Golden Pink Diary: Entry#2 “Numbers & Content” Does it matter?

I’m here writing out another diary entry. I do not plan or edit these, I just write. Today I want to talk about followers, and the amount of followers you have for certain projects or content you post.

Recently I shared a new project, the Summer Party Playlist Project, for Fun Friday actually. I shared it with Instagram so that some of you may see it if you weren’t on WordPress at the time. Also because that’s just a part of promoting your blog on social media.

Well, someone on social media commented on my IG stating that I “MUST” have a certain amount of followers for the type of content I post, and that she could help me if I send her a message. Apparently she has some type of promotion business, I don’t know, the comment was a turn off so I didn’t care to message or check her advertisements out. To me it was kind of rude. You don’t go on someones post, especially something they worked so hard on and say “oh you don’t have enough followers for this, let me promote myself and help you out.”
No matter how nice you try to put it, DON’T DO THIS!

If she really wanted to help me out, she could have messaged me instead of commenting under my picture, and telling me to messaged her for promotion. She since went on to delete her comment, I guess because I didn’t respond at all.

It did make me think though. I have only 145 followers on IG, so I understand my content there won’t reach too many people but if you use hashtags they reach many more depending on which ones you use. My blog however, now has 500 followers.

YES! I finally reached 500 followers and I’m so excited! If you read my Hello June post you know that one of my goals this month was to reach 500 so thank you all so much who have followed, and SPECIAL thanks to those of you who constantly read and comment on my posts. You all are part of the reason I continue to blog as much as I can and haven’t given up yet. My passion for writing and inspiring helps out a lot too lol. But again, thank you so much! I will be thinking of something, possibly a Q&A for this Friday. Stay tuned to find out exactly. I’ll let you all know by Wednesday.

Anyways, back to what I was saying…

I wondered if maybe she was right, maybe I do need a certain amount of followers for projects I share. Or maybe nobody is really that interested. So far no one has said they would for sure be participating in my Summer Party Playlist Project, I had a few “If I find the time I will” but sometimes that translates to a no in the nicest way, or forgetting. Which I understand, I’m sure I’ve done it before too. I’m sure many of you are also very busy so I understand that. But, I also said that the deadline would be July 1st, and if there are more participants it would basically be all summer long. I wanted to give plenty of time so that people could have time. I know that most of us aren’t usually able to jump right into something.

But I also wondered if people are just not interested, or just didn’t actually read the post because the project is in the top 5 for the most amount of views and likes according to my stats. Maybe some of you like the idea but don’t want to join in? Eh.. Maybe some of you liked it so you could come back to it later?

Because of this, a good part of my weekend was me deciding whether not I should continue the project or delete it and wait until I have a larger audience. I decided that I would make my final decision by the end of this week.

Obviously I don’t want to share or host something that no one is interested in. What’s the point of that? This also isn’t a beg for you all to participate, because honestly if you don’t want to or it’s not interesting to you, I’d rather not have people do it because they feel forced. That’s no fun for either of us but these are my thoughts and feelings and I wanted to share them with you all and get feedback.

So what are your thoughts, do you think you need to have a large number of followers for certain content like projects and things that require/ask for participation? What would be a good number? Do you think leaving that type of comment is rude or is it just me? Let’s talk. Comment below.💖

30 thoughts on “Golden Pink Diary: Entry#2 “Numbers & Content” Does it matter?

  1. Hi. Congratulations on reaching 500 followers! That’s a great milestone! How long did it take you to get there? As for the person who commented that you don’t have enough followers, I do agree that it was inappropriate to write in your comments.

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    1. Yeah there are better ways to do it say certain things.
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting✨ it took me basically 5-6 months, I’ve been blogging since January but at first I wasn’t as consistent as I am now

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  2. What the fuck? That lady was rude. You DON’T need a certain amount of followers for ANYTHING. You can post whatever you like even if your boyfriend is the only one reading. You DON’T have to write thinking about an audience. It’s normal for people to read and then decide not to participate. The WordPress community is so big and everyone is having something at some point so if you decide to join on every single thing, you go crazy. It’s not that your ideas are bad. Not at all. Maybe it was timing or maybe some people are yet to do it. I confess I must not have read it paying close attention because I don’t remember what we were supposed to do but I’ll get back to it. Don’t worry at all, honey. 500 is an awesome number. Even if you didn’t have that many, it doesn’t mean your content is not good. There’s a number of factors. Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s more than enough. It’s perfect. So much love. Cheila

