Summer Party Playlist Project: Ideas for all✨

The Summer Party Playlist Project? Some of you may not know what this project is or that I even started it. After my diary entry “rant” or whatever you might wish to call it i’m sure more of you know now.

I received some wonderful comments and suggestions already and Elsie mentioned to me that she has wanted to participate, but has been in a bit of a funk and she just can’t get that pretty brain working at the moment to find the words to submit. This immediately gave me an idea for a new post to promote my project and to help those of you out who may want to participate but just can’t find the words to get anything together.

The project requires submitting a poem, article, or some sort of presentation about Summer. The options aren’t limited at all, only the subject. I’ve decided to come up with a list of ideas you could write about to submit:) I’ll be sharing your submissions on my blog!💛


  • Haiku
  • Poem about the weather
  • Poem about a Summer love
  • Poem only about the sun
  • Poem about nature; flowers, trees, bees birds and butterflies, all the beautiful colors etc

Story Ideas:

  • Story about your first vacation
  • Story about your favorite vacation
  • Story about the best summer you’ve had
  • Story about a Summer holiday
  • Story time about being at the beach
  • Fictional short story about summer: A girl/boy experiences summer for the first time, short romance story relating to summer, a group of teens in summer school, someone celebrating their birthday during summer

Article Ideas:

  • Your first vacation
  • Favorite vacation
  • Your best summer
  • Place you would like to visit this summer
  • Things you want to do this summer/bucket list
  • Outfits
  • Summer DIYs
  • Thoughts on summer school
  • Working, going to school, and trying to have fun during summer
  • Summer treats/health/workout
  • Favorite summer song, why it’s your favorite and share the lyrics; maybe include your own verse
  • Beach article
  • Where you like to shop for summer
  • Summer make up day out look
  • Go to summer hairstyles/products
  • Summer reading list/list of books relating to summer
  • Come to the festival/park/mall/beach etc with me
  • Have a photo shoot and talk about the photos; you can capture sunsets, birds, bees, flowers, family outing, etc
  • Summer art drawings, editing- be sure to include a little about them
  • Summer colors: An article or pictures only using a certain color that reminds you of summer
  • Summer wishlist
  • Ideal summer vacation
  • Outdoor date night ideas
  • Shows/Movies you need to watch this summer
  • Keeping cool during summer
  • Keeping bills low during summer
  • Best ice cream flavors to try
  • 4th of July party ideas
  • Summer activities for kids
  • How to style; Summer trends
  • Top 10 summer essentials
  • Summer skin care
  • Have a birthday this summer? Write an article or post about that.


  • Write a full song (your own)
  • Write a verse to a song (your own)
  • Write the chorus to a song (your own)
  • Submit an audio/video recording of you singing a summer song (your own or other)
  • Submit audio/video recording of you reciting your lyrics or poem
  • Create a summer playlist of 5 or more songs all relating to summer

Other Ideas:

  • Create a PowerPoint or other presentation
  • Create your own summer book title and cover
  • Create a list of things that are “hot/warm” or things that are cold
  • Create a new month for summer, what would it be called? Include a holiday with it, what would the holiday be called and what would it be celebrating?
  • The “flavors” of Summer: Flavors/food/drinks you think of or enjoy during summer
  • The scent of summer: Scents you think of during summer, favorite perfumes, lotions etc
  • Favorite/Least favorite things about summer

Have any Summer related posts already planned but not published yet? Once you post it, tag me in it to use for your submission! 🙂 Again, it must be one not already published.

I hope this helps out a lot! Let me know if it does and if you’ll be participating.☀️

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Fun Friday #8☺️ Late Night Crafts

A lot of images in this post, viewing on my blog site is recommended.

Hey hey, No worries I’m here! Maybe you haven’t even noticed my absence, maybe you’ve been absent too. Maybe it’s not even Friday where you are anymore. Happy Friday anyway! I hope you’ve had a great one. I know I usually post in the mornings and I’m very late but of course I’m not gonna miss my favorite blog day of the week! I’ve just been super tired and busy.

I did tell you all I would be doing a few simple DIYs and I’m still keeping that promise💕

These are some really simple, really easy DIY projects that any of us should be able to do. I had a lot of options in mind but I wanted to start off with something small and gradually do more. I also wanted to start with something I could create from things around the house. That means you can probably find some of these items around your house too:)

Of course I did use a lot of supplies from Hobby Lobby, but they are supplies I already have from previous projects. Hobby Lobby is also pretty cheap, they always have sales and you can go on their website to use a 40% off coupon at check out on your highest priced item.

So what will will we be making today? Or tonight??

Let’s get started☺️

The first DIY is this little decorative storage book, my boyfriend picked it up. He wants to use it to hold a few extra dollars or cards we may have.

It cost about $2 at Hobby Lobby but I got it for 50% off.

