How To Accessorize Natural Hair💛🌸

Happy Fun Friday lovelies! This whole week has been fun doing this Natural Hair series, tomorrow is the last day of the series and I will be sharing the story of my own natural hair journey. I’m excited and I can’t wait.
As you know I’ve been on my journey for a year now, yesterday was the exact day.
So far I’m loving every moment, sure there are ups and downs but I have no regrets!

Today I’m going to be show you some cute ways you can accessorize your hair, and ways to rock your short TWA (teeny weeny afro)

Accessories are the key to rocking short hair, especially earrings since you’ll definitely be able to see them. You can try rocking bigger, bolder earrings or cute studs. Either way will make a nice difference in dressing up your twa or short hair. Dressing up the neck is also a good tip. Here are some of my favorite earrings, necklaces, and chokers:

img_7347I usually go for gold and silver because I can pair them with anything. I do plan to go for more color this summer.

Another thing (if you’re into it or interested) is makeup. Shorter hair brings out your lovely facial features, you can play around with different looks to enhance your natural beauty. I’m not really into makeup so I never learned how to apply it either lol, still not interested in learning. I just wear lipstick and clean up my eyebrows when I want to dress up a little more so that’s another option if you’re like me.

You can also accessorize your hair with headbands and hair pins. Below are some of my favorite headbands and hair pins. The flower headband was actually a DIY I did probably about 6 months ago honestly. The flowers were white at the time lol now they have some purple tint. I have no clue where it came from, when I unpacked after moving to the new apartment that’s what I saw. I’m definitly going to make more soon using flowers that look a little more realistic. These are so cute for spring and summer! I got them all from Hobby Lobby.

Glasses are also a great accessory! 🙂 That’s perfect if you already wear prescription glasses.

Flowers and flower headbands are my favorite ways to accessorize hair, it always looks so cute! I can’t wait to rock the style more this summer🌸

Is this sunset inspired?!

How cute?!?!? And look at those pick earrings! (

Zoella; above image

How cute are the starfish hair pins?!

The last thing you need to accessorize any style is- C O N F I D E N C E ! 💛

What’s your favorite ways to accessorize your hair? Which of these are your favorite?Will you be trying any? Comment belowimg_5723-3All of the images of these beautiful women were found on Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Google search.


14 thoughts on “How To Accessorize Natural Hair💛🌸

  1. Love that headband collection! I have a ton of headbands and will probably wear them more often during the summer to help keep my heavy hair off my sweaty neck haha beautiful gold and silver pieces too (: I’ve never tried that cause I’m always afraid they’d get tangled in my mane

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  2. I’ve been getting into delicate jewelry pieces lately. I really love the feminine delicacy. I used to only go for big, bright or statement pieces. I really love the head wrap look. I need to take time and figure out how to style them properly because they are so beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bandanna head bands are hitting it big in ja right now. nothing makes an outfit complete like a head accessory– cap or head band #PrettyGirlTeamStandUp!

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