Are You Living, Or Simply Existing?

This is a question I’ve come across a few times in my life but never really stopped to actually think about it. Sometimes I question whether or not I’m on the right track or living up to my full potential. Sometimes I wonder why exactly I am here, why do I exist? But I never asked myself why I live. That’s probably because I haven’t really been living. Sure, I’m alive in the fact that i’m breathing and typing this but beyond that? I’ve also noticed that I am not the only one, I even see other bloggers having a difficult time lately. We’re all going through some serious life changes and discoveries (of both the world and ourselves).

Cherylene, who blogs at livingvsexisting has written a special guest post that couldn’t have come at a better time! I think we all will benefit from this post in some way so please take the time to read.

Living Versus Existing; Cherylene Nicholas

I believe there are three classifications of people in this world, the ‘living’, the ‘existing’ and the dead.

The ‘living’ take the life they have and make the most use of it. When you are living you are constantly moving, improving and learning. Persons who are ‘existing’ on the other hand are doing just enough to sustain life.

We do this when we go through our daily routines day after day with no real drive or sense of purpose other than to get through the day and hopefully not die while we do so. Our lives can and should be so much more than that.

Some may say to live you must exist and thus to exist is to live. However, although in theory this is true the reality is much different. Many of us go to work, manage families, balance resources, and do our best to take care of everyone else in our lives while inside we are struggling with our own internal issues.

How many of us eat but aren’t full, sleep but don’t rest, hear but don’t listen because we’re so busy trying to survive or play the balancing act with the issues in our lives? Marital issues, relationship drama, poor health, financial burdens, work stress, and so much more can have us distracted, depressed, stressed and unhappy. The challenges of being alive can get to us but how we choose to handle them is what separates the living from the existing.

Here are my Top 15 Signs you are ‘Living’ and not just ‘Existing’.  

1. You make time to pamper and treat yourself rather than list excuses why you should not.

2. You make time to do fun things with your family and friends. It is not just about work.

3. You do not allow the challenges that life brings your way to keep you down or depressed.

4. You are always seeking knowledge and wisdom in various areas of your life.

5. You are willing to try new things and explore new places.

6. You do not allow the word “No” to discourage you instead you use it as a motivator to find a solution.

7. You do not allow negativity to steal your joy.

8. You recognize that life is too short to waste it on negative thinking or negative people.

9. You strive to be positive in your thinking and your interactions.

10. You choose to enjoy the good moments; learn from the bad and move forward.

11. You recognize that you don’t exist in this world by yourself and thus you try to help others less fortunate than yourself whenever you can.

12. You recognize and accept that no one is perfect.

13. Your focus is on striving to be your best self and living your best life.

14. You do not leave your happiness to chance.

15. You recognize that true happiness comes from within and thus do not depend on others to make you happy.

Living versus existing is therefore a state of mind that you choose to manifest in your everyday life. Someone who is ‘living’ makes the decision to do more with the life they have and often push themselves to do more because they expect more. A person who is ‘existing’ settles in their thinking and accepts the shortcomings in their life because sometimes they have just lost the will to fight.

My life is not perfect but that does not deter me from wanting to make it better. No matter how tough or challenging things might be right now, believe me when I tell you things can get better. Assess, Review and Take Action.

Ask yourself, am I existing or living?

What is more important however is what are you going to do about it?

The main difference between life and death is that the living gets another chance to do things right while the dead have been taken out of the fight.

After reading this post and paying special attention to Chery’s 15 signs, I realize I definitely have some things I need to work on in order to actually live my life and not simply exist. Some of the statements on the list I have been neglecting and they are definitely a huge reason for some of my worse days. I can proudly say that I have already been working on this. What are your thoughts? Did this list get you thinking about your own life? Do you feel like you have truly been living? Comment your thoughts.✨

Poetry makes you feel & think…✨

There are times when poetry can tell the perfect story. There are times when a poem sums up your entire life, or even just the situation you are in. I love reading and writing those most. You can feel all of the emotion but there’s something about those words that can temporarily take the pain away, or have you thinking differently in a positive way. You feel inspired. At least I do.

