10 Reasons Why I Might Follow Your Blog✨

After having a little more experience blogging I’ll have to do an updated version of this list, and add more detail💙

Hey everyone! Today has been very busy for me but I’m still working on my to do list and I really wanted… to do this lol. So, here are my top 10 reasons why I may follow you…

1. You have a nice name/picture. Chances are, if your picture is blank or your name is something I can’t read or understand I won’tfollow you.

2. You post regularly. If I’m going to follow a blog, I’m looking for consistency in the dates posted.

3. Your blog looks nice and organized. Not plain, or hard to navigate through. I can clearly see the follow button on mobile device. Variety of topics. Great design etc

4. You engage with your readers and others you follow. This is a big one so make sure you’re not only engaging with me, but other bloggers you follow and who comment to you also.


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Inspiration of the day✨

I’m so glad I went back to read these quotes again. Definitely needed

Well you all, the time has come a bit earlier..

If you didn’t know already, I mentioned that May 12th would be the last “Inspiration of the day” post. However, I am ending it a little earlier. I’m only ending it earlier because I have so many new ideas I want to start sharing on my blog, and I feel like posting this every day was holding me back. I felt like this was just becoming a daily inspirational quote blog for a moment, and it’s so much more than that!

I really can’t wait to share some of my new ideas and content with you all!


Don’t think that i’m going to end like this:)

For the last day, I’m going to share 12 quotes (some are favorites from previous days)

I figured I would do 12 since I was only that many days away from finishing…

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Art From The Heart: Poetry by Lee💖

My art comes from my heart, it flows out into my surroundings in various ways.

Maybe I draw, maybe I paint,

Maybe I write, or maybe I sing.

The art that comes from my heart can come out as a lot of things.

No art is the same every heart is different.

We can stare at the same painting and interpret different meanings.

We can read the same poem and feel different feelings.

Or hear the same song and reminisce on different memories.

My art comes from my heart, so please don’t judge the way I express myself or the way that I think.

Maybe I find beauty in the naked body. Maybe it’s my way of showing confidence.

Maybe I’m comfortable and happy with my sexuality.

Maybe I find beauty in fashion, Don’t judge my designs or the way that I dress.

Maybe I like myself like this.


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Fun Friday #17: There’s ANOTHER site like Canva?!☺️

Happy Fun Friday everyone!

As promised, I will be sharing another editing app with you all. Don’t forget that there will be another one tomorrow too, so if you’re someone interested in making your social media sites or pictures more aesthetically pleasing continue reading and come back tomorrow to check them out!

Lately I’ve been finding several apps similar to Canva. While Canva still seems to be the best in my opinion, the other apps and editing sites I’ve found are pretty great too. The site that I’ll be sharing today, FotoJet comes the closest so far (of the ones I’ve tried) so I’m putting it in 2nd place right behind Canva.

The sites description: FotoJet is a great online graphic designer, collage maker & photo editor that will enable you to create amazing social media graphics, posters, flyers, banners, cards, collages, and also help you to edit photos without hassles.

Here is one of the “Magazine Covers” I created using FotoJet, and Laura’s pictures from Lauzie’s Lifestyle


Now let’s take a closer look behind the scenes as I edit another!

Screenshot (30)

You have the option to create a design, make a collage, or edit a photo. For this I’ll just be using create a design. There are so many templates to choose from, but some are only for the premium version. The free version still has some really nice ones. I’ll be using “Magazine Cover”


Screenshot (33)

Here is just a look at some of the collage choices:Screenshot (34)Now back to magazine covers…
You’ll notice a scroll bar on the left side with all of the magazine templates. I’ve chosen this Honey template.

Screenshot (35)

Now I’m going to change the text from Honey to LauziesLifestyle using the Homemade Apple font which is my favorite. I also want to change the picture! But I’ll be adding 3 pictures instead of just 1.

Screenshot (38)

Screenshot (39)You can also change the background colors if you want. You can choose single colors, make gradient colors, or use one of the cute patterns they have. I chose to leave the background as is. I did use a gradient I created in the first magazine cover of Laura.

Screenshot (40)

When you are ready to save your image, you can rename it, and choose the format either JPG or PNG. I kept it as JPG. I also kept the size the same.

Screenshot (41)
First photo in image|Photographer:@rbphotographsLauraMag2

I hope you all enjoyed checking this site out with me! Have any of you used FotoJet before? Let me know in the comments if you have or will be giving it a try. Thanks for stopping by.


