Introducing another beautiful blogger✨

Wow! It’s August 1st already and this is my 5th and final week introducing/featuring 5 different bloggers here on Golden Pink Journal. I can’t believe it has been nearly 5 weeks since reaching 500 followers and sharing with you all my very first Q&A, which I actually made into a game also. That is the reason I have been featuring these 5 special bloggers, they participated, played along, and have been great supporters.
I appreciate you all so much!

Our last feature will be Laura from Lauzies Lifestyle.

Laura is so brave, talented, kind, and beautiful you all! I’m very excited to be ending this out with her.

I can’t quite remember how I found her blog, but I do remember reading her posts and being able to relate to so many. I was able to relate to some of the good and much of the bad yet still be able to walk away with something positive.
If i’m able to read or view your content and walk away with something positive from it, that get’s an automatic follow and automatic support from me. These are the type of creators, and artists that influence me the most because that’s the type of influence that I want to be.

Laura is a published writer, model, makeup artist, health enthusiast and a blogger of course. Already we can tell that she is one hard working, determined woman. This is also something that inspires and influences me to be more hard working and determined. I love blogging but I want to do many other things also such as publishing my first book, being confident enough to just feel like a model, dabble in YouTube, do spoken word or other forms of poetry, start and continue a successful business. There’s just a lot that I really want to do and have a passion for, and I constantly see that it CAN be done! You don’t have to be limited to one thing.

On Laura’s blog, you can find and expect beauty, fashion, health & well-being, poetry, mental health and general living posts. Sounds like my type of blog, maybe yours too? Then you should definitely follow her!

In her about section, she has listed 5 of her favorite posts and I’ll be linking 2 down below for you to check out. After checking them out, be sure to give a follow and show some love to her likes and in the comments. Come back tomorrow for an amazing guest post and the next few days for more features. I will also be sharing 2 apps this week instead of 1. One will be for Fun Friday, and one on Saturday. I think you all will enjoy them!

2 of Laura’s favorite posts: (these are also some of my favorites so check them out!)

Why is it wrong to believe in your dreams?

A motivational piece questioning why as adults, the millennial generation are told to be more realistic.

Ten do’s and don’ts: Red lipstick  

Advice and tips on how to wear red.

I also want to share some of my favorite pictures of Laura from her Instagram💕

Photographer: Studio GD Photography

View full rhyme by following. Laura writes inspiring poetry under some of her photos. I’ve loved all the ones I’ve read so far!


A healthy lifestyle will have you feeling beautiful inside and out☺️💛 she also recently cut her hair which I definitely can relate to since a year ago I cut all of mine away. A year before that I did my first mini big chop which gave me this type of cute Dora look lol.
But it’s true what that say, I’ve confirmed it, Laura has confirmed it and so has many others- A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life! This is a famous quote actually and when I cut my hair I felt some sort of instant freedom and confidence that I can’t really explain, it was a strong positive feeling that I never thought I would have. I honestly thought I would hate my haircut and literally brought a wig to the salon with me for my 2nd chop. Didn’t even need it. I felt beautiful, I felt like I had cut away so much negativity from my life. I walked out with that wig still in it’s bag, about an inch of hair left, and a smile on my face. I’d say cutting my hair was the start of a new journey for me, a more positive one. Have any of you ever done any big chops? Did you feel this way too, and did your life change in a way afterwards? Let me know in the comments.

Follow Laura on Instagram!

One last thing, I will be doing another update post sometime this week so stay tuned for that. Thanks for stopping by!✨


6 thoughts on “Introducing another beautiful blogger✨

  1. This post has made my entire day! You are so sweet and I cannot thank you enough for your kind words and for putting this post together!! I am really looking forward to seeing your new blog. 5 is my favourite number and the 5th of August is my birthday, so I am glad to be the last blogger out of the 5.
    The hair really has made me want to change my life. I love that you mentioned Dora because sometimes I feel like that in the morning. And I can really agree about the feeling after I cut it. I just feel more positive, free and that I have chopped away negativity. It is amazing really how powerful hair to be way to see and and feel about ourselves. x


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