Some blog updates..

No intro, just getting right to it:

– Some of you already have seen but my Instagram and Twitter is no longer GoldenPinkJournal/goldenpinkj. It is now aroseinreverie (a rose in reverie).

– I am still working on my new blog. My blog name will not be aroseinreverie. I thought hard about this and have made my decision. This whole process with more detail will be in the first post on the new blog.

– I know I have not been commenting or answering comments. Honestly I had to stop forcing myself to do it. When I’m happy I’m extremely happy, but when I’m sad and down, I’m extremely sad and down. I don’t want to really be bothered or talk to anyone. I’ll only be a bitch or depressing and I avoid that for everyone’s sake, my own included. I talk to myself, I pray, I write. Sometimes I share my thoughts and keep it moving. I always feel bad when I’m not being as active as I could be but I’m no longer going to apologize for having bad days and hoping people will understand. I’m also speaking of my personal life. It’s now like, if you care and want to be here for me, great. If you don’t, you don’t. What can I do besides move forward with my life? You can’t please everyone and not everyone will be loyal to you. Usually when things go terribly wrong is when you can see who your real friends are, and who really cares. At least that’s what is said.

– I’ve already said how I’m not happy with Goldenpinkjournal which makes me not look forward to logging in or posting, which is why I can’t wait until I’m ready to share and start on this new blog. I need a fresh start. I need to do things the right way this time. What I feel, not what I think everyone else will like. Not focusing on putting stuff out everyday just to increase numbers and keep my followers around and active.

– I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep so I won’t say I’ll catch up on the weekends, or I’ll post this on a certain day… when I’m feeling up to it and feeling back to normal I’ll be here.

– Short Story Saturday will no longer be. There will be no more short stories on GoldenPinkJournal. When I’m on the new blog I will only post short stories when I have one I really want to share. I will also talk about this later.

– Won’t be posting to do lists for a while

– I’m working on a book and getting my Wattpad account back together so that is also taking up much of my time. Also considering work again or my small business because there is some financial issues going on. I’m feeling forced to do so which is going to take up even more of my time, possibly cause more stress.

– I am working on my social media accounts. I have decided that on Instagram I will mainly post my writings, and nature photography. Those that already follow me know I post a lot of sunset pictures.

– My Twitter will pretty much be random thoughts I post and retweets. I really don’t use twitter specifically for my blog and most of the bloggers I see there aren’t really active. I think Twitter may be the hardest social media network for blogging. What do you think?

– I’m still thinking about taking my blog to Facebook but I’m not sure. Does Facebook really help much or is it much like Twitter?

– After this week with Cherylene, I have 2 more bloggers to feature. After that is when the main changes will happen.

– As of right now, my new blog and first post will be up in 2 weeks.

 What does this all mean for GoldenPinkJournal?

– I will not be deleting or completely neglecting this blog. I have worked hard on it and have made almost 700 followers. I’ve learned so much about myself and blogging during these past 6 months so I want to be able to look back on this blog. I also want to keep it active just not as much as now, I’m thinking 2-4 times a month with certain things that I will post. More on that later because I’m still deciding and sorting through all the details.

– I’m currently thinking too much…

Those are the updates I have for now. Thank you to those of you who still read and comment, and also to those that message/email me. I don’t always check my mail on time and sometimes see it late but I really appreciate it.

This is to all of you but especially Cheila. Whenever I’m down she finds a way to reach out to me and I end up seeing the messages days or a week later. Cheila you have such a beautiful soul, thank you so much for always checking up on me. I know you have a lot going on also so we don’t keep up with each other as much as we use to but that’s okay💕

I know so many of us are going through things at the moment so to all of those beautiful souls…Thank you for your kindness and we will talk again if it’s tomorrow or in 2 weeks.✨


Small Weekend Pickups + Updates✨

This was just going to be a few updates, but I decided to share my small weekend pickups also 🙂

On Sunday I went out in search for a few t-shirts and shorts, I’m in desperate need of new clothes for every season. I’m way too behind on shopping, but sometimes there are bigger things to worry about and there are priorities.

