500 Follower Q&A Game Winners!💖

Congratulations to my 5 lucky 500 follower Q&A game winners! Thank you all so much for playing, and thank you all so much for your questions. I really appreciate it and the constant support💖
Each of the winners will be featured on my blog for 5 DAYS for the next 5 weeks! Here are the winners and order they will be featured (starting next week 7/3) they will be featured any 5 days Monday-Saturday. Please go over and visit their blogs if you have not already, though I’m sure most of you have:)

1st: Maggie 7/3-7/8

2nd: Pamela 7/10-7/15

3rd: Cherylene 7/17-7/22

4th: Dakota 7/24-7/29

5th: Laura 7/31-8/5

To all winners: Please email if you would like one of the days to be a guest post. Also let me know if you do not mind me using any of your pictures from here or social media for the posts.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you and featuring you all on my blog during this next month!💛



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