We Finally Got A Car!?!?!

Earlier this week I mentioned I would have a few more updates to share. It seems like so much keeps happening and coming up in life but I’m not going to allow things to stop and shut me down anymore. When things overwhelm me, I no longer quit. I’ll just take a break. I have a story to share with you all and then I will be sharing the updates in a separate post. I also have the last feature to do today so I will be posting 3x. Stay tuned.
Let’s get into the story…

At the end of May, my boyfriend and I lost our car. We had just moved into our apartment a couple of months earlier and it was becoming harder to keep up with all of the bills. We made sure to keep paying rent because that was more important than the car. The last car payment we missed we got the car taken away. They took it while my boyfriend was at work on a Thursday, when he got paid the next day. We were already having troubles with the car since first buying it that they were supposed to have taken care of. They said we could pay a certain amount and get it back but they we’re very difficult to work with and didn’t want to work with us so we decided not to. Luckily my boyfriends mom let us borrow her car. It was a bit easier paying bills without making car payments but we still needed our own. His mom works also so sometimes she needs her car.

Last weekend, my boyfriend bought a car from a co-worker for $800, obviously an older car. He test drove it the day before and said it was decent, ran well, and had AC. His Co-worker promised it was in good condition and that he had been driving it the week before with no problems. Finally, we had a car!

That was short lived.

A few hours after he got the car, got everything in his name and paid for insurance we went to the grocery store. Things did seem fine, but not great. I don’t know much about cars but I kept having some worried feeling I can’t describe. The car was a manual (his favorite) instead of automatic so maybe that’s why I didn’t like the feeling.

On our way home that feeling got worse because the car kept slowing down in the middle of traffic, luckily we were right at the corner of a gas station and was able to pull inside. That’s exactly when it started really giving out, he could barely move forward and while trying we were basically jumping, my poor head and neck suffered that moment.
For a few seconds it finally started to act like it was going to work and we got halfway in the street when it stopped so suddenly and angrily. It was like it was yelling at us that it wasn’t going anywhere.

Now remember, we are halfway in the street at this point so cars are coming and wondering what the hell is going on. I know this is what they are wondering because they are literally yelling at us, not knowing we are having car troubles. A group of people across the street just watch to see what’s going to happen. Cars go around us and turn to look at us angrily, everybody is angry. They should probably look ahead before they crash and be even more angry. My boyfriend forces the car to “jump” forward so that we could park on the side of the road. At this point I was just annoyed and embarrassed.

I get worried that his co-worker is going to try and keep the money and we’ll be out another $800. My boyfriend calls him a couple of times, co-worker was trying to ensure him he never had this problem and to just let it cool off. Well, we had groceries and it was very hot out so we didn’t have time for that. After about an hour his coworker finally shows up to check the car out, can’t seem to find or fix the problem and takes us home. He said he would take it to the shop and get back wit us if we still wanted it. Do you think we wanted it still?

Apparently there was something wrong with the engine that finally broke. He had to have it scrapped…

I took this as a sign that we needed to keep the money and that we aren’t meant to have another car right now. We literally could have gotten into a bad accident that day. I feel blessed that it didn’t really give out until we made it into the gas station, out of the busy street.

I am glad we were able to get our money back with not much of a problem, and I say not much because we only got $400 back the first day since he had already deposited half towards something else. We got the other $400 a few days later. We are currently still waiting on the money back from the insurance. That’s life for ya.

Anyone else having any unfortunate things going on at the moment? Let’s bond over the crazy things life throws at us.



9 thoughts on “We Finally Got A Car!?!?!

  1. So sorry to hear you’re still without a car! My previous car (which I loved) got totaled by my second time being rear ended shortly after I got a brand new transmission- roughly $2500 so I know how it feels to think you’re good and then be disappointed again. Hope you guys can find something affordable that’ll at least last for a while and be safe!

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    1. Yeah that’s all we needed was it to last a little while, instead of a couple of hours lol! Having the money back did prove to be useful. Sorry about what happened with your car also! Twice being rear ended?? And $2500! I feel that pain girl

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  2. Sorry about your car but I believe you guys would get something much better. Do you know the saying, “every disappointment is for a good”? I believe that is definitely the case for you guys. Hang in there and make the best of the current situation – your breakthrough is coming! I have my Toyota Corolla and I’ve had my share of car troubles and shady mechanics but thankfully it all worked out. Keep your head up. Things will get better! 🙂

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    1. Yes I think I have heard that saying or something very similar and I definitely agree. Especially since it broke down only a couple of hours after getting, that was way too quick and a sure sign that it wasn’t meant to be. I’m keeping my head high and doing my best to push through all these obstacles. Thank you Chery💕✨

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