There are a few poems Cherylene has written that has done just that- described my feelings and current situation and then brought light to my dark thoughts. I’ll be sharing them with you today and also why I felt a connection.

A snippet of Cherylene’s poem Breakthrough:

“…This type of existence is diminishing your significance

That self-defeating attitude is drying up your gratitude…”

My connection: Yes! The issues I am currently dealing with and how I am handling them are causing me to live a depressed existence. Keeping me from following in my life purpose which I believe is to tell my story and inspire others through my writing and other ways of creativity. To help others. I can’t begin to help others until I can help myself. This self-defeating attitude I have lately is only doing me harm.

Cherylene’s Poem I Refuse:

I refuse to be still

As you seek power over my will

I refuse to be quiet when there’s so much to say

Can’t stay silent another day

I refuse to be the victim

So that kind of thinking

I’m definitely changing

I refuse to do nothing

When I know I can do something

I refuse to accept mediocrity

As this limits who I can truly be

I refuse to let you steal my joy

Playing with it like some sort of toy

I refuse to give your negative words meaning

It’s my happiness you’re intent on stealing

I refuse to believe the lies you’ve told

In an effort to corrupt my soul

I refuse to be anyone but me

Because even in my imperfection

My life still has direction

So long as I have purpose

I will continue to focus

So you do you

And I’ll do me

In the end

I will still be free.

My connection: Usually, when i’m feeling down or hurt about something I keep quiet about it. In general I let all of my thoughts and emotions build up inside of me until I can take no more and explode. Many people have walked all over me and taken advantage of me because of this. I’ve been picked on and bullied because of this. Many people underestimate me because of this. I can continue to be silent and do nothing but i’m choosing to speak and take action. This is for my personal life and blog life. I refuse to continue my blog like this while i’m not happy with it, I refuse to be afraid of changing and losing views/follows by making a fresh start. The fresh start is needed and needs are better for us than our wants. I’m not at my best right now but my life still has direction and purpose. I will stay focused. I will be free, and happy.

A snippet of Cherylene’s Daily Post Prompt (using the word catapult) Life Challenges:

“…Just when we feel like giving up

Just when we wished the world would stop

Just when we’ve said, “enough is enough”

In come our blessings to catapult us up

Up, above and out of the strife

Up and into a better life

All we had to do was endure

All we had to do was explore

Digging deep into our core

Soon to discover we are so much more.”

My connection: I came very close to giving up many times, I’ve had to endure many things in life but usually after a very bad time a blessing follows. I believe that things will be better soon, I believe blessings are coming as long as I keep that faith and keep going, as long as I keep exploring life and digging deep into my soul.

Never give up on life or the things you truly love that serve you purpose. I add “that serve you purpose” because not everything or everyone we love should be held onto. Not everyone or everything we love is good for us but life in general is something to never give up, no matter what!

Please leave any comments you have and make sure to visit Cherylene’s blog and check out her poetry while you’re there.✨


Introducing Cherylene✨

We have reached the 3rd week of features for my 500 follower Q&A winners!
It’s crazy how fast these weeks are going by. This week I will be featuring Cherylene from LivingvsExisting.

For her first feature I want to introduce you to her blog by sharing her about me section, and some facts I’ve found while browsing her blog.

Let’s get started!

“Hello and Welcome!

My name is Cherylene.  I am the mother of two amazing boys.

I have recently discovered that writing gives me a sense of joy and satisfaction that I never got doing anything else.  It is a great way for me to share my thoughts on various issues and topics that I feel compelled to write about.

I am a woman who has refused to let the negativity in my life and the world at large hold me back from pursuing my dreams.

My hope and dream is to be an inspiration and motivator for others.   I want my writing to reach far and wide helping others all over the world.

If you are searching for inspiration, motivation or direction I hope that you can find some here.  Be prepared to dig deep because true happiness and peace of mind comes from within.”

