Over the weekend…✨

Over the weekend…

Over the weekend I did a bit more shopping. The reason I didn’t title this post the usual Weekend Pickups was because I literally only picked up 3 basic items, 2 pairs of jeans which I didn’t take pictures of and another cheap phone case which I did take pictures of. I think I’ll start taking pictures of my clothing item pickups while trying them on in the fitting rooms like I did with the maxi romper.

The phone case I got I picked up at Burlington (along with the jeans) the company or brand is called candywirez, affiliated with Case Study in Las Angeles, judging the packaging. I actually have no idea about this brand but I thought the cases were pretty cute for 8 bucks. One of the cases I saw had unicorns and rainbows on it but I decided on this clear sprinkles snap case.
I wanted to see if they had any others I might like online so I Googled “candywirez phone cases” and clicked on the first result, their website.

Let me tell you I was so shocked and disappointed at the cases and prices I saw. There wasn’t a good variety of cases, and they were priced for $25-35 dollars! Here is the exact same case I got for just $7.99 at Burlington. The case is pretty but thin and not very protective despite it being “military grade” so I believe what I paid was way more worth it, I’d never buy it for $35. I doubt any of you would either!

I was able to enjoy some cake which actually looks like the phone case I got lol.

On Saturday I was with family for a little get together, just chilling in the garage having a good time. There was a lot of talk about all the March birthdays and how we need to do a huge celebration. They’re planning on doing something this Friday. I’m kind of over it lol, it seems this has dragged on the whole month when I was all for partying and celebrating in the beginning but I’m sure everyone will have a good time again. I know a few people that celebrate their birthday for the entire month, it seems exciting yet draining to me. I think I could do a week long celebration though. Mine would include more chill, relaxing activities with a few more exciting ones. Actually, I’m already thinking about that ahead of time for my 25th birthday next year lol! I am determined to finally celebrate a birthday exactly how I planned. We’ll see.

How was your weekend? Did anything interesting happen? How long do you think you could celebrate your birthday before being worn out?


Weekend Pickups (Early Birthday Haul)🌸

We are at the end of the weekend which I must say went by rather quickly. I hope you’ve all enjoyed yours, mine was full of ups and downs but I’m going to focus on what I enjoyed which was my shopping trip. I picked up some really cute items that I’ve been excited to share.

I went shopping to find something specific for my birthday which is this coming Thursday, and a new pair of boots since I ruined my other pair walking around a muddy park. I left with nothing specific for my birthday and a few pair of boots that I won’t be wearing on a regular basis. That seems to be what usually happens when we go shopping, come out with everything but what we went for. Or we come out with what we went for plus more.

Although I didn’t find an outfit I’m sure I’ll be able to piece something together. If the weather is nice enough I should be fine with what I got but it’s not looking too promising as of now. Here is a look at what I picked up this weekend:

Another cheap phone case. I’ve been getting so many cute cheap cases because I love changing them so often.

I got this really cute Steve Madden backpack from Tjmaxx. If you don’t know by now (I’ve mentioned it a few times on the blog) TJMaxx was my first ever job. It was also one of my favorite jobs before the store I worked at closed down. I hadn’t really shopped there much since then because the other one we have in my city is a bit further out. Going there this weekend brought back so many memories, the set up hasn’t really changed much and it’s been years. I walked passed the fitting rooms and instantly remembered my first few weeks working. Working at TJMaxx I fell in love with Betsey Johnson and Steve Madden bags and they were usually a bit more expensive so when I saw this backpack for $30 I had to grab it.🌸

My last few pickups are from Rue21, I shop there often. Any of my pickups you’ll probably see something from there.

I want to get these in Black also but I have to find my size.


I really wish I could have gotten a better picture of this shirt dress but I’ll try to take one whenever I decide to wear it. They had a few other colors but this one stood out to me most.

I got 2 of these maxi rompers (below) because I instantly fell in love when I saw them. I often see clothing like this and shy away from them thinking it won’t look right on my body. Basically, any tops or dresses with a low cut because I don’t have much cleavage. I’m like oh I don’t have anything to hold this top up, I’m just going to look like a little girl or a little boy in a dress. But for some reason, this time I thought to go ahead and try it on it might actually look really good…img_2021

Now obviously this isn’t the greatest picture just trying it on (ignore my pink socks and everything else about fitting room pictures lol) but when I tell you I fell in love, omg. I think I gained a little more confidence in that fitting room. Never again will I not try on something because I’m afraid it won’t “look right on me.”