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    1. Yeah I completely agree after having to think about it so long. It was just kind of a slap in the face reading that right after posting and being so excited about it, like maybe I should wait because right now it’s not looking like it’s going to work out. I’m still going to promote it a little because people may not have seen it or like you said didn’t read it or pay attention. And if still nothing I’ll wait. I don’t have a problem trying again another time, trying something else or if someone reads and decides not to participate. Not everyone will be interested in every single thing you put out and that’s completely fine. I’ve been on that side too. I just have a problem with rude comments or liking a post just to like it. I know you read my posts because you’re one of the main to always comment💕 but we all know sometimes people just like a post without even opening it. Don’t even know what they are liking. That’s not cool. The inside could say “this summer lets kill all the kittens” they wouldn’t know. I’d rather not have those kind of likes because it’s misleading. I’d like to know what people like the most so that I can put that kind of content out more. Anything I post is because I want to but I’m going to do more of what I get the most likes and interaction on. That encourages me more and will help my blog grow.
      Timing could definitely be a factor to consider that I’ll think about more. Not just the day but actual time since we’re all over the world . Thanks for mentioning that. Thank you so much for your constant support, I am grateful and happy for 500 followers I agree it’s awesome, I remember when you were there and everyone said you would be at 1000 in no time and what happened?!☺️💖

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      1. I’m glad I could help and lift you up a little, my dear! I’m always here for you and I always read. If you see a like but no comment from me is because I had no time to comment or I will come back to it. Have you thought about creating a Tag? Those have more success because you nominate people and they have to nominate someone else, so they go around. You’ll be at 1000 before you know it. ❤

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      2. Or sometimes people just don’t have much to say on certain posts besides the normal great post or I really like this etc, which is okay also. You don’t have to comment or like every single post just don’t give it for the wrong reason💕
        And remember my “pass” I created? Not a tag but basically yeah lol. I’m going to bring that back up soon and expand the nominations since I only did 2 and they haven’t gotten to it yet


    1. Thank you. It’s not my favorite but it’s the only pink one I have since I misplaced one that was gold and pink…that would have been perfect. I’m going to find another.

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  3. I’ve actually thought about this question a lot for some of the projects that I’d like to do. Some are really important to me and requires a lot of commitment from me, and ideally, I’d like a large audience to see them. However, if I keeping holding back my really good stuff then my following might grow more slowly. Having great content is so important. I think Cheila’s idea is great about creating a tag. I haven’t done one yet, but I have one in mind already. I don’t know the first thing about how to do it, but I’ve got internet so…
    On a different note, it might be a good idea to link that post to this one so that readers can easily find it again. You know how lazy we are! And that lady is going nowhere fast with her awful lack of social skills. Very unprofessional; who’d work with a person like that? Anyway, she probably just wanted to sell followers, which can be done for IG and blogs.

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    1. I love when bloggers create tags and such, I love participating in projects. I’m sure when you’re ready to create yours it will be perfect 💖 just make it your own. But I definitely feel the same way not wanting to share it if there’s going to be no audience or not participating. I write for me but when I share something like that it’s not just for me. The purpose is for others to get involved so sometimes you may need to consider your following or how well you are promoting it.
      I did think about putting the link here, and I will now that it has been mentioned but at first I thought it would come off as me just bribing/begging for you all to join in with talking about something personal and I didn’t want that because that’s not what this post was for. I was going to just upload a new post about it which I still might do. Thanks for your feedback and reading!✨

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  4. Congratulations!!! 🎉😄💗 That is amazing news! That lady who commented was most definitely being rude! She probably didn’t understand how hard you work to get your followers and that at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if they weren’t there as your blog is amazing!! Like you said it sounds like it was more of her promoting herself than anyone else. I don’t even have an Instagram account so I think 145 sounds brilliant! (IG is Instagram isn’t it? 😂). I wanted to take part in your summer party playlist project as it’s a great idea and liked it to go back but I’ve been unwell and didn’t want to comment saying I would do it as then I would feel mean turning it down when I couldn’t write it (I worry too much! 😂) I don’t think you should give up on it as it sounds brilliant but is totally up to you. I really want to take part!!! I would send in a summer poem to you if I could get my brain working 😂 Have a lovely day! 😄💗

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    1. 😂yes IG is Instagram I should probably write it out so that no one gets confused that may not know. But thank you so much for reading and commenting! Your comment just helped me think of a new way to promote it which I’ll post in a few. Hopefully it will help me and everyone else out. I have done the same thing before not wanting to comment so I don’t make a promise I many not be able to keep so I understand that! Thanks for mentioning that. I won’t give up on it just yet💗
      I hope your brain gets working so you can come up with an amazing poem and more awesomeness for your own blog too of course☺️

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  5. Hey Lee, I would ignore such messages. I suspect these are mostly spam messages. The important thing is that you have hit the 500 mark. Congratulations! Go celebrate with a bit of chocolate (which you know I swear by in all moods) and a bit of bubbly 🙂 If I can get around to it I shall take part in your Summer Party Playlist Project xx

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    1. Lol yesss ! The only problem is I have no chocolate so I have to buy some lol good thing it’s not expensive. I do have chocolate chip waffles though! Thank you and Thanks for commenting☺️

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  6. Hello, First of all, 500 followers is a huge accomplishment. Congrats!! I struggle with the same thing. I try to be true to myself so I post what I want and it may very well affect my numbers, I have around 50 followers. I also ask questions in every post and have very little feedback but I guess I feel like as long as I’m being authentic one day it will pay off.

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  7. Congrats on 500 Lee that’s awesome! As for the random comment, I’m thinking either spam, or some random who is way to focused on numbers. Either way, ignore it! Just write what you want. You’ll find your audience, and in time your numbers will build 😀

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