Fun Friday #12☺️ Cute/Girly Phone Customization (iPhone Version)

(a lot of pictures in this post, I recommend viewing in your browser)

Hey everyone and happy fun Friday! I’m excited to be back:)

Since I postponed the Q&A until Sunday, I decided today I would show you all some cute phone customization. This is going to be the iPhone (non jail broken) version because that’s what I have at the moment. I was a proud android girl up until last year lol. I still have some of my androids so if you’d like to see how I did customization on there let me know. Androids give you a lot more freedom and options so almost EVERYTHING was cute and had color, (menus, app icons, contacts, keyboard, font, dial pad etc) mainly pinks and purple☺️💕 I had the cutest phone cases for them too! I’m still slacking with my iPhone. I didn’t want to get too many cases because I plan to upgrade soon. I thought I would have sooner actually but things happen.

My iPhone definitely isn’t as cute and customized but it still looks really cute!

Phone case

I plan to do a case collection eventually but this is what I’m currently using. Adorable right?!


Since I’m doing this today for Fun Friday, I decided to choose a new look from the previous one I had:

(This is the home screen but the lockscreen was the same)

I’m currently using this pretty unicorn wallpaper I found on Pinterest. I actually changed the hue to my liking and saved a few other colors also. I may change it, this is just the last one I checked out before posting.

Here are some other really cute options I tried:

I even tried to make some of my own:

The wallpaper I didn’t make, I added the text. “WAYS” is one of the many songs by Jhene Aiko that helps me get through difficult times.

These next few lockscreens I made playing around on Canva. I’m going to keep playing around with it and see what else I could do.

A lot of pink I know.

I usually find my lockscreens and home screens from Tumblr and Pinterest, or by searching Google

Ex: “Cute pink wallpaper” “Cute iPhone lockscreens”

Sometimes I get many from apps too. I’ll show you in a second!

Home screen

I couldn’t decide between a teal matching the lockscreen or a purple matching the unicorns ears. I went with the purple for now.

Other cute options I tried:

Apps you can use for cute wallpapers:

Cocoppa is really good because it has wallpapers, icons and so much more! You can create and submit your own icons and wallpapers for yourself and others to use. I’ve used cocoppa since 2013 I believe. This was the main app I used for my android. You WON’T run out of options, it will take you forever just to look through every single thing. I searched for Pink of course💕

Another one of my favorite wallpaper apps. There are similar apps to this one but to me this is the better choice.

So many cute collections to choose from with plenty options!

I also got a cute calculator app lol. I’m telling you, when I mean everything on the androids was customized I do mean everything. I had to try to find the most I could for my iPhone. I don’t even use the calculator much but oh well. 😂

I had this app a while ago and recently downloaded it again for this post. I don’t think everything was completely free, it may have been $1 I can’t remember. I never pay for anything in the App Store more than that lol. I saw quite few themes but definitely don’t remember seeing over 100.

That’s all the cuteness I have for the moment lol. Let me know if you’d like to see an android version. The poor thing is so slow now but I think I can show enough still. Which lockscreen is your favorite that I showed? Do you customize anything on your phone? Are you obsessed with cute cases like I am? Let me know in the comments💕

Fun Friday #11: Summer Projects🌻💛🎶

Happy Fun Friday everyone! Earlier in the week I talked about wanting to write my own Summer hit this month, really just this Summer period- it’s on my mental Summer bucket list. But before I write this hit, I’m hoping all of you will help and join along in a project I’ve created, the Summer Party Playlist Project. I came up with the name from last Fun Friday’s post, the Summer Party Playlist Edition where I listed 100 of my favorite Summer/Party songs!

I thought maybe, just maybe some of my blogging friends/family would want to write a Summer hit too. It sounds fun right? But not only you- I’d love for the whole WordPress community to get involved! Open to all☺️💛

What I’m hoping/asking:

I’m hoping and asking that many of you participate, and maybe reblog this or spread the word somehow.

How to help me:

Leave in the comments the things that make you think of Summer: It can be words, feelings, activities, colors, what’s on your bucket list, Summer goals/dreams etc

How to participate in project:

•Do above step☺️

•Write a poem, story, article, any presentation about Summer. You can write song lyrics like I’m doing if you want: It can be in full, a verse, or the chorus (must be your own work) You can submit some of your own summery photographs but there has to be something said with it.

