Fun Friday #19 Featuring Some Of YOU!✨

Happy Fun Friday!

This Friday I decided I wanted to do something fun to thank some of you for your amazing comments and support these past few days. I’ve created 2 word scrambles the first one with a few of your names and the second with a few blogging terms. If you’ve recently commented on my recent posts there is a chance your name is in the first list:)

Can you unscramble them all? Can you find/unscramble your name?

Unscramble The Names:


Unscramble The Words:


If this wasn’t fun or interesting enough for you, I’ve also done a special post on my new blog. Check it out at

And thank you all again!



Behind The Name: SheLivesLove💖

Choosing a blog name can easily be one of the best parts of starting your blog, but it can just as easily be the most frustrating process. Whether you are starting your blog for the first time, or rebranding, picking the best name is important. When I started GoldenPinkJournal, I didn’t know nearly as much as I do now and I also didn’t take the time to think it through to make sure that I was making the best decision for my blog. I’ve noticed so many other bloggers going through the same thing so I thought I would share my process of picking a good name and a few tips to help you with yours.

The first thing I did to start the process was deciding what my blog was all about. Will it be a lifestyle, beauty & fashion blog, or other? What topics will I blog about? Who will be your potential audience? What general message and feeling do I want readers to leave with? Can you see yourself still using the name years from now?
These are questions you can ask yourself as well. I wanted my blog to focus on lifestyle and inspiration, spreading positivity, and have readers leave feeling a love of life despite hardships, learn or be inspired to do something. My audience will mostly be women.

I then wrote down topics and words that relate to my blog, I also included some of my favorite words. A shortened list of words I wrote down:

  • Lifestyle
  • Life/Live
  • Love/Lovely
  • Inspiration/Inspire
  • Creativity
  • Discussions
  • Poetry
  • Flowers/Rose
  • Reverie
  • Her/She/Girl
  • Thoughts
  • Epiphany
  • Euphoria 
  • Eloquence
  • Luminary

Still pretty lengthy right?

After that list, I researched other blogs to see how their names were. I considered my actual name as I know that is a way some people brand themselves and really get themselves out there. During my research, I found many bloggers who do in fact use their name but also many that do not. Using your own name can be great depending on how long it is if it’s easy to remember, if it has a nice ring to it, and what your blog will be about. But if your name is something like Philanzio Amauiori (totally made this name up) or Ann Smith (this name is too common) you might want to consider something else. Readers won’t be able to remember your name easily, or it will already be taken. If someone heard it on the radio or on television would they know how to spell it? If you would have a problem with an employer or family member finding your blog you also should consider a different name.

I chose not to go with my name because I liked other names better and I didn’t want people confused on my middle name, Lecole [Lee-cole]. Some people don’t know how to pronounce it or would think it was my last name. I can just make sure that people associate my blog with it instead of using it as my domain. If I used my last name it would sound like any other common name but you can also think of alternatives. For example, Aimee [Ah-Mee] Song.  At first glance of Aimee, most people would think it is just another way of spelling “Amy.” Song is actually her last name, and her blog is named Song of Style. You could also do something like “LovelyLecole” “Phil Amour” “AnnAmazingLife” but I decided not to include my name. I wanted something sweet and easy to remember.

Popular blogger names I found and like are WishWishWish, GalMeetsGlam, TheSkinnyConfidential, The Everygirl, and pink Peonies.

By this time I was ready to start writing down a list of potential names for my blog. A few of the choices I came up with were LovelyReverie, LiveToInspire, ReverieInspired, and SheLivesLove.

One thing you should always do when choosing a name is checking to make sure the domain name and social media handles are available. This will help you eliminate some of the potential names in your list, you can also eliminate longer names and those that are your least favorite of course.

I noticed that on my social media accounts I always use the phrase “She is to love and be loved.” This is something I’ve always told myself since I was younger. I always had this feeling that part of my purpose in life is to spread a lot of love and inspiration to others, and in return be loved by a lot of people. This was perfect for the potential name on my list, sheliveslove! A great website that acts as a name generator and domain checker is Try to list about 6 words to start seeing suggestions. Here I’ve included a screenshot example I’ve done:

Screenshot (43).png

You may have to add several words before you get a good list of ideas unless you include your name. You can also click on the blue arrows to get more word suggestions.