If the weather is nice, I’d like to wear this on my birthday with the 3rd pair of boots above. But if not I’ll definitely wear it as soon as I get the chance on a beautiful spring day!

And here is the 2nd one in navy blue and stripes

That’s all I picked up so far. Did you do any shopping this weekend? Did you recently have a birthday or one coming up? What did you/ will you wear? Have you ever felt insecure about trying anything on out of fear it won’t look right?

What I Got For Christmas 2017✨

What I Got For Christmas 2017

This post was originally supposed to go up back in December as one of my Blogmas posts but due to the fact that I didn’t continue, I’d like to post it before February arrives at least lol.

Christmas wasn’t very eventful, I was alone until later that night and was pretty annoyed. Things didn’t go as planned but I was able to visit my sisters, have dinner, and meet up with my dad. It was nice seeing them since I don’t get to that often. I didn’t expect any gifts, and I wasn’t able to get anyone anything this time around but I know that’s not the meaning of Christmas anyway. Everyone had a wonderful time catching up, enjoying the holiday with family and that’s all that mattered.

Now let’s open some gifts☺️

The first gift I received, from one of my sisters (I have 3) is a set of body creams from Bath & Body Works. You can never go wrong with Bath & Bodyworks, in my opinion, it’s one of my favorite places to shop for gifts and I’m sure it’s a favorite for others as well. I couldn’t pick a favorite between the two, I like them both. They each have a light scent, At The Beach definitely reminds me of summer. I LOVE the design on Hello Beautiful it’s a lot prettier in person, and like the design, the scent is a bit floral. Okay, this is not a review…

Another gift I received from another sister… L.A. Colors Fabu Lips 14 piece set. 14! It comes with 4 lip glosses, 3 matte lip colors, 2 jelly lip shines, and a tutorial booklet that I may or may not use. I’m not that into makeup, I only wear lipstick for the most part and my sister knows that so this is perfect for me. I can’t wait to try them out.

I also got these really cute journals but I picked them up myself. You all know I can’t pass up journals to add to my collection.

My dad gave me $40, he usually does give me a little money or a gift card so I guess I did expect that. I bought myself 2 poetry books that I love so much already. I went to Barnes & Noble and there were just so many books I wanted to pick up, I’ll have to go back soon! Rupi Kaur’s The Sun And Her Flowers was on my Christmas wishlist. Some of you may know that Jhene Aiko is one of my favorite singers so it’s no surprise that I had to grab her first book, 2Fish. She is a Pisces (like myself) if you are wondering what kind of title that is lol but that’s not what the book is about if you were also wondering. Both poetry books have a collection of different poems and short stories, they even include little illustrations, which I really like. 2Fish also includes copies from Jhene’s actual notebooks. I’ve mentioned working on my own… I am more inspired now than ever.


Oblivion is one of Jhene’s songs from her new album Trip if you’re interested in listening click here.

I also got a few tops and accessories for Christmas that I just didn’t take pictures of. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Sorry if this post is messed up, I am on the mobile app and it’s really frustrating trying to fix the problem…

What did you get for Christmas, did you make a post about it? Feel free to include a link. Have you read either poetry book? Comment below


Small Weekend Pickups💛

I was able to do a bit more shopping this weekend. I’ve been trying to build up a summer wardrobe since I haven’t really done much summer shopping the past couple of years. 

No shopping? Stressful for most of us I know lol. It’s hard not keeping up with trends, looking at so many outfits online wanting to try different styles but not being able to reward yourself because of stress or money related issues. That was me. It even got to the point where I didn’t want to go anywhere because my clothes were so old, and easily noticeable due to growing, and working in them. I was tired of going out in clothes that weren’t in the best condition, I was tired of going out in the same few pair of jeans and t-shirts. I was tired of noticing rips, stains, and fading. 

But my clothes weren’t the only things fading, my confidence began to fade as well.

I know I’m not the only one, especially as a young woman, who has felt their confidence deteriorate due to lack of self care. Due to not getting dolled or dressed up every once in awhile. You begin to feel like you’ve let yourself go and sometimes, others will tell you.

I’m not saying you let yourself go when you don’t go shopping, not at all. But you should be able to do something nice for yourself and feel and look good every once in a while if not often.

