Fun Friday #14: Exploring A New App☺️

Happy Fun Friday everyone! I hope everyone has had a fun, exciting week and if not, I hope you have a better weekend:)

Today, I wanted to try out a new app. It’s not new in the App Store, but new to me. This is something I may do more often because I love finding cool apps, I search for new ones so often.

There were a few that I found yesterday but today I’m going to be sharing one. The app I’ll be sharing is called Patternator.

Patternator allows you to create cool pattern wallpapers using some of their cute photos or your own. They can even be animated. Here is the description in the store:

It says the animation feature is for iPhone 6S and up but if you have an older version don’t worry, you can still make and save cute patterns:)

Let’s take a look inside the app and start creating a pattern!

(Since today is the last feature for Pamela’s week, I’ll be using her picture)

When I first opened the app, this cute kitten pattern came up and I got so excited lol I just knew I would enjoy the app at that moment. They must know my love is so strong😻

But that cute cat isn’t cute Pamela so we’ll have to change that lol.

Click the camera icon in the left and it will open your camera. You can take a new picture or go into your album. I’ll be going into the album to grab some screenshots from Pamela’s Instagram. The next thing you need to do is trace what you want as your pattern. This probably wasn’t the best image for that but it still turned out nice I believe.

Once you’re satisfied with what you’ve traced you can create your wallpaper. It will automatically start with suggestion background colors matching your picture which I love! That’s great. You can also add stickers (I didn’t this time) and change the style of your pattern.

You can also pick your own color and there are so many to choose from! I went to the pastel colors.

Once you’re satisfied just save it. Or upload it to social media, whatever you wish to do. One thing I will say is that there will be a watermark on the saved image. I always hate those. You can pay $4 to get it permanently removed (yikes) or you can invite 3 friends to use the app and once they download the app you get watermark removed for free. Here is the wallpaper with watermark:

I decided to try out a face pattern also so I used one of Pamela’s lovely selfies. I thought it would be cool to trace out a heart pattern❤️

This was Patternator’s suggested color but I went with something different. I also changed the style of the pattern.


Thank you so much Pamela for participating in my Q&A Game and being a constant support! I really hope you’ve enjoyed all of your features this week, I enjoyed posting them. I especially loved the Q&A session and trying out this app with your pictures:) can’t forget about that amazing guest post either!

I don’t know who hasn’t followed Pamela yet but if you’re reading this now and you haven’t- please be sure to check her blog out!

Let me know in the comments if you would try this app out or if you already have. Any cool apps you know of that I should try?✨


5 thoughts on “Fun Friday #14: Exploring A New App☺️

  1. I love the app, this post, and all your posts from this week! Thank you for featuring me Lee and I can’t wait to see the next featured bloggers! (Also I think I need this app!) ☺️


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