Since we’re on a budget I decided not to do a huge shopping spree at once but instead, a few items here and there until I have a few outfits at least. So here’s what I picked up this past Sunday

Another cute handbag🙂 You can remove the long strap which is great. This is the perfect size for me and I needed a new one because my old black bag was worn out. I can’t wait to switch over!

The last thing I picked up was…


I really can’t wait to wear this dress! I saw it and my eyes lit up! They also had a gorgeous yellow one💛 I tried them both on but this was my favorite, I usually go for darker clothing which I keep saying I’m trying to step out of lol I’d definitely go back for the yellow though! I can’t wait to see what else I can find.

Now on to the updates:

I only have a few updates at the moment. I’m still thinking about things and working on having better structure so there may be updates scattered throughout the week or throughout the month just a heads up.

  • Expect to see Maggie on my blog this week. The next post featuring will be 7/5/17
  • My boyfriend is off work for the 4th and we will be out with family most of the day so I will not be posting. This also means that my Summer lyrics will be posted on the 5th
  • You may or may not catch me on social media but know that changes are happening there also
  • Words of the week? This is a series I’m not sure I will be keeping
  • I still will not be posting on the weekend (besides Short Story Saturday)
  • Fun Friday will continue 
  • I am extending my Summer Party Playlist Project. More on that later. So if you still want to participate you can☀️
  • I will be spending more time reading and commenting on your posts✨ I know I haven’t as much but it seems many of us are behind lately?

Those are all the updates I have for now. There will be more. 

Goodnight/Good morning whenever you are reading this💖

Blog Updates & Catching Up!✨

Goooooood Morning!☺️

Gosh this still feels a little weird. I need to get back on track and get my blogging groove back. The week I took off was well needed but now I’m way behind on everything!

So here are my updates for you all so that everyone knows what’s going on and what’s going to be happening…

  • I have to catch up on everyone’s blog, a weeks worth and my comments so please please bare with me during this time. I haven’t forgot about any of you I’ve just been away. I will be uploading the words of the week shortly, which you all know is usually up on Monday or Tuesday. This past weekend was the first time I missed Fun Friday and Short Story Saturday so I will be trying to make up for that, especially Fun Friday because that’s my favorite blog day.
  • This Friday I won’t be answering the questions for my 500 follower Q&A since I haven’t spent time working on it and feel I could get a few more questions. So if you’re reading this please feel free to ask a few questions in the comments. Also, that 500 is now 563!! Wow, that’s amazing considering the fact that I fell off for a bit right after reaching the goal. Thank you all soo much. I will instead be answering them on Sunday. I’ll still be doing it in a cool, fun way:)
  • Which brings me to the next update, I will no longer be blogging on Saturday. I won’t even log in at all on Saturdays. This is for personal reasons that I don’t wish to discuss. SSS will continue I will just have to have it ready Friday and scheduled to post the next day. I still won’t be posting on Sunday, I am still keeping that as my full catch up and plan day. The only exception will be the Q&A this week.
  • I understand that I have been nominated for a few awards that I still need to get to. I know for fact I won’t be doing any this week and I can’t promise when I will get to them. I’ll try my best to find them all and do them as soon as I can. If you know you’ve nominated me for something you can also let me know in the comments or link me to it.
  • Still not much luck on the Summer Party Playlist. I’m blaming this more on the fact that I’ve been away an not able to promote it but then again I don’t know. I’m still keeping it open  for now so don’t forget that you can submit your entries anytime and I gave a whole list of ideas here. This week I’ll start to work on my summer hit lyrics that I’ll share wit you all on July 4th.
  • Today’s To Do will be back today:) posting later.
  • Hair related posts starting next week as a short series leading up to my 1 yr natural anniversary. I’m so excited!
  • I need to work on some YouTube videos but who knows when I’ll get to that. I will be back on Instagram and Twitter today, and I’ve also been thinking about creating a Facebook for my blog. Just a consideration at the moment. Are there any other social media sites that are good for bloggers?

