Fun Friday #19 Featuring Some Of YOU!✨

Happy Fun Friday!

This Friday I decided I wanted to do something fun to thank some of you for your amazing comments and support these past few days. I’ve created 2 word scrambles the first one with a few of your names and the second with a few blogging terms. If you’ve recently commented on my recent posts there is a chance your name is in the first list:)

Can you unscramble them all? Can you find/unscramble your name?

Unscramble The Names:


Unscramble The Words:


If this wasn’t fun or interesting enough for you, I’ve also done a special post on my new blog. Check it out at

And thank you all again!



500 Follower Q&A Game Winners!💖

Congratulations to my 5 lucky 500 follower Q&A game winners! Thank you all so much for playing, and thank you all so much for your questions. I really appreciate it and the constant support💖
Each of the winners will be featured on my blog for 5 DAYS for the next 5 weeks! Here are the winners and order they will be featured (starting next week 7/3) they will be featured any 5 days Monday-Saturday. Please go over and visit their blogs if you have not already, though I’m sure most of you have:)

1st: Maggie 7/3-7/8

2nd: Pamela 7/10-7/15

3rd: Cherylene 7/17-7/22

4th: Dakota 7/24-7/29

5th: Laura 7/31-8/5

To all winners: Please email if you would like one of the days to be a guest post. Also let me know if you do not mind me using any of your pictures from here or social media for the posts.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you and featuring you all on my blog during this next month!💛


500 Follower Q&A Game!💖☺️

Some of you have been playing this game already without even knowing it:)

I know this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but unfortunately we had some issues with the wifi and when it was finally fixed I felt like it was too late in the night to post, so here we are now…

Thank you all for your questions!
The rules of the game and how to play:

The only rules are to have asked a question, or answer my bonus questions (below) in the comments and be the first 5 to reach 500 points! There is one extra rule and I’ll tell you about it shortly.

Remember yesterday when I said that 5 is a lucky number for this post? That’s because that’s how some of you have already earned points and a head start in the game:)

All of the questions are numbered in the order they were asked. How you can earn points:
-Each number with a 5 in it (5,15,25,35) the person who asked that question gets 50 points
-The person who asked the 5th question (the 1st number with a 5) will get an additional 5 points
-The 5th person to ask a question gets 50 points
-My 5 favorite questions get 50 points
-Answer MY bonus questions (100/150 POINTS EACH)
-That extra rule: For the bonus questions, please do not choose most questions you see someone else has already answered or answer with similar choices. I will think you are just copying them and obviously that would be cheating:/)

Lets get started!


1.What’s your favourite quote/saying? There’s sooo many to choose from! But i’m gonna choose “remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. You may not be where you want to be but neither are you where you used to be.”

2.Cats or dogs? I love both but definitely a cat lady😻

3.Sweet or savoury? Sweets are delicious of course but I prefer savory.

4.If you only had one week to live, what would you do, where would you go? Gonna be honest… If I knew I had only a week left to live I’d probably be too depressed to want to do anything. It definitely wouldn’t be enough time to do all the things I really want. The days go by so quick. That’s a really hard one!

*5.Samsung or Apple? My first Samsung was the galaxy s3 and I loved it! I think that was my favorite phone so far but this is also a really hard one because I love them both for different reasons.

Gracie Chick

6.How do you think that you can change the world? I think I can change the world by being a positive influence and inspiring many people through my writing and creativity. I can change the world by making people think outside the box, I’m very open minded and imaginative!

7.Writing or reading? Both!!

8.Drawing/painting or photography? Hmmm, I’d say painting and photography though i’m not very good at either.

9.Favourite book ever? I’ve read some really cool books, but not as much as I used to. I always say Twilight for this question because I read all the books in the series and it’s the first one I think of. My 9th grade English teacher suggested it to me, he knew I would love it.

10.Your favourite word? Oh I have quite a few favorite words! 3 of them are Euphoria, Epiphany, and Iridescent.

