Short Story Saturday! “The storm…”🌧⚡️

Before I went to bed I hoped for dreams that would guide me or give me some type of insight on what was going on in my life. I watched a few general tarot readings, most mentioning spiritual things. 

We’re at my boyfriends moms apartment on the third floor. A bad storm is coming expecting to kill nearly everyone. They say to expect a flood. 

The first floor has already flooded and it’s still pouring down out. Dark clouds are covering the sky, the 2nd floor is almost ready to get flooded.  My boyfriend left to go to the store. He’s crazy right?! 

I’m waiting for him, watching out of the window afraid he won’t make it back. Back before the storm wiped him out or drowned me alone waiting. But he made it back. He made it back!

It’s a miracle but the storm isn’t over. By this time I decide to text and call loved ones to tell them that I love them and give my final goodbye because I don’t know if we will survive what is coming. I just don’t want to drown. I can’t imagine if it seems so scary. I’ve nearly drowned before but actually drown… I’m not ready. I want to survive. I want to live. Why is this happening? Is it going to end?Nothing lasts forever? 

So is this going to end good or bad?

Suddenly things slow down and someone is saying, “I’m glad the storm has passed!”

I’m confused. I still see the storm. Is it really gone?

“Yes. Look.” The voice says again. I have no idea who this person is.

I look again…

The storm has suddenly stopped and didn’t make it to the 3rd floor. Firemen are already on the scene rescuing survivors from the 2nd floor. I can’t say much about the 3rd floor. I didn’t hear of any survivors nor deaths. Is that good or bad?

I’m just glad this was only a dream. Yes, this was an actual dream I had last week! I’ve been trying to be more consistent writing my dreams down (trying to lucid dream aha) and start a cool dream journal. Of course my dreams could be better, less frightening, especially this particular one. That was pretty much a beautiful nightmare! 

Whenever I have interesting dreams I try to remember the main feelings and objects I saw so that I can look up a possible deeper meaning. In this particular dream I looked up dreaming of storms, looking out of windows, and the number 3. Here’s what I found that most related to situations and feelings in my waking life:,

To see a storm in your dream signifies some overwhelming struggle, shock, loss or catastrophe in your waking life. The storm also represents unexpressed fears or emotions, such as anger, rage, turmoil, etc. To dream of expecting a storm represents feelings about potential conflict or arguments. You may feel that telling someone something unpleasant is going to cause a fight or cause serious problems. Anticipating trouble. On a more positive note, the storm symbolizes your rising spirituality. A storm may also reflect rapid change or progress. Caring about nothing or no one else as you move forward in a situation. 

To dream of looking out a window represents insight into what’s happening or your outlook for the future. Seeing ahead or what you feel is going to happen. It may also reflect your hopes for what is about to come. Negatively, dreaming about looking out a window may reflect expectations about the future that are based on fear, anxiety, or non-objective perspective.

The number 3 in a dream represents creation or making something happen. Your plans, goals, or intentions are coming to life. Alternatively, the number 3 may reflect a creative process or chaos. There may be unpredictability in your life. 


What do you think? Do you believe in dreams having deeper meanings? Does your dreams relate to your waking life? Have you ever looked up what your dreams meant? Do you like this for a story? I have a few more dreams I’m planning to use for Short Story Saturday:)

Let’s talk! Comment below💕


19 thoughts on “Short Story Saturday! “The storm…”🌧⚡️

  1. I think that dreams often represent (at least for me) things that are going on in life that our minds are going over and often trying to figure out. The stressful dreams I have usually relate back to problems currently in my life – as well as things I’m over, but my brain isn’t. 😂 Your dream sounds very interesting. I’ve had dreams about storms before – usually that the power is out and I’m terrified because I can’t turn on the lights. I’m pretty scared of darkness.

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    1. I agree! Sometimes I have dreams about things that I was thinking about that day, or like you said the stressful things in our life. I’ve had a few storm dreams but this one was the one that was most interesting and relatable to the things going on. I hope you overcome your fear of darkness one day! It can be very scary


  2. I think the feelings in the dream area reflective of your feelings when you’re awake. But I often think that going into too much detail and trying to figure out each part of the dream kinda takes away from the overall message your brain is trying to send! For example, if you dream you’re stressed about work it might just mean you’re stressed, but not necessarily about work (that’s a bad example though since it’s probably work 😂).

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  3. Certain dreams come because of the situation that we are in! I read somewhere that we sometimes dream things because we’re too afraid to face it in real life ! It’s really happened to me like loads of times! I really believe that we dream because of the things that are going on around us.🙂

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  4. The way you’ve described it initially my mind was actually racing with a million thoughts! 😨

    Firstly, I am honestly relieved that it was only a dream. 😮

    I occasionally look up interpretations for my dreams too.😀 I can say that it’s intriguing because sometimes rhose interpretations actually pose an insight into our current life.

    I’ll ask my spirit guide to drop some dream revelations today. Hope you will find more answers 😇

    You keep your readers hooked. Keep sharing!

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    1. It’s definitely intriguing! I need to get a really nice dream journal next to my bed so that I can write them all down. Especially the most interesting. I hate forgetting everything only seconds, sometimes minutes after waking up. Then the dream is lost forever. I’m glad you enjoy my posts thank you for this comment☺️✨


  5. Dreams can be tricky. I’ve had some dreams scare me right out of my sleep because they felt so real. Thankfully they weren’t real. I suspect dreams might be the brain’s way of dealing with issues we’ve been avoiding or are having trouble coming to terms with. Sometimes the dream is wonderful and that’s probably the brain’s of creating what we really want showing us a glimpse of what can be. The brain is such a complex and sensitive organ. Sometimes I try to find out what elements of the dream could mean sometimes I just brush it off. I think it could make for a great story. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Tell me about it! ” dreams might be the brain’s way of dealing with issues we’ve been avoiding or are having trouble coming to terms with” YEP! I agree completely, and also about when we have those great ones. I can’t remember having a really good dream in a while, they’ve all been very strange and having tragic events. I even had one about earthquakes, and transformers (I’m guessing that’s what they were) attacking the world then chasing me LOL

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      1. Girl you should probably start writing it down who knows what great adventures you can come up with maybe turn it into a book or even better a movie. 🙂 On a more serious note though try not to let them scare you. If you have those really scary ones like I’ve had in the past pray about it that should put your mind at rest. Pay attention to what you watch or read before going to bed maybe just maybe that might be triggering something and see if that helps.


  6. Wow talk about a scary dream! I definitely agree with you that dreams do have a deeper meaning, but I can never remember them haha. I should probably start writing it down too! Who knew dreams could lead to writing good stories!


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