, the man that sent him back came for me. But no, I wasn’t being sent to a room yet. He took me to the other end of the hospital, basically to the back to another waiting area and I literally lost what little signal I did have so I couldn’t text or call my boyfriend and his texts to me weren’t coming through. The man told me they were getting a room cleaned for me. I waited about another 20-30 minutes and finally, a nurse came.

Like I mentioned earlier, I hate conflict. So this next part of the story, basically me sharing my feelings may raise a bit of conflict. I’m not sure. I hate to bring race into the picture but these are my feelings and my observations. I was the only African American in the waiting area besides one other lady who I heard with my own ears say she had been waiting a long time, she was there before us and was seen several minutes after my boyfriend and I arrived. My boyfriend was seen before her. Everyone else including my boyfriend was Caucasian. Again, my boyfriend and I pretty much had the same symptoms and we obviously came in at the same time but he sat in the waiting room about 30 seconds when supposedly they were so full with no rooms. I kid you not, I was waiting for about 2 hours before I was seen and at one point I was the only one left in the waiting room until new patients came in.

When I finally got a room I was asked a few questions about my symptoms, and the nurse asked to see the rash on my stomach. She said it could be a few different things but she is sure that it is just a ringworm and assured me that nothing was wrong with that because she had them on her arm. I asked about the pain and about me feeling weak and she said it was nothing to worry about, that a bug was going around because a few other patients came in the same. She said she would prescribe some cream for the rash, gave me some crackers and water and sent me on my way. So, I waited for 2 hours and was seen for about 10 minutes. I honestly felt uncared for and rushed out.

When I got to my boyfriend’s room he told me they had taken his blood and that he was dehydrated and with viral syndrome, also known as a cold. So I figured it was about the same for me. He had IV fluid and they prescribed him ibuprofen and medicine for nausea. He told me he said something to the man that came and got me because he was mad that I hadn’t been checked yet and finally his messages came through to my phone. I won’t say what those messages said because he was pretty angry. Once we left he just said, “we’re definitely not coming to this hospital anymore.” He also asked why I didn’t speak up for myself and that I should have but I was just over it and glad to be gone. We only went to that hospital because it is literally around the corner from our apartment. I do agree that I need to speak up more often but like I said, I didn’t feel that was the time or place and I don’t feel anything good for me would have come from it. This whole situation, not to mention a number of stares and harsh looks we get from time to time just left me thinking and questioning a lot of things in my life, including our relationship. I won’t go any further into those thoughts yet, maybe you can imagine. September has just been a horrible month all together. Not just for this reason, but many others.

On another note…

When I told him about the rash on my stomach being ringworm as they said, he said that must be what he has on his arm and I maybe got it from him or our pets, we do have a cat and guinea pigs. He has a rash on his arm that I never saw until then but he thought it was just a random rash from work because he works in a warehouse and that does happen sometimes. I’ve worked in a warehouse several times and had the same issue on my arms.

I did make sure to drink plenty of water and eat when we got home and that helped a lot. We both still felt pretty bad for a couple of days and he had to take one more day off, doctors order. My rash is just now starting to fade, the pain I feel comes and goes but I haven’t felt it the past 2 days so that’s good. Hopefully the problem will be gone for good soon. The only issue I have now is finding my energy in the mornings. My boyfriend has a new work shift so I’m used to getting up around 7:30AM, now that he goes in earlier we wake up around 5:30AM. I love the new shift because he gets off earlier, but I’m probably going to have to go to bed at a reasonable time so I’m not so tired.

So those are my updates for now, sorry that this wasn’t the happiest post or update and please bare with me as I try to get caught up with everything yet again. But I do want to thank all of you that left such kind comments and prayers for us and those that checked up on me. I appreciate it sooo much, more than you know. You all are so sweet and caring! Despite some things that may go on in the world, there are still good people in it. Thank you.💖💖💖




Unfortunately I have not been able to post like I expected this week. Last week I was really sick and thought I felt much better that weekend. I was wrong. Things got worse and a lot of other strange things going on. My boyfriend and I are both sick now and he almost lost his job today. He is a diabetic and me, I just don’t know what’s going on. I woke up at 2AM violently throwing up. It came out of nowhere and really scared me because I was sweating so much yet I felt cold and it hurt my chest and throats so bad.  I also need to have something on my stomach checked out. There is a rash that looks like a bruise, it itches sometimes and hurts in that area on the inside. I’ll show a picture, Maybe some of you all have seen it before but I’m clueless as to what’s going on. It’s been there for over 2 weeks I know. Take a look. Any ideas?

Now we both feel extremely weak (boyfriend and I) still hot and cold. I’ll explain and update you all more on things a bit later.

We are both heading to the hospital to be seen. 

I hope to be back to normal and blogging as usual soon. I hope to get better soon and that nothing is seriously wrong. Thank you all for stopping by💖

How To Write An Engaging, Kick-Ass About Me Page

I thought this post was excellent, informative, and creative so I wanted to share it with you all! Enjoy💖

Beautiful, Creative, Inspiring . . . Life.

I’d been staring at an empty “about me” page for the one-month and two weeks that I’d owned this site. Every time I tried to tackle it . . .

I failed.

Visions of people rolling their eyes at my attempt of an introduction flooded my mind. In flashing neon lights, the words:

“That . . . was boring.” “I was cringing so hard the entire time.” “This is terrible!” “I definitely don’t want to read her blog.” “Trash. Utter trash.”

Writing About Me pages if difficult. Writing an engaging and witty About Me page is nigh impossible. 

You want to capture your personality and your energy; lure in your audience; make it absolutely crystal clear from the get-go who you are and why people should follow your blog. It all sounds so simple.

Yeah, well, it’s bloody not.

So today’s post is me addressing the problem of…

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Fun Friday #21: Cute Inspiring Desktop Wallpapers✨

Hey, everyone! Happy Friday once again 🙂
This week Fun Friday is posted on SheLivesLove so head on over to check out the cute, inspiring wallpapers I made for you all to try after reading this.

Next weeks Fun Friday post I want to include some of you all (preferably 5-10) so I would really love and appreciate if you could do me a favor- not even a huge favor 🙂

If you are reading, could you please leave your birthday in the comments. It has to be your full birth date. No this isn’t to hack you or anything like that don’t worry lol, a while ago I did a post relating to astrology and I am going to be doing an updated version. In the older version, I used my own and made up examples so this time I’d love to use some of your birthdays as examples. Another option is to leave in the comments your full birth name, but if you are not comfortable doing that no worries, a birthday will be just fine. Feeling awesome? Leave both your full birth date and full name to be featured in 2 results. I’ll seriously love you for that lol nothing weird I just really have a strong interest in astrology and numerology so you would be helping out a lot. I really hope to see your participation and I can’t wait to share it with you all next week.

Don’t forget to check out the new post on SheLivesLove with the wallpapers, a link will be below.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!💖

There are many things in life one can be inspired by. Inspiration can come in numerous ways. I find that I’m inspired by different things every day. One thing I love is really cute, inspiring wallpapers. Normally, I search for cute wallpapers on Google but then I thought, I’m pretty creative so why not make…

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