Introducing another beautiful blogger✨

Wow! It’s August 1st already and this is my 5th and final week introducing/featuring 5 different bloggers here on Golden Pink Journal. I can’t believe it has been nearly 5 weeks since reaching 500 followers and sharing with you all my very first Q&A, which I actually made into a game also. That is the reason I have been featuring these 5 special bloggers, they participated, played along, and have been great supporters.
I appreciate you all so much!

Our last feature will be Laura from Lauzies Lifestyle.

Laura is so brave, talented, kind, and beautiful you all! I’m very excited to be ending this out with her.

I can’t quite remember how I found her blog, but I do remember reading her posts and being able to relate to so many. I was able to relate to some of the good and much of the bad yet still be able to walk away with something positive.
If i’m able to read or view your content and walk away with something positive from it, that get’s an automatic follow and automatic support from me. These are the type of creators, and artists that influence me the most because that’s the type of influence that I want to be.

Laura is a published writer, model, makeup artist, health enthusiast and a blogger of course. Already we can tell that she is one hard working, determined woman. This is also something that inspires and influences me to be more hard working and determined. I love blogging but I want to do many other things also such as publishing my first book, being confident enough to just feel like a model, dabble in YouTube, do spoken word or other forms of poetry, start and continue a successful business. There’s just a lot that I really want to do and have a passion for, and I constantly see that it CAN be done! You don’t have to be limited to one thing.

On Laura’s blog, you can find and expect beauty, fashion, health & well-being, poetry, mental health and general living posts. Sounds like my type of blog, maybe yours too? Then you should definitely follow her!

In her about section, she has listed 5 of her favorite posts and I’ll be linking 2 down below for you to check out. After checking them out, be sure to give a follow and show some love to her likes and in the comments. Come back tomorrow for an amazing guest post and the next few days for more features. I will also be sharing 2 apps this week instead of 1. One will be for Fun Friday, and one on Saturday. I think you all will enjoy them!

2 of Laura’s favorite posts: (these are also some of my favorites so check them out!)

Why is it wrong to believe in your dreams?

A motivational piece questioning why as adults, the millennial generation are told to be more realistic.

Ten do’s and don’ts: Red lipstick  

Advice and tips on how to wear red.

I also want to share some of my favorite pictures of Laura from her Instagram💕

Photographer: Studio GD Photography

View full rhyme by following. Laura writes inspiring poetry under some of her photos. I’ve loved all the ones I’ve read so far!


A healthy lifestyle will have you feeling beautiful inside and out☺️💛 she also recently cut her hair which I definitely can relate to since a year ago I cut all of mine away. A year before that I did my first mini big chop which gave me this type of cute Dora look lol.
But it’s true what that say, I’ve confirmed it, Laura has confirmed it and so has many others- A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life! This is a famous quote actually and when I cut my hair I felt some sort of instant freedom and confidence that I can’t really explain, it was a strong positive feeling that I never thought I would have. I honestly thought I would hate my haircut and literally brought a wig to the salon with me for my 2nd chop. Didn’t even need it. I felt beautiful, I felt like I had cut away so much negativity from my life. I walked out with that wig still in it’s bag, about an inch of hair left, and a smile on my face. I’d say cutting my hair was the start of a new journey for me, a more positive one. Have any of you ever done any big chops? Did you feel this way too, and did your life change in a way afterwards? Let me know in the comments.

Follow Laura on Instagram!

One last thing, I will be doing another update post sometime this week so stay tuned for that. Thanks for stopping by!✨


Essential Living With Dakota💚

This week I will be introducing and featuring yet another blogger!

Dakota, from Essential Living With Dakota.
Normally I do the introductions myself, but what better way to introduce someone than that person actually introducing themselves? That is what Dakota has done. Think of it as her guest post. I’m still getting to know Dakota, mainly through her Instagram since I haven’t been blogging much so this was a lot of help for me in letting you know a bit about her and her blog.

