Short Story Saturday!

Today’s short story is a game play conversation between four teenage friends at a sleepover. But how well do they really know each other? How close and caring can they really be? I’ve listed some basic information about each of the characters. Maybe you can play along as you read?

2 Truths, 1 Lie

Bonnie- 17 years old, Aries, loves all sports, hates the color pink, very outgoing, outspoken, also thinks she’s the “leader”

Alina- 16 years old, Cancer sign, loves pastel and neon colors, kind of outgoing, likes to read and write, rarely listens to music surprisingly, usually very positive and cheerful, is a cheer leader, kind of into fashion

Sarah- 17 years old, Sagittarius, popular, confident, most people find her attractive, loves pink, outspoken, probably the “leader” of the group, very strong personality

Hope- 16 years old, Pisces, doesn’t have a favorite color, shy/reserved, quiet, usually the one to go unnoticed, observant/good listener, sweet, really pretty (if only she knew)

Sarah: Are you girls up for a game?

Hope: What kind of game? It’s 1 AM. Is it scary?

Sarah and Alina snicker a little

Hope: It’s not funny!

Sarah: It kind of is Hope. What are you scared for? I just want to play 2 truths 1 lie.

Alina: OOOH let’s play! That sounds fun!

Hope: Yeah, that does sound kind of fun I guess.

Sarah: Bonnie are you in?

Bonnie: You know I don’t really care.

Sarah: Of course. Anyway, you all know how the game goes right? We’ll each tell 2 truths and 1 lie about ourselves and we’ll have to guess which 1 is the lie. Who wants to go first?

Bonnie: You should.

Sarah: Alright fine I’ll go first no problem… I have a wealthy aunt and uncle who sends me $300 every week,  I hate the color orange, I want to be a teacher. Which two are the truth, and which one is the lie?

Alina: OOH! I wanna answer first I think I know this. I think the lie is that you hate orange. I’ve never seen you in orange, not that I can remember.

Bonnie: Nahh, I think the lie is she wants to be a teacher. She probably wants to be a fashion designer or something. But I never heard about a wealthy aunt or uncle. She definitely doesn’t want to be a teacher.

Sarah: Hope, what’s your answer?

Hope: Well I actually remember you telling me you wanted to be a teacher one day. Unless that’s changed? You asked me if I thought you’d be a good one. I still think you would. I think the lie is that you hate orange.

Alina: Did I get it right???

Sarah: You and Hope both got it…Right. I’m sorry Bon, but you was wrong. As shocking as it may seem, I definitely do want to be a teacher. And my aunt is pretty wealthy, she’s a lawyer and her husband is a doctor. They don’t have any kids. I don’t know how they make it work.

Bonnie: Wow, that’s probably how. That is shocking though. But i’ll go next. I was in ballet for 3 years, my least favorite sport is football, I sometimes drink my parents beer when they’re at work. Which one is the lie?

Sarah: You’re so bad ass! You drink, that’s got to be true, The lie is you took ballet! I bet you cringe at that thought.

Alina: I agree, I can’t see you ever being in ballet. That’s the lie.

Hope: I think you’re bad ass, but I don’t think you would drink that’s the lie. But you aren’t afraid to get rough and dirty so I don’t know… uhhh… I’m sticking with what I said. The drinking is a lie.

Sarah: The lie is ballet! Girls that play in dirt just don’t do ballet!

Bonnie: Well…This girl has. I hated it. I was in ballet when I was 6 until I was 9. My mom made me do it and she finally saw how it was ripping me a part and let me quit. I started hanging out more with my dad after that. I think she’s still a little upset about it to this day. Hope was the only one right. I don’t drink.

Alina: That’s so funny! I just imagined you looking so uncomfortable in your little tights and pink tutu.

Bonnie: Yeah enjoy it because that’s the only time you’ll see me in a pink tutu, in your imagination. Who’s next?

Alina: Me next! I write songs and sing the lyrics to myself, I was the captain of the cheer leading team in 4th and 5th grade, I like the color black. Which one is my lie???

Bonnie: You like the color black is a lie. You’re more into girly colors as far as I know.

Sarah: Hmmm… You was probably a cheer leader since you are now, but maybe not the captain. I’ll say that’s the lie.

Hope: Well I know you write, a lot. I know you’re into cheer leading soo, maybe liking black is the lie.

