7 Day B&W Photo Challenge: Day 2🖤

I was tagged to join in on this 7 day black and white photo challenge, anyone can participate. The rules are simple and blog challenges are always interesting and fun so I’m glad to participate.🖤

The Rules are:

 • Seven days.

 • Seven black and white photos of your life.
 • No people.
 • No explanation.
 • Challenge someone new each day.
Today I challenge Maggie who blogs at Dreaming Of Guatemala. Be sure to check out her wonderful blog, you won’t regret it!💕


    Poetry makes you feel & think…✨

    There are times when poetry can tell the perfect story. There are times when a poem sums up your entire life, or even just the situation you are in. I love reading and writing those most. You can feel all of the emotion but there’s something about those words that can temporarily take the pain away, or have you thinking differently in a positive way. You feel inspired. At least I do.

    There are a few poems Cherylene has written that has done just that- described my feelings and current situation and then brought light to my dark thoughts. I’ll be sharing them with you today and also why I felt a connection.

    A snippet of Cherylene’s poem Breakthrough:

    “…This type of existence is diminishing your significance

    That self-defeating attitude is drying up your gratitude…”

    My connection: Yes! The issues I am currently dealing with and how I am handling them are causing me to live a depressed existence. Keeping me from following in my life purpose which I believe is to tell my story and inspire others through my writing and other ways of creativity. To help others. I can’t begin to help others until I can help myself. This self-defeating attitude I have lately is only doing me harm.

    Cherylene’s Poem I Refuse:

    I refuse to be still

    As you seek power over my will

    I refuse to be quiet when there’s so much to say

    Can’t stay silent another day

    I refuse to be the victim

    So that kind of thinking

    I’m definitely changing

    I refuse to do nothing

    When I know I can do something

    I refuse to accept mediocrity

    As this limits who I can truly be

    I refuse to let you steal my joy

    Playing with it like some sort of toy

    I refuse to give your negative words meaning

    It’s my happiness you’re intent on stealing

    I refuse to believe the lies you’ve told

    In an effort to corrupt my soul

    I refuse to be anyone but me

    Because even in my imperfection

    My life still has direction

    So long as I have purpose

    I will continue to focus

    So you do you

    And I’ll do me

    In the end

    I will still be free.

    My connection: Usually, when i’m feeling down or hurt about something I keep quiet about it. In general I let all of my thoughts and emotions build up inside of me until I can take no more and explode. Many people have walked all over me and taken advantage of me because of this. I’ve been picked on and bullied because of this. Many people underestimate me because of this. I can continue to be silent and do nothing but i’m choosing to speak and take action. This is for my personal life and blog life. I refuse to continue my blog like this while i’m not happy with it, I refuse to be afraid of changing and losing views/follows by making a fresh start. The fresh start is needed and needs are better for us than our wants. I’m not at my best right now but my life still has direction and purpose. I will stay focused. I will be free, and happy.

    A snippet of Cherylene’s Daily Post Prompt (using the word catapult) Life Challenges:

    “…Just when we feel like giving up

    Just when we wished the world would stop

    Just when we’ve said, “enough is enough”

    In come our blessings to catapult us up

    Up, above and out of the strife

    Up and into a better life

    All we had to do was endure

    All we had to do was explore

    Digging deep into our core

    Soon to discover we are so much more.”

    My connection: I came very close to giving up many times, I’ve had to endure many things in life but usually after a very bad time a blessing follows. I believe that things will be better soon, I believe blessings are coming as long as I keep that faith and keep going, as long as I keep exploring life and digging deep into my soul.

    Never give up on life or the things you truly love that serve you purpose. I add “that serve you purpose” because not everything or everyone we love should be held onto. Not everyone or everything we love is good for us but life in general is something to never give up, no matter what!

    Please leave any comments you have and make sure to visit Cherylene’s blog and check out her poetry while you’re there.✨


    Maggie’s Blog Rhyme✨

    We’re at the last day for Maggie’s features and I thought instead of doing a story (since there will be a change with that coming to my new blog) I would put her about me and blog description in rhyme. I love putting things in rhyme lol.

