Welcome! This blog is all about lifestyle, creativity, and inspiring others. You will find that my blog is much like a journal or magazine with everything to keep you interested.

I’m 23 years old and I’ve just recently started blogging. Though I am a beginner, I have been writing for more than half of my life. I started early, with my favorite subject in school in the 3rd grade being English. I enjoyed writing short stories and poetry the most. Since then I have collected so many notebooks that I often read to compare my work as an 8 year old to my now 23 year old work. I love to see how much I’ve grown, how wild and developed my imagination has gotten. It is truly a passion. I’ve even started to write my own books which I will get more into later. Not only am I into writing, but I also have a love for music and art. If I could sing I’d be somewhere writing my own music and touring the world spreading love that way. I’m very creative when it comes to DIY projects and other decorative projects which you will see a lot of on this blog also. I have NO limits, I’m so unpredictable you never know what I’m going to do…(or post) next 😉

If you haven’t read my first post already, I go by Lee. Anyone that personally knows me would describe me as weird, reserved and quiet, but with a loud heart; very loving and caring but once you really get to know me I can be very goofy, talkative, inspiring, and even mesmerizing. People love when they are able to open my mind and get into my thoughts. I’m the one you go to when you need advice or just a listening ear. I can honestly say in the most humble way, to know me is to love me. ♥

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Love Lee