My Weekend Pickups: 6/24-6/25✨

Hey everyone! Today I’m here to share some of my weekend pickups. I usually go out to some of my favorite stores during the weekend to check things out or to grab a few things that we need or that catch my eye. Normally I get more than what I expected, like this time:)

My boyfriend knows the routine. He always says “I already know you’re gonna start looking at other stuff and want something but remember we only have x amount of money.” And then he tries to get a bunch of snacks (he’s a diabetic by the way so this is what he needs to be avoiding) or something that costs way more than what I was going for. He’s something else!

We were actually going out to get a new vacuum. The old one was his moms old vacuum and we used it to hold us by when we first moved into our apartment back in April. It lasted for the first month, maybe a little bit longer which is just fine.
Here’s the new vacuum ($100) we picked up at Big Lots:

It’s really good so far! Probably one of the best vacuums I’ve ever used lol.

We also agreed on getting a dry erase calendar board ($7) for the bedroom. Im thinking about getting another to use for my blog scheduling. He wrote his vacation days down (yayyy!) rent, and pay days:

Now, here’s where I wandered off and found things that I didn’t need but definitely wanted and had to get:)
I saw these really cute donut folders and notebooks! They had others but these were my favorites🍩💛

All of the folders were $1 and the small notebook $3

And another notebook/diary💜 $5
All of the pages say life is better when you’re laughing💕

After leaving Big Lots, we decided to stop at Rue21 since it was in the area. I haven’t had a proper shopping spree since about 2014-2015 during the summer. Lately I just go when a holiday is around the corner. We also haven’t been to the mall in so long so I plan to go there and also try some new stores out this summer.
I didn’t see much that I really really wanted this time and neither did he. But that’s okay, we still found something nice.

He picked up this outfit (can’t quite rennet the price, everything was on sale) that he plans to where if we go out or for the 4th of July:
I picked up:
This cute off shoulder tribal black/white romper (obviously these aren’t the greatest pictures but as long as you can see👍🏽) when I wear them I’ll try to get better shots. $9
Super cute floral wrap skirt that I absolutely love!🌸

They had so many different patterns and I wanted at least 3 of them lol, I may go back for the others. I’ll have to get a top later.($7)
And then I got this really cute handbag. Again, there were so many cute options that I’ll have to go back for! ($20) which Izabelle had to check out for herself lol😻

The last stop was the dollar store to pick up some candles:
Each are $5 and they smell sooo good! They look good too right? The first one is Tangerine Twist, perfect for the summer! The last one is by the brand TrueLiving, I’ve tried quite a few of their candles and haven’t been disappointed yet.

That’s all we picked up this weekend! What did you do this weekend? Did you do any shopping? Let me know in the comments:)


24 thoughts on “My Weekend Pickups: 6/24-6/25✨

  1. I had to go shopping for a graduation gift as I was invited last minute to the party! (Invite came through my mom who forgot to tell me or buy a gift haha.) I ran to Target and got myself some little bits as well! Mostly snacks for work, makeup bits, and a few accessories!

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  2. Thank you for this post! We have an old vacuum from my boyfriend’s mom that we’ve been using too and we wanna look for a new one- so I’ll definitely check out big lots now. Love love love all the clothes and the bag and those layered candles are the BEST. We have two dry erase boards hanging up at home too, helps keep us both organized and up to date with what’s going on for the week (:

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  3. Ahh I LOVE the tribal romper you found! Such a cute design! also my major weakness are notebooks, folders, things like that haha 🙂 I totally would have snatched up the ones you got for myself if I found them in a store! I love the quote “donut worry; be happy,” and the ‘laughing’ notebook is so cute. I love how the pages are pink. Last but not least, the pink bag you got is gorgeous!!! x I didn’t do any shopping this past weekend, unfortunately, but it’s actually a good thing as I’m wanting to save as much money as I can, haha.

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