Myers-Briggs Personality Type|My Results!✨

According to the Myers-Briggs test (MBTI), there are 16 different types of personalities. The assessment is believed to measure psychological preferences in how an individual perceives the world and makes decisions.

The first time I took the assessment was back in high school, I can’t remember what grade but I remember getting INFJ as my personality type. I recently revisited Myers-Briggs once back in October 2017, and more recently… Today (Jan 28)

Were my results the same???

Not quite, but for the most part yes. In October, my results were INFP instead of INFJ:

The Mediator
Today, my results are still the same, INFP with slight changes in percentages. In my opinion, it is thoroughly accurate.


Fantasy worlds, in particular, fascinate Mediators, more than any other personality type. The strength of their visionary communication style lends itself well to creative works, and it comes as no surprise that many famous Mediators are poets, writers, and actors. Mediators have a talent for self-expression, revealing their beauty and their secrets through metaphors and fictional characters.”

In the “Explore Your Type” section, you can get insight on your strengths and weaknesses, romantic relationships, friendships, parenthood, career paths, and work habits.

“First and foremost is seemingly every Mediators’ dream growing up – to become an author. While a novel is a classic choice, it is rarely an accessible one, and there are many viable options for freedom-loving Mediators. The internet brings to the world the opportunities of blogging and freelance work – as organizations expand their reach beyond their native tongues, they will come to depend on Mediator personality types, with their gift for language and written expression, to take their rougher translations and stale pitches and inject them with a sense of beauty and poetry. Some Mediators will prefer a still more personal touch, being able to work face-to-face with clients, seeing that their personal effort really impacts another’s quality of life. Service careers such as massage therapy, physical rehabilitation, counseling, social work, psychology and even academic roles and retraining can be exceptionally rewarding for Mediators.”

Have you taken the Myers-Briggs personality test before? What were your results? Did you find it to be accurate?

You can find out your personality type by taking the assessment at



Has It Been A Year Already?|My One Year Blogiversary!💖

A year ago today my blog journey began. I had always loved writing but I never thought I would one day consider myself a blogger. For a while, before I started I was trying to build up enough confidence to put myself out there. I would visit different blogs and often think to myself wow I’d love to do something like this but nobody really blogs anymore and people will think it’s weird/lame. A good friend of mine told me I should definitely give it a try because she believed I’d be good at it. I guess that was enough of a push because I began researching all about blogging and finally set Golden Pink Journal up. It’s going to be exciting looking back on my journey, I hope you’ll join me. Are you ready?

My First Post: (I posted twice my first day)
Nice To Meet Me?

Hi. I’m Anonymous, and you are?

Lol, JK! Not really anonymous but for now let’s call me Lee. I’m 22 years old and this is..(drum roll please)


(Currently thinking, wow… LOL, that introduction…)

Behind The Name

Golden Pink Journal. What does that even mean? While it seems pretty obvious, the name does actually have a specific meaning behind it. Choosing a name is something we all love to do, even though it takes time and can get frustrating. Whether it be a title, username, or even for a new baby. You can’t just pick anything…

First Comment:
Thank you so much, Sasha, for being my first comment!

Blog Changes: (Appearance)
Throughout the year my blog has gone through so many changes, actually, she’s still going through changes. Let’s take a look at some of my headers and signatures…





I’m still trying things out but the last few are my favorite of course. Which one is your favorite?

Most popular post: (Top 2)
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Some of my favorites:
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Behind The Name: SheLivesLove

Fun Friday (Coming back soon)
Short Story Saturday
Golden Pink Dairy>Stream of Consciousness Journaling
Golden Comments (I am bringing this back!)
Words of the week
Today’s To Do
Natural Hair Series (more coming)
Inspiration of the day (something similar moving to sheliveslove)
Blogmas (turned out to be more like 5 days of Christmas)

First friend: Cheila/PinkForDays has also been blogging sis. We bonded first over the “pink” in our names lol but we related in so many other ways.
I consider many of my readers as blog friends. Even if we only talk every now and then in the comments or haven’t talked in a while. But a few that I could name are Maggie, Lyz, Hunida, Laura, Angela, and Cher.

Starting A New Journey/Blog:
Back in August 2017 I began a new journey and started a new blog. The initial idea came from me wanting to change my name (GoldenPinkJournal) I didn’t feel like it fit the true purpose of my blog. But I wanted to keep this blog fun, free, and as a learning experience, so I finally decided to create a new one for the purpose I intended in mind.
SheLivesLove was born. I have neglected it lately but I haven’t forgotten about it, I’ve been working on some posts to upload soon. Stay tuned!