If you have a blog that is inspirational, and motivational in some way- I usually will follow and I’ve noticed other bloggers do the same. Inspiration is inspiring so I search for it everywhere and I can tell you Cherylene’s blog will inspire you in one way or another!

As I searched for some facts to share, I found quite a bit but i’ll be sharing 10 below 🙂

  1. -Her favorite color is blue
  2. -Her favorite book is Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits by T.D. Jakes (I haven’t read this book or heard of it until now but it sounds like something to check out)
  3. -She enjoys interior decorating 
  4. -She was a part of a Twin and is the eldest of her 2 siblings who are also twins (Wow!)
  5. -Mother of 2 boys; not twins
  6. -She likes having freestyle rap battles with her eldest son (These are the type of moments I’d love to have with my children some day. Cherylene, you’re a wonderful mother I can tell.)
  7. -One of her favorite quotes is “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Charles R. Swindoll 
  8. -Top 3 places she would love to visit are Bali, London, and Paris
  9. -Her favorite Disney song is A Whole New World from Aladdin 🙂
  10. -One word she would use to describe herself: Determined (That’s a great choice and great to be determined.)

Do you follow Cherylene? If not, you should! Please visit her blog after reading.💛
Did you find any of these facts interesting like I did? The twins?! Twins are always interesting to me lol. I also love that she spends time with her son, doing fun things. I never got to do those things with either of my parents so It’s always special to see or hear about it in other families. Kind of bittersweet too but mostly beautiful.

I will be back with another feature tomorrow, and also some updates. Stay tuned.✨

Cher, please let me know if I need to correct any of the facts.


Exploring A Fellow Bloggers Instagram✨

We’ve reached that weird mid week phase. It’s weird to me at least lol. It’s not a Monday where you’re freshly recharged with ideas, or dreading the start of the work/school week, but it’s not yet the end of the week that we usually love so much. That’s Wednesday for you. Or maybe just for me. 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️

Today I want to share a fellow bloggers Instagram feed with you all, sharing some of my favorite pictures and hopefully encourage you all to follow her. Can you guess who???

If you guessed Pamela, you’ve guessed correctly.☺️

It can be discouraging keeping up with Instagram and being consistent when so many people follow and unfollow so often. Sometimes I get into the mood of not posting for a while or being active at all. Pamela is pretty active I’d say. She has over 400 posts… Yes 400! She also likes and comments on others which is always important when you want to grow your blog or following.

Well let’s check out some of her posts! The ones I’m showing are some of my favorites.

Here is her bio:

I see many bloggers following already!

Her most recent picture: I just love nature photography! I wish I was surrounded by pretty flowers to snap often.

A pink rose?! Of course this would be a favorite:

I felt a bit of anxiety first looking at this one lol but it’s still such a stunning view!

Her trip to Mexico!

A few more favorites:

I love how colorful and pretty this is💖

Remember that Belle is her favorite Disney Princess!


Okay, I have to admit I included this because it was posted on my birthday (LOL) and because it’s a great quote of course!

Can we talk about how yum this bag of bagel looks?

Last but not least, my favorite picture of Pamela! Isn’t she beautiful? This picture was from her 3 year work anniversary with the company. Her bestie Erin was the special photographer.

Which of the pictures shared is your favorite? Do you follow Pamela already? Will you be following her after reading this post? Let us know in the comments✨

Click Here To Follow Pamela’s Instagram

The 10+10 (StarringPamela’s Blog)✨

Hey everyone! I’m sure you all are wondering what exactly the title of this post is about and what this post will be in general. Well, for Pamela’s 2nd day feature I’ve decided to list 10 things you can find on her blog, plus another 10 things I’ve learned about her while browsing her blog, hence the title The 10+10.

Pamela, by the end of this post I’d like for you to let me know if I got all the facts right.✨

Let’s get started!

