Small Weekend Pickups💛

I was able to do a bit more shopping this weekend. I’ve been trying to build up a summer wardrobe since I haven’t really done much summer shopping the past couple of years. 

No shopping? Stressful for most of us I know lol. It’s hard not keeping up with trends, looking at so many outfits online wanting to try different styles but not being able to reward yourself because of stress or money related issues. That was me. It even got to the point where I didn’t want to go anywhere because my clothes were so old, and easily noticeable due to growing, and working in them. I was tired of going out in clothes that weren’t in the best condition, I was tired of going out in the same few pair of jeans and t-shirts. I was tired of noticing rips, stains, and fading. 

But my clothes weren’t the only things fading, my confidence began to fade as well.

I know I’m not the only one, especially as a young woman, who has felt their confidence deteriorate due to lack of self care. Due to not getting dolled or dressed up every once in awhile. You begin to feel like you’ve let yourself go and sometimes, others will tell you.

I’m not saying you let yourself go when you don’t go shopping, not at all. But you should be able to do something nice for yourself and feel and look good every once in a while if not often.

This is why I’m now making it my mission to upgrade my wardrobe. I’ve been upgrading the inner parts of me to feel better, now I deserve to  upgrade the outside to feel and look better. 

I’m still dealing with a lot of issues including money so I try to only get a little each time and focus on sales/clearance. I’ve been getting a lot of dresses which is new to me because I usually hate dresses, but this weekend I decided to get a few t-shirts. That was my main goal but I ended up seeing a few other things. 

Let me show you:

I picked up 4 t-shirts all together. I don’t know about you all but any time I go on a shopping spree I have to get almost every color in plain tees. You can wear them with anything and having every color means you can mix and match outfits. I know some people do this with tank tops but I can usually do with just 2 or 3 of those lol. I plan on going back to get red, blue, and pink. They didn’t have pink in a Medium that’s why I didn’t get it this time. I can fit the small but I’d rather not risk it shrinking in the dryer or gaining a little weight not being able to fit it anymore.

I also picked up a cute floral bodycon dress. I actually saw this dress last weekend but decided to wait on it along with a yellow dress. Unfortunately the yellow dresses were gone. This dress was $10. Have I got enough floral yet? Probably not.

The last few items I picked up I actually made a quick outfit with one of the t-shirts, a pair of shorts, and small bag.

I am pretty much obsessed with small purses/handbags so I was excited when I found a cute brown one. I had been looking for one the last few shopping trips and it was only $8. There were so many (different colors) that I wanted to get all at once! I think I’ll be going back to Rainbow more often for them✨ and don’t get me wrong, I love big purses too but I just don’t carry that much stuff around so I don’t feel the need to buy them. I can do with a good black and brown and fine. 

I’m not sure if I’ll do any shopping this weekend, but the following weekend I plan to focus on shorts, sandals, more tops and hopefully wrap up my summer shopping because Fall will be here again before we know it! 

That’s all for this Weekend’s Pickups. Have you gone shopping or done something else nice for yourself lately? Do you get as many color tops/tanks as you can? Let me know in the comments✨


12 thoughts on “Small Weekend Pickups💛

  1. All these clothes are gorg, I especially love the last 2 outfits! I can relate with the shopping in the sale section 😂 and I understand the confidence thing. Sometimes on days when I’m not even going anywhere I’ll do a full face of makeup because it makes me feel nice and put together! Well wishes, Olivia 💙


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