•Include a title

•Include link to your blog and your name

•Send me your submission via email ( or creating your own post and tagging me in it: Can be in word format or audio. Videos would be cool too. You must tag me if you submit by your own post. Also, #SummerPartyPlaylist

Deadline July 1

I will be sharing a few on my blog up until July 1st. On July 4th I will share my Summer hit lyrics, and everyone’s submission between the 4th-8th depending on how many there is. If this project does extremely well, I’ll keep it going until August sometime.

*Please do not link to a previous post on your blog or send a previous post

*Your submission will not be included if you do not include a title, and your name

*Your submission will not be included if it is not Summer related

How will I choose which submissions to share on my blog before the whole “playlist” is released and the order of playlist?

I decided that I will be sharing the articles and stories submitted up until July 1st. Or until August, depending on how many there is. Think of this like the “singles” being released to promote the whole album.

The order of the full playlist will be song lyrics and poems first, then articles, stories etc according to order they were submitted.

The “playlist” is basically all of your submissions being shared on my blog in a certain order like an album. Best way I can explain it lol. Which is also why you need to have a title, your name, and blog URL.

I hope this sounds like something you all will enjoy participating in. If you have any questions feel free to ask them.

Remember to comment below the things that make you think of Summer and if you’ll be sending in a submission💛🎶

Fun Friday #10: Playlist Edition🎶☺️

Happy Friday!! Yes I know I’m a bit late today right??

I decided to do my tasks before coming on WordPress at all, I knew it would distract me and I wouldn’t get much done. Once I finished I started working on this post and let me tell you- I literally just had my own little party getting this list together lol. The list took so long to make because I HAD to listen to every song plus more in full! I have a very diverse taste in music and you’ll see that through all of my playlists I post throughout the year. Yes there will be more☺️

I hope you enjoy it! Oh, do you like the new feature image for Fun Friday? I might still change it. Let me know?

My Summer/Party Playlist (with throwbacks)

