Today’s To Do🌻

Ah, here we are again another Monday. They come and go so quickly right?

My weekend was full of cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and planning. Although there was a lot of cleaning, there still needs to be some dishes done from yesterday evening and night so that will be on the list. Today will be a little busy as well. Let’s get to it!

Today’s To Do:

✔️Feed/Clean after pets

✔️Straighten up around the house (anything left from yesterday)


✔️Words of the week

🌻Girl time with one of my best friends… Actually probably my only close friend at the moment lol. She’s coming over soon. (We’re going to try again tomorrow)

✔️Watch The Real

✔️Light work out 

✔️Post another GoldenPinkDiary entry

✔️Create a GoldenPinkDiary header

✔️Promote latest project

🌻Post to IG & Twitter

🌻Edit video

✔️R/C/R (trying to figure out the best times for me to do this, I’ve been getting so behind but I do make sure to do as many as I can each day)

✔️Continue planning/brainstorming

✔️Work on writing prompts

🌻Make/have a smoothie

✔️Watch the sunset

As always if I need to add anything I will come back and do that. I hope I can complete at least half of the list before 5 PM. What are your Monday plans? Comment below.✨


9 thoughts on “Today’s To Do🌻

    1. Awww thanks Cheila, ☺️💗
      It’s a good feeling when you can make close friends from so far away and have so many people from around the word that will support and be there for you💗

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  1. Sounds like a full day for ya (: my boyfriend and I are working on last minute apartment adjustments for our move in day this week! Then I’m going back home to do some (overdue) pampering xoxo

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  2. How is the furniture shopping going, Lee. My brain fluids oozed out steadily as we did ours for about five hours yesterday and yet we are not done. The sadness of selling all the old stuff is hitting us as we start with acquiring the new.

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    1. Very slow still. We’re still working on getting a new car, without that we have to worry about transportation to even go shopping lol. Until then I plan to look online and I know there are sales and stuff maybe going on or coupons in the mail do I’ll check those out. 5hours and still not done? Wow is there much left?! I can only imagine how long it will take us. And I hate giving away old things too😩

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      1. Hah, we are car-less too. The thing with the States is that one cannot get by without a car. No matter how much I hold on to my love of using public transportation! Five hours and still not done indeed. Can you believe that? This setting up house all over again is a big (not to mention heartbreakingly expensive) affair. I hope you get the kind of things you want because at the end of the day that does take care of all the in-between troubles of getting to them.

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      2. I hate public transportation! Ugh, it sucks, too long making all those stops, sometimes too crowded and is kind of scary, there were even shootings on the bus. Smh nowhere is safe.
        I’m so indecisive though so I know it won’t be easy finding what I like lol

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      3. Shootings on a bus! Yikes. Okay I get what you mean. The world is suddenly so unsafe. But I really enjoy the freedom of not being tied down by a car. Which is something clearly you can do in Europe and not here! Hehe if you are particular about what you are looking for, you shall surely find something nice. Even though it might take time 😉

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