Alina: Wow! You’re all wrong. I mean Hope you’re not entirely wrong. You all know I love writing! But I prefer to write stories and articles, not song lyrics. That was my lie. Pastels are my favorite colors but I like that black can go with so much. It’s your turn Hope.

Hope: Okay… I want to be a news reporter, I was once going to be a child model, I haven’t had my first kiss yet. Which-

Sarah cuts Hope off

Sarah: You’re too shy to model! I know you’ve been shy your whole life, I wish you’d grow out of it but some people never do. But those quiet ones are the sneaky ones so you probably have had your first kiss and just haven’t told us. I’m saying the lie is that. You’ve had your first kiss. Probably way before any of us.

Bonnie: Oh leave her alone, there’s no telling how many kisses you’ve had hot ass.

Sarah: Whatever. I’ve only kissed 2 guys thank you very much. What’s your answer?

Bonnie: I say you don’t want to be a news reporter so that’s the lie.

Alina: I agree. News reporters have to do all that talking, in front of a camera on live TV for everyone to see. Yeah, that’s the lie Hope. I can see you working from home or something. People that work from home can make a lot of money! Trust me, I watch a lot of YouTubers and read a lot of cool blogs. You can find out anything with the internet. There’s ways. Maybe you should look into that.

Sarah: Okay don’t be extra Lina. Who was right Hope?

Hope: None of you actually.

Sarah: What!

Alina: You were gonna be a model??

Bonnie: You really wanna be a news reporter?

Hope: Being a news reporter is one of my top 3 options and my mom was gonna put me in pageant shows and modeling when I was 7, I use to get invitations but I begged her not to make me.

Sarah: You should have. It could have broken you out of that shyness, maybe you could have won. I would have.

Bonnie: You would have went or you would have won?

Sarah: Both.

Bonnie: Wow. Suuure you would. Conceited much?

Alina: Never mind that, we seriously need to start talking and listening to each other more. This game just showed us a lot about our friendship!

Sarah: Shall we play another?

“NO!” They all say in unison.

Alina: Yeah, no more games tonight Sar, i’m tired. Maybe later. Let’s get some beauty sleep.

Hope: Goodnight.

Bonnie: Night.

Sarah: Fineee. Goodnight.

Sarah turns the light out and they each fall asleep. Best friends fornever 💕


Short Story Saturday!

Happy Saturday everyone! Although when you read this it will already be Sunday. Sorry for the delay, today has been very eventful good AND bad. I’m actually very irritable as I type this. Things should hopefully get back to normal next week. No audio again this Saturday so just relax and enjoy reading this weeks short story:)

Brianna was popular
Brianna was a beauty
Brianna had lots of friends
But Brianna was a bully
This is the story of Brianna and

One morning in the school bathroom
Brianna and her posse surround Julie and say
“Look it’s ugly Julie looking at herself in a dirty mirror thinking she’ll get pretty”

Julie tries to walk away
Brianna says
“Why are you in such a hurry? The truth hurts doesn’t it?”

Julie quietly asks her,
“What have I done to you, why do you keep bothering me?”

Brianna’s posse laugh and she answers with,
“Because your appearance and your existence bothers me. You think you’re smarter than everyone but you’re not. You think you’re cute but I’m hot.” Brianna says cheerfully with a grin on her face, “Ask all the guys who looks better, they’ll tell you. You wanna be a part of everything and change things up around here. You’ve only been at this school for 6 months. This is my school and I run shit. Remember that or I might have to run you back to wherever you came from.”

Julie was confused
She never said she was better looking
She never said she was smarter
She just wanted to find a way to fit in and be a part of something

It was senior year
She didn’t want to be there
just as much as Brianna seemed to want her gone
She was only tired of feeling alone
“Can I just go?”

“Sure, if you drop out of yearbook, and graduation preparation group. You don’t know anything about this school Julie. You don’t belong.”

“Wow. If it’s that serious and important to you I will.”

And she did. It wasn’t that big of a deal to her with only a few months of school left. She stayed out of Brianna’s way

Avoiding her as much as possible

Ignoring her when she couldn’t

Luckily it never got physical

Well, not until 10 years later when Brianna is rushed to the hospital.

Apparently she almost ran a lady over just for a parking spot and gets out scolding her telling her to get out of the way next time.

She then pushes a cart that ends up hitting the lady’s daughter.

Bad idea.

The lady pushed her with full force and Brianna fell to the ground hitting her head pretty badly. Losing consciousness even.
Once she has her room and finally gains full conscious she is stunned when she sees her nurse looks oddly familiar.

