The change is happening…


When I first created this blog and spent only about a day deciding on what exactly I wanted it to be about and the name, I thought I had chosen the perfect one! The one I would stick to forever and it would relate to me so well.


That was true until a few weeks ago. Blogging had started to become a chore and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I took a break off and came back thinking I would be recharged and back to normal.


I’ve still been way behind, and feeling the same. Like blogging is more of a chore because something was off and I was so unorganized. It came down to me realizing that I’m not as happy with my content clutter as I’m calling it anymore or about my name at all.

It has set me in a funk and I think it shows.

I do believe that my content is good and many people say they love it, but I also have to love it in order to keep putting it out there.

I found myself trying to come up with things just so I could have something to post every day, just so I could have constant content coming up in the reader so I could continue growing. Nothing is wrong with wanting to grow, nothing is wrong with blogging every day or 5 days a week but you have to be doing it for the right reasons. You have to be doing it because you’re passionate about it and what you write.

I was going to save all of this post for later but I’m tired of waiting and thinking. Remember I created this name in one day. The past few weeks I’ve been thinking about a new name and that itself tells me something. I haven’t changed my mind and decided to stay as GoldenPinkJournal yet and I know for fact I won’t be. So over it.

It doesn’t represent me in the way that I want it to and if you randomly came across it you would just think it’s a gold and pink notebook or something. I love the colors still, just not for a name.

Also, after finally sharing my pictures, telling one blogging friend my real first name, and even being comfortable enough to share myself singing with you all I realized I can just really be my true self. I don’t have to hide every single thing about me anymore. I’m ready to be more open with you all and myself. The next step will be with my family but that’s another story for another time.

So the big change will be that I will be starting over on a whole new blog…

 This was a very scary thought for me and still is because GoldenPinkJournal is now getting closer to 700 followers and I’ll have to gain all of that back again. I’ll have to get people familiar with my name again. But I’d rather start now than later when it would have maybe 1000 or more. Yes I could just change my name on this account but with doing that you have to change a lot of other things and redirect your traffic, etc. I wish it was as simple as changing a username but unfortunately it’s not. This is also why it is good to be 100% sure on your name before you start, which I thought I was. Oops. 

But we grow and with that comes change. We gain more knowledge and confidence and aren’t the same as we were when we first began unaware and afraid.

I know some may think this isn’t necessary, but it is to me. I’ve thought and fought with myself long about this. I know I may lose a lot of views but I’m gonna keep going. In time I’ll get them back. Half of me is excited about this change but the other half is freaking out not wanting to hit publish. I’m still going to. No turning back. Then I would really feel like I’ve made a mistake and lost my mind.

I will be keeping GoldenPinkJournal up and I will still be uploading for the next month, I will be doing the features for my 5 winners here still. But shortly after that my main blog will be the new blog. I have already picked names out and I will be working on the blog and building content over the next month. You may see the change on social media sooner than later. I’ve learned that names for social media go very quick!

I will be sure to follow you all on the new blog when the time comes and share the link here so more of you can find me. 

As I said, I am still here for the next month or so, so this is not my last post. Just an update and a heads up …and an I must be crazy but it must be done post. 

There are a few other reasons I decided to go with another name but I’m going to save that for my first post on the new blog. 

I’ll talk with you all tomorrow💛


43 thoughts on “The change is happening…

  1. You can actually mass delete your content and start again, then change your name if you wanted to keep your following. Thing is, you may lose some along the way. I will follow you whichever path you choose to take. Good luck and I hope you find what your are looking for on your small corner of the web.