    Next week I will be featuring Pamela from StarringPamela 🙂
    I also will have a weekend pickup post coming Monday. I actually just got back home from doing a little more shopping 🙂

    Now let’s get into Maggie’s Blog Rhyme

    Maggie has been blogging since She was only ten. Seventeen now, she’s learned a lot since then. She’s learned to love and have faith in the lord in all he has in store.
    He called her to serve him in Guatemala, Dreaming of Guatemala was born.
    Not knowing when, not knowing how but knowing without a doubt,
    leaving it all in his hands would get her there.
    She loves blogging so much, inspiring others, writing her accomplishments and interviewing other bloggers.

    She also loves baking and trying new treats, being creative and learning new things.
    She reads historical fiction novels, listens to Leeland’s and Jordan Feliz’s music,
    loves watching fun challenges on YouTube, experimenting with photography, watching comedy and learning Spanish.
    But most importantly she loves spending time with her family.💖

    Thank you Maggie for being such a bright light in this world, and always supporting other bloggers in this community. I think I can speak for all when I say we really appreciate it. Continue to let your light shine, never let it dim!
    I admire the fact that you’ve been blogging so long! I wish I had known when I was ten years old that a diary wasn’t the only place to express myself. Even at 16, 17. I was still writing in those diaries. Your passions are beautiful and so are you.
    I enjoyed featuring you all week 🙂 thank you one last time for participating.

    Party In The Garden: My Summer Party Playlist Lyrics🌻🎶

    The time has come for my summer hit lyrics! Are you all ready?!

    I’ve added in a recording of the first verse just so you can hear exactly how I imagined it to be. I am not a singer by any means (I wish I was aha) so it doesn’t sound spectacular by any means, but I thought you all would love and want to know how it would sound instead of just reading the lyrics. That would be no fun right?

    Click here to listen to the first verse. Click here for the full instrumental/beat.

    Party in the Garden by Lee @GoldenPinkJournal
    Spring has just ended
    summer has begun
    Flowers have been blooming
    time to have some fun
    Grab some shorts or a dress
    It don’t matter just dress your best
    Summer parties or a swim
    We can even take a trip
    Vacation in a paradise
    You’ve just got to have an open mind
    Open your eyes

    Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahh

    I just wanna go go go
    To a place I’ve never been before
    I just wanna know know know
    What this summer has in store
    It can be the best yet
    Beauty in the sunset
    Does anyone wanna join in?
    Everyone’s invited to my summer party
    Not your ordinary
    You can find me in the garden
    Dancing with the daisies
    Dancing with sunflowers
    All through the hours
    I’m singing my own tune
    But can I sing with you?

    The birds have been singing
    The sun has been shining all on us
    When the night comes
    light the fireworks
    We’re having so much fun
    If you’re still not here yet
    Grab some shorts or a dress
    It don’t matter just dress your best
    Summer parties or a swim
    We can even take a trip

    Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahh

    Summers close to ending
    we don’t have to end it
    Before falls beginning we can just pretend that
    there’s a few more hot moments
    and memories to make
    Memories to bring
    to the next season
    Another party in the garden
    No more flowers
    We’re dancing with the leaves
    But we done have to leave

    Oh yeah yeah yeah

    I just wanna stay stay stay
    In this place in this space
    I don’t wanna go go go
    What this summer has in store
    It has been the best yet
    Beauty in the sunset
    Anyone else wanna join in?
    Everyone’s invited to my summer party
    Not your ordinary
    Find me in the garden
    Dancing with the daisies
    Dancing with sunflowers
    all through the hours
    Singing my own tune
    Will you sing it too?

    Ahhh that’s it, what do you think? Let me know in the comments! I think I want to make another one lol. Also, I mentioned that I will be extending the Summer Party Playlist Project. I have decided not to extend it because I don’t believe I will have any more entries and I’m moving on to some changes. This is now the end of the project. I only had 4 submissions and I don’t know of any albums or playlists that are that short lol. My plans for this didn’t work out well but that’s okay, I understand everyone can’t participate in everything, no worries. Thank you to those of you who did participate:) 

    Check out their entries below, I loveee them all!

    Elsie’s Entry – Summer Bucket List

    Hannah Maggies Entry – The Beautiful Everyday (video poem)

    Wonderwall’s Entry – Summer Love That Lasted

    TipsAndTricksForLifeBlog’s Entry – Summer Flame (lyrics) read them below!

