The 10+10 (StarringPamela’s Blog)✨

Hey everyone! I’m sure you all are wondering what exactly the title of this post is about and what this post will be in general. Well, for Pamela’s 2nd day feature I’ve decided to list 10 things you can find on her blog, plus another 10 things I’ve learned about her while browsing her blog, hence the title The 10+10.

Pamela, by the end of this post I’d like for you to let me know if I got all the facts right.✨

Let’s get started!

10 Things You Can Find On StarringPamela:

  1. Beauty posts- her beauty posts include make up, skin care, hauls, & more!
  2. Fashion- she has a few OOTD posts
  3. Lifestyle- including monthly favorites, a day in the life posts, reading, mental health awareness & more!
  4. Tag Me Tuesday- this a series she does every Tuesday to post all of her tags/awards
  5. Travel- she even posts about her trips and adventures 🙂
  6. Decor- yes, you can find some home decor posts on her blog also!
  7. Baking- Pamela bakes too 🙂
  8. If We Were Having Coffee- This is a post she does once a month. Here are a few examples she has shared:If we were having coffee, I would tell you how much I’m enjoying this summer. It’s not overly eventful but it’s so nice and hasn’t been too terribly hot. Except yesterday when it was 90 degrees. Yeesh. If we were having coffee, I would tell you how amazing everyone’s blogs and posts have been lately. Seriously! It’s so inspiring to see everyone’s hard work.If we were having coffee, I would tell you how happy I am to have reached 500 followers on this blog! I never would have thought there would be so many people reading what I have to say.
  9. You can also find her social media very easily which I love. She has icons on the top of her page, and views a long the side where you can even see some of her latest tweets!
  10. She has a new YouTube channel! You can check out her first video here: 500 Followers Q&A

Those are the 10 things you’ll be able to find on Pamela’s blog, now for the facts I’ve found:

  1. Pamela is now 26 years old 🙂
  2. Her birthday is in May and she had a “BirthMay” series on her blog, unique right?
  3. Huge Harry Potter fan!
  4. Her favorite Disney princess is Belle, she was Belle for Halloween for most of her youth. How cute??? I was a witch for most of mine lol.
  5.  She studied abroad in Barcelona in college. WOW! I’d love to visit Barcelona.
  6. She graduated from college with a bachelors of science in international business. That’s an amazing accomplishment Pam!
  7. She wants to learn American Sign Language. I actually know a little sign language, I can speak fluent using the alphabet but I know a few word actions also. I have a cousin who is deaf so I had to learn young.
  8. She is taking ballet classes!
  9. She named her car Baby Bat 🙂
  10. Some of her life goals are; publishing a book, making music, and designing fashion or home items! These are definitely in my top 10, maybe even top 5 goals!

There we have it, basically 20 reasons to love and follow Pamela
If you haven’t already the time is now to add another amazing blogger to your Reader.💛

Did you learn anything new about Pamela by reading this post? Do you have anything in common relating to her blog or in general? Comment below✨



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