10 Things You Can Find On StarringPamela:

  1. Beauty posts- her beauty posts include make up, skin care, hauls, & more!
  2. Fashion- she has a few OOTD posts
  3. Lifestyle- including monthly favorites, a day in the life posts, reading, mental health awareness & more!
  4. Tag Me Tuesday- this a series she does every Tuesday to post all of her tags/awards
  5. Travel- she even posts about her trips and adventures 🙂
  6. Decor- yes, you can find some home decor posts on her blog also!
  7. Baking- Pamela bakes too 🙂
  8. If We Were Having Coffee- This is a post she does once a month. Here are a few examples she has shared:If we were having coffee, I would tell you how much I’m enjoying this summer. It’s not overly eventful but it’s so nice and hasn’t been too terribly hot. Except yesterday when it was 90 degrees. Yeesh. If we were having coffee, I would tell you how amazing everyone’s blogs and posts have been lately. Seriously! It’s so inspiring to see everyone’s hard work.If we were having coffee, I would tell you how happy I am to have reached 500 followers on this blog! I never would have thought there would be so many people reading what I have to say.
  9. You can also find her social media very easily which I love. She has icons on the top of her page, and views a long the side where you can even see some of her latest tweets!
  10. She has a new YouTube channel! You can check out her first video here: 500 Followers Q&A

Those are the 10 things you’ll be able to find on Pamela’s blog, now for the facts I’ve found:

  1. Pamela is now 26 years old 🙂
  2. Her birthday is in May and she had a “BirthMay” series on her blog, unique right?
  3. Huge Harry Potter fan!
  4. Her favorite Disney princess is Belle, she was Belle for Halloween for most of her youth. How cute??? I was a witch for most of mine lol.
  5.  She studied abroad in Barcelona in college. WOW! I’d love to visit Barcelona.
  6. She graduated from college with a bachelors of science in international business. That’s an amazing accomplishment Pam!
  7. She wants to learn American Sign Language. I actually know a little sign language, I can speak fluent using the alphabet but I know a few word actions also. I have a cousin who is deaf so I had to learn young.
  8. She is taking ballet classes!
  9. She named her car Baby Bat 🙂
  10. Some of her life goals are; publishing a book, making music, and designing fashion or home items! These are definitely in my top 10, maybe even top 5 goals!

There we have it, basically 20 reasons to love and follow Pamela
If you haven’t already the time is now to add another amazing blogger to your Reader.💛

Did you learn anything new about Pamela by reading this post? Do you have anything in common relating to her blog or in general? Comment below✨


A Guide to Exploring New Things; Guest Post by Pamela✨

Hello lovelies and welcome back to another Monday!

As you all know, this week I will be featuring Pamela who blogs over on StarringPamela. For the first feature, Pamela has written a great post about exploring and trying new things. She worked hard on this post, it’s so inspiring and informative and I encourage you all to read it! I think you’ll be able to take something from it- I sure did. After reading, be sure to check out her blog and give a follow 🙂

Hi everyone! First, thank you Lee for allowing me to guest post on your blog! Second, thank you to everyone who supports Lee and her wonderful blog! I can’t wait to see how Golden Pink Journal changes and I know it’ll be even more amazing than it already is.

As the title suggests, I’m going to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to go about trying and exploring new things. This post is by no means intended to be a strict rule book, but rather meant to be a friendly nudge towards encouraging you to find something new to enjoy.

I will focus on hobbies and how to go about finding a way to start working on making that hobby yours! I do hope you’ll find it helpful. So far this has worked for me! I’ve done a range of activities. Such as:

  • Competitive swimming and running in school
  • Played flute for over 10 years
  • Horseback riding as an adult for fun
  • Ballet as an adult, as a college elective and for fun
  • Creative writing for as long as I can remember
  • Film photography as an art elective in college
  • Attending musical theatre productions

I could go on but you get the idea. I also left out blogging from my list as I feel that’s something we probably all share or at least know a lot about here. But there’s quite a few others.

Let’s move on!

Step 1: Find Your Interest

You may already have a specific hobby in mind that you want to do and if so, great! You’re pretty much done with step one. It may be a good idea to keep a few other potentials in the back of your mind in case the hobby you have your eye on doesn’t work for you for whatever reason. More on that later.