    ~summer flame~
    This place is not the same anymore
    I walk around feeling lost without you
    My eyes are still staring at the door
    Waiting for your smile to come through
    Waiting for your hand on my shoulder
    Waiting for your walk around me
    Waiting for you, while it gets colder
    But the sun is gone and now I see
    You were just a summerflame
    But I kept the fire for us going
    You only wanted the sumer fame
    Now it’s with her you keep on rolling
    I miss your smell in my nose
    I miss the looks you gave me
    And I think no one knows
    I wanted you to be with me
    I miss the movements you made
    Our last words supposed to be goodbye
    But I’m still dreaming about a moment
    That you come in just to say hi
    But I guess You were just a summerflame
    But I kept the fire for us going
    You only wanted the sumer fame
    Now it”s with her you keep on rolling
    But you had your moment of doubt
    And I could read it from your face
    Maybe you were just too proud
    And that’s why you let us go to waste
    Can’t think about that car,
    without you on my mind,
    I have to touch it
    everytime I’m around
    But I guess You were just a summerflame
    But I kept the fire for us going
    You only wanted the sumer fame
    Now it’s with her you keep on rolling
    When will you understand
    What you did when we touch hands
    I hope some day you understand
    That I only wished to stay friends
    Did you enjoy my lyrics and all of the entries? If you did submit an entry and I just didn’t see it please let me know so I can add to this list!
    Let each of the participants know how great of a job they did, these entries were amazing! Again, thank you so much💕


    Volume: Before the song is over…🎶

    I can hear the soundtrack of life playing on the radio
    A rather catchy tune
    Tuning out all the unfortunate happenings
    and tragedies I’ve experienced or could remember

    I need to turn the volume up
    I need to dance
    I need to sing
    Loud and proud
    I need to smile
    I need to allow this joy into my hopes of peace

    I need to sing
    I need to dance
    I need to enjoy the soundtrack of life

    before it comes to an end


    Impression: Daily Word Prompt

    I wanted to try out a daily prompt. I’ve been seeing them from The Daily Post but just haven’t had the time or motivation to participate in one yet. Well now I do! Today’s word prompt is the word “impression.”
    I just wrote this poem literally minutes ago and I didn’t think about it or edit. I just wrote. Let me know what you think in the comments✨

    Wrong Impression

    I’m sorry you’ve got the wrong impression 

    Faulty opinions; everybody has them


    False accusations and allegations

    That’s where I shut you down 

    As I make my statement what do you say now?

    Just an expression

    You’re just expressing your first amendment?

    Or you say that in that way, you didn’t really mean it

    I’m offended when my intelligence is insulted

    I’m sorry you’ve got the wrong impression 

    I am a strong woman

    I am not weak because of the fact that when you bark 

    I do no speak 

    Actions speak louder than words

    Your soft little bark was not feared 

    I don’t entertain you

    You entertain me with your delusions and your words with no credibility 

    You entertain me with your jealousy 

    And I will be your confirmation 


    I am an easy target

    A battle with me will be like easily losing to your worst enemy 

    When you’re so focused on me

    You miss out on your own possibilities and opportunities 

    Yet I still only wish the best for you

    If for good reason, I’d be happy to finally see you smile

    I’m sorry you’ve got the wrong impression 

    I’m not the type to kick you when you’re already down 


    Short Story Saturday✨

    Who’s got a shoulder when I need to cry
    I feel restless and I don’t know why
    Cry for help, but still feel alone
    Like a motherless child along way from home
    Lord I’m lost I can’t find my way
    I’m dealing with the struggles in my day to day
    My soul is weak and I wanna be strong
    I try to run away but I’ve been running too long…
    Motherless Child lyrics

    Everyone has a mother, that’s how we’re all here. That’s why many of us are getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day.

    I haven’t been able to celebrate properly since my mother has been away, out of my life since I was about 3 from what I can remember. She was trapped in a high that could not accept motherhood. I always hoped some miracle would happen, where she would come back for me or we would meet. But if we met would she notice me? I probably wouldn’t recognize her. It became a dream of mine to meet my mother and have her love, and for that I would give anything up.

