Monday Missing + Today’s To Do✨

Featured image is my own. Coming from a post that will be uploaded later on🌥

Yesterday I wanted to test out not blogging on a Monday. I’ve already made my mind that I won’t be posting on Sunday’s anymore but I was considering cutting Monday also. This is just so I can give myself time to recharge and plan freely so things aren’t as overwhelming each day…Honestly it almost felt like I was fighting off an addiction.

One part of me wanted to post something so badly, even though I had no clue exactly what I wanted to post. I could have done a To Do list but chances are, I wouldn’t have done anything on it since I was feeling lazy and blue. No need to force content that may not be as good as it could be if I just relax for a day or 2. Take the time to relax, reflect, and gather more ideas and inspiration. Spend time with your loved ones, go out and enjoy nature. Trust me you’ll feel fresh and rejuvenated and ready to come back with a another great post! The other part of me was glad that I didn’t make plans or promises to post because again, I felt lazy and blue. I even decided to paint my nails blue since I hadn’t painted them in a while and that’s the mood I was in. But then I didn’t want to be all sad so I needed to add more color. I ended up wanting summer, beach theme colors. Of course I’m no nail technician and I can get a little messy but my simple nail painting skills are still cute I think lol.

These are all the colors I used.

There’s a lot more in that bag than it looks like. I still want more! Lol

Here you can see my nails a little.

I really love the Hard Candy and the blue Revlon glitter polish. Would you like to see my whole collection?

Maybe I’ll try to find pictures of actual designs I’ve tried to do for a future post.

By 7 PM I was feeling a little better but not enough to post. At 11:44 PM I was still awake, thinking about posting and wishing I had something epic to post, but not feeling like it anyway. By this time I was thinking of all the ideas I could use for Today. And I actually still haven’t decided if I would cut Monday out or not🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

Maybe I’ll use it as a free day, a post if I feel like it kind of day. Fun Friday and Short Story Saturday is pretty much set in stone as of now. Sunday is pretty much an off day set in stone, now I’m working on the rest of the week.

I won’t be lazy today (even though I really want to be) so I’ll post a To Do list below☺️

Today’s To Do:

✔️ Feed pets 

✔️ Spot clean guinea pigs area

✔️ Upload 2-3 posts 

✔️ Read/Comment/Respond

🌸 Read book

🌸 Have smoothie with Kale *Nope, guess I’ll try again tomorrow*

✔️ Watch The Real

✔️ Upload to guinea pigs YouTube channel (Izabelle has been added to the show😻 There may be a name change soon)

🌸 Wash dishes *I’m so tired of dishes lol how do we have so many? There’s only 2 of us*

✔️ Decide which DIYs I’m going to do first and work on them for Fun Friday

That’s all I’ll give myself today, it’s a pretty good list 10 tasks. I think I can complete it, we’ll see🙂

What are some of your tasks for the day?

The Last Post..

Good morning everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there💕 

Enjoy the day. You deserve it. And to all the sons and daughters, show appreciation to the woman who carried you in her womb, and gave you life. Not only today but everyday! Not everyone will be able to tell their mom they love them or wish them a Happy Mother’s Day this year. Know that it’s truly a blessing to have such a bond, a type of love that can not be replaced. Don’t ever take it for granted.

And if you haven’t read this week’s Short Story Saturday post, “Mother Away” head on over to read it after you’re done here. It might be a little sad but it ends on a positive note.💛

It ends with positive hope…

Now as the title says, because I’m sure you’re all wondering, this will be my last post. No worries! This is only for Sunday’s. I’m working on a blog schedule and I’ve realized blogging every single day is very time consuming and can get overwhelming quickly. I will be using Sunday as a day to relax, spend time with loved ones and enjoy the outside world. This doesn’t mean I won’t be on WordPress at all, I just won’t be posting that day. For now you can still expect something Monday-Saturday. I am still deciding if I’m going to use Monday as a no post day also. If I choose to do so, I will use Monday the same as Sunday, but also as a day to catch up on reading your posts more. If I decide to continue posting on Monday’s I will use it as a planning day to plan and share those plans for the week. I will also be posting the words of the week and definitions. This could be from the websites of my own choice of words.

A complete schedule will be posted once it is ready. 

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you all tomorrow💖

Do you have a blogging schedule? Do you post everyday? Let me know in the comments section✨

Blog Updates!

Good morning everyone!

Today I have a few updates to share with you all starting with the daily inspiration posts, this is something I wanted to try out to see how it goes and so far it’s doing well! However, I will only continue it for a month. May 12th will be the last daily inspiration post but that doesn’t mean the inspiration in my posts will stop! It’s not easy searching for a great quote every day that does not sound similar to others so, I’d much rather post according to how I’m feeling and not feel obligated to do something specific every day.

