Why I Went Self-hosted🌸💖

During the past few months, I have been experiencing lots of hard times in my life, and my blog. I wasn’t happy with the way things were going, every obstacle that kept placing itself in my way. I wasn’t happy with the way I was blogging or even my name. I found myself trying to post every day because I wanted to gain a following and be consistent. You can be consistent and gain loyal followers without posting every day. Without posting everything you think your readers will like. You have to like it too or you just won’t commit. It came to the point where I was questioning if I was good enough to continue blogging. I wondered if I had made a mistake and would have to tell family members that they were right, I should chase more “realistic dreams and goals” like going to college for nursing. All of this came down to a few simple things.

Not only did I not like the name much (GoldenPinkJournal) but I also didn’t like seeing the WordPress.com at the end. This makes my already long name even longer and I wanted something that I could really call my own. I had too many categories and too many pictures with not a lot of space. I also didn’t like the theme and customization limits. None of this motivated me to want to continue unless I made some type of change.

I decided the change I needed was simply just to start fresh with the new knowledge I have. So far, I feel like this was best for me.

Reasons I wanted a new name: 

It just sounds like a gold and pink journal

– GoldenPinkJournal doesn’t give the reader a real idea of what the blog/website will be about

– I asked myself if I was just someone scrolling through Google would the name GoldenPinkJournal catch my interest. My answer? Probably not, maybe.

– I only spent a few hours thinking about it

– Too long for my liking

– Made me not want to blog as much anymore

sheliveslove.com was born! I’ll be talking more about this name later.

I actually didn’t think I would be going self-hosted this soon. It was something I wanted to do at a later time, or “the right time.” Something I didn’t think I had the money for at the moment. After looking into it, you’ll find that it’s really not that expensive to start for a year or 2. Now, it won’t be a $20-50 purchase, but it also won’t be thousands of dollars either. If blogging is only something you’re doing for hobby and you don’t see yourself doing it for years to come you really don’t need to worry about purchasing anything.

If you are serious about blogging and want to do it full-time some day, or maybe earn a decent amount someday you should definitely consider investing in yourself and your blog. The extra benefits are worth it in my opinion! Think of it this way, how much junk food do you buy/eat in a year? How many times do you go out for entertainment (movies, shopping, club, traveling etc) and how much do you spend on it? If you can spend hundreds of dollars buying things that aren’t the best for your health or just to have a good time/experience you should be able to spend that same amount or more to invest in yourself.

I am lucky enough to have an amazing boyfriend who wanted to surprise me this month for our 2 year anniversary, which is why this happened so much sooner than I thought. I had 3 special surprises for our anniversary❤️

1. A delivery of flowers: I didn’t get this best picture of this and I was too excited and lazy to move papers off of the table, so I added heart emoji’s to cover them lol. I also wish I could have recorded the moment. This was my first time receiving delivered flowers at my door. The delivery man even looked like he enjoyed his job so that’s a plus lol. I have been taking several pictures with the flowers.

2. I was taken to watch the sunset with a better view: If you follow me on Instagram, my ARoseInReverie account, you’ve already seen this. I just didn’t give the story behind it. My boyfriend and I went grocery shopping and afterward, he told me he was taking me somewhere to watch the sunset with a better view. He also said there’s another park he want’s to take me to that gives an even better view than this! I can’t wait!

3. And putting money towards my self-hosted blog. If you’re with someone that will invest in your dreams, that’s an amazing feeling. This is my dream, not his. He doesn’t care about blogging and he isn’t a fan of reading or writing but he wants to read my blog, he wants me to be and do what makes me happy. We don’t have a perfect relationship, no relationship is perfect but we help each other, love each other, and make it work at the end of the day💕

August has been pretty good to me, I’m hoping it only continues into these next few months. Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments!
Are you self-hosted? Are you hosted through WordPress? What are some reasons you made the choice and do you think it’s truly worth the investment?

Here is a great guide to help you decide whether or not to use the free WordPress, purchase hosting from WordPress.com, or .org

WordPress.com or WordPress.org


Big BIG News!!💖

OKAY! I know you all are probably wondering why there was no Fun Friday post last week…

Well, that’s because this whole weekend I spent working on my new blog and the time has come that I’m ready to start this new journey! I’m extremely excited and nervous at the same but I can’t wait to chat with you all about the changes.💕

I won’t discuss it all in this post because there’s just so much. I have come up with a schedule and other things that I will share with you all later. I’m actually typing this at 3:30 AM- YIKES. I must be crazy. I plan on waking back up to start the day around 9 but it could be longer depending on how tired I am (this will be a scheduled post) so I should get some sleep soon.