Here is what she’d like us all to know:

Hey, hey!
My name is Dakota, I’m a wife of 6 years to the most supportive, understanding man I’ve ever met. A mama to three strong-willed, wild, amazing little boys ages 6, 3, & 1. And a Young Living Essential Oil enthusiast! I’m just your average mama, surviving motherhood, and finding her purpose in this crazy life.
After my youngest was born, I went through a really dark, overwhelming, fearful time. Just before my youngest son’s first birthday, I ended up in Urgent Care with my husband and it was then that I admitted to him that I was ready to move on from a physical life on Earth. What I was living was no longer quality of life, and it was cruel to expose my children to that any longer. (This is where the essential oils come in, but I’ll let you hop over to my blog to read more into that!)
Once I started feeling better and getting control of my life back, I started blogging. I’m pretty non-confrontational, so simply talking about what’s on my heart isn’t very easy for me. My blog is a way for me to talk about the really hard things that most mom’s and wives feel ashamed discussing. Motherhood is hard! Marriage is hard! But we don’t have to feel so alone!!
My hope is to reach others, let them see they’re not alone in their daily struggles, and inspire them to grant themselves some grace. Love yourself – the world only gets one of you!

Doesn’t she seem like a wonderful mother, and a lovely inspiring woman already? I’m not a mother yet, but maybe i’ll learn a few things diving deeper into her blog.💚

“Love yourself, the world only gets one of you.” Say it one more time with me…
Head over to Dakota’s blog after reading, and come back for the next few days to find out some other great things and check out a new app with me.

The change is happening…


When I first created this blog and spent only about a day deciding on what exactly I wanted it to be about and the name, I thought I had chosen the perfect one! The one I would stick to forever and it would relate to me so well.


That was true until a few weeks ago. Blogging had started to become a chore and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I took a break off and came back thinking I would be recharged and back to normal.


I’ve still been way behind, and feeling the same. Like blogging is more of a chore because something was off and I was so unorganized. It came down to me realizing that I’m not as happy with my content clutter as I’m calling it anymore or about my name at all.

It has set me in a funk and I think it shows.

I do believe that my content is good and many people say they love it, but I also have to love it in order to keep putting it out there.

I found myself trying to come up with things just so I could have something to post every day, just so I could have constant content coming up in the reader so I could continue growing. Nothing is wrong with wanting to grow, nothing is wrong with blogging every day or 5 days a week but you have to be doing it for the right reasons. You have to be doing it because you’re passionate about it and what you write.

I was going to save all of this post for later but I’m tired of waiting and thinking. Remember I created this name in one day. The past few weeks I’ve been thinking about a new name and that itself tells me something. I haven’t changed my mind and decided to stay as GoldenPinkJournal yet and I know for fact I won’t be. So over it.

It doesn’t represent me in the way that I want it to and if you randomly came across it you would just think it’s a gold and pink notebook or something. I love the colors still, just not for a name.

Also, after finally sharing my pictures, telling one blogging friend my real first name, and even being comfortable enough to share myself singing with you all I realized I can just really be my true self. I don’t have to hide every single thing about me anymore. I’m ready to be more open with you all and myself. The next step will be with my family but that’s another story for another time.

So the big change will be that I will be starting over on a whole new blog…

 This was a very scary thought for me and still is because GoldenPinkJournal is now getting closer to 700 followers and I’ll have to gain all of that back again. I’ll have to get people familiar with my name again. But I’d rather start now than later when it would have maybe 1000 or more. Yes I could just change my name on this account but with doing that you have to change a lot of other things and redirect your traffic, etc. I wish it was as simple as changing a username but unfortunately it’s not. This is also why it is good to be 100% sure on your name before you start, which I thought I was. Oops. 

But we grow and with that comes change. We gain more knowledge and confidence and aren’t the same as we were when we first began unaware and afraid.

I know some may think this isn’t necessary, but it is to me. I’ve thought and fought with myself long about this. I know I may lose a lot of views but I’m gonna keep going. In time I’ll get them back. Half of me is excited about this change but the other half is freaking out not wanting to hit publish. I’m still going to. No turning back. Then I would really feel like I’ve made a mistake and lost my mind.

I will be keeping GoldenPinkJournal up and I will still be uploading for the next month, I will be doing the features for my 5 winners here still. But shortly after that my main blog will be the new blog. I have already picked names out and I will be working on the blog and building content over the next month. You may see the change on social media sooner than later. I’ve learned that names for social media go very quick!

I will be sure to follow you all on the new blog when the time comes and share the link here so more of you can find me. 

As I said, I am still here for the next month or so, so this is not my last post. Just an update and a heads up …and an I must be crazy but it must be done post. 

There are a few other reasons I decided to go with another name but I’m going to save that for my first post on the new blog. 

I’ll talk with you all tomorrow💛