Fun Q&A With Maggie; Dreaming Of Guatemala☺️

Hello all! For today’s feature of Maggie, I had the opportunity to give her this fun interview:) I didn’t want to ask the usual questions you see in interviews, that way you can learn something about her you may not already know and just see more of her imagination.✨

It was only right since she interviewed me recently. I thought this would also be a really great way to feature all 5 of my winners so yes, all 5 of them will have a fun Q&A during their week with new questions each time:)
Let’s get into the interview, I am in bold, Maggie is in italics:

  1. If you could be a unicorn or a mermaid which one would you choose and why?
    I’d rather be a mermaid, but I do think it would be tons of fun to ride a unicorn!! Haha I feel like mermaids (in stories, you know) have more freedom and aren’t hunted as much as unicorns are. But I wouldn’t want to be a scary siren or evil mermaid; think Ariel! Lol I’d definitely wan’t to be a nice mermaid like Ariel too 🙂

  2. Would you rather be trapped in your favorite book or your favorite movie? What is your favorite book or move? Book! (Avid reader here.) The one that I most recently read ended up being one of my favorites, so I’ll choose that: Short-Straw Bride by Karen Witemeyer. The main characters spend most of the novel on their own land out in Texas territory (it’s a historical fiction novel), and it would be SO cool to get to go there myself! However, they did go through some rough hardships in the book … oh well, haha. Wow, I’ve never heard of that book before. I would like to visit Texas in the future.
  3. Which color do you like best, orange or yellow? Orange. It’s easier for me to pair clothing and accessories with, it doesn’t fade on paper as much as yellow does, and most sunsets are comprised of the color orange, which is what makes them so beautiful! Nothing beats the beauty of a sunset’s warm glow. Ahh yess! Sunsets are so beautiful because of the colors.

  4. Imagine you were floating on a cloud right now, describe your thoughts and feelings: Depending on whether or not I felt secure, I would either be enjoying the ride, or freaking out from fear of falling out of the sky. I’m not magic-minded enough, so really I’d just be hanging on for dear life. (Although, is there anything to hold on to on a cloud?? Lol! Probably not, just imagine the cloud holds your weight and you are completely safe:)

  5. If you could name your new brother or sister which name would you choose? For boys, I really like the names William and Paul, and for girls, I love Isabella and Meredith! I really like William and Isabella, Meredith would go nice with Maggie though aha.

  6. If your blog name couldn’t be Dreaming Of Guatemala, what would it be? I honestly have no idea. I am horrible at coming up with blog names, and usernames, too. Proof of that is that my mom helped me come up with Dreaming of Guatemala!! It’s so cool that your mom helped you, and even that you know you have her support, because that definitely shows her support!

  7. If your life described the last song you heard, what would your life be like and what song? Right now, I’m listening to Best Of Me by Jordan Feliz, so my life would be pretty inspirational and kind of party-like. The fun thing is, it would be focused on the Lord, too 🙂 I need to check out this song!
  8. Tell us something in Spanish:) with translation: 

     ¡Eres todos muy genial! y muchas gracias para leer (You are all very cool/awesome! And thank you so much for reading. – Google Translate verified the validity of these sentences, but I came up with them!) Nice! I wish I had the patience to learn fluent Spanish. Of course I had to take the class in high school but I only learned a few words and phrases.


  9. Look to your right, what is the first thing you see? Our dining room table and chairs. My mom has a nice flower arrangement in a glass vase on the table, too.

  10. What month were you born in? If you could choose any other month to be born, which month would it be? April! Which is pretty cool, aside from it being pollen season. I’d choose October, most definitely! It’s when it finally starts getting cool outside here in Georgia, plus stores start carrying all of their fall/Halloween items. My favorite month by far! I love both of those months for different reasons. So many October babies in my family though and even on Halloween. I agree about it being a good month for shopping!
  11. If a teddy bear or doll randomly started talking to you how do you think you would react? Lol: Oh goodness I would freak out. I’d be hysterical. Even if it was friendly. Different books I’ve read and games I’ve played have encouraged this fear hahaha. Lol it would be so creepy and interesting at the same time.

  12. What is a game you love to play? JustDance on our Wii! I have three different editions of them, I love it that much, lol. I enjoy mastering the moves and dancing along to catchy songs, which are usually ones I hadn’t ever listened to up until playing the game, which is cool. Cool you dance!
  13. What things would you like to do with your younger siblings when you’re older? (25+) Surprise them with a trip to Six Flags (after verifying it with our mom haha)! It’s such a fun place to go, and I think it’d be fun to drive all of us there for a day. Taking them out to lunch at their favorite restaurant would be a blast as well (and definitely much cheaper!) – basically, I’d treat them to things we only do occasionally, since I’d have the money and I could drive us! That does sound like so much fun! You’re a great big sister! 🙂
  14. What are 5 things you want to do before you turn 25? Become fluent in Spanish, own my dream car (the light green VW Beetle), write a full-length novel (hopefully 50k words), get married (why this is fourth on the list I don’t know lol, I guess that shows that I’m happy to wait on the Lord’s timing), and maybe become fluent in ASL, too. Good luck Maggie, you can do it! No rush on marriage, you’re right it will happen in the right timing 🙂
  15. Can you draw a flower, a bird, and a baby? Take a picture of them:) It doesn’t have to be perfect at all this is supposed to be fun and I tried to use objects from your blog: Sure! Here they are:
    After much consideration and a few failed attempts, I decided to combine your drawing challenges and draw them all together. Hahaha! It’s a freehanded ostrich, with a Hawaiian-type flower on its potato-shaped head, and a nature-loving baby riding on it. Cute, huh? Lol I’m sorry if this is a bit too extreme!

    Not too extreme at all right?! It’s perfect because it’s so creative. I definitely would have done them separate without a thought of combining them into one drawing. I love the description also:)

    Did any of you learn anything new about Maggie from this interview? Anything you would have answered the same? How would you answer any of these questions? Comment below and be sure to be following Dreaming Of Guatemala 💖



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