Is this the end? Goals and a sad June…

Last month I decided that every first of the month I would share my goals and things I NEED/want to accomplish. So how did the month of June go? Judging by the title not so well. I went into June thinking it was going to be great! I was having so many ideas, posting, working on projects etc… When I have my mind set on something I become focused on it, sometimes too focused that I put other things off to the side that I should really be working on. Often times I seem like this very positive influence, and that I can smile and be positive through all the negative things going on in my life or around me- issa trick! Don’t be fooled, on the inside i’m usually breaking down and freaking out trying to get me life and emotions together. I think many of us are like that? We don’t want to seem weak, we don’t want to feel vulnerable. Especially if you’ve given power to other people over your life for most of your life and let people walk all over you, if you let every situation bring you to your lowest point… That was me. It’s still me and i’m still working on it but things are getting a lot better. I’ve been working hard on my anxiety/depression, being more positive, standing up for myself and my beliefs, to just keep going but i’m still missing something. I’m still lacking something. Structure maybe? I feel like this month is going to be a shift for me… I just can’t really put my finger on what kind of shift yet. But I do know that I have been doing A LOT of thinking and reconsidering, that I feel my mind is pretty sure and set on some part of that “shift” or change. A change is coming. Something is ending. But when there is an end there is also a new beginning. 

Before I go any further into that. Let’s check out June’s sad goals:

This Month I NEED To:

✔️Pay bills (Yes and it’s time to pay them again. Yay..)

🌻Work on improving ways to Earn/Manage/Save money- I’ll call this mission EMS. Like “M’s” lol (EMS is not going so well, actually I forgot about it. Not that we need to manage better, just that I even made this whole thing)

🌻Get organized in general (Lacking so much organization right now; which is also why things will be ending soon)

🌻Continue consistent writing and posting (I’m always writing but I did take a well needed week off in June, maybe I needed longer?)

🌻Read more (Actually I read less)

🌻Go out more (Actually I went out less)

🌻Eat/Exercise better (Nope. That’s all I can say)

🌻Stay positive (It’s been a roller coaster)

This Month I WANT To:

✔️Change To Do List

✔️Change a few other things on my blog (Changed to do list, feature images, header etc… and now ready for an even bigger change after all of that work I put in)

🌻Work on EMS (We already found out this didn’t happen)

✔️Reach 500 WP followers (Some good news finally showing up, I reached 600)

🌻Reach 250 IG followers (Not quite but close, I currently have 219 but people follow and unfollow every day so.. ya know.)

🌻Reach 6,000 Twitter followers (nope, haven’t even been using it for blogging but currently at 5,927)

🌻150 WP posts (didn’t reach this goal in June due to my break but this post will be #149)

🌻Improve filming skills (haven’t been recording much lately)

🌻Go out more (I’ve had opportunities, but just haven’t been in the mood)

🌻Go swimming (nope)

🌻More DIY projects (nope)

🌻Cook/Eat healthier (nope)

🌻Get a planner/Start a bullet journal (started some type of “pre-planner” but only kept with it for like the first week)

✔️Stationary haul (I shared a few notebooks and folders if that counts)

✔️Summer clothing haul (shared a few summer pick ups, not really a haul but it can still count I guess)

🌻Finish reading Ruined (no, haven’t had any interest in reading that book lately)

🌻Go to Barnes & Noble and Books A Million (nope)

✔️Cool exciting summer posts June-July  (kind of?)

🌻Go to the dentist (nope)

✔️Hair journey post (towards the end of June or beginning of July) (Yes, did a whole week series!)

✔️Start a dream journal and be consistent (When I remember a dream I have been writing them down)

✔️Find new bloggers, and new music! (Yes I have)

🌻Write more/write my own summer jam😮 (have worked on it; not complete)

🌻Stay positive (again, it’s been a roller coaster)

Can you see how sad June was? Hope it was a lot better for you all! I have news that I need to share with you all but i’m not sure when. Maybe today, maybe not. But it’s in regards to this big change, shift, and ending. I just really need to gather my thoughts together at this point and figure out exactly what and how I want to go about things…

Stay tuned because as you know, in June I had my 500 follower Q&A Game and 5 winners to be featured on my blog. The first place winner is Maggie and she has worked on a great guest post that I can’t wait to share! Please bare with me during this next period of time because an end is coming but I don’t know where exactly time is taking me at this moment, nothing is set in stone. I appreciate everyone who has been a constant support I just ask that you keep that same amount of support with this change. Thank you for reading and I’ll be back shortly.




20 thoughts on “Is this the end? Goals and a sad June…

  1. I think sometimes not meeting our personal goals is actually a small success. Seems a weird thing to say, I know, but it teaches us how to do/look/think about things differently. Thank you for sharing this post! 🙂

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    1. This has definitely made me stop and think and want to really get myself organized. Ever since then I’ve been feeling like I know exactly what I need to do to make things better. If even only a little.

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  2. I really relate to this blog post. I also suffer with anxiety and depression which I haven’t spoken about on my blog (yet) and I struggle MASSIVELY to motivate myself and to organise my life. A few months ago I was at rock bottom and wouldn’t even leave my bed to go to the toilet (glamorous). After about a year of this crippling depression and anxiety I decided I was going to finally DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I’m now on medication and awaiting CBT and things are a lot better but I still struggle with a lot of things. Stupidly I kind of thought that everything would get better and I’d have a new lease of life, be able to get up early and function at the same capacity as everybody that doesn’t suffer with mental illness, but I can’t. That’s just my reality that I have to learn to live with I suppose. I work and study in bursts, when I can.
    Don’t beat yourself up too much for not reaching your goals, I’m the QUEEN of setting goals and not sticking to them… but we’re both here, blogging, doing something we’re passionate about and talking about things (which helps a LOT). I just wrote a post about a little goal I’ve set myself recently so time will tell if I manage to stick to it long term 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment and sharing a bit of your story also. Sorry I’m a bit late responding.
      I have barely been going out, I mainly do on the weekends To Do a little shopping and even sometimes that’s draining and can be too tense. My goal is to get out more I’ll start with that.
      Talking or writing about things does help a lot I agree. Sometimes it’s hard though because I hate getting all emotional but I know there’s nothing wrong with that. I hope you reach your goal!✨✨

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  3. You lose some you gain some.

    The important thing is not to be stagnant and keep moving, casual walk, walk, brisk walking, running, sprint running.

    All these are such that makes you move. So if you are casually walking, it’s better than being a couch potato.

    So take positively, you are better than millions!

    Advance congratulations on reaching 150th post, and crossing 600 followers 😊

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    1. Well that is true at least I’m not just a couch potato lol but I could do more. Falling behind not knowing how to fully catch up but I guess I should take my time and not rush myself, that might only make things worse. Thank you for still being of support✨


      1. Hope you are moving and not stagnant which I am sure you definitely aren’t, but even if you are stagnant, remember we need to take sleep to wake up fresh to start a new day 😉


  4. Change can be scary sometimes but it can also be the catalyst for growth and development. Change can be good and is often necessary. We are always changing, nothing stays the same. Best wishes to you. Good luck on your goals.

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    1. Yes I definitely know that “we are always changing, nothing stays the same” I try to keep things the same for a little while but something always comes up. Thank you, I do feel like these new changes will be happening For growth ✨

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