    (Today’s story is not fiction. This is a part of my life. Listen to the songs that inspired me to tell this portion of my story and the poem I wrote: Kehlani – The LetterLabrinth – JealousJohn Legend – Motherless Child) *I highly recommend listening to these songs if you haven’t already. Especially if you have a similar story*

    Sophomore year a miracle happened but I didn’t have to give up anything. I rarely get to see my mothers side of the family and I barely know them. I’ve only met my uncle, my grandparents, and 2 cousins so it’s always nice when I do get to see them. My uncle contacted me and my older brother D, (I’ll just call him by the first initial of his name) D is the brother that was in foster care with me, but had to stay when my father got me out because we only share the same mother. We were so close when we were younger. Sadly things aren’t the same…

    Back to the story, we were informed we would be picked up to go spend some time with him and our grandparents. For some reason, I felt like it was more to it than that. I had this really good feeling in my heart like something great was about to happen. I was right.

    When we arrived at my grandparents house, there was a woman standing outside on the porch waiting. I couldn’t recognize her but I guess my heart could? I felt it and knew in my heart who that woman was. I got out of the car and we basically went to each other with open arms. Before we got out the car my uncle said “We have a surprise. That’s your mama,” but like I said, I already knew. It was supposed to be more of a surprise for me because my brother had a little more contact with her than I ever did. I guess because he is oldest so it was easier for him to understand things. She instantly started to cry and apologize for not being there all those years, and for doing the things she did that kept her away. She made sure to tell me she loves me and always has. She was just sick and she wished she could take it all back. I was never angry at her and I couldn’t cry because I was just too happy and shocked that the moment was even happening. It could have very well been a dream.

    I thought things would change that day, but this time my thoughts were wrong. She disappeared and I didn’t hear from her again until I was about 20 years old. I had been looking for her, asking around. Calling my uncle asking him. No one knew where she was or had heard from her in a while, but then my uncle calls back and says they’ve found out she’s in the hospital with pneumonia. He gave me the hospital name and some other information and we hang up. I immediately call the hospital but the nurse tells me she is sleeping at the moment so call back in a little while. I believe she gave me a specific time to call back, I’m not sure but I’ll go with that. I called back at that specific time and finally, I heard my mothers voice. She told me the nurse told her that her daughter called (I’m her only daughter) and she felt such a blessing over her and hoped I would call back. We talked for a while and I made plans to visit, it felt like that same miracle all over again. Only this time maybe things would turn out better, maybe the timing was better. Maybe meeting under the circumstances would bring a change in her. I don’t know. I just always have high hopes.

    Finally arriving to her hospital room and hugging her again only made those hopes higher. Sadly, I was wrong again. We kept in touch a while longer than the first time, but not long enough. This time she was gone right before Mother’s Day…

    I can’t explain what I felt then, but it was much worse than any pain I felt before meeting her. I even wondered if I should just give up because it would always end like this. Everyone told me she would make promises she couldn’t keep. Maybe I should have listened…but I can’t. I can’t give up on her or my hopes of having that mother daughter relationship I’ve always wanted and deserved. Maybe the 3rd time we meet will be the charm.

    Letter To My Mother Away

    Mother you’re away still 

    I’ve never been able to celebrate with you for Mother’s Day,

    or any other occasion.

    Every year I watch all the other sons and daughters with their mothers

    I tell my aunt Happy Mother’s Day! But it’s just not the same…

    She has her own children 

    Like you have your own

    But you left yours to be all alone

    High off life without me

    It couldn’t have been easy 

    But it was harder being low and sober 

    You needed it but you didn’t need 

    Me as a baby, and the thought of you leaving

    The pain makes me queasy

    And I blame you for many things

    The root of my pain 

    But I never hated you

    I still love you 

    Even when I barely know you

    It’s such a shame

    How do you even remember me?

    You told me you didn’t remember my little brothers name

    But I still love you

    I was still happy I could be there with you for a moment 

    and you were okay

    It felt like a miracle 

    I was in the hospital only months before from that car crash

    Then there I was 

    Walking through hospital doors 

    To meet you alive

    Smiling and laughing 

    Giving me advice for the first time

    Promising we’d keep in touch this time for the second time 

    It was the best day of my life

    I thought I’d finally have you in my life

    And I did for a while

    Then Mother’s Day came around

    You were no where to be found…

    Mother away

    It’s been about 2 years since then

    I haven’t heard from you since

    But I’ve been told you’ve been seen and you’ve been asking about me

    Is it true?

    But if you really wanted me 

    I know you could find me 

    just like I found you

    Still I love you

    And I have hope

    Broken hope 

    That has not died

    And If it’s not too late

    When you come around

    (Please don’t wait 

    to come around)

    I’ll be by your side