This is why I’m now making it my mission to upgrade my wardrobe. I’ve been upgrading the inner parts of me to feel better, now I deserve to  upgrade the outside to feel and look better. 

I’m still dealing with a lot of issues including money so I try to only get a little each time and focus on sales/clearance. I’ve been getting a lot of dresses which is new to me because I usually hate dresses, but this weekend I decided to get a few t-shirts. That was my main goal but I ended up seeing a few other things. 

Let me show you:

I picked up 4 t-shirts all together. I don’t know about you all but any time I go on a shopping spree I have to get almost every color in plain tees. You can wear them with anything and having every color means you can mix and match outfits. I know some people do this with tank tops but I can usually do with just 2 or 3 of those lol. I plan on going back to get red, blue, and pink. They didn’t have pink in a Medium that’s why I didn’t get it this time. I can fit the small but I’d rather not risk it shrinking in the dryer or gaining a little weight not being able to fit it anymore.

I also picked up a cute floral bodycon dress. I actually saw this dress last weekend but decided to wait on it along with a yellow dress. Unfortunately the yellow dresses were gone. This dress was $10. Have I got enough floral yet? Probably not.

The last few items I picked up I actually made a quick outfit with one of the t-shirts, a pair of shorts, and small bag.

I am pretty much obsessed with small purses/handbags so I was excited when I found a cute brown one. I had been looking for one the last few shopping trips and it was only $8. There were so many (different colors) that I wanted to get all at once! I think I’ll be going back to Rainbow more often for them✨ and don’t get me wrong, I love big purses too but I just don’t carry that much stuff around so I don’t feel the need to buy them. I can do with a good black and brown and fine. 

I’m not sure if I’ll do any shopping this weekend, but the following weekend I plan to focus on shorts, sandals, more tops and hopefully wrap up my summer shopping because Fall will be here again before we know it! 

That’s all for this Weekend’s Pickups. Have you gone shopping or done something else nice for yourself lately? Do you get as many color tops/tanks as you can? Let me know in the comments✨

Small Weekend Pickups + Updates✨

This was just going to be a few updates, but I decided to share my small weekend pickups also 🙂

On Sunday I went out in search for a few t-shirts and shorts, I’m in desperate need of new clothes for every season. I’m way too behind on shopping, but sometimes there are bigger things to worry about and there are priorities.

Since we’re on a budget I decided not to do a huge shopping spree at once but instead, a few items here and there until I have a few outfits at least. So here’s what I picked up this past Sunday

Another cute handbag🙂 You can remove the long strap which is great. This is the perfect size for me and I needed a new one because my old black bag was worn out. I can’t wait to switch over!

The last thing I picked up was…


I really can’t wait to wear this dress! I saw it and my eyes lit up! They also had a gorgeous yellow one💛 I tried them both on but this was my favorite, I usually go for darker clothing which I keep saying I’m trying to step out of lol I’d definitely go back for the yellow though! I can’t wait to see what else I can find.

Now on to the updates:

I only have a few updates at the moment. I’m still thinking about things and working on having better structure so there may be updates scattered throughout the week or throughout the month just a heads up.

  • Expect to see Maggie on my blog this week. The next post featuring will be 7/5/17
  • My boyfriend is off work for the 4th and we will be out with family most of the day so I will not be posting. This also means that my Summer lyrics will be posted on the 5th
  • You may or may not catch me on social media but know that changes are happening there also
  • Words of the week? This is a series I’m not sure I will be keeping
  • I still will not be posting on the weekend (besides Short Story Saturday)
  • Fun Friday will continue 
  • I am extending my Summer Party Playlist Project. More on that later. So if you still want to participate you can☀️
  • I will be spending more time reading and commenting on your posts✨ I know I haven’t as much but it seems many of us are behind lately?

Those are all the updates I have for now. There will be more. 

Goodnight/Good morning whenever you are reading this💖

Natural Hair Series: Products I Use✨

For part 2 of my Natural Hair Series I’m going to be sharing all of the products I’ve used so far. I’m sharing the ones I love and the ones I will not be purchasing again. Hair care products are trial and error. It’s easy to become a product junkie but I think for the first year I’ve done pretty well not purchasing too much. What works for my hair may not work for yours, just as what works for yours may not work for mine. Everyone’s hair is different and takes to products differently. Again, it has to do with your hair porosity, texture, thickness etc. Later on in the week I’ll show you ways you can test your hair porosity.