The main thing I wanted to let you all know was my new blog name of course!

The big, BIG news? Yes, you probably guessed it! Did you???

I am now self-hosted!😮 I’ll also be starting fresh with social media.

Like I said, there’s so much to discuss. I’ll chat with you all soon. Thanks for reading and check out my new blog over at sheliveslove.com

Now you all get to know what my real name is 😮 only one other blogger knows it already. Shout out to Cheila💕

I’m still working out things, and my theme will probably change but it is up and running. Also, there are a few blog related posts up already. Normal posts will start on Wednesday. I hope you all like the changes so far, let me know what you think.


I’m so ready to be back to happy blogging and being a part of the community like I once was.💕💕💕



500 Follower Q&A Game!💖☺️

Looking back on my first Q&A!💖 (Game portion closed)

Some of you have been playing this game already without even knowing it:)

I know this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but unfortunately we had some issues with the wifi and when it was finally fixed I felt like it was too late in the night to post, so here we are now…

Thank you all for your questions!
The rules of the game and how to play:

The only rules are to have asked a question, or answer my bonus questions (below) in the comments and be the first 5 to reach 500 points! There is one extra rule and I’ll tell you about it shortly.

Remember yesterday when I said that 5 is a lucky number for this post? That’s because that’s how some of you have already earned points and a head start in the game:)

All of the questions are numbered in the order…

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10 Reasons Why I Might Follow Your Blog✨

After having a little more experience blogging I’ll have to do an updated version of this list, and add more detail💙

Hey everyone! Today has been very busy for me but I’m still working on my to do list and I really wanted… to do this lol. So, here are my top 10 reasons why I may follow you…

1. You have a nice name/picture. Chances are, if your picture is blank or your name is something I can’t read or understand I won’tfollow you.

2. You post regularly. If I’m going to follow a blog, I’m looking for consistency in the dates posted.

3. Your blog looks nice and organized. Not plain, or hard to navigate through. I can clearly see the follow button on mobile device. Variety of topics. Great design etc

4. You engage with your readers and others you follow. This is a big one so make sure you’re not only engaging with me, but other bloggers you follow and who comment to you also.


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Inspiration of the day✨

I’m so glad I went back to read these quotes again. Definitely needed

Well you all, the time has come a bit earlier..

If you didn’t know already, I mentioned that May 12th would be the last “Inspiration of the day” post. However, I am ending it a little earlier. I’m only ending it earlier because I have so many new ideas I want to start sharing on my blog, and I feel like posting this every day was holding me back. I felt like this was just becoming a daily inspirational quote blog for a moment, and it’s so much more than that!

I really can’t wait to share some of my new ideas and content with you all!


Don’t think that i’m going to end like this:)

For the last day, I’m going to share 12 quotes (some are favorites from previous days)

I figured I would do 12 since I was only that many days away from finishing…

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Fun Friday #18: 20 Names I Love But Won’t Be Using!💖💙

Happy Fun Friday!

Yesterday I took a look at my very first Fun Friday post, which was name’s I love but wouldn’t use. I shared that list back in March and I’ve added so many names since then! I’m obsessed honestly, I have about 70 written down.

For today’s post I decided to do an updated version sharing 10 girl names and 10 boy names that I love but probably wouldn’t use as my future child’s name. The name “Mireya” was in my last list but I’ve actually grown to really like it, mainly for a middle name but I’d definitely consider using it now. Many of the names on my list sound similar or have an A beginning/end because those are the type of names I prefer. They are still very different. I’ve also added a few of their meanings:)

Here is my updated list:

Analise– Honestly, I adore this name but the main reason I wouldn’t use it is because the first 4 letters spell… Anal. Now, I don’t know if my mind is just in the gutter but I don’t want the first few letters of my child’s name to spell Anal. I think she would hate it, and I feel like some people would point it out and make fun of it. If I ever use this name I would spell it “Aunalise” Auna for short. MEANING: Grace or devoted to God.*I also like Aunalia.