First Award: Liebster, (I’m not sure if this is my first ever blog award, I had a few at the time but it was the first one I posted) nominated by Cheila/PinkForDays
Thank you to everyone who has ever nominated me for an award, even if I was not able to get to them I appreciate them all. As a blogger, things like that keep us going.
The Awesome Blogger Award
A Passion For The World
Judy The Bunny Tag
The Versatile Blogger Award

Friends For Days Tag
The Mystery Blogger Award
One Lovely Blog Award
The Smile Tag
Sunshine Blogger Award
The Blue Sky Tag
Dawn Dagger Challenge
The Cramm Award
Golden BloggerPass: I was very proud of this award I created. It didn’t get popular or anything but I’d love to bring it back. Do you think awards/tags are starting to be overused?
100th Post: May 2017

Stat Goals:
These aren’t the greatest stats but they are exceptional and I’m proud nonetheless. As with followers, stats are not something to be obsessed with but they are encouraging as the numbers increase. I wasn’t very consistent during my first year of blogging, there were months I didn’t post at all and months I only posted a few times. I’m confident that my second year will be much better now that I know more of what not to do.
By the end of 2018, I would like to be at 300 posts (at least)
20K views by Summer 2018
10K Visitors by Summer 2018
I would also love my Best Views Ever day to improve to a more recent date. (Post on how I will achieve this later)

As of today…January 30, 2018


The Road To 1K:
As I type this post (Jan 27, 2018) I currently have 896 followers. I am calling this the road to 1K and I plan to achieve this goal by the end of March 2018. March is my birthday month so that would be pretty cool, but of course, blogging is not just about how many followers you have and I will be thankful if I achieve it earlier, and thankful if I achieve it later. I’m not sure what I’ll do for my 1K milestone but I’ll be brainstorming fun unique ideas. You can also leave suggestions for me in the comment section.

Thank you all who have been here from the beginning, and to those of you who are new. There’s room enough for us all on this journey.✨


Stream Of Consciousness💭|1/27/18

A stream of consciousness entry from my journal:

Lost but found all at once.
I am thinking, I am creating. I am trying to keep up with my own thoughts that speed past my mind and change their mind so quickly. I am not home, I am searching and I feel alone
I feel…
I feel…
I feel so much too much always. I feel what others feel around me and it’s often overwhelming. I need to recharge. I need to get away. I need a vacation. I haven’t been to many places… In the physical world…
Thinking again
Sinking again.
I put 10 minutes on the clock to record all these thoughts. I’m glad to be off the bottom of the page. Writing there is the worst. My handwriting is a mess. My hand is starting to cramp. I think it’s trying to record my thoughts too fast. Brain fart? Writers’ block.
Make it stop.
I feel the best, happy, and more content with life when I write.
What to say next?
I’m not sure, is this writers’ block again already? I’m almost at the bottom of the page…
The timer just went off..


What I Got For Christmas 2017✨

What I Got For Christmas 2017

This post was originally supposed to go up back in December as one of my Blogmas posts but due to the fact that I didn’t continue, I’d like to post it before February arrives at least lol.

Christmas wasn’t very eventful, I was alone until later that night and was pretty annoyed. Things didn’t go as planned but I was able to visit my sisters, have dinner, and meet up with my dad. It was nice seeing them since I don’t get to that often. I didn’t expect any gifts, and I wasn’t able to get anyone anything this time around but I know that’s not the meaning of Christmas anyway. Everyone had a wonderful time catching up, enjoying the holiday with family and that’s all that mattered.

Now let’s open some gifts☺️

The first gift I received, from one of my sisters (I have 3) is a set of body creams from Bath & Body Works. You can never go wrong with Bath & Bodyworks, in my opinion, it’s one of my favorite places to shop for gifts and I’m sure it’s a favorite for others as well. I couldn’t pick a favorite between the two, I like them both. They each have a light scent, At The Beach definitely reminds me of summer. I LOVE the design on Hello Beautiful it’s a lot prettier in person, and like the design, the scent is a bit floral. Okay, this is not a review…

Another gift I received from another sister… L.A. Colors Fabu Lips 14 piece set. 14! It comes with 4 lip glosses, 3 matte lip colors, 2 jelly lip shines, and a tutorial booklet that I may or may not use. I’m not that into makeup, I only wear lipstick for the most part and my sister knows that so this is perfect for me. I can’t wait to try them out.