11.The first five things you think when you hear your own name? (Sorry, I know this is a weird one. Oh, and you can use ‘Lee’ instead of your real name) Honestly I just said it out loud to myself and thought of air lmao! Idk it seems like a short sweet airy name.. I also think of the spelling Leigh, I think it sounds pretty, that it’s part of my middle name, & Bruce Lee😂

12.The first five things you think when you hear MY name? Gracie always makes me think of grace. I feel like if you have that name you have to be really sweet. It makes me think of an old friend I had. Kind of miss her now that I think about her. It makes me think of Graciela because that’s what people called her even though her name is just Gracie lol, she’s Salvadorian. It makes me think of peace because it sounds like a peaceful name lol and it makes me think of Amazing Grace.


13.What are your 5 current, short-term goals? My 5 current short term goals are 1.) Get back on track with blogging and catching up with everyone 2.) Plan/schedule my hair posts 3.) Share my weekend pickups 4.) Upload a video to YouTube 5.) Worry less.

14.Who is your biggest inspiration? Why do they inspire you? Jhene Aiko because I relate to her music soo much and I love her adventurous instagram and snapchat posts. She often shares a lot of inspirational quotes. If I were a singer my music would be similar to hers and a few others.

*15.What makes you happy? Making someone else happy, children/babies, accomplishments, making friends, creating things, writing,watching the sunset, music, late night conversations, the good times with family, the list goes on 🙂

16.What is something that you’re proud of? I’m proud of the fact that despite constantly feeling like the world is against me with all these unfortunate events, I keep going. I could have given up long ago and believe me I almost did. I’m also proud of this blog and how much it has grown.

Starring Pamela

17.What’s your favorite song lyric? “Why aren’t you smiling? Life can get wild when you’re caught in the whirlwind, Lost in the world when, you’re chasing the win you gotta understand…There’s really no end, there’s really no beginning,” Jhene Aiko; W.A.Y.S

18.How many photos does it take to get the perfect selfie? Often way too many lol

19.Who is someone that you’d most like to meet? Jhene Aiko lol. We could collaborate on something really nice and celebrate our birthdays together:)


20.What is your favourite colour? It’s a tie between pink and gold at the moment💖

21.What attracts you to a blog? The name, the overall look, what type of posts they have, and the consistency.


22.Do you like Hamilton the musical? (I love it) This is actually my first time hearing of it! I may need to check it out huh?


23.Do you have any weird habits? (For example, when I’m eating something delicious, I clench my spare fist. It’s odd, and creepy, but I can’t help it haha) Lol that is a bit odd but I love it. The first thing I can think of is if I eat something sweet I MUST have something savory afterwards. I just don’t like having the sweet taste last for some reason lol unless it’s SUPERRRR delicious.

Tikeetha T

24.My question is…what relationship advice would you give to young women between the ages of 18-30? When I was 18 I was in a relationship that ended up lasting almost 5 years. It was a great relationship but I couldn’t help but wonder If I would miss out on things in life or what I might really want in a partner by staying with the same person from high school all my life, being so serious at a young age. Not that it isn’t possible! But for me, I didn’t feel it was best. I would say take things as slow as possible, really get to know the person… You might feel like you love that person sooo much and know everything about them but sometimes true colors show only after time, or when you live together, or when something terrible happens. Don’t be so involved in showing off on social media because once people get in your business they’ll try to tell you something about your boyfriend/girlfriend you might not like, or you might even feel the need to snoop around driving yourself crazy over likes and comments. I’ve been a teen, I know how they are, even some adults sadly. If you’re in a relationship with someone, ask yourself what you really like about that person without mentioning anything physical- Looks aren’t everything! LISTEN TO EACH OTHER! Share your thoughts, dreams, opinion,s and goals with each other, be a team! I could give a lot of advice but this is getting way too long lol getting carried away.


*25.Where is your favourite place to write down your blogs? I usually like to plan out my ideas in my notebook and write them in my notes on my phone.