“Hi I’m Julie I’ll be your nurse today. How are you feeling Brianna? Can I get you anything?”

“Julie? Julie McCoy?”

“Yeah it’s me. I’m surprised you can remember.”

“Is that supposed to be a joke or something? I see you’re holding grudges. You need to grow up,what happened was a long time ago. When can I go home?”

“Um, it wasn’t a joke. You didn’t care much for me then so why would you remember me now? Because of this ironic situation you’re vulnerable right now? And don’t forget how you got here. Maybe you’re the one that needs to do some growing up. I’m trying to help you despite what you did when you were young and dumb.”

“Oh please. You’re helping me because it’s your job. If this was high school you’d let me suffer.”

“But this isn’t high school and I know people aren’t perfect. I never thought you were a bad person. Just troubled and misguided. Now again, I’m here to help. Can I get you anything?”

“An acceptance.”

“Acceptance to what?” Julie asks.

“I’m sorry Julie okay? Accept my apology.”

“Or you’re going to run me out of the hospital?”

“I won’t do anything. I can’t do anything. Look, I’m here for a reason. You could be laughing in my face but you’re not.”

“Apology accepted.”

“You know, you’re still cute by the way but the nursing uniform makes you kind of hot.” She winks after saying this.

And with that the two women laugh together putting the past behind them and Brianna letting go of her faulty, selfish ways.

Hope you all enjoyed this short story Saturday. Leave your comments of course💛 and I’ll see you all on Monday.
By the way, I will be reading a few posts before I fall asleep tonight and finishing the rest of Read/Comment/Respond tomorrow so don’t worry if I haven’t stopped by in a couple of days or replied to your comments yet. If you want, leave me a link to any posts you’d like me to check out and I surely will✨



Short Story Saturday✨

Who’s got a shoulder when I need to cry
I feel restless and I don’t know why
Cry for help, but still feel alone
Like a motherless child along way from home
Lord I’m lost I can’t find my way
I’m dealing with the struggles in my day to day
My soul is weak and I wanna be strong
I try to run away but I’ve been running too long…
Motherless Child lyrics

Everyone has a mother, that’s how we’re all here. That’s why many of us are getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day.

I haven’t been able to celebrate properly since my mother has been away, out of my life since I was about 3 from what I can remember. She was trapped in a high that could not accept motherhood. I always hoped some miracle would happen, where she would come back for me or we would meet. But if we met would she notice me? I probably wouldn’t recognize her. It became a dream of mine to meet my mother and have her love, and for that I would give anything up.

(Today’s story is not fiction. This is a part of my life. Listen to the songs that inspired me to tell this portion of my story and the poem I wrote: Kehlani – The LetterLabrinth – JealousJohn Legend – Motherless Child) *I highly recommend listening to these songs if you haven’t already. Especially if you have a similar story*

Sophomore year a miracle happened but I didn’t have to give up anything. I rarely get to see my mothers side of the family and I barely know them. I’ve only met my uncle, my grandparents, and 2 cousins so it’s always nice when I do get to see them. My uncle contacted me and my older brother D, (I’ll just call him by the first initial of his name) D is the brother that was in foster care with me, but had to stay when my father got me out because we only share the same mother. We were so close when we were younger. Sadly things aren’t the same…

Back to the story, we were informed we would be picked up to go spend some time with him and our grandparents. For some reason, I felt like it was more to it than that. I had this really good feeling in my heart like something great was about to happen. I was right.

When we arrived at my grandparents house, there was a woman standing outside on the porch waiting. I couldn’t recognize her but I guess my heart could? I felt it and knew in my heart who that woman was. I got out of the car and we basically went to each other with open arms. Before we got out the car my uncle said “We have a surprise. That’s your mama,” but like I said, I already knew. It was supposed to be more of a surprise for me because my brother had a little more contact with her than I ever did. I guess because he is oldest so it was easier for him to understand things. She instantly started to cry and apologize for not being there all those years, and for doing the things she did that kept her away. She made sure to tell me she loves me and always has. She was just sick and she wished she could take it all back. I was never angry at her and I couldn’t cry because I was just too happy and shocked that the moment was even happening. It could have very well been a dream.