I also got these really cute journals but I picked them up myself. You all know I can’t pass up journals to add to my collection.

My dad gave me $40, he usually does give me a little money or a gift card so I guess I did expect that. I bought myself 2 poetry books that I love so much already. I went to Barnes & Noble and there were just so many books I wanted to pick up, I’ll have to go back soon! Rupi Kaur’s The Sun And Her Flowers was on my Christmas wishlist. Some of you may know that Jhene Aiko is one of my favorite singers so it’s no surprise that I had to grab her first book, 2Fish. She is a Pisces (like myself) if you are wondering what kind of title that is lol but that’s not what the book is about if you were also wondering. Both poetry books have a collection of different poems and short stories, they even include little illustrations, which I really like. 2Fish also includes copies from Jhene’s actual notebooks. I’ve mentioned working on my own… I am more inspired now than ever.


Oblivion is one of Jhene’s songs from her new album Trip if you’re interested in listening click here.

I also got a few tops and accessories for Christmas that I just didn’t take pictures of. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Sorry if this post is messed up, I am on the mobile app and it’s really frustrating trying to fix the problem…

What did you get for Christmas, did you make a post about it? Feel free to include a link. Have you read either poetry book? Comment below


Stream Of Consciousness💭| Introduction


I had a short break from life. Now I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to go back. My mind is made up I won’t be there for long. That’s the way it’s always been. Been. Here. Gone. There. Everywhere or anywhere. Everyone wants to be happy. Sometimes it makes us selfish, sometimes we’re too selfless and give too much of it away just to keep everyone else happy. And then we break down. I hide the way I truly feel because it seems so selfish.Selfish selfish selfishness. Selfishly. But every once in a while you have to put yourself first. There are only a few hours left in the day before I go back to misery? I guess it’s up to me how that all plays out. Maybe I’ll have my favorite company, even though I’ve had company all this time. Just wasn’t the company I really wanted. I’m realizing the things I want out of life and the people I want out of my life. Energy I don’t want to be around, not letting anyone control how my day is going to be. If I don’t want to do it, I don’t want to do it and I don’t have to. Unless it’s like a life or death situation or something. If I don’t want to be there, I don’t want to be there and I don’t have to be. Unless I have nowhere else to go. It sucks when you feel like you’re running out of options but deep down you know you’re not, you’re just so exhausted and over all the unfortunates you become lazy and discouraged. I must be feeling discouraged I’ve been saying that word a lot lately I’ve noticed. I’ll be finding more positive words to say. 111, 1111, 222, 22, 333, 33, 444, 44, 555, 55, 10:25. I see these numbers so much.

Stream of Consciousness Journaling

Stream of consciousness (may also be known as morning pages) is a style of journaling where you just let whatever comes to mind flow out on paper without stopping to think about anything. There are no rules to this style of journaling, you don’t have to worry about grammar, punctuation, or structure. You aren’t telling a story, it doesn’t have to make sense. I like to write my stream of consciousness when I wake up in the morning or anytime before 12 PM, basically anytime before I’ve fully started my day. When you first wake up your mind is still processing the dreams you had the night before, your mind is also preparing for the rest of the day so writing during that time can be very beneficial and quite interesting. To start out try spending about 5-10 minutes to free your mind and release all the chatter, then make the time unlimited. Write for as long as you can without breaking the stream.

Stream of consciousness journaling can also help with lack of understanding and writers’ block. Often times I find that I am having writers’ block because my mind is full of clutter and I can’t really understand my thoughts or organize them in a way that when I go to write a post or story ideas aren’t all over the place. Release the clutter without having to be organized! But there’s also lack of inspiration… Instead of forcing yourself to put words together becoming frustrated in the process, allow everything to flow out at once and you’ll be surprised at the ideas that pop up. If you don’t understand how you’re feeling about a specific person or situation, stream of consciousness journaling can give you an insight into how and why you’re feeling a certain way. Your conscience is literally telling you with no filter, uncensored.

The first few times you try it may be a little fuzzy but that’s okay, it is sort of a skill you have to develop, I’m still practicing and developing my way. Soon it will become like second nature. I’ve taken the advice to not read any of my stream of consciousness entries until after a week or so. That way, you’re not constantly judging yourself and getting discouraged to continue. By judging yourself, I mean your work. Whatever you’ve written, if you read it right away and notice the errors you may want to correct them or add/delete things which defeats the purpose. You don’t need to edit your raw thoughts and feelings.