  1. Bruno Mars – 24K Magic
  2. Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like
  3. Beyonce – 7/11
  4. Beyonce – Formation
  5. Beyonce – Diva
  6. Beyonce – Party ft. J. Cole
  7. Beyonce – Countdown
  8. Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)
  9. The Weeknd – Party Monster
  10. The Weeknd – King of The Fall
  11. The Weeknd – Kiss Land
  12. Zedd & Alessia Cara – Stay
  13. Demi Lovato – Cool For The Summer
  14. Demi Lovato – Confident
  15. Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang
  16. Grace – You Don’t Own Me
  17. Ariana Grande – Problem
  18. Nicki Minaj – Feeling Myself ft. Beyonce
  19. Beyonce – Flawless (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj
  20. Ariana Grande – Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj
  21. Kehlani – Distraction
  22. Kehlani – CRZY
  23. Kehlani – How That Taste
  24. Justin Timberlake – My Love ft. T.I.
  25. Justin Timberlake – Summer Love
  26. Kali Uchis – Know What I Want
  27. Miley Cyrus – Malibu
  28. Rihanna – Work
  29. Drake – Hotline Bling
  30. Rihanna – We Found Love
  31. Katy Perry – Last Friday Night
  32. Lady Gaga – Telephone ft. Beyonce
  33. Beyonce – Video Phone ft. Lady Gaga
  34. Taylor Swift – Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar
  35. The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face
  36. Belly – Might Not ft. The Weeknd
  37. The Weeknd – Starboy
  38. Sevyn Streeter – It Won’t Stop ft. Chris Brown
  39. Kehlani – ANTISUMMERLUV
  40. Jhene Aiko – My Afternoon Dream
  41. Chris Brown – Drunk Texting ft. Jhene Aiko
  42. Jhene Aiko – Eternal Sunshine
  43. Jhene Aiko – Bed Peace ft. Childish Gambino
  44. Omarion – Post To Be ft. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko
  45. Big Sean & Jhene Aiko – On The Way
  46. Beyonce – Upgrade U ft. Jay-Z
  47. Ciara – Body Party
  48. Ciara – Promise
  49. Kelly Rowland – Motivation
  50. DJ Drama – Wishing (Remix) ft. Fabolous, Trey Songz, Tory Lanez, Jhene Aiko & Chris Brown
  51. Tinashe – Party Favors
  52. Tinashe – 2 On ft. SchoolBoy Q
  53. Tinashe – Company
  54. Tinashe – Player ft. Chris Brown
  55. Justine Skye – Collide ft. Tyga
  56. Justine Skye – I’m Yours
  57. BANKS – Gemini Feed
  58. Tinashe – Vulnerable
  59. Tinashe – Energy ft. Juicy J
  60. Beyonce – Deja Vu ft. Jay-Z
  61. Beyonce – Get Me Bodied
  62. Michael Jackson – Thriller
  63. Michael Jackson – Beat it
  64. Beyonce – Freakum Dress
  65. Beyonce – Partition
  66. Elle Varner – Refill (Remix)
  67. Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness
  68. Lana Del Rey – West Coast
  69. Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman
  70. Tinashe – Bet
  71. Kelly Rowland – ICE
  72. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
  73. Maroon 5 – Payphone
  74. Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger
  75. Katy Perry – Firework
  76. Post Malone – Too Young
  77. Post Malone – Congratulations ft. Quavo
  78. Jeremih – I Think Of You ft. Chris Brown & Big Sean
  79. Chris Brown – Party
  80. Chris Brown – Privacy (Explicit)
  81. Usher – Love In This Club (Remix) ft. Beyonce, Lil Wayne
  82. Madonna – 4 Minutes ft. Justin Timberlake
  83. Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie ft. Jay-Z
  84. Jamie Foxx – DJ Play A Love Song
  85. Aaliyah – Rock The Boat
  86. Hey Violet – Guys My Age
  87. Sia – Chandelier
  88. Fergie – Fergalicious
  89. Owl City – Fireflies
  90. B.o.B – Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams
  91. Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl
  92. The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
  93. Selena Gomez – Good For You
  94. Selena Gomez – Hands To Myself
  95. Selena Gomez – Kill Em With Kindness
  96. Selena Gomez – Bad Liar
  97. Julia Michaels – Issues
  98. Noah Cyrus – I’m Stuck
  99. Nick Jonas – Bacon
  100. Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

Would any of these songs definitely be on your playlist? What’s your favorite summer/party song? Comment below💗

Fun Friday #9☺️ Edit With Me

A lot of images included. I wouldn’t recommend viewing on mobile app.

Edit With Me: Video Edition 

Happy Friday everyone! If you read yesterday’s To Do list you know that I didn’t plan today’s post at all. I listed a few ideas in my notebook and that was it, i’m not even going with any of the options I listed. Today’s Fun Friday post I will be showing you all how I edit my YouTube videos for my pets channel, but this can be used for any type of videos.
Let’s jump right into it!

I use an app called PocketVideo, it is on Apple and Android devices.

This is what it looks like when you first open the app.

Obviously i’m going to be using YouTube Vlog, later i’ll be using the Instagram option. This is what it looks like, you can add a title image, an image from your camera roll, or just start by uploading your video. I’m going to add my own Title image that I created with another app. If you’d like to know more about that app let me know in the comments.

I’ve also added the video i’ll be using.

Next i’m going to go in and add some text to my title image, I want it to say what this video will be about. There are so many text options to choose from but I’ll go in the Dynamic section.

Now i’m going to change the font and color

The “cue” option is very useful. I don’t like having the text show throughout the whole video, so with this option I can set when I want it to pop up and when I want it to fade.
The only big problem I have with this app is it only allows 10 minutes of recording, that’s usually enough time for my videos but today I needed a bit more space so I had to make 2 separate videos, so that’s something to keep in mind. Here i’ll just save this video so I can upload it and start the 2nd part.

It will ask if you want to add music. For this particular video I didn’t but if you want to just hit yes and you’ll get this screen:

Add your music if you want, keeping copyright in mind of course, and hit finish. Let it render and compose.

My 10 minute video took about 7-8 minutes to upload.
I uploaded the first video, deleted it from my phone to clear storage and went on to make the 2nd video. I won’t repeat the first steps again, but here i’ll show you that you can also add GIFs and stickers to your video. I’m going to be adding some hearts so that’s what I searched.

