Fun Friday #16: Exploring A New App☺️

Happy Fun Friday!

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 4 months now. The last series standing lol.
This series has lasted longer than the many others I’ve had and I plan on continuing it. It’s been my favorite from the start!

This week we’ll be exploring an app again. The app: Font Candy 

This is the free version so of course it has it’s limitations but the full version is $3.

When you open the app it will take you to your camera roll. We won’t be using any of my pictures of sweet Izabelle lol. Instead we’ll be using Dakota’s.

You have the option to crop your image into different sizes such as Instagram, Twitter post, iPhone Wallpaper and a few others. I’ll be keeping it original.

Font Candy has lovely fonts to choose from. You’ll notice some favorites from Canva and other apps but you’ll find others that aren’t in Canva also. The paid version will have more.

I am using the Masana Script font to add “Essential Living With Dakota

I also wanted to add some artwork. Choose from different packages such as Holiday Magic, Decorative, and Family Packages like Mom, and Together We Make A Family which are the two I’ll be using.

Final product:

If you want, there are also different templates to choose from also.

Here are a few below:

When you are finished you can choose any social site to share it to or create phone cases, t-shirts etc which I didn’t look into. It’s probably too pricey. Let me know if you check it out. The image was automatically saved in my library.

Let me know if you give this app a try and if you like it.💚


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