 As for sheliveslove, I wanted to wait a while to see if my mind would change or any other names would come to me. I also checked to make sure the domain name and social media handles were available and I was good to go, other than a blank Instagram account which I didn’t see as too much of a problem since no one was actually using it. I just added an underscore to mine. If you have to do that with all or even most social media handles I would suggest going for another.

After weeks of deliberation, I decided this was the right name for me and thus was born!💖

Whatever you do, just don’t choose a name that can easily come off as something else like the names listed on this website for example:

30 Unintentionally Inappropriate Domain Names

One of them is “Penisland” (Pen Island) but some people could easily think that says… Well, what do you think? Lol.

There you have it. This is how I chose my new blog name, one that works so much better for me. How did you come up with your name? Can you add any tips? Comment below.✨



Why I Went Self-hosted🌸💖

During the past few months, I have been experiencing lots of hard times in my life, and my blog. I wasn’t happy with the way things were going, every obstacle that kept placing itself in my way. I wasn’t happy with the way I was blogging or even my name. I found myself trying to post every day because I wanted to gain a following and be consistent. You can be consistent and gain loyal followers without posting every day. Without posting everything you think your readers will like. You have to like it too or you just won’t commit. It came to the point where I was questioning if I was good enough to continue blogging. I wondered if I had made a mistake and would have to tell family members that they were right, I should chase more “realistic dreams and goals” like going to college for nursing. All of this came down to a few simple things.

Not only did I not like the name much (GoldenPinkJournal) but I also didn’t like seeing the at the end. This makes my already long name even longer and I wanted something that I could really call my own. I had too many categories and too many pictures with not a lot of space. I also didn’t like the theme and customization limits. None of this motivated me to want to continue unless I made some type of change.

I decided the change I needed was simply just to start fresh with the new knowledge I have. So far, I feel like this was best for me.

Reasons I wanted a new name: 

It just sounds like a gold and pink journal

– GoldenPinkJournal doesn’t give the reader a real idea of what the blog/website will be about

– I asked myself if I was just someone scrolling through Google would the name GoldenPinkJournal catch my interest. My answer? Probably not, maybe.

– I only spent a few hours thinking about it

– Too long for my liking

– Made me not want to blog as much anymore was born! I’ll be talking more about this name later.

I actually didn’t think I would be going self-hosted this soon. It was something I wanted to do at a later time, or “the right time.” Something I didn’t think I had the money for at the moment. After looking into it, you’ll find that it’s really not that expensive to start for a year or 2. Now, it won’t be a $20-50 purchase, but it also won’t be thousands of dollars either. If blogging is only something you’re doing for hobby and you don’t see yourself doing it for years to come you really don’t need to worry about purchasing anything.

If you are serious about blogging and want to do it full-time some day, or maybe earn a decent amount someday you should definitely consider investing in yourself and your blog. The extra benefits are worth it in my opinion! Think of it this way, how much junk food do you buy/eat in a year? How many times do you go out for entertainment (movies, shopping, club, traveling etc) and how much do you spend on it? If you can spend hundreds of dollars buying things that aren’t the best for your health or just to have a good time/experience you should be able to spend that same amount or more to invest in yourself.

I am lucky enough to have an amazing boyfriend who wanted to surprise me this month for our 2 year anniversary, which is why this happened so much sooner than I thought. I had 3 special surprises for our anniversary❤️

1. A delivery of flowers: I didn’t get the best picture of this and I was too excited and lazy to move papers off of the table, so I added heart emoji’s to cover them lol. I also wish I could have recorded the moment. This was my first time receiving delivered flowers at my door. The delivery man even looked like he enjoyed his job so that’s a plus lol.

2. I was taken to watch the sunset with a better view. My boyfriend and I went grocery shopping and afterward, he told me he was taking me somewhere to watch the sunset with a better view. He also said there’s another park he want’s to take me to that gives an even better view than this! I can’t wait!