I also added a speech bubble towards the end and a transition pushing out. In PocketVideo you can also split/trim your videos, resize, draw a sketch, add filters, and do voice overs. Save to your camera roll when finished or add directly to YouTube. This one was a lot quicker to upload since it was only about 2 minutes long.

I mentioned that I would show the Instagram feature later, it is now later lol:

I chose square. It’s very similar to using the YouTube Vlog feature, but this time i’m going to be using a template, I chose something simple:

I then changed the text to what I wanted, changed the color, and resized.

Save it just the same as earlier, and upload to your account:)

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Fun Friday post. If you want to watch the videos I uploaded, visit our channel here:) & the Instagram page here.💕

Do you have a YouTube channel?  What apps or programs do you edit videos with? Leave a link to your channel and a little about what type of videos you post in the comment section✨


Fun Friday #8☺️ Late Night Crafts

A lot of images in this post, viewing on my blog site is recommended.

Hey hey, No worries I’m here! Maybe you haven’t even noticed my absence, maybe you’ve been absent too. Maybe it’s not even Friday where you are anymore. Happy Friday anyway! I hope you’ve had a great one. I know I usually post in the mornings and I’m very late but of course I’m not gonna miss my favorite blog day of the week! I’ve just been super tired and busy.

I did tell you all I would be doing a few simple DIYs and I’m still keeping that promise💕

These are some really simple, really easy DIY projects that any of us should be able to do. I had a lot of options in mind but I wanted to start off with something small and gradually do more. I also wanted to start with something I could create from things around the house. That means you can probably find some of these items around your house too:)

Of course I did use a lot of supplies from Hobby Lobby, but they are supplies I already have from previous projects. Hobby Lobby is also pretty cheap, they always have sales and you can go on their website to use a 40% off coupon at check out on your highest priced item.

So what will will we be making today? Or tonight??

Let’s get started☺️

The first DIY is this little decorative storage book, my boyfriend picked it up. He wants to use it to hold a few extra dollars or cards we may have.

It cost about $2 at Hobby Lobby but I got it for 50% off.

You will also need paint, a paint brush obviously, and something like newspaper to place on the bottom just to keep whatever surface you’re working on clean.

I chose to use gold and white paint.

Once I let the gold dry, I added the white paint for the “pages”

You can use any colors you want. You can also draw thin lines to make the pages look more realistic. I chose not to because I’d probably get way too messy.

That’s literally all I did for this one lol. I’m deciding still on what I want to add to the cover, like a phrase or title maybe? I definitely don’t want it to say “MONEY” or have dollar signs on it lol.

The 2nd DIY are these candle jars I revamped:

(Just flash and no flash views)
If you have any finished candles in your house you don’t have to get rid of them. It’s very similar to a mason jar! I’m sure you’ve seen all the cute mason jar DIYs?! I don’t have any mason jars though, I have candles that were completely done for. I removed the stickers, washed them in hot water, then scraped out the remaining wax with a knife. It was pretty easy since it was on water. But if you have time to sit you can light the candle to let the remaining wax melt and then clean it out.

The next step is to decide how you want to decorate and what you will be using it for. I decided to use mine as a penny bank and pencil/pen holder. I also used gold again lol.

You will need scissors, paint, glass markers, a strong hold glue or clear tape, glitter  or any other supplies you may need for your decorating.

I used sheets of glitter that I got from Hobby Lobby for about $1, but of course you can use a coupon code and get it even cheaper☺️

You can also use decorative sheets of paper if you like.

Here I line the paper with the jar so I can mark where I will need to cut.

E6000 is the glue I recommend for almost any project.

 You don’t need to use a lot of this glue but make sure you have some all the way around. This glue can also be very messy so have a towel or paper near by. It won’t be messy on your project, it dries clear. It will be messy on your hands and whatever you lay it down on while open. Sometimes it can even tear on the sides and drip😐 but I promise it’s such a strong hold.

I then used a hot glue gun with glitter glue to add some glitter to the top. You’ll see it in a later picture.

