Blog Updates & Catching Up!✨

Goooooood Morning!☺️

Gosh this still feels a little weird. I need to get back on track and get my blogging groove back. The week I took off was well needed but now I’m way behind on everything!

So here are my updates for you all so that everyone knows what’s going on and what’s going to be happening…

  • I have to catch up on everyone’s blog, a weeks worth and my comments so please please bare with me during this time. I haven’t forgot about any of you I’ve just been away. I will be uploading the words of the week shortly, which you all know is usually up on Monday or Tuesday. This past weekend was the first time I missed Fun Friday and Short Story Saturday so I will be trying to make up for that, especially Fun Friday because that’s my favorite blog day.
  • This Friday I won’t be answering the questions for my 500 follower Q&A since I haven’t spent time working on it and feel I could get a few more questions. So if you’re reading this please feel free to ask a few questions in the comments. Also, that 500 is now 563!! Wow, that’s amazing considering the fact that I fell off for a bit right after reaching the goal. Thank you all soo much. I will instead be answering them on Sunday. I’ll still be doing it in a cool, fun way:)
  • Which brings me to the next update, I will no longer be blogging on Saturday. I won’t even log in at all on Saturdays. This is for personal reasons that I don’t wish to discuss. SSS will continue I will just have to have it ready Friday and scheduled to post the next day. I still won’t be posting on Sunday, I am still keeping that as my full catch up and plan day. The only exception will be the Q&A this week.
  • I understand that I have been nominated for a few awards that I still need to get to. I know for fact I won’t be doing any this week and I can’t promise when I will get to them. I’ll try my best to find them all and do them as soon as I can. If you know you’ve nominated me for something you can also let me know in the comments or link me to it.
  • Still not much luck on the Summer Party Playlist. I’m blaming this more on the fact that I’ve been away an not able to promote it but then again I don’t know. I’m still keeping it open  for now so don’t forget that you can submit your entries anytime and I gave a whole list of ideas here. This week I’ll start to work on my summer hit lyrics that I’ll share wit you all on July 4th.
  • Today’s To Do will be back today:) posting later.
  • Hair related posts starting next week as a short series leading up to my 1 yr natural anniversary. I’m so excited!
  • I need to work on some YouTube videos but who knows when I’ll get to that. I will be back on Instagram and Twitter today, and I’ve also been thinking about creating a Facebook for my blog. Just a consideration at the moment. Are there any other social media sites that are good for bloggers?

Please let me know.

Got any new posts I missed out on that you just know I would love? Leave me a link in the comments so I can see yours first💗

Any advice for a blogger struggling to balance blogging and everyday life? Scheduling tips?


22 thoughts on “Blog Updates & Catching Up!✨

  1. I am just getting back on today after a few days off too! I have also decided to not blog on Saturdays… I may still comment and read if I find the time but I am not holding myself to it. I honestly feel like no one reads on Saturdays anyways, especially in the summer! Its one of my worst days for visibility.

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    1. Yeah I was starting to blog every day sometimes multiple posts, I definitely need a couple of days to just relax and not feel obligated to upload something. You’re right, Saturday especially in the summer is definitely the day everyone makes plans on


  2. I actually don’t have any new posts that I could recommend cause I haven’t posted in about a week due to moving and a crazy packed work schedule. I will be posting this weekend *hopefully* something small just to fill the gap til I get all my apartment photos together for my big MOVE IN post later on (: looking forward to hearing more from you soon xoxo

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  3. Sorry to hear about the challenges you are having. I’m still new to blogging myself so what I will tell you is just pace yourself. If blogging three days a week or less works for you then do that. The last thing you want is to be feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff to do because then blogging goes from being fun to just a chore. No fun for you and we can’t have that. Hope that helps. Take care of yourself.

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      1. You just take time and do you. Let blogging be your go to thing like it was before it got all ‘complicated’. You create the balance. That is something I’m learning myself.


  4. I would advice, when you have a time during the week. Make the post and schedule the time of it on Saturday. Make 2 post at the same time in advance.

    I do sometimes like this, specially this last month. So it felt to readers as if you have just posted.

    2nd advice break yr things into Urgent, Important, Not Important and Others. If you remember my old post.

    That will be more effective plus make the schedule of activities into day and night. So that you precisely know, whether you have time for the given task, what time is feasible for it, and whether other task can squeeze in.

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    1. This is really great advice! And yes I do remember your post! Thanks for the advice and reminder✨✨ I really like the idea of breaking it up into Day and night so I’ll for sure try that


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