I thought things would change that day, but this time my thoughts were wrong. She disappeared and I didn’t hear from her again until I was about 20 years old. I had been looking for her, asking around. Calling my uncle asking him. No one knew where she was or had heard from her in a while, but then my uncle calls back and says they’ve found out she’s in the hospital with pneumonia. He gave me the hospital name and some other information and we hang up. I immediately call the hospital but the nurse tells me she is sleeping at the moment so call back in a little while. I believe she gave me a specific time to call back, I’m not sure but I’ll go with that. I called back at that specific time and finally, I heard my mothers voice. She told me the nurse told her that her daughter called (I’m her only daughter) and she felt such a blessing over her and hoped I would call back. We talked for a while and I made plans to visit, it felt like that same miracle all over again. Only this time maybe things would turn out better, maybe the timing was better. Maybe meeting under the circumstances would bring a change in her. I don’t know. I just always have high hopes.

Finally arriving to her hospital room and hugging her again only made those hopes higher. Sadly, I was wrong again. We kept in touch a while longer than the first time, but not long enough. This time she was gone right before Mother’s Day…

I can’t explain what I felt then, but it was much worse than any pain I felt before meeting her. I even wondered if I should just give up because it would always end like this. Everyone told me she would make promises she couldn’t keep. Maybe I should have listened…but I can’t. I can’t give up on her or my hopes of having that mother daughter relationship I’ve always wanted and deserved. Maybe the 3rd time we meet will be the charm.

Letter To My Mother Away

Mother you’re away still 

I’ve never been able to celebrate with you for Mother’s Day,

or any other occasion.

Every year I watch all the other sons and daughters with their mothers

I tell my aunt Happy Mother’s Day! But it’s just not the same…

She has her own children 

Like you have your own

But you left yours to be all alone

High off life without me

It couldn’t have been easy 

But it was harder being low and sober 

You needed it but you didn’t need 

Me as a baby, and the thought of you leaving

The pain makes me queasy

And I blame you for many things

The root of my pain 

But I never hated you

I still love you 

Even when I barely know you

It’s such a shame

How do you even remember me?

You told me you didn’t remember my little brothers name

But I still love you

I was still happy I could be there with you for a moment 

and you were okay

It felt like a miracle 

I was in the hospital only months before from that car crash

Then there I was 

Walking through hospital doors 

To meet you alive

Smiling and laughing 

Giving me advice for the first time

Promising we’d keep in touch this time for the second time 

It was the best day of my life

I thought I’d finally have you in my life

And I did for a while

Then Mother’s Day came around

You were no where to be found…

Mother away

It’s been about 2 years since then

I haven’t heard from you since

But I’ve been told you’ve been seen and you’ve been asking about me

Is it true?

But if you really wanted me 

I know you could find me 

just like I found you

Still I love you

And I have hope

Broken hope 

That has not died

And If it’s not too late

When you come around

(Please don’t wait 

to come around)

I’ll be by your side 


Short Story Saturday✨

The Beauty In Lyric

Lyric Wright was 7 years old when she fell in love with writing and singing. She wrote her very first song for the school talent show competition and won 1st place. 

🎶One day I will fly, I won’t have to cry, mom and dad will always be by my side but I just have to try, to be a big girl sometimes. Cause I can change the world, even if I’m just a little girl. As long as I’ve got super girl powers I can fly forever.”🎶 She sang softly in front of the crowd of parents, students, and teachers.

Fast forward 10 years later and she hasn’t stopped singing since. It became her dream to become a singer/songwriter, she was just too afraid to turn that dream into reality. She had always been very shy and reserved, so her talents were hidden from the world.
She always wondered what gave her the strength and courage to go on stage when she was 7 and why she didn’t have it now. Her theory: Children don’t gossip and judge each other as much as teenagers. They literally just want to have fun. Teenagers want to start drama, make fun of you, and pull you down to your lowest level of life all to fit in and make themselves feel better. Especially if you’re really good looking or talented. 

She didn’t have many friends so She didn’t want any unnecessary attention on herself just because She was good at something. Isn’t everyone? She didn’t think she was better than anyone else. Unfortunately, the students at Northwood would think that.

The one friend she did have was Connor and even he didn’t know she could sing. They met in Math class in 8th grade when he noticed she was struggling on a few tests. He offered to help her and she accepted with the sweetest smile. They were almost inseparable, people often spread rumors that they were secretly dating even when they constantly told them they were just friends. Connor knew she could write well. He learned that in 8th grade when they became friends. He helped her in math and she helped him with his language arts work. They’re seniors in high school now and still do the same only now it’s calculus and English. They were the perfect duo.

