Can You Guess The Blogger?!✨

Happy Friday beautiful bloggers! This week I wanted to do a fun post featuring some of you! I haven’t done a fun Friday post like this in a while and I will be bringing them back more frequently. I’ve missed doing them and I know you all have enjoyed them in the past as well. I will be doing a DIY to complete my Hobby Adventures series, but I have to go out for the materials this weekend. I’m excited!

Can You Guess The Blog/Blogger?

For this post, I will be listing 3 clues about 10 different blogs. Your job is to see if you can guess which blog the 3 clues match up to. You can say their blog site or their actual name. Leave your guesses in the comments! If you know 1 of the 10 blogs is your own, please don’t guess yourself obviously lol. I will be adding their blog links and correct answers later. If you are the first person to guess 7-10 correctly I will be featuring you and my favorite post of yours on my blog! Most of these are quite popular bloggers in my opinion, so everyone should have a fair chance unless you’re new here on WordPress- so sorry!

Here Are The Clues:

BLOG 1: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Well, not quite with this blogger. This blogger is quite open about things in her life and her time in Las Vegas which is so inspiring. Some of us hide things we may not want the blog world to know, but she is comfortable enough to share those parts of her life with us. You can expect food recipes. You can also expect journal entries here as well.

BLOG 2: Take a trip and travel the world with this blogger! She’s been to Peru, Fiji, and even will be traveling to Japan soon! She shared about her boudoir photo shoot experience. Have you ever had smart cookies (one of the cutest cookies ever) or star constellation cookies? You probably saw these on the blog.

BLOG 3: This blogger is a cheerleader! Probably most known for her weekly wrap ups/ outfits of the week she shares which are usually very nice. I can say she has a great sense of style so it’s no surprise that she would like to work in the fashion industry. You may notice she often shops at TJMaxx, Hollister, Kohl’s, and Old Navy to name a few.

BLOG 4: Many times, you can find this blogger in pictures and video surrounded by nature, lots of green! She share’s unique outfit posts, one of my favorites being a pleated skirt and crop top with these cute rose gold sneakers! She’s quite the lady:)

BLOG 5: This blogger recently had a baby sister born back in January! There’s a chance you’ve been featured on this blog in the past on a Saturday. You can find spiritual motivation on this blog.

BLOG 6: She’s a curlfriend! You can find cute bullet journal spreads on this blog, DIYs, and great blog tips. She even made a blog post on creating your About Me page, making it super creative and interesting which I really enjoyed. She is a London based blogger.

BLOG 7: Her blog name comes from her initials and worked quite well! If you need a smile or a laugh you can probably find one in just about any of her posts because she always finds a way to throw in something funny, I think one of her favorite emojis just might be the laughing one lol! Lives in Ireland.

BLOG 8: You may know this blogger for her many pictures or monthly favorites. In fact, her blog is pretty much based on her life through all the pictures she’s taken. If you follow her, you probably notice how perfect her eyebrows usually are as well- I’m just saying! Lol. She does a really great job. She is also a certified pharmacy technician.

BLOG 9: The first thing I think of when I think of this blog is the color yellow, and sunflowers. This Blogger is from Germany. This blogger has a pretty unique blog name and story behind it, relating to a game!

BLOG 10: You can expect lots of makeup/beauty related posts on this blog. I’m thinking about getting some rose gold nail polish after reading one of her recent posts! This blogger is a Capricorn, and loves The Weeknd. I love The Weeknd too btw:) but this isn’t about me.

So, can you guess which bloggers I’ve listed? How many can you guess correctly? 

How to be featured in a future Fun Friday post

  1. Like/Comment on my blog frequently, this way I always notice you when I go to choose a few to be featured. By posting genuine comments, you also have a chance to be featured in my Golden Comments which I will be bringing back. This is a post where I share some of my most favorite comments for that week, that month etc.
  2. Post to your own blog frequently. Sometimes I choose a few from my reader to be featured, if you post frequently there’s a chance I will notice you. This also helps me be able to have a variety of things to include from your blog for a particular post.
  3. Be active in the community. You need to make yourself known, more specifically to be featured in one like this. If no one has any idea of your blog or who you are they obviously wouldn’t be able to guess you.

& that’s literally all you have to do!
Unless I ask otherwise of course. Sometimes I will make a post asking for bloggers who’d like to be featured. I find ways to include all😊

I hope you all enjoy this weeks Fun Friday and have a great weekend! Also, let me know if you’d like a part 2 with 10 more blogs!


14 thoughts on “Can You Guess The Blogger?!✨

    1. Lol ooo well think! I can’t wait to see which ones you guessed. I was actually thinking to have it at 7-10 in the beginning so I may go back to that instead


  1. Ok so I I have decided on 7 and am guessing for the 8th! 😂 Is number 2: The Life of Angela, number 3: Styled by Mckenz, number 4 is the big guess but is it: Absolutely Olivia?, Number 5: Dreaming of Guatemala, Number 6: Mia from Beautiful, creative, inspiring…life. Number 7: me!! Elsie LMC 🤗 (but I understand that doesn’t count! 😂), Number 8: Kittyp0p, Number 9: Gluckgeist and Number 10: Simple Serenity. 😌❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can only guess 3!!! Thanks so much for including me! 😄 I know which one I am and then I know Mia from Beautiful, Creative, Inspiring…Life & Kittyp0p!


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