If you don’t have an idea already, try making a list of what you’re interested in learning. Don’t hold back! I literally want you to take a few minutes with some paper and pen and write the hobbies that have interested you. All these steps are geared towards working towards that one hobby you will eventually start to learn so you can just compare a few potentials as you go. I would say try to keep it to no more than three so you don’t get overwhelmed.

I haven’t necessarily gone by a list of hobbies when I’ve picked one up. I’ve usually had one that I’ve specifically looked into but if you’re unsure you can consider two or three at the same time to decide which is best for you.

Got your idea? Great! Let’s keep going then.

Step 2: Do Your Research

Before you run away because I didn’t tell you to just jump right in, let me explain. I do believe you have to do your research and learn more about the hobby you want to do in order to be successful and stick with it long term.

Here is what I suggest you start gathering:

  • Cost. Let’s be honest, hobbies can be expensive! You’ll need to know how much you need to pay for the instruction, any equipment you might need to provide for yourself, and other costs you might encounter.
  • Time. Hobbies will also take time. Will this work with your schedule? You need to know how much time you need to dedicate to this hobby.
  • Place. Where could you learn this hobby? You don’t need to pin down a place yet, just get a general idea of where you could do it. Here’s some ideas to get you started:
    • A local community college
    • Local park district or library
    • Online classes
    • Friends/family (word of mouth)
    • Lifestyle brands (some can point you in the right direction or even offer classes themselves, this is more common in outdoors-y or active/fitness brands or music brands)
  • Requirements. Some hobbies are easier to do as children and some you can only do as an adult of a certain age. Others require certain physical abilities so if you have certain limitations be sure to keep that in mind while you search. There might also be some seasonal/weather related requirements as well.

Now that you have a bit more knowledge on your hobby of interest, you hopefully have a good sense of whether or not this will work for you. If it does, that’s wonderful! You can proceed to Step 3. If it does not, don’t despair! You can always select something else and start Step 2 over again. This doesn’t mean that you won’t ever do the one you ruled out, it just means you won’t do it now.

Let’s continue!

Step 3: Prepare

Okay, so now you do need to focus on the specifics of the hobby you plan to do.

I recommend you start with the place you will go to. Why? Because what you need to do to prepare will likely vary from place to place.

Dress codes can be very different from one place to another. Equipment requirements could also change as some places provide more than others and certain places either require certain items or ban others. Lesson times, facility hours, and prices are usually comparable because of competition from place to place, but it’s still a good idea to compare them as they can be different as well or, if it’s something you need to schedule, they may not have the time/day you want available.

So you can see that the location can greatly impact what you will ultimately need, so it is important to narrow that down fairly early on when you know you do want to pursue that hobby. And at this point it’s important to figure out what you need to do to afford it. If you need to save before you can commit, or wait until you have more time to dedicate to the hobby, do so. It’ll save you a lot of stress and headache later.

Of course, not all hobbies require all of this but the more specific information you have on what you’ll really need to get started, the easier it’ll be when you start doing it because you’ll know what to expect.

Lastly, take some time to learn what to expect when you walk in if it’s a hobby you haven’t done before or haven’t done in a long time. You can talk to people who you know have done it, blogs are excellent resources as well, and you can phone ahead to the place you want to go to as well to ask questions about it.

Sometimes we don’t go out and explore because it’s something unknown. But you never know what you’ll love if you don’t try it, right?

Step 4: Commit!

Now that you’re prepared with all your knowledge do whatever you need to do to get yourself in that door! (Figuratively and/or literally depending on your hobby.) Be sure to verify anything you want to double check on such as methods of payment they accept, dress code, what you’ll need, etc. If this is a hobby you can do from home, or you can just show up to the location then even better for you!

Just make sure that no matter which type of commitment you make, you follow through with it!

Here’s all the steps again:

  • Step 1: Find Your Interest
  • Step 2: Do Your Research
  • Step 3: Prepare
  • Step 4: Commit!

That’s really all I have for you! I hope you found this helpful and let us know what hobby you plan to pursue! Are you planning to use any of these steps?