You will also need paint, a paint brush obviously, and something like newspaper to place on the bottom just to keep whatever surface you’re working on clean.

I chose to use gold and white paint.

Once I let the gold dry, I added the white paint for the “pages”

You can use any colors you want. You can also draw thin lines to make the pages look more realistic. I chose not to because I’d probably get way too messy.

That’s literally all I did for this one lol. I’m deciding still on what I want to add to the cover, like a phrase or title maybe? I definitely don’t want it to say “MONEY” or have dollar signs on it lol.

The 2nd DIY are these candle jars I revamped:

(Just flash and no flash views)
If you have any finished candles in your house you don’t have to get rid of them. It’s very similar to a mason jar! I’m sure you’ve seen all the cute mason jar DIYs?! I don’t have any mason jars though, I have candles that were completely done for. I removed the stickers, washed them in hot water, then scraped out the remaining wax with a knife. It was pretty easy since it was on water. But if you have time to sit you can light the candle to let the remaining wax melt and then clean it out.

The next step is to decide how you want to decorate and what you will be using it for. I decided to use mine as a penny bank and pencil/pen holder. I also used gold again lol.

You will need scissors, paint, glass markers, a strong hold glue or clear tape, glitter  or any other supplies you may need for your decorating.

I used sheets of glitter that I got from Hobby Lobby for about $1, but of course you can use a coupon code and get it even cheaper☺️

You can also use decorative sheets of paper if you like.

Here I line the paper with the jar so I can mark where I will need to cut.

E6000 is the glue I recommend for almost any project.

 You don’t need to use a lot of this glue but make sure you have some all the way around. This glue can also be very messy so have a towel or paper near by. It won’t be messy on your project, it dries clear. It will be messy on your hands and whatever you lay it down on while open. Sometimes it can even tear on the sides and drip😐 but I promise it’s such a strong hold.

I then used a hot glue gun with glitter glue to add some glitter to the top. You’ll see it in a later picture.

The above image is of the 2nd jar I’ll be using for any change. Right now I just have a few pennies inside. I only added a gold glitter stop to the top, I thought it looked nice like that. I may add a sign later. Not sure.

For the final project tonight, I’m going to be using some cardboard to make a few bookmarks.

I’m using the cardboard from our dish rack box lol. You can cut them to your desired size, I did not use a ruler.

I’m going to be painting the back sides. I also cut out a heart and painted it.

Next, I traced the bookmarks on some glitter paper to glue on the other sides

Both sides glued on

I used ribbon, poked a hole through the top and slid the ribbon through for some bows.

then glued on a little pink rose for some added Cuteness🌸 🌹

I used the same process to make this bookmark with pink lace glitter and black

(Started from the bottom)

(Now we here😂👍🏽)

Here they are in use

A book is a dream you hold in your hands.

Bunny ears?? Lol it’s the back of the heart.

That’s all for this DIY and this Fun Friday, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know which is your favorite and any other DIY projects you think I should try in the conments.

I know I have a few guys that read my blog, sorry for all the girly themes lol. Also, it is now 11:53 PM and I need some sleep. Long busy day again tomorrow, we’re helping my boyfriends brother move out, washing clothes and other every day chores- blah. Forgive me if I don’t read or comment to any of you until later tomorrow night, that also means Short Story Saturday will be late as well.

See you then💕

Mommy To Be Baby Shower Pin/Corsage🤰🏽✌🏽

There are 2 new babies joining the family, twin baby boys!❤️💙

No I am not having twins and no I am not pregnant. I do wish to have children one day, just not this day lol.

My younger cousin is having twins soon and wanted me to make her a baby shower pin for the occasion. Her baby shower theme and theme she will be using for her twins are Thing 1 & Thing 2. Yes from Dr. Seuss The Cat in The Hat😀

I had never made a pin or corsage before so I knew it might be a challenge but I wanted to accept that challenge and see just what I could do. I was glad she asked me instead of someone else or instead of buying one. 

She wanted something similar to this (picture below) but not as busy. She felt like this particular pin had too much going on.

I don’t know who created this one because she only sent it through screenshot. I think it still looks nice but definitely busy like she said. She also did not want any yellow, only red white and blue. Reminding me of the 4th of July lol.

I used felt material, ribbon, glitter paper, E6000 glue, and a pin to stick on the back (already sticky so I didn’t have to glue it down or anything)

I didn’t get any pictures from the very beginning but here is what it looked like almost complete:

Then I added a few rhinestones…

And now the finished touches with our final look:

As you can see, I couldn’t find any Thing 1 or Thing 2 figures to put in the middle. Not even the ribbon but for my very first time making this, I love the way it turned out! & So did my cousin which was most important. It’s not too busy like the other, has all the right colors, and still super cute!

What do you think? Would you like me to make a more girly one to show? Let me know in the comments✨