3. And putting money towards my self-hosted blog. If you’re with someone that will invest in your dreams, that’s an amazing feeling. This is my dream, not his. He doesn’t care about blogging and he isn’t a fan of reading or writing but he wants to to do what makes me happy. I appreciate that so much.

August has been pretty good to me, I’m hoping it only continues into these next few months. Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments!
Are you self-hosted? Are you hosted through WordPress? What are some reasons you made the choice and do you think it’s truly worth the investment?

Here is a great guide to help you decide whether or not to use the free WordPress, purchase hosting from, or .org or


Big BIG News!!💖

OKAY! I know you all are probably wondering why there was no Fun Friday post last week…

Well, that’s because this whole weekend I spent working on my new blog and the time has come that I’m ready to start this new journey! I’m extremely excited and nervous at the same but I can’t wait to chat with you all about the changes.💕

I won’t discuss it all in this post because there’s just so much. I have come up with a schedule and other things that I will share with you all later. I’m actually typing this at 3:30 AM- YIKES. I must be crazy. I plan on waking back up to start the day around 9 but it could be longer depending on how tired I am (this will be a scheduled post) so I should get some sleep soon.

The main thing I wanted to let you all know was my new blog name of course!

The big, BIG news? Yes, you probably guessed it! Did you???

I am now self-hosted!😮 I’ll also be starting fresh with social media.

Like I said, there’s so much to discuss. I’ll chat with you all soon. Thanks for reading and check out my new blog over at

Now you all get to know what my real name is 😮 only one other blogger knows it already. Shout out to Cheila💕

I’m still working out things, and my theme will probably change but it is up and running. Also, there are a few blog related posts up already. Normal posts will start on Wednesday. I hope you all like the changes so far, let me know what you think.


I’m so ready to be back to happy blogging and being a part of the community like I once was.💕💕💕



500 Follower Q&A Game!💖☺️

Looking back on my first Q&A!💖 (Game portion closed)

Some of you have been playing this game already without even knowing it:)

I know this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but unfortunately we had some issues with the wifi and when it was finally fixed I felt like it was too late in the night to post, so here we are now…

Thank you all for your questions!
The rules of the game and how to play:

The only rules are to have asked a question, or answer my bonus questions (below) in the comments and be the first 5 to reach 500 points! There is one extra rule and I’ll tell you about it shortly.

Remember yesterday when I said that 5 is a lucky number for this post? That’s because that’s how some of you have already earned points and a head start in the game:)

All of the questions are numbered in the order…

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10 Reasons Why I Might Follow Your Blog✨

After having a little more experience blogging I’ll have to do an updated version of this list, and add more detail💙

Hey everyone! Today has been very busy for me but I’m still working on my to do list and I really wanted… to do this lol. So, here are my top 10 reasons why I may follow you…

1. You have a nice name/picture. Chances are, if your picture is blank or your name is something I can’t read or understand I won’tfollow you.

2. You post regularly. If I’m going to follow a blog, I’m looking for consistency in the dates posted.

3. Your blog looks nice and organized. Not plain, or hard to navigate through. I can clearly see the follow button on mobile device. Variety of topics. Great design etc

4. You engage with your readers and others you follow. This is a big one so make sure you’re not only engaging with me, but other bloggers you follow and who comment to you also.


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Inspiration of the day✨

I’m so glad I went back to read these quotes again. Definitely needed

Well you all, the time has come a bit earlier..

If you didn’t know already, I mentioned that May 12th would be the last “Inspiration of the day” post. However, I am ending it a little earlier. I’m only ending it earlier because I have so many new ideas I want to start sharing on my blog, and I feel like posting this every day was holding me back. I felt like this was just becoming a daily inspirational quote blog for a moment, and it’s so much more than that!

I really can’t wait to share some of my new ideas and content with you all!


Don’t think that i’m going to end like this:)

For the last day, I’m going to share 12 quotes (some are favorites from previous days)

I figured I would do 12 since I was only that many days away from finishing…

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