Blogmas Day 5: Winter Likes & Dislikes💙❄️

It’s December, people are in the holiday spirit, it’s cold outside and I know many people especially in my family that love cold weather. I actually am not one of them. Winter is honestly my least favorite season (mainly because of the weather) but there are still many things that I do love about it! I think it’s like that with every season right? Things you’ll like and dislike about it. Today’s Blogmas post is going to be what I like and dislike about winter.

What I Like About Winter❄️

  • Having hot chocolate, with marshmallows on top of course!
  • Movies
  • Wearing sweaters, cardigans, & boots!
  • The snow
  • Scenery- A beautiful blanket of snow, before there’s any footprints or slush. The trees coated in snow, all the decorations
  • Decorating the Christmas tree and yard
  • The holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year)
  • Shopping/great sales!
  • Soup. Yes, a warm bowl of soup or stew during the winter is amazing😋
  • Fuzzy long socks
  • Candy canes/peppermint. Gingerbread houses & Christmas cookies
  • Cuddling
  • Heaters/fireplace
  • Relaxing with a good book
  • Less bugs
  • Pajamas/onesies
  • Longer nights

What I Dislike About Winter❄️

  • Cold weather
  • Getting in & out of the shower while it’s cold
  • Not much to do outside like it is in the Summer especially for someone who doesn’t like being out in the cold much
  • Dirty snow, slush. Doesn’t look too appealing and it’s pretty messy.
  • Ice, slipping. Ugh! The worst!
  • Waiting for cars to warm up
  • Getting sick
  • Seeing the flowers die, bare trees, and dead grass
  • Getting out of bed in the morning. When it’s cold I just want to lay underneath the covers all day.
  • Having to bundle up to leave the house if it’s too cold out. I hate having to bundle up because it’s kind of uncomfortable.
  • Bulky coats. Bulky coats are definitely uncomfortable. Or maybe I’m the only one that thinks so?
  • Scraping car window of snow and ice. I don’t drive, but I’ve had to help people scrape their car windows before and it’s not meant to be a fun time.
  • Dry skin, but bloggers and vloggers can make great winter skin care content so that’s a plus.
  • Slow driving. It is so annoying when the roads are so bad but you have to be out and you have to drive or ride around very slow. I actually love car rides but I would prefer the normal speed.

Those are my Winter likes and dislikes. I’d love to know what you like or dislike about winter. Leave a comment letting me know. Leave a comment if you can relate to any of mine.💙❄️


2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 5: Winter Likes & Dislikes💙❄️

  1. My biggest pet peeve is lighting. In the summer, photos just come out more beautiful and my skin is naturally radiant. But by winter, it is so difficult to take nice photos on my phone – I have started to use flash, and my skin needs so much more maintenance to not be dull.
    I also hate the waking up in the morning freezing. But I love the lack of insects, the fact that I don’t get sun headaches, hot food and also I lose the FOMO. If I stay in even for one day in the summer or evening, I feel pressure to enjoy the sun and like I am wasting the day. x

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