As something fresh to my blog but similar to my old diary entries, I will be journaling at least three times a week for now and share one with you all each week, to start I’ll see how each Monday plays out.

Do you practice stream of consciousness journaling? Do you take time to journal daily? Do you find that it helps improve any aspect of your writing? Comment below.


Similarities>Differences: A Poem✨

We share more similarities than we do differences

We’ve all loved someone

We’ve all had our hearts broken

We’ve all been angry

We’ve all felt hate towards someone

at least once

Sure we come from different places

We all have different faces

But we have more similarities

than differences

We all have eyes

Some just see things differently

We all have mouths full of words to say

Some of us are just afraid to speak

We all have fears

We all have dreams

We all have weaknesses

We all have strengths

We have our own personalities

We’re all unique

and that’s what makes us the same



Here She Goes Again|Failure, lessons, moving forward✨

Goodbye 2017, hello 2018!

I may be a little late to the party, the new year started almost a month ago already. Not much changes when the year does, time continues to move with or without you.

It’s no secret that I was excited to share the news I’d be participating in Blogmas 2017. I was excited about it being my first year blogging, and to be jumping back into the blogging routine in general. It’s also no secret that I haven’t been following through with many of my plans lately. I’ve been slacking so to speak. Yes, sometimes I’m away but you can always expect me to come back.

2017 has been full of surprises, highs, and lows. The lows have overwhelmingly taken over and have left me completely drained, feeling I’ve hit rock bottom.

The highs, however, have made me realize that I am strong enough to get through the obstacles life chooses to send my way, no matter how difficult at first.

The most important lessons I learned:

1. Not to let my emotions consume and control me

2. Be more disciplined and independent

3. Let go of people/things/energies that are holding me back from prospering

Essentially, these are things I already knew but didn’t really apply to my life until forced to. The universe or God will always find a way to force your attention on what’s important that you’re ignoring.

Every time I have backed out of something has been the result of me letting my emotions or things I can’t control get the best of me and shut me down. That is what happened with my participation in Blogmas. I let outside stress and my feelings about certain situations shut me down.

I feel guilty breaking the commitment which is why I stayed away longer. This seems to happen each time but more so now than ever before. Each day that passed made me less motivated and discouraged to come back with another story yet again. There’s also that fear of losing readers that I’m sure we all know about. But I’m human, I can’t be perfect and sometimes things aren’t going to go the way I’d like them too. What can I do? Be upset about it and get into a negative funk, or accept it and move forward.

Now that I am a bit recharged I know to address the situation instead of avoiding it, addressing it early on could have given me the inspiration and motivation I lacked. I also wouldn’t be worried about getting this post out now because it would have already been out of the way. I have to push forward in whatever way that may mean. Even if that means doing something right then and there or taking a break longer than expected, to think and recharge.

Taking the time to think and recharge doesn’t mean to just lay around and binge watch Netflix series or wallow in self-pity. It doesn’t mean to get lazy by any means. Though this free time is definitely needed, you can still be productive while waiting for that inspiration and drive to kick back in. I’ve been doing this by taking time away from blogging but doing work behind the scenes. Continuing to write down or plan any blog post ideas I want to share in the future, working on my focus for social media, taking the time to do research and improve certain skills, try new things, and taking the time to really focus on myself and my vision. What it is that I really want out of this, what it is that I really want out of life period and how I can get it step by step.

Losing my first apartment, my mind, and a relationship all at once forced me to realize I need to become more disciplined and independent. I’ve been moving around from house to house and having to ask for things. There were some people I only let stick around, with power over me in a sense because I was depending on them in some way whether it be financially or emotionally. I put their needs before my own because I felt like I owed them…

If someone is going to walk all over you trying to have power over you just because they’re helping you out, you don’t owe them much of anything. You owe it to yourself to get the hell out of that situation so you can do those things for yourself. That’s just how I feel.

I am now in the process of moving again, which isn’t fun but this next step could be the step I have been needing. I have the opportunity to move a bit further than usual and really get a fresh start where I won’t have to worry about some of the things that have been holding me back here. Though I haven’t quite made up my mind yet, I’ve been thinking of the all the reasons to stay where I am, I do know that I don’t know how things could go if I don’t give it a try. To move forward, you cant stay stuck in the past or even the present. There’s always room to improve. Now is not the time to give up because I feel that much closer to whatever it is I have been searching for. Now is the time to be more optimistic and adventurous. It’s time to plant the seeds and water my ideas. It’s time to do what’s best for me and flourish. 🌻

Changes and new posts are on the way.