More Updates and Series

  • I have started a YouTube channel for my guinea pigs- I want to start a personal channel but I figured I’d see how this goes first. That way I don’t waste time putting myself out there on video and then end up not liking it much. So for now, if you love animals please head over to PiggieVidi TV and subscribe! First full episode will be up before the day is over.
  • I will be active on social media again! (Instagram & Twitter) Follow if you haven’t already and I will be sure to follow back. Instagram Twitter
  • Fun Friday will continue! This Friday look forward to another apartment Find It game! This time we will use the kitchen.
  • I have been slowly re-designing my blog! Visit my site and stay tuned to see all the changes.
  • Those DIY projects are coming! Not just apartment decor either. We’re getting there slowly but surly. I’ve got a lot to show you all. I recently made a baby shower corsage for my cousin who is having twin boys soon! I’ll be sure to show you all the finished product when it’s complete.
  • Short Story Saturday’s! I think this series is going to be my favorite. Every Saturday (on audio) I will post a short story or tell a story. The stories will often be fiction but there will be some based on my own life. I will post the audio link in the post. Eventually this will be moved to YouTube or some other platform.
  • To kick it off, I’m going to post the first Short Story Saturday post today on a Monday! Think of this as an ad or trailer. This one is actually a poem I wrote a while back but still a story is told. Please listen in the link below. Let me know what you think and if you’ll be interested in these story series.

Beauty & Love (Short Story Saturday Audio)

Special thanks to this beautiful young lady for letting me use her picture for this a while ago. Find her on Instagram and twitter @AriannaModels 



What have I been doing? +Updates

Hello lovely readers! It feels like it’s been SO long since I’ve made a post or read any but I’ve got time today and I’m very excited😊 I can’t wait to start my binge reading right after this.

So, what have I been up to?

I’ve mainly been focused on ways of earning and saving money towards the new apartment, and other bills of course. This consists of working, cutting down on certain splurges and entertainment, and even pawning things for a little extra cash. I wish money did grow on trees.

My boyfriend and I have also been doing a lot of shopping, looking around to get some ideas of how we’d like to decorate and just seeing what different furniture/home decor stores have to offer. I actually plan to DIY a few decor items and have a short blog series on everything I make for each room- we’ll see how that goes lol. Stay tuned👀

While at hobby lobby I found a few lamps that I absolutely LOVE! I know I’m going to have a hard time choosing between them but either one will look very nice in the living room or bedroom. I’ll include pictures and prices below:

(My picture) I really love this Antique gold geometric lamp. Most of the lamps were $60+ but now are on sale! I’m glad we didn’t actually buy any yet😃

My pictures don’t really show these beautiful lamps any justice lol. All of them look as good as they do on the website photos. This one is a pineapple shaped lamp 🍍 how cool is that?! Who doesn’t love pineapples???

I must say that these last two lamps are my favorites. This one I love that the base is round, with that nice texture and that gold of course!

I actually couldn’t find this one on the website so I don’t know the exact price but look how beautiful they look! White roses?! Very elegant. I don’t see how you could go wrong here unless you get EVERYTHING white dirty. I think this would even be a nice wedding gift lol maybe. It reminds me of a wedding. What do you all think?

I also went to Michaels which is another hobby/craft store like Hobby Lobby. There I only picked up two items, which really could count as one but I can’t wait to use them!

When you get a new apartment or house, you have to get a key right? So why not have a nice keychain to put it on?

(Both keychains together⬆️)

This is something else the camera doesn’t do any justice for. The gold, and the rhinestones are so beautiful in person especially in sunlight I’m sure you could imagine. It doesn’t look cheap despite them both being nomore than $6. And look at the glasses on the little fur ball- OMG! 😍🤓

It’s going to be so fun adding my 🔑  and using it for the first time. Can April come any faster?


-My birthday has passed but I will be celebrating this weekend 🎉 

-New post on Thursday!

-Stay tuned for a few series that will be starting (April,May)

Thank you ALL for reading and sticking around. Let me know in the comments which lamp is your favorite, and if you did anything exciting this past weekend.

Until next time, love Lee.❤️

Good Morning! Good News/Bad News👀

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and an amazing Monday. I know you’re all probably wondering what this good news bad news is all about, right?

Well, I had to give you all an update and let you know what’s going to be happening in the next month or two. My birthday is coming VERY soon, so I am planning for that💚 I always want an epic birthday to remember but I usually end up just chilling like any other day lol. Hopefully this one brings great memories. I am also in the process of moving into my first apartment😮😬


I’m SO excited. I guess that could be an epic birthday gift at least.

Now it’s time to start earning and saving extra, and decor/furniture shop of course- Which so far has been my favorite part.

Having my own space will change a lot of things for the better. I plan to get my YouTube account started, start doing audio and spoken word videos, DIY videos and so much more! I just have a lot of ideas and plans being worked on during this time period.

So what does all this mean? Obviously that’s the good news, but what’s the bad?

The bad news is that unfortunately while I’m busy, I won’t be on here blogging much. I’ll still be writing my ideas down so that when I do have time I can make a post without cramming to find a topic. This does not mean that I won’t be posting for the whole month, this only means that instead of 3-4 posts a week you can expect at least 1.

Once we’re all moved in, I want to be sure we have our internet access before posting frequently again, and that we’re all finished with unpacking (worst part lol) I hope you all will understand and respect this time for me.

I also want this post to be interactive just like any other so I must ask a few questions- What was it like moving into your first apartment/house? Was it a stressful process before actually finding one? What was your favorite part about moving?

Until next time, love Lee.