What Kind of Flower Are You?? Take The Quiz To Find Out!🌸

It’s the beginning of spring! And while it doesn’t quite feel like it yet I’m still excited for the season. One thing I love most about Spring is seeing all the flowers bloom, and even all the floral patterns that trend.

If you were to ask me the first thing I think of when I think of spring, I’d say flowers- or rain. But the flowers need all that rain to grow right?

I came across this fun quiz (only 11 questions) to find out which type of flower I am. Lol no judgement here just roll with it.

The Questions
(They give you answers to choose from but I had my own answers for some)

  1. It’s a lovely Sunday evening, what are you doing? 
    Well, as I am answering this it’s currently a Sunday and I’m taking this quiz. That isn’t one of the choices though.
  2. Who’s your favorite pop star?
    You have to choose between Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Adele. Honestly, they’re ALL great but I don’t really listen to any of them that much. So I had to go with Beyonce. I probably wouldn’t choose her either if there were no options. Sorry bee-hive!
  3. What keeps you up with worries at night?
    Everything! It can be good or bad and I’ll probably be up all night thinking about it. That wasn’t an option though.
  4. As an after work activity, you’ve decided to become involved in theater! What’s your role?
    Honestly, there were 3 options I would love (actress, director, and audience member) but I decided on director.
  5. You’re going on vacation- what do you absolutely have to do?
    I’d definitely have to go sight seeing and shopping!
  6. What’s your idea of the perfect first date?
    My idea of the perfect first date is honestly just a date where we go out, have a great time, get to know each other more and can agree on a 2nd date. Nothing truly specific.
  7. In a past life, you just know you were…
    I’ve always said I must have been an artist or something in the past life. Or someone who was really inspiring to many people in general.
  8. Yikes! You screwed up something pretty huge at work. How are you dealing with it?
    If it’s that big of a deal I’m probably feeling extremely uncomfortable, nervous, and wondering what is going to happen next, or why something is always happening. But I’m going to try to get help also.
  9. If you made a perfume, what would it be called?
    I’d personally choose something girly, kind of elegant but I’d also probably use a word from another language or something lol. Of course I had to work with the options though which were: Enigma, Midnight, Freshwater, Earth, Cool Breeze, And Tropicale. I chose Midnight because it’s the closest to something I would use. For example, something like Midnight Bliss lol.
  10. In your opinion, there’s nothing better than…
    Probably love? I’m not sure. Love wasn’t an option.
  11. You go to a party only to discover someone else is wearing your exact same outfit. How do you feel?
    Probably like… Damn it! I thought I would be the only one wearing this, now everyone is going to compare us to see who wore it best, smh! But I also think it depends on the other person, like if I’m cool and they’re acting cool about it, maybe even joking about it to lighten the mood I’d feel okay and it wouldn’t be as bad. It could be the start of a friendship lol.

My Results

What Kind of Flower Are You?

Like lavender, you have a soothing presence — people love your company, because you always know how to make them feel better. Thoughtful and considerate, you often put other people first…and even make total strangers feel at home! No matter how sad someone is feeling, you can always provide comfort and solace.

Laid back and relaxed, you’re happy to float through life. That said, you’re happy just to do you and don’t mind being in your own company.

Interesting! That sounds about right lol. So, what flower are you? Take the quiz and let me know in the comments. What flower do you THINK you’d get? I thought I would get rose. What Flower did you actually get? Does the description relate to you? If you don’t want to take the quiz that’s okay, you can just answer some of the questions in the comment section if you’d like.adk_0001


28 thoughts on “What Kind of Flower Are You?? Take The Quiz To Find Out!🌸

      1. Not at all. The description was something along the lines of breathtaking and confident which um hello? I’m clearly a potato. But there were some true statements like “people go to for advice especially for relationships” (I don’t speak from experience but I’m a pretty good love expert lol) and “not too embarrassed of who they are”.

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      2. That explains why I didn’t get it lol! Not that I’m not confident or anything but I’m more reserved. I DO think I’m a pretty good love expert despite some of my relationships😂 they’ve taught me a lot

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      1. I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen a sunflower in person! Like in the fields. I’m thinking I have when I was younger, somewhere on a field trip but that was so long ago to remember!

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    1. Ahh beauty and the beast! I didn’t even think of that. I think I like roses because they’re so beautiful, red or pink. And it’s like the flower of love❤️ I’m all about love. I didn’t know too many flower names but I’ve been learning so many new ones lately lol

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    1. Lol my thoughts as well! Apparently I have a soothing presence. Then I’m like, yeah, yeah you know what that’s actually so true! Suddenly I like lavender more😂💜


  1. First of all, how can you go on a “romantic FIRST date”? lol

    Forget-Me-Not: A true romantic, dreamer, and idealist, you have great faith and seldom waiver in your convictions.

    You believe that people are inherently good, and trust that they will make the right decisions. A very sweet person, not only do you hope for the best…you truly believe it will happen!

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    1. Lmao! I didn’t think of it like that even though I was reading all the questions like wth, and these answer options they’re giving🙄 but I guess it’s possible lol. I think you’re the only one to get forget-me-not so far! Of the ones who commented. I like that description too.✨

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  2. I got Rose.
    Stunning, sexy, and breathtaking, you’re bold and beautiful — and never self conscious or embarrassed by who you are. Life never fazes you, because you’re never short of answers. However, you are a bit of a mystery — you keep things close to the vest.

    Well liked by everyone, you’re sometimes told you have a familiar face; people often come to you for advice, especially when it comes to relationships. Confident in who you are and what you do, no one can make you doubt yourself.

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  3. Looks like i’m an Heather!:::::

    Like heather, you’re tougher than you look! Never daunted by the odds, you wouldn’t dream of running away from your problems — no matter how tough of a fight you’re facing.

    You have a loyal heart, and your friends and family know it — in difficult situations, you thrive, and people can always count on you. You never give up, never back down, and always get back up when you do fall.


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