One afternoon after school, Connor stops by Lyric’s house as he often did just to hang out or to study sometimes. Lyric’s mother welcomes him in and tells him Lyric is in her bedroom. 
When he gets to her door it’s cracked and he hears soft singing. It’s her. She can’t hear because she has headphones on and she doesn’t see him because she’s focused on writing.

Connor listens to her sing and watches her write in a purple notebook for about a minute before she stops and takes the headphones off.

He decides to knock before walking in.

Connor: Hey, what you up to?
Lyric: Con! You scared me. Are we studying tonight? 

She asks as she quickly closes the purple notebook.

Connor: You know I hate when you call me Con. Like I’m some con artist. 
He says as he walks over to sit at the computer desk next to her bed.

Lyric: Oh shut up its cute for your name. Are we studying tonight or?
Connor: No, I’m just stopping by to hang. What are you up to? You didn’t say.
Lyric: Oh I was just writing. Nothing important. What do you wanna do? My mom got a few movies on bootleg and she says they’re all new, but I haven’t checked them out yet.
Connor: Nah I don’t really feel like watching any movies right now. What you listening to?
Lyric: I was just checking out this new song.
Connor: By who?

Lyric: Um, Rihanna. Why all the questions?

Connor: Rihanna doesn’t have a new song out and I’m asking because I heard you singing and now I’m wondering why you never told me you could. You’ve got some talent and you’re hiding it like this?

Lyric was astounded. She really didn’t know what to say. No one has heard her sing since the 2nd grade in that talent show. She knew he was only going to pressure her to sing more but she just wasn’t ready.
Lyric: I was going to tell you eventually. I mean it’s really not that special it’s just something I like to do.
Connor: it’s something you’re really good at.
Lyric: That’s partly why I keep it secret. You know how people at Northwood are. They’ll think I’m some conceited bitch in a second.
Connor: Or they’ll think you sound great, like I do. Does your mom know?
Lyric: She heard me sing once when I was younger, I wasn’t as good back then though. But you’re different. 
Connor: The only difference is I’m your friend and I’m gonna tell you the truth. You shouldn’t care what others think. They’re the snobs If they think that of you because you’re the sweetest girl I know. I think you should try out for that new show Musical Wars. You sing and write lyrics on the show to win 50k and a record deal with Next Star Music Productions. All you have to do is send a video with your information and sing a song for 30 seconds.

Lyric: Yeah I bet a million people audition for those shows. What are the odds of me winning or even being chosen?

Connor: Your name is Lyric Wright. I think that’s enough reason itself. Your name automatically makes you sound like a star. A lyrical singing genius. Honestly Lyric, you have a great voice from what I heard.
Lyric: I don’t even know what I would sing.
Connor: Sing anything. What about that Rihanna song you said you were listening to?

Lyric: Obviously I was lying. I was listening to something I wrote in 2nd grade for a talent show. It’s stupid. But I wanted to write a full version. Maybe even a better version. I don’t know.

Connor: Can you sing it again for me?

Lyric: Promise not to laugh?

Connor: I’m not gonna laugh. I promise.
Lyric: Okay. I’ve been working on it but don’t look at me…
Connor turns around and patiently waits. 
She takes a deep breath, and begins to sing…

🎶Born with wings but they seem that they’ve been broken. Trying to read life like a book but it won’t open. How is the story told? How does the story unfold? Is there always a happy ending? I’m just hanging on the branches. One day I will fly, I won’t have to cry, you’ll always be by my side but I just have to try, to be a big girl sometimes. Cause I can change the world, even if I was still just a little girl. As long as I’ve got super girl powers I can fly forever.🎶

Connor turns back around when he realizes she is finished. She’s just staring at him, waiting for a response probably. 

Connor: It’s a beautiful song. It’s nowhere near stupid. How could you ever think that?
Lyric: I don’t know. You really like it?
Connor: I do. I think you should sing it for the audition. I’m pretty confident you’ll be picked. The worst thing that can happen is you don’t get picked and the best thing that can happen is your life changing forever. You have a real talent you’re clearly passionate about. I can tell by your lyrics. This is the time for you to fly. Your wings aren’t broken they just don’t know how to work because you don’t use them. This could be your happy ending, but only if you try. Give it a chance.
Lyric thought about her best friends words and he was right. Those words touched her heart in ways she couldn’t explain but she knew that if she didn’t try now, she probably never would. 
Lyric decides to send in her audition with Connors help recording.
3 moths later, Lyric Wright is on Musical Wars stage giving her winning speech.
Lyric: I wouldn’t be here tonight, standing here in front of you all as a Musical War winner of it wasn’t for my best friend Connor. He’s the one who convinced me to take a chance and reach for my dreams. He’s the one who convinced me not to worry about what everyone else thinks and just go for what makes me happy. I couldn’t ask for a better friend so thank you Connor. I’d also like to thank everyone for voting for me, my parents, students at Northwood High School. I really didn’t expect all the love and support I got.
I’ve learned how to use my wings and I’m flying! Thank you everyone!❤️

Lyric’s life was changed forever, for the better.