The above image is of the 2nd jar I’ll be using for any change. Right now I just have a few pennies inside. I only added a gold glitter stop to the top, I thought it looked nice like that. I may add a sign later. Not sure.

For the final project tonight, I’m going to be using some cardboard to make a few bookmarks.

I’m using the cardboard from our dish rack box lol. You can cut them to your desired size, I did not use a ruler.

I’m going to be painting the back sides. I also cut out a heart and painted it.

Next, I traced the bookmarks on some glitter paper to glue on the other sides

Both sides glued on

I used ribbon, poked a hole through the top and slid the ribbon through for some bows.

then glued on a little pink rose for some added Cuteness🌸 🌹

I used the same process to make this bookmark with pink lace glitter and black

(Started from the bottom)

(Now we here😂👍🏽)

Here they are in use

A book is a dream you hold in your hands.

Bunny ears?? Lol it’s the back of the heart.

That’s all for this DIY and this Fun Friday, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know which is your favorite and any other DIY projects you think I should try in the conments.

I know I have a few guys that read my blog, sorry for all the girly themes lol. Also, it is now 11:53 PM and I need some sleep. Long busy day again tomorrow, we’re helping my boyfriends brother move out, washing clothes and other every day chores- blah. Forgive me if I don’t read or comment to any of you until later tomorrow night, that also means Short Story Saturday will be late as well.

See you then💕

Fun Friday #7☺️

Hey everyone! We’re here again at my favorite day of the week, happy Friday!

If you’ve been here from the beginning you should remember Fun Friday #2 where I featured some of your blogs in a word search. I said I would eventually post another to include other blogs, and the time has come…💛


Please note that it only allows 2 spaces for each word so if your blog name looks a little funny spaced, that’s why.

Play Here

I’ve also added one with a few of your names. Leave your name in the comments if you’d like to be chosen for the next word search.


Play Here

I hope you all enjoy this week’s Fun Friday post and participate in the word search! Let me know if you found them all, was it a bit hard or easy and quick to find? Is your blog one that was featured?

Is this something you would be interested in seeing on my blog again? Comment below.💖

Want to create your own Word Search? Check out these links:



Fun Friday #6 “Meet Izabelle/Izellah?”😻

Happy Fun Friday everyone!

(This post will include lots of pictures)

Before I begin, I’d like to thank everyone who gave their opinions to help me decide on her name. I love both names (Izabelle & Izellah) but I keep seeing and thinking Izabelle when I look at her. Both names have a special meaning so fitting for her that it was hard choosing between the two. If you read yesterday’s To do list you know that Izabelle means “God is my vow” and Izellah means “little princess” and that she is- a little princess. My little princess. But I also feel like having her was meant to be. Maybe she can have both lol! So far (including your comments) majority like Izabelle best.

I actually wanted a male kitten but out of all the cats we’ve seen, she is the one who really spoke to my heart. I know she was placed with me for a greater reason than me picking her out from the others.

This is how it all started…

My boyfriend and I went to the pet store on Monday just to check out some guinea pigs. We had went a few days earlier but they didn’t have any. I like to check on them often to make sure the employers are keeping them in decent conditions, to see all the different looks and personalities they have, and to sometimes film for a segment I call “Pet Shop Adventures” on my guinea pig’s YouTube channel. We were going to wait a little longer to find the perfect kitten but for some reason on this day we decided we had to have one already. Cats are my favorite animals, I love animals in general but my heart is truly with felines. My boyfriend prefers dogs but our apartment doesn’t allow them.
Now after looking at the adorable piggies they had we decided to look around more. That’s when little Dillinger caught our eyes.

(Look how small the cages are)

Dillinger is about 1 year old and he was super sweet! I pet him through the small cage openings for at least 15 minutes it felt like, he was lonvinnnn it!

Right when we were deciding to go ahead and adopt him the lady at the desk says, “Do you have children? Cause’ I have to tell you, he is not good with kids and we can’t let him go to any home with them. He also scratched a young boys finger earlier and drew blood.”