26.If you had the chance of visiting a continent in the world which would it be? And why? I’d have to say both Africa (for cultural reasons, go on a safari, and to volunteer in an orphanages, projects and charities) and Australia. I’ve always heard nice things about Australia especially from YouTubers I’ve watched:)

Everything EmmZeeBee 

27.What is your favourite veg and your favourite fruit? My favorite fruit is pineapple and kiwi. My favorite vegetable hmmmm… green beans? lol🤔


28.If you could meet and talk to anyone dead or alive who would you choose and why? This was hard, but since I already answered who I’d like to meet alive I’ll say Aaliyah the R&B singer. I would choose her and ask what type of music she would be putting out if she were still alive today.


29.Is there anything that you feel you were born to do, or any passion you’re dying to fulfill? I’ve always felt like I was here to just love and be loved. To inspire people and be inspired, to guide myself others to a more peaceful way of living.


30.Who do you look up to the most? I look up to my dad the most. My dad and I don’t have the best relationship but he’s still my world. He does his best to be a great father despite everything that has happened and is a hard working man! He never gave up. For a while he was even a father figure to my brother (until we were separated after foster care) who is not his biological son.

ES Ordinary 

31.What sort of thing would you give up to save a family member? I don’t have much but whatever I have in that moment that can save them, take it.

32.What is the most exquisite thing you can cook? I’m not the greatest cook honestly I’m still learning. It’s often embarrassing because people have made fun of me or had negative comments about my age and not knowing how. I think I have breakfast down okay lol. Now for dinners. I just starting learning to do many things once I turned 21 (23 now) such as driving, and cooking. That’s when I started to become more independent and learn that I can’t allow family and everyone else to keep me down, letting my life go by. I was so isolated pretty much my whole life I spent at school (because I had to and school was better than home) and in my room sad, angry, and scared to do anything or ask for help with anything. I’m finally living!

33.What do you think is your natural talent? I think my natural talent has something to do with writing and creating.

34.Cheese or chocolate? Not big on either lol, but chocolate! Chocolate is good for comfort lol.

Dippy-Dotty Girl

*35. Have you finally got your essentials in place? Lol not at all!! Ugh. I did pick up a few things this weekend but none of them were furniture lol not enough for that yet. slowly but surly we’ll have it all together.


36.What is your idea of the perfect life? For me it would be growing up with my mom and dad them being married, and being with ALL of my brothers and sisters (my mom gave 2 of my brothers away at birth, I really hope I can find and meet them one day) my other brother (oldest) is just like me I guess and we don’t even talk anymore. We were so close. He is the one I was in foster care with. We share the same mom but not the same dad. He recently had a son, but i’m not sure I will get to meet him. I guess the perfect life would be to have had a better family connection.

37.If you could bring home an animal from the zoo? what would you choose? I really like this question 🙂 I’d probably choose a panda, a giraffe, or tiger. Why can’t they be like cats and dogs lol?

38.How would you sum yourself up in one sentence/short paragraph? In a short paragraph I would say “I lived a life where love was mostly absent, but still I am to love and be loved. Still I am to inspire, still I am to guide, and still I rise like Maya Angelou. The one who wishes she could take away all of her pain and everyone else’s, I am one of the sweetest persons you’ll ever meet. To really know me is to love me.” 🙂

My Favorite Questions:
*50 PTS*: #17(Starring Pamela), #24(Tikeetha T), #29(IWannaBeALady), #37(LauziesLifestyle), #38(LauziesLifestyle)

I also added a drawing into to the game, I plan to do something similar for 1000 followers but with a video so that you all can actually see for yourself. But for this time, I wrote down everyone’s name that asked a question and pulled 5 from a jar (I hope you all trust me) Each of the bloggers pulled will also get 50 points. The lucky 5 are…
Tikeetha T, Maggie, Gracie, Cherylene, InkGirl&Words