I hope you all enjoyed this short story and sorry there was no audio. Let me know what you thought of the story or what you took from it in the comments✨

Short Story Saturday!

Listen To The Story Here

Names for this story: (twin sisters)



Some of the quotes I came up with for this story:

“If the inside is repulsive, the outside is fruitless/useless.”

“True beauty comes from within. Smile, it’s more attractive that a frown and will make you feel so much better on the inside and out. Love others but also love yourself. Be confident. Not conceited. Be selfless, not selfish. And you will always hold that beauty.”

I messed up a few parts in the audio and also lost my place towards the end, I had to do a little improv lol. Sorry about the mess up, the story is a bit longer than the others. I will add the written draft shortly. For now, please listen to the audio and let me know in the comments what you think of this Saturday’s story, or the quotes I came up with.✨

Written draft added below:

It was April 29th, which marked another celebration, another birthday for the Blaire sisters. Twin sisters to be exact. Their birthday was April 30th and they were turning 18 years old so it was very special this year. Although they were twins, they were still very different. Marcella, the first born older by 5 minutes was always the outgoing sister. She was very confident some would even say conceited actually, obsessed with her looks and herself in general. The younger sister, Serafina was more shy and reserved. She wasn’t as confident as Marcella and often felt like she was living in her shadow. It was a bit strange to others that they were twins but completely opposite in many ways. Marcella was into makeup and fashion whereas makeup and designer clothing usually made Serafina feel uncomfortable, or even that she was trying too hard to be like her sister. On junior prom, their parents and other students even “complimented” her several times about how she was starting to be ‘more like Ella’

Their parents ask them to sleep in the basement because they had a very special surprise for them that they wanted to be kept secret, and have ready in the morning.

Marcella: The basement? Do we really have to? I don’t get much signal down there and it gets way too cold.

Ella asks in a whiny tone.

“Do you want your gift in the morning or not? I know you’ll really love it.” Their mother responds.

Marcella: Fineee. I hope you’re right and it’s worth it.

She said back sounding spoiled and ungrateful.

“Sera, you’re okay with this right?” Their father asks.

Serafina: Yeah I don’t mind, it’s just one night.

Marcella: She doesn’t care about anything of course she would say that.

Marcella says jokingly.

Later that night…

Marcella: I hope it’s a car, or like a really expensive bag, or jewelry. But I really think it’s a car.

Serafina: What makes you think it’s a car? They didn’t get us one for our 16th birthday and you thought so then too.

Marcella: Well we’ll be graduating soon going off to college, they know we need one. And the fact that they’re making us sleep in the basement so we can’t see the garage and driveway area. Oh and just because I’ve been dropping hints.

Serafina: You’ve been dropping hints about a lot of things.”

Marcella: Oh whatever Debby. Let’s just get some sleep so we can get this night over with and see what it is. I miss my bed already but if I’m driving myself to school tomorrow it’s all worth it.

Serafina: Goodnight.

Marcella: Night Debby. I love you.

Serafina: Love you too.

The next morning the girls wake at the sound of the basement door opening and their fathers heavy footsteps, followed by their mothers heels clicking on the kitchen floor before coming down the basement stairs.

“Morning girls! Happy birthday! Get up it’s time to get ready for school aren’t you excited”

Marcella: No. We still have 30 minutes before the alarm shuts off.

Says Marcella, with that same whining tone.

“Well I’m sure you’ll appreciate the extra 30 mins to get ready this morning, come on. Get up like your father said.”

Marcella: Fineee.

Serafina: Morning mom. Morning dad.

Dad: Morning Sera, happy birthday hunny.

Serafina: Thank you.

When they get upstairs their mother tells them to go into their bedrooms to see their surprise. They did as they were told.

Marcella was of course thinking maybe they put the car keys in the bedrooms so they wouldn’t easily suspect it. Serafina didn’t really have any ideas, she didn’t really care actually. She would be okay with whatever they got but a car? Definitely not a car.