Please let me know.

Got any new posts I missed out on that you just know I would love? Leave me a link in the comments so I can see yours first💗

Any advice for a blogger struggling to balance blogging and everyday life? Scheduling tips?

What’s Up Wednesday?!✨

What’s Up Wednesday?!

Good morning everyone! It’s 7:58 AM as I’m typing this, so far I’m feeling a litter better today. I know I said I would try to do this about twice a month since things don’t usually change much in a week, but there are some new things going on so here I am 🙂


What we’re eating this week:

I’ve been eating sausage, eggs, and waffles for breakfast but if you read my last post you know that yesterday I got sick after eating. Today I had soup for breakfast. We’re still eating chips and other junk but we did get fruit to make more smoothies. Forgot to get more spinach or kale. We’ll have to go back soon.

What I’m reminiscing about:

Not much at the moment actually. Every now and then I think about old friendships and the good times we shared but then realize that being stuck in that time is doing no good. The way things ended makes it feel like unfinished business, everything about it just felt wrong but everything happens for a reason and I still have love for them. If we cross paths again and can be friends again that would be beautiful but until then I need to focus on other things. Like my blog 🙂

What I’m loving:

I’m loving new music! I’m loving myself and my growth, I’m loving all the lovely comments I receive, I’m loving my mind when it’s in a good place and being magical of course.

What we’ve been up to:

Trying to plan better financially. Looking for a new car that we don’t have to pay so much on every 2 weeks! Saving up for the guinea pigs new cage. Still don’t have a couch for the living room so we’ll be working on getting that too… and then a TV. But more bills before that. Blah. Money, money, money. Working together around the apartment more. Much of this will be the same for a little while.

What I’m dreading:

Nothing really that I can think of right now. That’s a good thing.

What I’m working on:

Projects, planning, ideas, still need to work on some awards/tags

What I’m excited about:

This month, this summer I have a lot of things I want to share with you all! 1 year with my natural hair in a couple of weeks, a few years ago I NEVER would have thought I would be saying this. I can’t wait to share this journey of many ups and downs. I’m excited to answer your questions next week for my 500 follower Q&A 🙂 you can still ask them!

What I’m watching/reading:

Right now I’m not watching anything but I’ve been watching The Real still, and Pretty Little Liars. I keep saying I’m going to go on Netflix and catch up on some shows but haven’t found the time or been in the mood yet to binge. Does anyone use Hulu? We have that too. Any shows on there to check out?

What I’m listening to:

Some of my newest favorite songs,

Jhene Aiko – While We’re Young (If you really know me you know I LOVEEE Jhene Aiko! Go on my twitter and see lol. She’s my favorite singer/songwriter and also a Pisces so that’s a bonus aha. Watch this music video, it’s 50 First Dates inspired and such a beautiful song.)

SZA – Prom

SZA – Pretty Little Bird

SZA – 20 Something

SZA – Normal Girl

What I’m wearing:

Pajamas! Still early in the morning and I’m the PJ Queen! 🙂

What I’m doing this weekend:

Haven’t made plans for the weekend yet besides the normal blogging, SSS, and catching up on Sunday. I’m sure something else will come up. Father’s Day is Sunday but I don’t know if my dad is in town or what he’ll be up to and we have a strange complicated relationship. I love him so much regardless. If I don’t see him we’ll talk.

What I’m looking forward to the next month:

Summer Shopping. Blog posts I have planned towards the middle and end of the month. See how much growth/improvement between now and then.

What else is new:

I think that’s it actually?? I’ll be a bit more active on Twitter today. Definitely going to make sure to post to Instagram, still working on my Summer hit. I’d still like your help by commenting the things that make you think of summer, what you like to do during summer etc.

Are you participating in What’s Up Wednesday? Comment below.💖


Lazy Sick Day + 500 Follower Q&A!✨

Hello all who reads. I’m not sure what time it is that you’re reading this but I’m typing this out at 10 PM. The day is basically over and I almost didn’t post at all. Why?