Pamela definitely has inspired me to make a list of my hobbies and think about things that I would probably never do. I want to get out there and enjoy my hobbies but also try new things, maybe i’ll pick up a new hobby or even a new passion. You never really know until you try, that’s the thing! Don’t let fear and comfort hold you back from exploring the world because you could be missing out on a key ingredient to who you are meant to be or want to be in life by doing so.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and will consider trying these steps out. Let us know in the comments. I think following the steps would make a great post idea!💡💛


Discovering Our Passions: A Guest Post By Maggie✨

Are you all ready to read Maggie’s excellent guest post?! I’m sure you are but before you can get to it I have to say how much I enjoyed reading this when she sent it! All of you should know Maggie already but if you don’t, please check her blog out after reading! She blogs over at Dreaming Of Guatemala and she is honestly one of the sweetest persons I have met here, you won’t regret giving her a follow and maybe becoming friends? 💛

Her guest post made me do a lot of thinking and realizing that I am in fact on the right path. I’ve always loved writing, creating, and inspiring others but I also always questioned if that was really my true passion, if it was just a few hobbies I enjoy, or just a distraction until figuring out what I really want to do with my life. I didn’t grow up with a lot of positive support and still to this day when people ask me what I want to do with my life and I tell them something creative or involving writing they tell me basically that’s just a hobby, or just a dream that will be too hard to reach. They tell me I should go back to school so that I can become a nurse, or a teacher, tell me to just get a job etc. I’ve had jobs, I’ve worked 2 jobs at once, and I’ve always been miserable in those places. Well, besides TJMaxx which was my first job. It was a lot hard at first but once I finally started getting comfortable and the hang of things into a routine I started to like it. Discounts on cute clothes/accessories, making a couple of friends there, and people being proud of me helped too. As soon as I got comfortable our manager announced that our store would be closing down. For a while my anxiety wouldn’t allow me to start over at a new job, meeting new people, learning procedures all over again.

Eventually, I got a higher paying job at a warehouse. The pay was nice, but of course the hours were long, I didn’t really click with the other workers, I was constantly having anxiety attacks and would leave early. That was the first moment I realized I wasn’t happy with where I was in life and that maybe a 9-5 or whatever shift most people work probably wasn’t for me. I need to set my own hours, I need to be comfortable in my work area, most times I work best alone. I eventually tried out 2nd shift to see if maybe I just couldn’t stand working mornings. Maybe 2nd shift was a lot more relaxed and I could be a little more comfortable?

This was true, 2nd shift was definitely a lot more relaxed, less workers, sometimes even less work. Unfortunately my anxiety didn’t stop there. There was even a time where I just wanted to be at home so I could write, I was at my packing station and literally used the receipt paper to write my thoughts down, they were lines to a poem and I didn’t want to forget them since I wouldn’t be clocking out until 1:30 AM. I left early a few more times before losing the job for good. This was the 2nd moment I realized there was something else meant for me. Or maybe I just need to get my anxiety under control?

I started writing stories on Facebook, and making customs for friends/family (shirts, shoes, birthday outfits, room decor etc) people immediately loved what they saw and wanted me to do the same for them, a lot of them where asking how much I will charge which I hadn’t even thought about charging for this! So, this was the start of my small business. I made mostly decor and birthday outfits, I even sold to people in different states, I was very proud of this and was always happy working! I could do things on my own time, take breaks whenever I needed, have my own space, and set my own prices. As for my stories, I had about 4 or 5 thousand people reading between my Facebook and Wattpad account. People were asking if and when they could purchase the book… It was never a book, just a story I created on the spot and uploaded a part each day. I guess it was somewhat successful because a lot of people love drama and suspense, the story had much of that! I wanted to turn it into a book but so many people were reading, commenting, and some even getting upset that I wasn’t working fast enough for them. Then something very tragic happened in my life that i’m not going to talk about but it just completely shut me down. I plan on going back to Wattpad eventually, but here I am here on WordPress, still writing and creating! 