We were both very sad about this. It was like we had our new pet and just like that, he was gone already.
But why? We don’t have any kids.
Well, my family has a lot of kids. We plan on having my cousins, nieces/nephews over often this summer, so that wouldn’t really work out for Dillinger, or the kids. I felt like I had lost hope. I don’t know, I couldn’t explain the feeling. The lady at the desk then told us she would look online at a near by store and show us what cats they have….
They actually had a girl name Hope. I didn’t get any pictures of her myself and I think she may have been adopted because I can’t find her on the adoption site anymore. Hope is a stray cat, she’s been with different shelters since December 2016. Again, we wanted a male cat but Hope was pretty. She was a gray and orange tabby cat and had been looking for a forever home for a while so we decided to go check her out. We didn’t even look through the others so we didn’t see my Izabelle. Who’s name at the time was actually Stephanie.
When we arrived we immediately went to the cat adoption area, we had to move quickly because we were informed that adoptions close at 8 PM. It was already about 7:30.

There was no employee at the desk but we instantly saw Hope and about a second later I look over to the right corner, all by herself I see “Stephanie.” She looked very small so I thought she may be a year or younger. We checked Hope out first, her fur was so soft but we couldn’t feel too long. She was very shy and reserved. She didn’t want to be touched too long. I assume it’s because something tragic happened while she was a stray.
We decided to give her some space and check Stephanie out.
When we get closer to her cage we are shocked at how thin she is but she wasn’t very shy. She immediately came up to my hand, sniffing and rubbing against it mostly. She even meowed so much, even more if we stopped rubbing her or walked away only a few steps. I assume she was saying “Please stay, please give me lots of love.” So I stayed and gave her lots of love☺️

I read her kennel card to get more information and she is 2 years old!

This sweet baby girl is underweight, weighing 6 pounds. Female cats at 2 years should weigh between 8-12 pounds. She is also on medication for a cold. There was no way I could let her stay in a small cage in the condition she was in, and just how sweet she was! My mind was made.

She looks so sad in the cage. You can easily see how skinny she is..

I still felt really sad because Hope still needed her forever home, I wished I could rescue them both. Unfortunately I don’t think I could have even if I could… if that makes any sense. They say Hope should be housed as an only pet, or with an older relaxed cat.

An employee finally comes to the desk and we tell her we want to adopt Stephanie. She tells us about her weight, how much to feed her, and all about her medication. She also tells us that we would not be able to adopt at the time because it would take at least 40 minutes to fill out all the paper work and get approved and they had to close down at 8. Luckily she was able to keep her held for us until the next day but I was still bummed. We told Stephanie we would be back, and went on home. We were sent home with an application to fill out. I thought about her all night and all morning when Tuesday arrived, I was so excited and so ready to get her out of that cage.
My boyfriend and I get to the adoption center at about 6 PM, and there little Stephanie is, waiting for us still.
But some series of unfortunate events just always has to happen. Always. That’s my life it seems.
There’s a different employee this time and she tells us that Stephanie can’t be adopted out for another day because they need to keep an eye on her, her bowel movements weren’t normal. She also told us not to worry because it could be just from the medication.
At this point should I give up and just get another cat? Or none and continue to wait for the “perfect” one? No. I was disappointed and even getting angry but if I wanted to help her I had no choice but to wait yet another day. We turn in our application and leave without.
Wednesday morning I didn’t wake up as excited. I experienced doubt throughout the day because I just felt like we were going to get bad news again. They also said they would call us, and to call them if they hadn’t by 2:30 PM
Well I called about 5 times before I got an answer so you can imagine my frustration and doubt. I texted my boyfriend who was at work telling him they aren’t answering, and to try to call if he could. I wasn’t giving up! I called that last time after I sent the text and they answer and tell me sorry. The lady said she meant to call earlier and let me know that we were approved, her bowels were much better and we could come get her.
We can come get her!!!
So much excitement in that moment. After all of the doubt.

Hours later, she was in her new home. I love her so much already and she loves me☺️ She’s also very fragile so we have to be gentle with her, you can feel all of her bones… breaks my heart.

She got in this adorable position under the blanket all on her own💕

I plan to keep you all updated on her health and weight as best I can (I don’t have a scale at the moment)

My mission is to give Izabelle (or Izabelle Izellah lol) the best loving home she’s ever had and help her gain back her health. I’m ready to see the great progress and transition and share the journey with all of you.💖