Marcella: You got us vanity mirrors? How cute! Not a car but still, cute. Thanks!

Serafina: I told you it wasn’t a car!

Sera teased.

“But thanks! I love it, really.”

She actually didn’t love it that much.

Marcella was already looking at herself in hers…

Marcella: Woah. Okay I gotta go take a shower and get ready. I look a mess.

“What are you talking about hunny you look fine. A few eye boogers in the morning doesn’t take away your beauty.”

Marcella: Yeah, its more than eye boogers dad. I’m taking a shower now. Thanks again!

Their parents hug them both and head off to work.


After their showers they each go into their bedrooms, pick out their best outfits, they get dressed, and sit down at their mirror.

As we know, Serafina isn’t really all that into makeup and fashion, she doesn’t want to be compared to her sister but she does sometimes wish she was the “prettier twin” whatever that is.

She looks into the mirror, staring hard at her imperfections as she fixes her hair.

Serafina: If only I were the prettier twin…Maybe I’ll wear a little makeup today.

She says to herself.

She reaches for her small makeup bag and grabs some mascara and a light pink lip gloss. It always gave the right amount of color without looking over the top, just how she liked it. Or was comfortable with at least.

When she looks back into the mirror she notices each of her imperfections or what she thought to be imperfections, her eyes, her nose, and forehead seem to be much larger than before, and she appears to be very distressed and afraid.

The girl she is looking at is banging on the mirror from the inside and shouting-

Let me out!

Why have you trapped me?

Why do you keep doing this to me?

Set us free or we both perish in misery, I am you and you are I Sera!

Set us free!

Serafina: How!? How did I trap you what is this??

Sera shouts back.

Serafina: I must be losing my mind. I, I must have waken up too early, i’m still tired or I’m still dreaming.

She squeezes her eyes shut tight for a moment and then opens them again

The distressed girl is still in the mirror staring at her, crying.

She says to Sera,

“You don’t see the Beauty, that’s the problem. You’re focused on the wrong things and have become so blind. I thought maybe you could see the beauty in me since i can’t myself. But I am you and you are I.”

Serafina: That doesn’t make any sense. That’s not a proper sentence, I don’t understand.

“You’re only looking at yourself Sera…Is this really what you think of me?”

Sera puts her hands up in front of the mirror to see if the reflection follows her movements, and it did. She then feels her face, she starts with her forehead, then her eyes, she goes down to her nose, and notices the reflection isn’t following, and everything feels small. Nothing like what she saw in the mirror…

The reflection starts to fade away, and Sera’s true image reappears…


Meanwhile, Marcella couldn’t wait to sit down at her vanity and apply her makeup.

She was ready to look her best and the best on her day. She had already brought all of her makeup over and spread it out in the little table. Her phone vibrates and she quickly checks the message, from a guy on the track team at their school.

The text reads:

Damn Happy birthday sexy! I know you gon’ be lookin good today”

She replies, with asking “when am I not? And thank you”

When she sits her phone down and looks back into the mirror she notices she still looks the same as she did before taking a shower. A mess as she had said.

She had bags under her eyes, wrinkles all over her face, and few pimples that she definitely didn’t notice before, but she appeared to be very angry and wicked like..

She quickly started to apply her makeup trying to fix whatever she was looking at. She had never seen herself this way before. She thought to herself,

It must be because I didn’t get that extra 30 mins of sleep. Didn’t even get a car. Now look what happened. The bags under my eyes are carrying all of that rest I needed.

But then, red letters are written on the mirror appearing to be in lipstick… Only Marcella isn’t writing it and no one else is in the room with her.

“If the inside is repulsive, the outside is fruitless.” The words read.

She became very frightful of this.

Marcella: Wth! Why is my mirror talking about fruit? I don’t understand.

“Useless”, it now reads.

She tries very hard to erase the words off of the mirror but it wouldn’t come off, the lipstick wouldn’t even smear. So then she thought maybe its electronic

She looks behind it to see if there’s a spot for batteries or a cord-


She looks back into the mirror and sees that all of the makeup she applied only made her look like a clown, or even a witch. An evil clown witch, still smiling wickedly at her.

She then says, “All the makeup in the world couldn’t enhance all of that ugliness inside. We’re so conceited, selfish, and wicked aren’t we Marcella? Don’t we look- Sexy?”

Marcella runs out of her room. Sera must have ran out at the same time because they run into each other in the hall and Marcella says,

“Those vanity mirrors are crazy!”