This morning I woke up feeling a little off and extremely sleepy. My boyfriend has been sick so last night he was tossing and turning, getting up because of sweating and coldness. This also caused me to wake up every time he did. Last week he went to the doctor and was told he had strep throat. They gave him a shot and said it would pass quicker that way, he also had to take 2 days off using up the last of his sick days. He seems to be better now. We’ll see how tonight goes. As for me, I really hope I’m not getting sick too. I’m usually the first so I’m surprised that it was him this time. However, I did get sick after eating my breakfast this morning…Yeah, came right up (no I am not pregnant) and I felt terrible. Im assuming it was just the sausage but I could be coming down with something as I’ve been sniffing and sneezing a lot lately. I’m sniffing now as I type. 

Since I wasn’t feeling well today I haven’t really been active or productive until about an hour ago. Today I was supposed to finish up my tasks from yesterday and have time with my friend. Well, we’re trying yet again tomorrow- maybe.

I just got done cleaning up after the guinea pigs and some dishes because no way I was doing it earlier. No worries everyone got fed! despite not wanting to do anything else.

I have a video for their channel still needing to be edited and uploaded. YouTubing is hard work I tell you, especially just starting out and doing other things too. Making a channel for my pets was basically a test/trial to see if I would actually like doing it and get some experience, then I would create a personal or blog YouTube account. 

So far, I’m definitely not ready for that but it’s still a consideration. I’m still interested. Do any of you have YouTube channels or plan on starting one?

Besides that, I was able to make time to watch the sunset. It didn’t require too much effort as everything else did. 

Here are a couple of tonight’s shots…

I can’t wait to have a car again so we can go somewhere to get better views. I could take a walk but even standing on my balcony taking the pictures is uncomfortable sometimes. Okay a lot of the time. I don’t know, I just don’t like people watching me take pictures or taking pictures of me lol. It makes me uncomfortable. Am I the only one? 

Usually I can get nice shots without stepping out, and sometimes I take them from the bedroom window. I’ll start to share them here more since some of you don’t have Instagram, where I post majority of them.

Anyway, I hope and let’s all hope that I do not get strep throat😩🙁

Or sick period. Let’s wake up feeling better!As you all know, or you may just be finding out- I recently hit the 500 follower mark, which was one of my goals for June. I said I would let you all know what I wanted to do to celebrate and decided I had to do something involving the number 5 lol (500 would probably be a little wild) so yesterday I posted 5 times! I think that’s my record so I was proud of that.

I also want to do a Q&A, I always love reading those and asking questions so I thought you all would love to ask some questions. I’d love to answer!

So go ahead, ask me questions in the comment section💕 

Think of the most basic questions or the most interesting, I only ask that you don’t ask where I am from or my first name✨

I will be answering them next Friday, the 23rd and of course I’ll have to deliver it in a FUN way😉

Let’s make it happen! I’ve got some nice ideas for this. Ask as many as you like✨

What’s Up Wednesday?!✨

It’s Wednesday again already? I don’t know where these days go.

I want to thank Cheila for sharing who the original creator of this post was so that I can give her the proper credit. The creator of What’s Up Wednesday is Shay of Mix & Match Mama, go check her blog out and go ahead and participate:)

Today isn’t very exciting but I’ve decided that I won’t do this every Wednesday, as that just adds more work and pressure to my blog schedule and some things may not have changed from the previous week. I plan to do this at least twice a month.


What we’re eating this week:

This hasn’t changed much. I actually just finished an ice cream sandwich a few minutes ago. I had left over pizza for breakfast. I don’t even wanna discuss it.

What I’m reminiscing about:

Simpler times…

What I’m loving:

I’m still loving my alone time but other than that I don’t know. Loving that I haven’t lost my mind completely yet? Yay.

What we’ve been up to:

Trying to plan better financially. Looking for a new car that we don’t have to pay so much on every 2 weeks! Saving up for the guinea pigs new cage. Still don’t have a couch for the living room so we’ll be working on getting that too… and then a TV. But more bills before that. Blah. Money, money, money…. This is the same obviously but also I’ve been thinking heavily on things, trying to make decisions, expressing myself more. Some things just can’t be ignored, but sometimes you get tired of trying to express yourself when nothing changes or people never listen anyway.