Alara– I really like the sound of this name but couldn’t see myself using it. MEANING: One who brings brightness and happiness to the soul, to the heart.

Indya– This is one of the names I thought I would someday name my daughter. Spelled India or Indya but now I see it as too common. I’m also not really interested in country/continent names anymore like India and Asia.

Yara– I got this name from the beautiful actress and model Yara Shahidi. I just couldn’t see this as my daughters name. MEANING: On Nameberry, the meaning is “small butterfly”

Melody/Harmony– I’m using these 2 as 1 because they are both musical names, beautiful musical names I must add. I wouldn’t completely knock them, If I had twin girls I would probably consider these names. Maybe they would be blessed with great singing voices? That would be lovely. But with me being picky again, I have to point out “Harm” being the first 4 letters of Harmony lol.

Lilia/Lylia– Like Lily, this sounds so pretty but even better in my opinion. Again, this is just a name I couldn’t see my own daughter having. 

Amberlee/Amberly– I started to like this name when I was in middle school or early high school days. It has a really pretty sound but the “Amber” is too common for me. MEANING: A jewel-quality fossilized resin; as a color the name refers to a warm honey shade.

Zuri– I first heard this name on Disney Channel on the show Jesse as Skai Jackson’s character and thought it was so beautiful! I only wouldn’t use this name because I’m not a fan of “Z” names for my own children. Guess what the meaning is??? MEANING: Beautiful

Hazel Won’t be using this name because it’s what I named one of my guinea pigs lol. Also because it’s a color. It’s also a type of tree and nut.

Aliza– I really love this name and the only reason I wouldn’t choose it is because I already know someone who named her daughter that. MEANING: Joy, joyful


For the boy names most of these I wouldn’t choose only because there are other names I like better, or I couldn’t see myself using them.

Luca- I like how nice and short this name is, I just wouldn’t choose it for my son. MEANING: Bringer of light, Man from Lucania

Jeremiah– I like the sounding of Jeremiah, it’s just not for me.

Messiah– I love how powerful this name sounds. Probably because it’s pretty biblical. This name might be too much pressure though. MEANING: Annointed one

Eric– Another nice sounding short name. But this name is too common and also my ex’s name so that would be weird. MEANING: Eternal ruler

Tristan– I’m actually still on the fence about this name. Maybe I would use it, Maybe not. Who knows. I just know that I like it. As for the meaning, I saw several different meanings such as, a knight, tumult; outcry, bold, the loud one, lol… So I’m really not sure.

Antonio– This name probably isn’t as popular as it once was but it’s still kind of popular to me so I wouldn’t use it. Otherwise I really like it and would definitely consider it. MEANING: Worthy of praise; of value

Hendrix– I wouldn’t use this name for my son, it’s mainly a surname but I think it sounds really cool.

Malachi/Malakai– I’m not really a fan of M names for boys which is why I wouldn’t choose this name. It also sounds more like a pet name for a dog in my opinion. MEANING: My messenger/my angel

Kavan/Cavan– I just recently came across this name. I would probably use it for a middle name actually. MEANING: Handsome

Jahlil– Ever since I came across this name I’ve liked it. I only wouldn’t use it because I like other names better. But this could still very much be a possibility. I’m including it anyway:) MEANING: Great, Revered, Grand, Noble, Servant of the Majestic

That’s it! 20 names!
Do you like any of the names on my list? What is 1 girl and 1 boy name that would be on your list? Comment below.✨


First “Fun Friday” Post🤗

I think I’m going to do an updated version of this list because I’ve added so many names since then! Also because it was so much fun to make. I’m always fascinated by names.💖

I wanted to start a “Fun Friday” series on my blog but couldn’t decide what to start with. I was reading through my first few posts about naming things, and having baby fever which gave me an idea for my first Fun Friday post!

Names I love, but wouldn’t choose for a baby👶🏽🤔

This has also been a trend on YouTube. You can search “baby names I love but won’t be using” or “10 names I love but won’t be using” a ton will come up! I’m into names that are cute and unique, not too common but also not too different. I also have a thing for “A” names.

Here is my list- I’ll start with girl names💖

  • Ava- I really love this name because it’s short and sweet. It has a really nice sound when you say it but it’s so popular! That is why I wouldn’t choose…

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