Lazy Sick Day + 500 Follower Q&A!✨

Hello all who reads. I’m not sure what time it is that you’re reading this but I’m typing this out at 10 PM. The day is basically over and I almost didn’t post at all. Why?

This morning I woke up feeling a little off and extremely sleepy. My boyfriend has been sick so last night he was tossing and turning, getting up because of sweating and coldness. This also caused me to wake up every time he did. Last week he went to the doctor and was told he had strep throat. They gave him a shot and said it would pass quicker that way, he also had to take 2 days off using up the last of his sick days. He seems to be better now. We’ll see how tonight goes. As for me, I really hope I’m not getting sick too. I’m usually the first so I’m surprised that it was him this time. However, I did get sick after eating my breakfast this morning…Yeah, came right up (no I am not pregnant) and I felt terrible. Im assuming it was just the sausage but I could be coming down with something as I’ve been sniffing and sneezing a lot lately. I’m sniffing now as I type. 

Since I wasn’t feeling well today I haven’t really been active or productive until about an hour ago. Today I was supposed to finish up my tasks from yesterday and have time with my friend. Well, we’re trying yet again tomorrow- maybe.

I just got done cleaning up after the guinea pigs and some dishes because no way I was doing it earlier. No worries everyone got fed! despite not wanting to do anything else.

I have a video for their channel still needing to be edited and uploaded. YouTubing is hard work I tell you, especially just starting out and doing other things too. Making a channel for my pets was basically a test/trial to see if I would actually like doing it and get some experience, then I would create a personal or blog YouTube account. 

So far, I’m definitely not ready for that but it’s still a consideration. I’m still interested. Do any of you have YouTube channels or plan on starting one?

Besides that, I was able to make time to watch the sunset. It didn’t require too much effort as everything else did. 

Here are a couple of tonight’s shots…

I can’t wait to have a car again so we can go somewhere to get better views. I could take a walk but even standing on my balcony taking the pictures is uncomfortable sometimes. Okay a lot of the time. I don’t know, I just don’t like people watching me take pictures or taking pictures of me lol. It makes me uncomfortable. Am I the only one? 

Usually I can get nice shots without stepping out, and sometimes I take them from the bedroom window. I’ll start to share them here more since some of you don’t have Instagram, where I post majority of them.

Anyway, I hope and let’s all hope that I do not get strep throat😩🙁

Or sick period. Let’s wake up feeling better!As you all know, or you may just be finding out- I recently hit the 500 follower mark, which was one of my goals for June. I said I would let you all know what I wanted to do to celebrate and decided I had to do something involving the number 5 lol (500 would probably be a little wild) so yesterday I posted 5 times! I think that’s my record so I was proud of that.

I also want to do a Q&A, I always love reading those and asking questions so I thought you all would love to ask some questions. I’d love to answer!

So go ahead, ask me questions in the comment section💕 

Think of the most basic questions or the most interesting, I only ask that you don’t ask where I am from or my first name✨

I will be answering them next Friday, the 23rd and of course I’ll have to deliver it in a FUN way😉

Let’s make it happen! I’ve got some nice ideas for this. Ask as many as you like✨


34 thoughts on “Lazy Sick Day + 500 Follower Q&A!✨

  1. Congrats on the followers! I don’t like people watching me take pictures either and I think it’s cause I’m usually so particular about my photos, so you’re not alone there- but those are some gorgeous shots of the sunset. I do have a YouTube channel, but it just has a few videos from my phone of my boyfriend and I being silly (nothing serious). I liked reading this, but sorry to hear you’re not feeling good! I hope you feel better soon xoxo

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  2. Congrats on reaching 500!! My questions are: what’s your favourite quote/saying?
    Cats or dogs?
    Sweet or savoury?
    If you only had one week to live, what would you do, where would you go?
    Samsung or Apple?

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  3. Hey! Get better soon, Lee! I have these questions:

    How do you think that you can change the world?
    Writing or reading?
    Drawing/painting or photography?
    Favourite book ever?
    Your favourite word?
    The first five things you think when you hear your own name? (Sorry, I know this is a weird one. Oh, and you can use ‘Lee’ instead of your real name)
    The first five things you think when you hear MY name?

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  4. I’m sorry yesterday was so hard for you! Being sick, or someone you love being sick, is always so hard. But you did get some beautiful pictures of the sunset 🙂 💕 I’m right with you on people watching as you take pictures; that always makes me so uncomfortable. They probably don’t mean anything by staring, but it’s still weird 😂 Congrats on 500!! That’s so cool that you posted five times. (I hadn’t noticed lol 😂 I did see that you were online more, though!!) Here are some questions for the Q&A: 1) what are your 5 current, short-term goals? 2) Who is your biggest inspiration? Why do they inspire you? 3) What makes you happy? 4) What is something that you’re proud of? – I hope you have a fantastic day, Lee ☺️💖✨✨

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    1. Yeah and especially him having to go to work still.
      Lol yeah I’m sure they mean no harm, I think I’ve probably stared at someone taking pictures before in my lifetime but definitely still weird.
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting on everything✨✨ I can’t wait to answer your questions and you have a great day too Maggie!😀

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  5. Congrats Lee on hitting your milestone. I’m sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I hope you feel better soon. I don’t have a YouTube channel at the moment but I’m thinking about it. It looks simple enough but it is not. Take care of yourself. See you next week. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much☺️💛
      Yeah YouTube seems simple at first until you really get into it, and I feel like growing an audience on there is one of the hardest platforms to grow on. But for some people it just comes natural, and being in front of a camera entertaining is natural to them. Take care💛💛

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  6. Yaaay! It’s halfway to 1 thousand, congrats!! My question: Do you have any weird habits? For example, when I’m eating something delicious, I clench my spare fist.It’s odd, and creepy, but I can’t help it haha))

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  7. Nope, I don’t have a YouTube channel that I use for video blogging. Everyone tells me that I should start one for my hot topics and do a general focus group. We’ll see. Maybe in the Fall. A lot is going on now. My question is…what relationship advice would you give to young women between the ages of 18-30?

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