The first 3 products are from the Cantu natural hair line. It’s the Hydrating Cream Conditioner, Complete Conditioning Co-wash, and the Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream. All have a light tropical scent! This was the first line I tried when I big chopped and I would recommended them to anyone just starting out who might be clueless on what products to use. This may not be the absolute BEST line but it works just as well as some of the most popular/expensive brands in my opinion. I have nothing negative to say. Cheap and works well? That’s all you need! This is also the only line I’ve used at least 3 of their products. Like most natural hair products, the line uses no sulfates, silicones, or parabens.

The next products are Shea Moisture’s JBCO Strengthen, Grow, & Restore Treatement Masque, and their Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo.  I love the masque and would definitely buy it again, it leaves my hair super soft and curls poppin’! I use a masque about twice a month. I do want to try their manuka honey masque though. I think it will be just as great if not better. The shampoo however is not a favorite. I feel that it does a good job getting my hair clean but even while using it my hair feels dry and I also end up having to use so much to get a good lather. I’ll finish this bottle but I probably won’t purchase it again. Shea Moisture is one of those popular/more expensive brands I mentioned. A lot of curly gals swear by SM! And I agree some of their products are pretty good but nope, this shampoo is a no for me.

The 3rd bottle in the picture is True by Made Beautiful’s Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner for all hair types. At first I wasn’t so sure about this product because it’s not really thick and I find that my hair loves thicker consistency in products. The bottle sold me though, and because it smells amazing! It also has a tropical scent, a bit stronger than Cantu. I went to a birthday party after using this product along with Cantu’s Curl Activator Cream and hugged my cousin…The first thing she said was “Mmm! Girl your hair smells good!” Lol.

The 4th bottle is so far my favorite conditioner! Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle, this stuff is really the truth! And again, many curly gals, even women with straight/wavy hair I’ve seen swear by this product so I highly recommend it. I usually detangle my hair while using Aussie Moist on wash days. It’s not a leave-in so I do go in with a leave in afterwards but if you want a good detangler, or a good deep conditioner that you only have to use for 3 minutes definitely give it a try. I’ve used it for 3 minutes and it does work, but I usually leave it in for 6-10 minutes and it works even better my opinion.

The Creme Of Nature Perfect Edges edge control should actually be in my list of products I won’t be purchasing again, I put it in this shot because it looks nice with the treatment masque. In the beginning I felt it was necessary to have slicked edges, or my “edges on fleek” well, I’d rather have my edges grow and not break off. It’s okay to do them occasionally with certain styles, but you don’t need to for every single style. I won’t be purchasing it again because it doesn’t even work for my hair. Maybe for an hour (if that) and then those edges curl right back up so what’s the point? Many type 4 naturals have this issue, and some use gorilla snot gel which I haven’t tried yet. The name is kind of off putting lol but supposedly it has a super strong hold.

I’ll definitely be trying more of the True line. Izabelle just walking by, she stays by mama lol.

The next 3 products are the oils I use and gel. Jamaican Black Castor Oil helps strengthen hair, nourishes, seals in moisture, and helps promote hair growth. This is something I will probably always use. A holy grail for sure! My hair always feels soft and moisturized for days after using. They have different kinds and I may try them all but so far I’ve only tried coconut. I recently purchased the original and will be trying it sometime this week.
I use the olive oil Eco Styler Gel, but they also have others like their new Black Castor Flaxseed Oil gel that I definitely will be trying. I’ve literally had this for a year! It lasts so long and a little goes a long way. I only use it for my twists and when I start to do braid-outs.

This last shot is of the products I will not be purchasing again.

I actually didn’t purchase the Garnier Fructis products, my friend who actually has straight hair gave them to me because she didn’t like them for her own hair. Her hair was dry and damaged due to coloring so she was looking for something to help reduce frizz and rough ends. If you have heat or color damage the only thing you can do unfortunately is to cut it off. No product is going to bring it back to life. I’ve used Garnier Fructis products when I had relaxed hair and it worked well but i’m not quite sure I want to try it on my natural hair. If a product has any kind of alcohol in the first few ingredients, I usually won’t try it (besides Aussie Moist; since i’m not leaving that in) I took it because I do kind of want to test it out but ehhh..??? IDK.

