Essential Living With Dakota💚

This week I will be introducing and featuring yet another blogger!

Dakota, from Essential Living With Dakota.
Normally I do the introductions myself, but what better way to introduce someone than that person actually introducing themselves? That is what Dakota has done. Think of it as her guest post. I’m still getting to know Dakota, mainly through her Instagram since I haven’t been blogging much so this was a lot of help for me in letting you know a bit about her and her blog.

Here is what she’d like us all to know:

Hey, hey!
My name is Dakota, I’m a wife of 6 years to the most supportive, understanding man I’ve ever met. A mama to three strong-willed, wild, amazing little boys ages 6, 3, & 1. And a Young Living Essential Oil enthusiast! I’m just your average mama, surviving motherhood, and finding her purpose in this crazy life.
After my youngest was born, I went through a really dark, overwhelming, fearful time. Just before my youngest son’s first birthday, I ended up in Urgent Care with my husband and it was then that I admitted to him that I was ready to move on from a physical life on Earth. What I was living was no longer quality of life, and it was cruel to expose my children to that any longer. (This is where the essential oils come in, but I’ll let you hop over to my blog to read more into that!)
Once I started feeling better and getting control of my life back, I started blogging. I’m pretty non-confrontational, so simply talking about what’s on my heart isn’t very easy for me. My blog is a way for me to talk about the really hard things that most mom’s and wives feel ashamed discussing. Motherhood is hard! Marriage is hard! But we don’t have to feel so alone!!
My hope is to reach others, let them see they’re not alone in their daily struggles, and inspire them to grant themselves some grace. Love yourself – the world only gets one of you!

Doesn’t she seem like a wonderful mother, and a lovely inspiring woman already? I’m not a mother yet, but maybe i’ll learn a few things diving deeper into her blog.💚

“Love yourself, the world only gets one of you.” Say it one more time with me…
Head over to Dakota’s blog after reading, and come back for the next few days to find out some other great things and check out a new app with me.

The change is happening…


When I first created this blog and spent only about a day deciding on what exactly I wanted it to be about and the name, I thought I had chosen the perfect one! The one I would stick to forever and it would relate to me so well.


That was true until a few weeks ago. Blogging had started to become a chore and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I took a break off and came back thinking I would be recharged and back to normal.


I’ve still been way behind, and feeling the same. Like blogging is more of a chore because something was off and I was so unorganized. It came down to me realizing that I’m not as happy with my content clutter as I’m calling it anymore or about my name at all.

It has set me in a funk and I think it shows.

I do believe that my content is good and many people say they love it, but I also have to love it in order to keep putting it out there.

I found myself trying to come up with things just so I could have something to post every day, just so I could have constant content coming up in the reader so I could continue growing. Nothing is wrong with wanting to grow, nothing is wrong with blogging every day or 5 days a week but you have to be doing it for the right reasons. You have to be doing it because you’re passionate about it and what you write.

I was going to save all of this post for later but I’m tired of waiting and thinking. Remember I created this name in one day. The past few weeks I’ve been thinking about a new name and that itself tells me something. I haven’t changed my mind and decided to stay as GoldenPinkJournal yet and I know for fact I won’t be. So over it.

It doesn’t represent me in the way that I want it to and if you randomly came across it you would just think it’s a gold and pink notebook or something. I love the colors still, just not for a name.

Also, after finally sharing my pictures, telling one blogging friend my real first name, and even being comfortable enough to share myself singing with you all I realized I can just really be my true self. I don’t have to hide every single thing about me anymore. I’m ready to be more open with you all and myself. The next step will be with my family but that’s another story for another time.

So the big change will be that I will be starting over on a whole new blog…

 This was a very scary thought for me and still is because GoldenPinkJournal is now getting closer to 700 followers and I’ll have to gain all of that back again. I’ll have to get people familiar with my name again. But I’d rather start now than later when it would have maybe 1000 or more. Yes I could just change my name on this account but with doing that you have to change a lot of other things and redirect your traffic, etc. I wish it was as simple as changing a username but unfortunately it’s not. This is also why it is good to be 100% sure on your name before you start, which I thought I was. Oops. 

But we grow and with that comes change. We gain more knowledge and confidence and aren’t the same as we were when we first began unaware and afraid.

I know some may think this isn’t necessary, but it is to me. I’ve thought and fought with myself long about this. I know I may lose a lot of views but I’m gonna keep going. In time I’ll get them back. Half of me is excited about this change but the other half is freaking out not wanting to hit publish. I’m still going to. No turning back. Then I would really feel like I’ve made a mistake and lost my mind.