Serafina: A girl was in yours too?

Marcella: Not just a girl, more like some ugly evil looking creature! I don’t know what the hell it is but it wasn’t me!

Serafina: I think the mirrors are trying to show us that what we think of ourselves can have a very negative impact on what we really see in life. And how others may see us.

Marcella: I don’t see myself as a conceited witch thank you very much. What kind of mirror has the ability to do that, do you even hear yourself?

Serafina: Like I said, how others may see us. And I guess a vanity mirror can…

They each decide not to go back to their vanity until after school. To see if anything changes. Marcella wipes off all the makeup and wears just her natural beauty. They decide to focus less on their appearance and more on each other and making their lives better to see if that makes a true difference. And it did.

When they return back home after school and hanging with a few friends they look into their mirror and for the first time ever they both feel beautiful, happy, and selfless..

Both of their reflections in the mirror say to them,

“True beauty comes from within. Smile, it’s more attractive that a frown and will make you feel so much better on the inside and out. Love others but also love yourself. Be confident. Not conceited. Be selfless, not selfish. And you will always hold that beauty.”

Marcella and Sera both smile and think to themselves,

“Please just get us a car next year.”

From then on out, Sera accepts all of her natural beauty for what it is and doesn’t compare it to her sister or others. She realizes she can’t be so isolated and afraid to try new things all the time so she learns to step out of her comfort zone more.

Marcella realizes she has put too much focus on her appearance and trying to always be better than everyone else that she neglected the inside. Her heart, soul, and personality. She has learned to be kinder, more grateful and less focused on just being at the top of pretty.

Short Story Saturday!

This weeks story will be written for you to read but please listen to the audio in the link below to hear it, there will also be a part 2 with me explaining the story in the next post, Inspiration of the day. Stay tuned.

Permanent Decisions Audio

Permanent Decisions

Yesterday I woke up in my bedroom looking at the gray walls I saw and felt like everyday. I immediately wanted to go back to sleep, a permanent sleep. Most days I feel angry, sad, worthless, and helpless. But my feelings and pain on this morning was heightened. 

I can remember my mom being upset with me before she left for work because I was going to be late for school. All she did was work. My father was off being a father elsewhere. To top all of the family issues, I also dealt with insecurity. I was never the prettiest in a group and barely noticed in school. If I was noticed it was only because I was being made fun of. Sometimes I was even physically pushed out of the way.

I decided to log onto Facebook where I see a picture of a few popular girls and guys and I notice I am in the background. I appear lost and out of place. I read the comments that say, “who is that weird girl in the back?” “She’s ruining the pic, shes not very photogenic.”

And then… “Why is she even there?”

I think to myself, right. Why am I there? Why am I here?

There’s nothing good happening in my life ever! No one notices me anyway, when I am noticed I’m not wanted, I’m never good enough, I’m tired, I’m not happy. I never was.

The day went on, night came again then morning and I woke up feeling different. 

I was happy, but also felt very confused.

I woke up in my bedroom again, only this time my mom wasn’t upset with me. She was sitting at the edge of my bed crying. When I asked her what was wrong she only cried more. She wouldn’t answer or even look at me. I picked up my phone and logged into Facebook again, I see the same picture from yesterday with me in the background, only this time I am smiling and the comments are different. 

“Who was she?” 

“What did she do?”

“She doesn’t look unhappy, she was pretty.”

“That’s not the way to go.”

“WE made her do it. It’s our fault.”

And then… “Rest In Peace.”

I asked my mother again, yelling even for her to answer me. Finally she says,

“I love you so much. You were so loved, why would you do this? I’m not mad, I just wish you would have told me something. I wish you were here right now so I could hug you and we could talk. I wish I was here more when you were. I’m so sorry.”

I move towards the edge with my mother and notice in her hands- my funeral arrangements being scheduled.

I now remember what I have done. I immediately regret it but it doesn’t matter. Today nothing I feel will matter again, only that I have made the ones I love feel it too.

I’m sorry, I wish I could come back! I wish I could tell you I love you too and I didn’t mean to do it I was just so hurt and in so much pain at the time. I wish I would have just talked to you to tell you exactly how I felt, everything that was going on killing me inside. But now it’s too late.

Please don’t do what I did. You still have a chance. I wish I could stop everyone from doing what I did. Remind them all that they still have a chance! I thought I couldn’t get through it but I know that they can.

Please never forget me.