Have You Followed Maggie?!

Have you followed Maggie from Dreaming of Guatemala yet?

No? 😮 Then let me tell you why you should!

Maggie is one of the sweetest persons I’ve met here on WordPress and I say this often💕She’s so encouraging, always shows constant support and is just a BRIGHT LIGHT in this community from what I see and can feel.

She posts consistently which is a huge reason to follow!

She has a new series called Your Summer Memories where she lets viewers send in stories about their favorite summer memories. She’s got 7 uploaded already! Maybe you’ll send in an entry and be featured on her blog?🙂

She also has a Spotlight Saturday series where she interviews different bloggers each week. I’ve recently been interviewed for the series and it was a lot of fun having my first sort of interview experience lol. I was going through a rough time at the moment but I knew her interview could cheer me up, as it did 💛

She also has little accomplishments and Making The Change/monthly wrap ups. We all love those right???

Another thing I love about Maggie’s blog is that she bakes! On her blog you can see all of the yummy desserts she makes and of course she shares the ingredients and her step by step directions 🙂 Check out her cinnamon roll cake, fruit salsa/cinnamon chips, and vanilla dump cake which are some of my favorites!

Look at how delicious each dish looks! I’ve never had fruit salsa and cinnamon chips so i’d definitely love to try it out!

Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie Cam

Maggie is also a big sister and will soon be having another sibling which is so exciting to me, mainly because I’ve always wanted to have younger siblings, especially a little sister! I never got that chance, I am the little sister besides the 2 younger brothers I didn’t get to meet because of adoption. A strong relationship with your siblings is truly a blessing.

Her baby sister Elizabeth just had her 1st birthday on June 26, 2017 and she shared a whole post about the experience meeting her for the first time. This will be a memory both of them can cherish forever💕

maggieandelizabethThis is just too adorable! You can see the love and joy on her face. It kind of looks like Elizabeth is smiling too right?!

Maggie also wrote a lovely guest post for me about discovering our passions that you should check out if you haven’t already. Think about what you’re doing in life right now, is it truly a passion or just a hobby? Of course both are amazing but you should really know and focus on those passions.

She participated in my 500 follower Q&A game and won 1st place so I will be featuring Maggie on my blog for the next 3 days (5 features for each of the 5 winners)

I hope I’ve given enough reason for you to follow sweet Maggie, and if you already follow her maybe you can share your own reasons in the comments below 🙂



16 thoughts on “Have You Followed Maggie?!

  1. I follow Maggie! I had just recently started blogging and when I wasn’t so comfortable yet and the comments box was empty, Maggie came in reading my posts and filling the comments box! It’s funny , but it bought me so much happiness that at least someone likes my posts! So thank you Maggie❤️. I really enjoy reading her posts too. She has unique posts each week and I love them! Xxxx

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