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    1. Oh no I couldn’t delete my content I worked on lol. I want to be able to look back on it and some will still be used on the new blog. Thank you for your comment and knowing many will follow this new path I’m taking✨

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  2. I can relate to a few things you are expressing here, especially when it comes to posting content and it sometimes feeling like a chore. I don’t post everyday nor feel the need to, just hope that my followers and readers will hang around patiently. If I posted everyday I fear the content wouldn’t be as important and would be repeated after sometime. Also when I normally write a new blog it takes me days sometimes even weeks to write and edit it. I struggle with writing off the top of my head and just posting as is. Don’t put pressure on yourself to post everyday or even weekly, if your followers like your content they will remain loyal to your blog no matter what. Excited to see the new blog and what you will do with it. Embrace the change and glad you are doing what is right for you. I will make sure to keep an eye out for the post sharing the link to your new blog and will refollow you there. 🙂

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    1. I noticed that I lost a bit of my normal views and comments in the past couple of weeks when I took my break and since I’ve been behind. It bothered me at first but now I’m making this chance and will lose more. I now accept that fact because not all of your followers will be loyal followers or be around, some take their own breaks and some just follow to get a follow back, there’s many reasons actually so you just have to shrug that part because there’s not much to do about it. You’re right, it does become less important it seems and can be repeated which I definitely don’t want. Thank you so much for the support✨


      1. Sorry to hear you lost some views and comments when you took a break. I have taken a few breaks even when I haven’t been on wordpress for even a year yet I don’t think, and never lost followers. I did however notice a lack of views and followers which is sad. Not much we can do about it you are right, I am just going to try and remain more active in the future. I think unless people are making a living from there blog it can be difficult sometimes though to remain active cause life happens for everyone and blogging is just a hobby for a lot of people. Sad to see followers leave. Although I totally understand why it happens, it just sucks. lol No need to thank me, I like your content and happy to support you. Thanks for yours. 🙂

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      2. I didn’t lose followers, I actually gained followers but the views and comments are mainly what were increasing. But yes there are many that do it for hobby, and then life happens, or they get discouraged and quit. I’m hoping that with these changes I will be making I can enjoy it and gain at the same time again. Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it.

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  3. Oh man. I’m sorry that you feel this way but it’s also a very cool thing that you are doing what you want to do because of personal reasons. I look up to that Lee! Good luck sweetie. I will be a follower on your new blog, just let us all know!

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  4. It’s awesome you’re deciding to make this change! I did the same a month ago, as you already know, and I honestly don’t forget a thing. It’s 100% the right thing to do as long as you want to. Can’t wait for the new blog, and I’ll definitely be following back! Xx

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  5. Good luck! I’ll look for you to post the new link here.
    Also, I hear you about blogging becoming a chore. I KNOW that I should have a regular posting schedule and all that, but I post when I have something to post. Luckily, the nature of my blog is slightly sporadic. And it’s fun for me.
    I could not keep up your pace — I don’t know how you do it!

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    1. I don’t know how I’ve been doing it either but I’m ready to stop moving too fast lol I don’t want to have to make anymore changes so I won’t be blogging every day there. I’ll give myself a good balance and keep it fun for myself also. Thank you so much for your support💛💛✨

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  6. I went through a phase of posting everyday and I found myself trying to think of anything to post and not really being happy.
    I am a huge perfectionist, which makes me my biggest critic. I constantly question whether my content is good or should I do something different.
    You have to go with your gut feelings. Whilst rebuilding might begin at square 1, it can potentially leave you far more successful and most importantly, self satisfied.
    I will look forward to seeing what you come up with. 💖

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    1. Yeah I tried to fight against my gut feelings for a while and that was only making things worse. Then I realized exactly what you said, that it could potentially be the best move, more satisfying for me and more successful just by that. I’m so ready now💓


  7. I wish you the best of luck on this blogging change and journey, Lee. 💖 I’ve had to start over from scratch before, and while it was pretty hard for me, the outcome was worth it, because I knew I was heading in the right direction for me. ☺️💖 all of your true blogging friends will follow you to your new site, and I’ll do everything I can to spread the word about it to let others know! 💓


  8. Lee, I can only wish you all the best with your new blog. You’re one of my favorite bloggers here so I am excited to see how your new blog is going to look.


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