I will be keeping GoldenPinkJournal up and I will still be uploading for the next month, I will be doing the features for my 5 winners here still. But shortly after that my main blog will be the new blog. I have already picked names out and I will be working on the blog and building content over the next month. You may see the change on social media sooner than later. I’ve learned that names for social media go very quick!

I will be sure to follow you all on the new blog when the time comes and share the link here so more of you can find me. 

As I said, I am still here for the next month or so, so this is not my last post. Just an update and a heads up …and an I must be crazy but it must be done post. 

There are a few other reasons I decided to go with another name but I’m going to save that for my first post on the new blog. 

I’ll talk with you all tomorrow💛

Party In The Garden: My Summer Party Playlist Lyrics🌻🎶

The time has come for my summer hit lyrics! Are you all ready?!

I’ve added in a recording of the first verse just so you can hear exactly how I imagined it to be. I am not a singer by any means (I wish I was aha) so it doesn’t sound spectacular by any means, but I thought you all would love and want to know how it would sound instead of just reading the lyrics. That would be no fun right?

Click here to listen to the first verse. Click here for the full instrumental/beat.

Party in the Garden by Lee @GoldenPinkJournal
Spring has just ended
summer has begun
Flowers have been blooming
time to have some fun
Grab some shorts or a dress
It don’t matter just dress your best
Summer parties or a swim
We can even take a trip
Vacation in a paradise
You’ve just got to have an open mind
Open your eyes

Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahh

I just wanna go go go
To a place I’ve never been before
I just wanna know know know
What this summer has in store
It can be the best yet
Beauty in the sunset
Does anyone wanna join in?
Everyone’s invited to my summer party
Not your ordinary
You can find me in the garden
Dancing with the daisies
Dancing with sunflowers
All through the hours
I’m singing my own tune
But can I sing with you?

The birds have been singing
The sun has been shining all on us
When the night comes
light the fireworks
We’re having so much fun
If you’re still not here yet
Grab some shorts or a dress
It don’t matter just dress your best
Summer parties or a swim
We can even take a trip

Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahh

Summers close to ending
we don’t have to end it
Before falls beginning we can just pretend that
there’s a few more hot moments
and memories to make
Memories to bring
to the next season
Another party in the garden
No more flowers
We’re dancing with the leaves
But we done have to leave

Oh yeah yeah yeah

I just wanna stay stay stay
In this place in this space
I don’t wanna go go go
What this summer has in store
It has been the best yet
Beauty in the sunset
Anyone else wanna join in?
Everyone’s invited to my summer party
Not your ordinary
Find me in the garden
Dancing with the daisies
Dancing with sunflowers
all through the hours
Singing my own tune
Will you sing it too?

Ahhh that’s it, what do you think? Let me know in the comments! I think I want to make another one lol. Also, I mentioned that I will be extending the Summer Party Playlist Project. I have decided not to extend it because I don’t believe I will have any more entries and I’m moving on to some changes. This is now the end of the project. I only had 4 submissions and I don’t know of any albums or playlists that are that short lol. My plans for this didn’t work out well but that’s okay, I understand everyone can’t participate in everything, no worries. Thank you to those of you who did participate:) 

Check out their entries below, I loveee them all!

Elsie’s Entry – Summer Bucket List

Hannah Maggies Entry – The Beautiful Everyday (video poem)

Wonderwall’s Entry – Summer Love That Lasted

TipsAndTricksForLifeBlog’s Entry – Summer Flame (lyrics) read them below!

~summer flame~
This place is not the same anymore
I walk around feeling lost without you
My eyes are still staring at the door
Waiting for your smile to come through
Waiting for your hand on my shoulder
Waiting for your walk around me
Waiting for you, while it gets colder
But the sun is gone and now I see
You were just a summerflame
But I kept the fire for us going
You only wanted the sumer fame
Now it’s with her you keep on rolling
I miss your smell in my nose
I miss the looks you gave me
And I think no one knows
I wanted you to be with me
I miss the movements you made
Our last words supposed to be goodbye
But I’m still dreaming about a moment
That you come in just to say hi
But I guess You were just a summerflame
But I kept the fire for us going
You only wanted the sumer fame
Now it”s with her you keep on rolling
But you had your moment of doubt
And I could read it from your face
Maybe you were just too proud
And that’s why you let us go to waste
Can’t think about that car,
without you on my mind,
I have to touch it
everytime I’m around
But I guess You were just a summerflame
But I kept the fire for us going
You only wanted the sumer fame
Now it’s with her you keep on rolling
When will you understand
What you did when we touch hands
I hope some day you understand
That I only wished to stay friends
Did you enjoy my lyrics and all of the entries? If you did submit an entry and I just didn’t see it please let me know so I can add to this list!
Let each of the participants know how great of a job they did, these entries were amazing! Again, thank you so much💕


Have You Followed Maggie?!