AU Natural by Dark and Lovely (made with mango oil and bamboo milk) just didn’t impress me at all. I got this in the beginning of my journey to try to reduce some shrinkage. I later realized that those products that claim to be “Anti-Shrinkage” are a waste. Do not go for those products. Most likely you will be disappointed, it may help reduce a little shrinkage but then you wonder how? Dark and Lovely is also a popular relaxer/perming brand. No product will be anti-shrinkage, you’re still going to experience it unless your hair is completely damaged or relaxed. Shrinkage shows that your curly/kinky hair is healthy! I had to use so much of the shampoo, and I don’t even remember how the leave-in conditioner was. The only good thing I have to say about this product is that it smells nice…

Lastly, Wild Growth Hair Oil. So many people swear by this product, men and women. But the scent isn’t pleasant and I just can’t believe that a product made specifically for growth really works unless you really test it out. I don’t mean try it out for a month and see if your hair has grown… How do you know that it was the product and not just regular hair growth? How do you know it’s not other products or what you’re doing, or putting into your body? I feel like the only way you can get somewhat of an accurate result is to not use any growth products for a period of time and measure the growth, and then use the product for the same period of time and measure if it’s grown more or less. Or maybe cut/shave some of your hair on each side, on one side use the product consistently, and on the other side not at all. Something I don’t want to spend time doing. Many people don’t do this when they give their reviews. I purchased this product when I first big chopped because I was obviously wanting length at the time. Cutting my hair off I was nearly bald! I wasn’t comfortable with my hair that short because short hair is not usually seen as the most attractive for girls, I was even made fun of and had disapproval by family members. Still to this day actually and it’s been a year. But now I don’t care so much about length or others opinions. My hair is beautiful, healthy, growing, and is no longer chemically treated to be in a way that it wasn’t meant to be. That’s all that matters.


I forgot to add Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner and Johoba Monoi Moisturizing Shampoo. I picked these up from the dollar store, I haven’t tried them yet so I can’t give any type of review besides that they both smell really good, I’m trying the shampoo because it claims to be moisturizing. They didn’t have the complete line to either which is why I got 2 different. I went to YouTube for reviews and so far the best reviews are for the leave in conditioner. I’ve seen mainly negative reviews for the shampoo, hopefully this is different for me. I’ll be trying them out sometime this week.

What products do you use for your hair? Have you used any of the products I mentioned? Are there any products you would recommend trying? Let me know in the comments.💛


Small Splurge💳

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone’s weekend was pleasant and eventful.

I wanted to make a quick post on a couple of things I got for myself while I was out this weekend. I was really excited about the items I picked up so I had to share!

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I stopped by Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite stores. It’s actually a crafting store for those of you who don’t know. I also love Michael’s! Any time I’m in either store my creativity just shines I get so many ideas. This time however, I wasn’t finding much that sparked that creativity or any interests. I was getting frustrated because I didn’t want to leave without anything- but I also didn’t want to get just anything. So I was about to give up, we were about to leave and I walked down the aisle with notebooks and such(a whole different excitement itself) when suddenly I saw this beauty…

I know what you’re thinking. Really, a notebook? What’s so exciting about that? Well to a writer, probably everything! I know I’m not the only writer who has a little obsession over notebooks. I have so many, and any time I go to any store if I see a cute one I HAVE to get it. It’s so motivating, I get so inspired whenever I have a new notebook. But just look at THIS one, it’s perfect.

Do what you love, love what you do.💖

I also like to point out the fact that it’s pink and gold! Yes there’s a few other colors thrown in, and you can’t really tell that the letters are gold because of the flash but it’s still perfect. The letters are the same as the gold pen-which I also had to have! Lol. The notebook also works as a clipboard, I thought that was a nice touch. Another nice touch is that the pages aren’t normal notebook pages. Let me show you what I mean-

Kind of like a sketch book or notepad but so pretty! I can’t wait to show you all what I do with it. If you would like this notebook go ahead and purchase your own at your local hobby lobby or online for $7! They have a few other great choices available and also matching binders and folders- and we can’t forget about the pens! Check out everything in the link below.


I also have a love for candles so I stopped by the dollar store to pick up a couple of cheap ones that are really nice. I love Bath and Body Works, and Yankee brand candles which I also get often but we know those can be a bit expensive especially for a collector. These I got for $5 each. 

I know this was a bit random and unplanned but I thought it would make for a good post before I go to bed. I do plan on showing both of my collections in a future post so if you’re interested stay tuned.

Until next time, love Lee.✨

Do you collect anything? If so, what? If not, what did you do this weekend?