Natural Hairstyles + Things You Should/Shouldn’t Do✨

Hey everyone!

For part 4 of my natural hair series leading up to my 1 year natural anniversary (which is actually today, story will be on Saturday) I’m going to be sharing some popular hairstyles I love that define your curls, and also things you should/shouldn’t do with your natural hair. None of these pictures are my own, some are YouTubers I follow and the others I found through google on Pinterest.

I hope you all have been learning and enjoying this series so far💛

(all style results will vary on each head, results will depend on length, size of section you use, products, time left in, and texture.)

Let’s get started:

Bantu knot out: A Bantu knot out is when you take down your Bantu knots (you learned about this in part1)


Finger Coils: Finger coils are basically when you coil the hair with your finger, twirling the hair around; gently of course to create a coil/spiral curl



Braid-Out: The style created after taking out braids that have dried first



Flat Twists/Twist out: (these are all flat, but you can do regular twists also)

Frohawk/mohawk: So many ways to  style!

Afro: An afro is basically the natural hair undefined, either picked out with a pick or with blow dryer (blow out)

Erykah Badu (left) & Solange (Right) above image

Protective Styles: (box braids, Senegalese twists or other twists, weaves, wigs, braided hair etc) and locs. Any style that protects the hair, especially the ends.

Natural hair extensions/wigs can look similar to above image.

Other cute hairstyles: (all natural hair types)

Things You Should/Shouldn’t Do To Your Natural Hair 

  • You should condition/deep condition at least once a week
  • You should avoid shampoo and other products with harsh ingredients such as alcohol, sulfates, and parabens.
  • You should make sure to keep hair moisturized
  • You should trim when necessary. You don’t have to trim on a schedule, in fact I would avoid that. Just do it when you really need to.
  • You should use natural products and essential oils. Oils such as JBCO, coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, tea tree, and peppermint.
  • You should use protective styles. Protective styles are not limited to weaves and wigs. You can put your hair in twists or braids and keep them in for a week and that would still be considered protecting. Less manipulation is key, protective styles do not make your hair grow, they help retain length because you aren’t manipulating the hair which can cause breaking. You still need to moisturize and oil your scalp.
  • You should stay away from using heat on the hair. That means flat ironing, curling irons, and blow dryers also.
  • You should dry your hair with a t-shirt or microfiber towel. Not a regular towel you use to dry off, those can cause frizz and even break some hair off.
  • You should know that natural hair is trial and error and can be time consuming especially on wash days, and detangling. Take your time because rushing will definitely cause some unnecessary breakage.
  • You should know that your hair won’t always be the same or turn out the same so don’t get frustrated. Even the weather can change how your hair is going to react.
  • You should take pictures often if you want to document your journey and see the growth and health. It will be hard to notice otherwise because of shrinkage.
  • You should read ingredients on products you buy. Usually and especially for moisturizers the first ingredient should be water 
  • You shouldn’t wash hair so much, this can be very stripping of natural oils. I wash mine once a week, and some weeks I only co-wash (wash with conditioner only)
  • You shouldn’t detangle or style dry hair.
  • You shouldn’t hold onto damaged ends just for length. Clip them off! Holding on will only make split ends continue to split up the hair shaft and break.
  • You shouldn’t use protective styling only as a way to hide your hair. If you always cover it how will you learn to love and care for it?
  • You shouldn’t compare yourself and your hair to others. We are all unique and beautiful. If you was meant to look almost exactly like someone else it’s highly possible you’d be a twin.
  • You shouldn’t sleep without protecting the hair with a bonnet or silk/satin scarf. Cotton can be very drying and cause breakage.
  • You shouldn’t braid or style too tight, especially pony tails/high puffs. This will also cause breakage and losing your edges!
  • You shouldn’t bleach your hair. There are other ways to color your hair without bleaching
  • You definitely shouldn’t relax/perm your hair or use a texturizer. Avoid chemicals! Avoid trying to have looser curls if that’s not what your natural texture already is.
  • You shouldn’t be so focused on length. Health first and always!
  • You shouldn’t get discouraged, or be impatient. It takes proper care, time, and patience for things to grow.
  • You shouldn’t feel like your hair is ugly, or not good enough. It is beautiful and so are you!

That’s all for part 4; I’ll be back tomorrow for Fun Friday with #5 🙂
What was your favorite hairstyle? Have you tried any of the hairstyles already? Can you add anything to the list? Comment below.💛



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