Bonus Questions (ANYONE CAN PARTICIPATE) *100/150 PTS*

39. List 5 words I’ve used for the words of the week series (100 points)

40. For my Golden Blogger pass who was the first 2 nominations? (100 points)

41. What is my pets YouTube channel name? (150 Points)

42. What’s the name of my Summer project? (100 points)

43. List 5 short stories I’ve written for SSS (150 points)

44. 5 things I’ve done for Fun Friday (150 points)

45. On my “Today’s To Do” what is the first thing that is always on the list? (100 points) *This one has been answered 3 times already so this one will not count anymore*

46. On my blog, in my “Today’s To Do” series what does “R/C/R” stand for? (100 points)

47. What is my cats name? (100 points)

48. What are my guinea pigs names? You probably only know this if you watch the channel. (150 points)

49. I was nominated for a cute animal tag, was it the Judy The Kitty Tag, Judy The Bunny Tag, or Judy the Puppy Tag? (100 points)

50. I told you all about my first heartbreak. When did the guy break up with me? (100 points)

51. What is my blogs email? (100 points)

52. A few years ago I survived something on my dads birthday. What did I survive? (100 points)

53. Who was the first friend I made here on WordPress? (100 points)

54. What series do I have on my Instagram? (100 points)

55. What is the title of my very first blog post? (150 points)

The first 5 to reach 500 points will be featured on my blog for 5 days these next 5 weeks! It will be in order so act fast! This won’t be just sharing my favorite posts of yours to my blog, I will be doing things such as adding you to a short story, a Fun Friday relating to you and your blog, sharing my favorite pictures of you or your blog, a post about your social media, guest post, it could be anything! Just know that you’ll be on my blog for 5 days:) This is to show thanks to all of my followers, but even more to the ones who constantly read, comment, and show their support. This also helps me with post ideas for the next month basically!

I will be announcing winners as soon as there is a 5th win,

Good luck to all and thank you all again so much!

Score so far…

Its’SimplyMeJasmine- 55 pts (the additional 5 for asking the 5th question)

Maggie- 100 pts

Misabella- 50 pts

Zaynab- 50 pts (5th person to ask a question)

Dippy-DottyGirl- 50 pts

Starring Pamela- 50 pts

Tikeetha T- 100 pts

IWannaBeALady- 50 pts

GracieChick- 100 pts

Laura- 100 pts

Cherylene- 50 pts

InkGirl&Words- 50 pts

They all have a head start, but the game is still anyone’s! Let’s get on the board!



Fun Friday #7☺️

Hey everyone! We’re here again at my favorite day of the week, happy Friday!

If you’ve been here from the beginning you should remember Fun Friday #2 where I featured some of your blogs in a word search. I said I would eventually post another to include other blogs, and the time has come…💛


Please note that it only allows 2 spaces for each word so if your blog name looks a little funny spaced, that’s why.

Play Here

I’ve also added one with a few of your names. Leave your name in the comments if you’d like to be chosen for the next word search.


Play Here

I hope you all enjoy this week’s Fun Friday post and participate in the word search! Let me know if you found them all, was it a bit hard or easy and quick to find? Is your blog one that was featured?

Is this something you would be interested in seeing on my blog again? Comment below.💖

Want to create your own Word Search? Check out these links:



Fun Friday #5

This post will have a lot of screenshot images.

Good morning all☀️

We’ve made it to Friday again which is my favorite blog day of the week- Happy Fun Friday!

This Friday I decided to show you all my favorite games to play on my phone when I’m bored. I have an iPhone but some of these I’ve also played on android. I’ve played many games from the app store and these are the ones that I’ve kept the longest:

Let’s get started with Emoji Blitz

Emoji Blitz is another matching game but what I like about this one, that sets it aside from others is that you play with Disney and Pixar characters as emojis. You can also play missions and challenges.

Every emoji is not available for you to play with, you have to earn them or buy with coins. Every time you play a game you earn coins, including missions and challenges. You can also win coins by spinning the wheel every day.

Here are some of the characters you can play with:

The characters are up to date!👍🏽💕 

Let’s see some game play:

Our next game is UNOFriends. We all know what uno is right? Lol. Well the game has a lot more to offer than the regular card game.