Despite everything that goes on, writing is something I always stick with. This was the 3rd sign that let me know that I was working on a PASSION and not just a hobby. Am I saying I will never work a 9-5 again? Or even a part time job somewhere? No. If I absolutely need to I will. If i get this anxiety under control maybe I will. But will I be happy about it? No. Will I be miserable? Probably. I just know that I won’t be giving up writing and working on my creativity. I just know that I’m always going to feel more at peace and more productive in life when I’m doing those things while inspiring others. It doesn’t make me lazy, which I’ve been called. I’m just doing what I feel is best for me, not what everyone else only think is best.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, lets see what Maggie has to say 🙂

Hi guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to drop by Lee’s blog. 💖 She has an absolutely beautiful site here at Golden Pink Journal, and I am very honored and excited to get to guest post on here today!!

The topic of this post, as you can see from the title, is about discovering our passions. How can we locate the things that bring us joy? And, once we know about them, how do we incorporate them into our lives? That’s what I’ll be talking about today. I hope that you enjoy! ✨✨


At a few different times in my life, I have had the wonderful privilege to talk to someone who was utterly passionate about what they loved to do. From music, to blogging, as well as other hobbies, I could immediately tell how much those things meant to them, and how happy and motivated they were by them.

After getting to talk to those people, I found myself sadly discouraged. It wasn’t that I wanted the specific passion they had, as those were the the things they loved, not me, but I DID yearn for the passion they felt for those things. I desired to be joyful about something like they were. I wondered where my passion/s were and what it would be like once they came to me.

And then I wondered … maybe passions don’t find us; maybe WE have to find THEM.

When you love something and you put your whole heart into it, people are bound to notice. If you love fashion and beauty, and you become skilled at matching colors and outfits, styling your hair, and becoming really good at makeup, that stands out. If you love blogging, and you write stellar articles, have the perfect blog layout for you that’s beautiful and also easy to navigate, and are enthusiastic in your responses back to people, other bloggers notice that and are attracted to your joy and enthusiasm.

However, there are a good many of us who don’t have any passions – yet. Or, we actually do, but haven’t realized it.

So, for those of us who’d like to see if we can find what we’re passionate about in life, I made a simple little test for you where you can fill in the hobby/interest and ask yourself if it means as much to you as a passion would. Here are a few examples: reading, singing, gaming, teaching, learning new things, gardening, crafting, art, pizza (yes, I said pizza. Just try it out LOL), horseback riding, book reviewing … the list goes on and on!

Your Potential Passion

  • Does it bring you joy?
  • Are you good at it?
  • Does it mean a lot to you?
  • Have you loved it for a long time?
  • Do you love talking about it with others?
  • Do other people comment on your love for it?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the majority or all of those questions, then the answer is YES!! You’ve found your passion! 💖💖 and if you answered ‘no’ to more than a few, don’t sweat it; side hobbies are absolutely amazing, too. They’re just not as exciting or invigorating as passions.

Once you’ve found what you are passionate about (or if you already have), there are different things you can do to keep it incorporated into your life.

  1. Keep doing it! Most start out as hobbies and interests, so whether that’s something you visit, play, write, etc, continue to do what makes you so happy. ❤
  2. Research it. I know that sounds extremely boring, haha, but hear me out: if you love makeup, and you love learning how to better use and apply it, read up on what products are best for your skin type and tone, watch tutorials on YouTube, get inspired on Pinterest – in other words, grow and cultivate it!
  3. Look into potential jobs and careers with it. This completely depends on what you’re passionate about, but if possible, you should see if you can incorporate it into a future job/career! There are few things more beautiful than having a job that you absolutely love.

I hope that this has inspired you to go out there and chase after what sets your soul on fire!! Let us know in the comments below what YOUR passions are – and if you’ve found any new ones after reading this post!

I love writing stories, blogging, and inspiring others. What are you passionate about?

YES, go ahead and let us know in the comments what your passions are and what you thought about this amazing post 🙂 You’ll be seeing more of Maggie on my blog this week!