Have you followed Maggie from Dreaming of Guatemala yet?

No? 😮 Then let me tell you why you should!

Maggie is one of the sweetest persons I’ve met here on WordPress and I say this often💕She’s so encouraging, always shows constant support and is just a BRIGHT LIGHT in this community from what I see and can feel.

She posts consistently which is a huge reason to follow!

She has a new series called Your Summer Memories where she lets viewers send in stories about their favorite summer memories. She’s got 7 uploaded already! Maybe you’ll send in an entry and be featured on her blog?🙂

She also has a Spotlight Saturday series where she interviews different bloggers each week. I’ve recently been interviewed for the series and it was a lot of fun having my first sort of interview experience lol. I was going through a rough time at the moment but I knew her interview could cheer me up, as it did 💛

She also has little accomplishments and Making The Change/monthly wrap ups. We all love those right???

Another thing I love about Maggie’s blog is that she bakes! On her blog you can see all of the yummy desserts she makes and of course she shares the ingredients and her step by step directions 🙂 Check out her cinnamon roll cake, fruit salsa/cinnamon chips, and vanilla dump cake which are some of my favorites!

Look at how delicious each dish looks! I’ve never had fruit salsa and cinnamon chips so i’d definitely love to try it out!

Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie Cam

Maggie is also a big sister and will soon be having another sibling which is so exciting to me, mainly because I’ve always wanted to have younger siblings, especially a little sister! I never got that chance, I am the little sister besides the 2 younger brothers I didn’t get to meet because of adoption. A strong relationship with your siblings is truly a blessing.

Her baby sister Elizabeth just had her 1st birthday on June 26, 2017 and she shared a whole post about the experience meeting her for the first time. This will be a memory both of them can cherish forever💕

maggieandelizabethThis is just too adorable! You can see the love and joy on her face. It kind of looks like Elizabeth is smiling too right?!

Maggie also wrote a lovely guest post for me about discovering our passions that you should check out if you haven’t already. Think about what you’re doing in life right now, is it truly a passion or just a hobby? Of course both are amazing but you should really know and focus on those passions.

She participated in my 500 follower Q&A game and won 1st place so I will be featuring Maggie on my blog for the next 3 days (5 features for each of the 5 winners)

I hope I’ve given enough reason for you to follow sweet Maggie, and if you already follow her maybe you can share your own reasons in the comments below 🙂


Golden Comments✨

Happy Saturday everyone!

Are you all waiting for Short Story Saturday? No worries, it will be posted this afternoon. I’ve got a few tasks to complete first including grocery shopping and laundry. Last night (fighting sleep) and this morning I spent a lot of time catching up on your blogs. Of course I’ll be doing this all weekend so if I haven’t gotten to yours yet I will.

Today I wanted to share some special comments I got in the past 2 weeks. I have to give them a bit of spotlight because they were so amazing. If this happens more often I’ll have to make this a series!

So here are my golden comments for the week in the order they came. Thank you SO MUCH to each of you!✨ this week has been very stressful for me so I really appreciate it.

Once again, thank you all for your kind words💛 y’all are beyond amazing.

Guest Post Sunday – “Clothes Sizes” by Ella May Garrett

Ladies, we have to stop focusing so much about sizing!
We’re all a size BEAUTIFUL!❤️ Take a moment to read:)

Pink For Days

Hello friends,

Sunday means a new Guest Post.  This week I have the pleasure to present a post by a dear blogger and friend, Ella May Garrett. This is such a good article and I think we can all relate to it, so I would be very happy if you would re-blog this or send it to every friend, sister, mother, daughter and any girl in your life who has ever struggled with clothes sizes. Don’t we all know one? I mean, aren’t you one? I know I am.

Clothes Sizes by Ella May Garrett

Standing in the Topshop fitting rooms, I have my usual size 8 in hand and I feel awful. Why? Because I could barely get this denim skirt up my legs before I had to accept that it didn’t fit me. I asked the lovely lady for a size 10 and I ended up buying it……

View original post 569 more words

The Little Things

Take a moment to read this beautiful, inspiring poem💛🦋


Someone once said, “a line is a dot that went for a walk,”

So I thought, a sentence is a word whowanted to talk.

And music is a note who just wanted to sing

To tell us it’s okay to start small, before we spread our wings.

To take a moment to stop, and appreciate the little things…

Join me in celebrating the written word at The Poet’s Point. This is a new page I’m starting in efforts to form a community in which artists can share their work, get feedback, and inspire others. It’s a perfect place to overcome writer’s block, share your thoughts, test new content, gain an audience, and meet artists from around the world.thebreakofthebranchtext

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