Natural Hair Series #3: YouTube & Instagram💜

Here we are at part 3 of my natural hair series! Before we begin, I mentioned that it would end on Friday but I am extending it until Saturday. SSS will be my 1 year anniversary story. Tomorrow I will be sharing different natural hairstyles, Fun Friday will be my favorite hair accessories/tools and hair porosity test.

I haven’t received any emails about collaborating but I’ll mention it again. I’d like any of my followers, or any blogger reading to collaborate but you don’t even have to email me. You can just make your own post talking about your straight, wavy, curly, or curly kinky hair; any struggles you might have, how you care for it, products you use, mentioning that all hair types are beautiful and maybe share a few others? If anyone wants to email to do it together I would like to have 1 straight hair gal, 1 wavy hair gal, and 1 curly gal (loose) to partner up with. I have the tighter curls and kinks. We would each share in a similar post what I mentioned above and then tag the others posts as well. Easy enough right? I know that it’s kind of short notice and everyone is busy so that idea probably won’t happen but doesn’t hurt to try anyway. I know this series will still help someone regardless.

I think it would be a good idea and another step towards unity. Women need to stop tearing each other down and stick together, lift each other up! It doesn’t help when men go along with it or even start it, but really it starts with ourselves. How we react, what we believe, what we add to the problem or take away from it. Maybe it doesn’t happen much where you are but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and this is only about hair discrimination.
There’s enough beauty in the world for everyone but it’s ugly that so many of us have to learn how to be confident and love our own hair. HAIR!

Sure some hair may look different, but no ones hair is exactly the same. And though no ones hair is exactly the same, we can still use similar products, and achieve similar styles.

Today I am going to be sharing a list of some Natural Hair YouTube channels I watch and also some Natural Hair Instagram accounts I really like and think you all should check out for more hair care and beauty:)

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

  • IAMTRAEH – Traeh (Heart backwards) is one of my favorite natural hair youtubers! LOOOVE love her and her channel. Her and her husband often go life and I got to chat with them a couple of times:) I find that my hair is most similar to hers than a lot of the other channels I watch and she’s just so laid back and entertaining. She has a “Natural Hair Horror Story” series that is so crazy and interesting, but these things really happen! She also has a ton of information and hairstyles on her channel so she’s definitely one of the first I would recommend checking out especially if you’re newly natural or plan to transition.


  • PrettyLittleFro – Another favorite channel of mine (okay i’ll just say these first 4 are my favorites, mainly because their hair is similar to my own) She also has a lot of information and styles you’ll love! I always feel good watching her videos, she gives off good vibes, always smiling. So bright!
  • Hannah Mussette – This young model is only about 8 months into her journey but her hair has grown so much and I just think she is gorgeous! She’s still learning how to do wigs but If you’ve recently big chopped this could be a channel for you. She has a mixture of type 3 and type 4 hair.


  • Hazel Goddess – Another great channel for type 3 and type 4 hair! She’s basically a product junkie, so she does a lot of reviews on natural hair products, hairstyles and tips. I would definitely recommend her channel!



  • My Natural Sistas – Another channel with some of the cutest hairstyles, don’t miss out check it out!!!
  • NaturalMe4C – GREAT for 4c gals who have big chopped! I always feel so relaxed watching her channel, and people in the comments always say she kind of sounds like Beyonce when speaking lol. I have to agree.


  • Bria Larine – She’s soo gorgeous and so is her hair! This picture does no justice but I just liked the quote on the top 🙂 “my confidence is designer”img_6823
  • Chazzzisawesome – This might be another favorite! I don’t know why I didn’t take a screenshot and add to the top few but, check her out anyways! her editing is so cute and so is her hair accessories, a lot of hairstyles with floral accessories perfect for spring and summer 🙂
  • Luhhsetty – Great channel for looser curl patterns! Don’t miss out!


HarmoniCurls – Also a great channel for looser curl patterns, actually these next few are!


  • From Hats To Heels – Long curly hair and great fashion!! Don’t miss out on her channel! (I didn’t realize I cropped her IG name out but it is larissabruin.)


  • Chandler Knows Best – She hasn’t been uploading too recently on YouTube but still has some nice videos to check out, but she has been on Instagram!


  • IndiaBatson – A great channel to check out for wavy/curly hair! You should definitely check out her Instagram also!


Some curly Instagram pages to check out and follow:

More looser curls:

My favorite Instagram account for hair cut styles (relaxed or natural)

That’s all for this part of my natural hair series. Did you find any accounts you want to check out? Do you already follow or know some of the accounts? What are some of your favorite hair channels and accounts? Let me know in the comments!✨




6 thoughts on “Natural Hair Series #3: YouTube & Instagram💜

  1. I love this movement. Women should be able to embrace their natural hair regardless. Even me with wavy hair, I grew up hating it because straight was in. GHD’s practically took over! My mum is mixed like me but she has afro hair and has done so much to it, to try and get it straight. But hopefully one day natural will be embraced and if changed, it will be personal choice.


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