You can play quick play mode, tournaments or UNO Journey. Companions (pets) help you in game, each companion has a different ability. So far my favorite is the white tiger. When you have the white tiger selected, when ever you play a draw two, all other opponents draw a card.

Let’s take a look at UNO Journey:

So many levels! Let’s go in game:

One of the boosts you can have is a new hand boost, so if you get dealt a hand that sucks, get a new one!👍🏽

If you play a draw four card, this is what the other player will see. You can choose to draw 4 or take a chance and challenge the other player. If you choose yes and they do have a card matching the previous color, they will draw instead. If they do not have a card matching the previous color, you will have to draw 6. So many things keep this one interesting🙂

Our last game in the Arcade is Paradise Bay. A friend of mine actually introduced this game to me and I haven’t stopped playing since. I usually hate town and farm building games because everything takes too long to build and grow but in Paradise Bay it’s worth the wait.

You get your own island to build and grow as you wish and you can also visit friends islands. 

Each holiday and season you can play for special prizes and pets. For the month of April you can play for baby chicks and an Easter basket with a cute bunny!


Unlock and discover other lands and trade goods.

Shop the world market where you can also earn coins by selling goods.

There’s so many ways to earn coins in this game unlike others👍🏽

There is even a pet sanctuary! You can collect pet stickers by completed certain trades to earn these pets:

Looks like I have enough stickers to adopt the striped tapir! Let’s add it to our island💙

Pets are also active when you tap them. Feed your pets for coins and goods like axes to chop down dead plants. 

Other games I enjoy:

I removed these games only because I needed more storage space on my phone. Fun Run is a cute racing game where you can race people from around the world or with your own friends, there are different boards to play and you can customize your character👍🏽 

I love Lep’s World because it reminds me so much of Mario! I like all the versions of this game but 3 is my favorite. Lep’s world also has a ton of worlds to play in!👍🏽

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s Fun Friday post.

Have you played any of these games before? Would you try any? What are your favorite games? Comments below✨

Fun Friday #4

Good Morning everyone! Once again  I’m back with another Fun Friday Find It edition, last week we played in the living room and as you all know this week the kitchen is being featured as our image.

Please enjoy the day, enjoy this game and participate by leaving your answers in the comments☺️ 
Feel free to zoom in if you need to.

Who’s ready to play?! Let’s get started.

Can you find:

  • Peanut butter
  • Trash bags (not the trash can at the bottom left corner.)
  • Pink & yellow highlighters
  • Paper towel roll
  • Toaster
  • “Golden Pink Journal”
  • “Blog”
  • Salt and pepper

Did you find everything? Let’s see if you can find a little more.

Look for 8 objects that do not belong in the kitchen. I’ll let you know that one of the items is the white car/truck from last week’s edition☺️ By the comments, no one was able to spot it, can you find it?

Comment below💖

I’d also like to give you all the opportunity to help choose next Friday’s post. Here are the options:

  • Editing apps/programs I use for pictures & video- also check out my guinea pig’s YouTube channel @ PiggieVidiTV🐾
  • DIY birthday/baby shower corsage
  • Word Search #2 featuring some of your blogs
  • Games I play on my phone

Let me know which idea you like best✨ 

Inspiration of the day🌸🐰

Today I found a couple of Easter quotes I thought I would share with you all for the day’s inspiration. I know most of us will be busy with family and friends, so nothing too deep this time. Just appreciate and enjoy these precious moments you have with your loved ones.💖

I also have a fun quick game you can play, and all of the combinations are so cute lol! At least I think so. I’ve seen these games many times on social media and I always stop to participate.

Find your Easter Bunny Name by using the first letter of your first name, and the first letter of your last.

EasterBunnyName (1)

My first initial is actually N, and my last is W. 

I got Trixie SnuggleBunny lol.

Comment your cute/funny Easter Bunny Name below and let me know if I did good with the combinations, I did everything at random. Once again, Happy Easter!🌸🐰