Introducing Cherylene✨

We have reached the 3rd week of features for my 500 follower Q&A winners!
It’s crazy how fast these weeks are going by. This week I will be featuring Cherylene from LivingvsExisting.

For her first feature I want to introduce you to her blog by sharing her about me section, and some facts I’ve found while browsing her blog.

Let’s get started!

“Hello and Welcome!

My name is Cherylene.  I am the mother of two amazing boys.

I have recently discovered that writing gives me a sense of joy and satisfaction that I never got doing anything else.  It is a great way for me to share my thoughts on various issues and topics that I feel compelled to write about.

I am a woman who has refused to let the negativity in my life and the world at large hold me back from pursuing my dreams.

My hope and dream is to be an inspiration and motivator for others.   I want my writing to reach far and wide helping others all over the world.

If you are searching for inspiration, motivation or direction I hope that you can find some here.  Be prepared to dig deep because true happiness and peace of mind comes from within.”

If you have a blog that is inspirational, and motivational in some way- I usually will follow and I’ve noticed other bloggers do the same. Inspiration is inspiring so I search for it everywhere and I can tell you Cherylene’s blog will inspire you in one way or another!

As I searched for some facts to share, I found quite a bit but i’ll be sharing 10 below 🙂

  1. -Her favorite color is blue
  2. -Her favorite book is Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits by T.D. Jakes (I haven’t read this book or heard of it until now but it sounds like something to check out)
  3. -She enjoys interior decorating 
  4. -She was a part of a Twin and is the eldest of her 2 siblings who are also twins (Wow!)
  5. -Mother of 2 boys; not twins
  6. -She likes having freestyle rap battles with her eldest son (These are the type of moments I’d love to have with my children some day. Cherylene, you’re a wonderful mother I can tell.)
  7. -One of her favorite quotes is “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Charles R. Swindoll 
  8. -Top 3 places she would love to visit are Bali, London, and Paris
  9. -Her favorite Disney song is A Whole New World from Aladdin 🙂
  10. -One word she would use to describe herself: Determined (That’s a great choice and great to be determined.)

Do you follow Cherylene? If not, you should! Please visit her blog after reading.💛
Did you find any of these facts interesting like I did? The twins?! Twins are always interesting to me lol. I also love that she spends time with her son, doing fun things. I never got to do those things with either of my parents so It’s always special to see or hear about it in other families. Kind of bittersweet too but mostly beautiful.

I will be back with another feature tomorrow, and also some updates. Stay tuned.✨

Cher, please let me know if I need to correct any of the facts.


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