What I’m dreading:

Paying said bills. Looking for a new car. Decisions.

What I’m working on:

Staying positive, putting myself first. I can’t worry about everyone else all of time and not worry about taking care of myself. A few posts to upload the rest of the week. Some planning for June, new ideas and projects and everything else I already mentioned. Posting on Twitter more.

What I’m excited about:

New ideas and projects.

What I’m watching/reading:

I haven’t been watching much tv lately. Still reading that same book Ruined, haven’t read the past two days though. I’ve been reading blogs. Does that count?

What I’m listening to:

Right now i’m listening to SZA – Broken Clocks

What I’m wearing:

A yellow shirt that says Sunshine On My Mind lol, and sweats.

What I’m doing this weekend:

I have no idea. We don’t have a car yet. I’ll probably be washing and doing my hair which is a long process.

What I’m looking forward to the next month:

Summer Shopping. Blog posts I have planned towards the end of the month. New featured images. Going out. Reaching 500 blog followers, 464 currently.

What else is new:

Today is a new day. Lol, honestly not much is new. Which is kind of frustrating. I am still growing my blog and Instagram account. Growing every day, that’s nice.

Are you participating in What’s Up Wednesday? How is your Wednesday going so far? Comment below.

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Today’s To Do: Hello June!🌻

Hey everyone! 

Can you believe it’s June already?? That means we’re already halfway through 2017, wow!

As you know, I mentioned I would be changing my To Do List featured image, you’ve seen it now so what do you think?? 

Do you like the change? I love it. I also made this one:

I like it but felt maybe it was a little too busy. Still cute. I may use this type of edit for something else.

I’ll also be editing some more images for the month of June so you’ll start to see those changes within the next week or two.

Today’s To Do:

✔️Feed/clean pets

✔️Record/Edit/Upload YT video

✔️Post to Instagram & Twitter

✔️Watch The Real


✔️Clean bedroom

✔️Continue working on Fun Friday and Short Story Saturday *10:15 PM, Story Time for Saturday: Story of my first love/heartbreak. I know what I’m doing for Fun Friday, I just haven’t drafted it. Will do it tomorrow like usual. 

✔️Read a few chapters


✔️Planning for June

✔️Watch the sunset;9PM tonight (I will be doing what I call “Sunset Series” on my Instagram. Maybe I’ll do a sunrise series one day, if I want to get up that early lol

The below portion is something I’ll be doing every 1st of the month from now on.

This Month I NEED To:

🌻Pay bills

🌻Work on improving ways to Earn/Manage/Save money- I’ll call this mission EMS. Like “M’s” lol

🌻Get organized in general 

🌻Continue consistent writing and posting

🌻Read more

🌻Go out more

🌻Eat/Exercise better

🌻Stay positive 

This Month I WANT To:

✔️Change To Do List

🌻Change a few other things on my blog

🌻Work on EMS 

🌻Reach 500 WP followers

🌻Reach 250 IG followers

🌻Reach 6,000 Twitter followers

🌻150 WP posts

🌻Improve filming skills

🌻Go out more

🌻Go swimming

🌻More DIY projects

🌻Cook/Eat healthier

🌻Get a planner/Start a bullet journal

🌻Stationary haul

🌻Summer clothing haul 

🌻Finish reading Ruined

🌻Go to Barnes & Noble and Books A Million

🌻Cool exciting summer posts June-July 

🌻Go to the dentist

🌻Hair journey post (towards the end of June or beginning of July)

🌻Start a dream journal and be consistent 

🌻Find new bloggers, and new music!

🌻Write more/write my own summer jam😮

🌻Stay positive 

As always, if I need to add anything I’ll come back and do so. Please let me know your plans for June, let me know if you like my new To Do List idea. Let me know anything you want in the comments!💛