Fun Friday #11: Summer Projects🌻💛🎶

Happy Fun Friday everyone! Earlier in the week I talked about wanting to write my own Summer hit this month, really just this Summer period- it’s on my mental Summer bucket list. But before I write this hit, I’m hoping all of you will help and join along in a project I’ve created, the Summer Party Playlist Project. I came up with the name from last Fun Friday’s post, the Summer Party Playlist Edition where I listed 100 of my favorite Summer/Party songs!

I thought maybe, just maybe some of my blogging friends/family would want to write a Summer hit too. It sounds fun right? But not only you- I’d love for the whole WordPress community to get involved! Open to all☺️💛

What I’m hoping/asking:

I’m hoping and asking that many of you participate, and maybe reblog this or spread the word somehow.

How to help me:

Leave in the comments the things that make you think of Summer: It can be words, feelings, activities, colors, what’s on your bucket list, Summer goals/dreams etc

How to participate in project:

•Do above step☺️

•Write a poem, story, article, any presentation about Summer. You can write song lyrics like I’m doing if you want: It can be in full, a verse, or the chorus (must be your own work) You can submit some of your own summery photographs but there has to be something said with it.

•Include a title

•Include link to your blog and your name

•Send me your submission via email ( or creating your own post and tagging me in it: Can be in word format or audio. Videos would be cool too. You must tag me if you submit by your own post. Also, #SummerPartyPlaylist

Deadline July 1

I will be sharing a few on my blog up until July 1st. On July 4th I will share my Summer hit lyrics, and everyone’s submission between the 4th-8th depending on how many there is. If this project does extremely well, I’ll keep it going until August sometime.

*Please do not link to a previous post on your blog or send a previous post

*Your submission will not be included if you do not include a title, and your name

*Your submission will not be included if it is not Summer related

How will I choose which submissions to share on my blog before the whole “playlist” is released and the order of playlist?

I decided that I will be sharing the articles and stories submitted up until July 1st. Or until August, depending on how many there is. Think of this like the “singles” being released to promote the whole album.

The order of the full playlist will be song lyrics and poems first, then articles, stories etc according to order they were submitted.

The “playlist” is basically all of your submissions being shared on my blog in a certain order like an album. Best way I can explain it lol. Which is also why you need to have a title, your name, and blog URL.

I hope this sounds like something you all will enjoy participating in. If you have any questions feel free to ask them.

Remember to comment below the things that make you think of Summer and if you’ll be sending in a submission💛🎶


18 thoughts on “Fun Friday #11: Summer Projects🌻💛🎶

    1. Yes, anything relating to summer. Send it to me in email or post it and tag me, I will be sharing them on my blog💛 a few each week. I hope you’re able to find time. The deadline right now is July 1st and I’ll give reminders so no worries☺️

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  1. Awesome project! I emailed you, hopefully I followed all the rules🙈. Well summer reminds me of: beach, pineapple, 🍈, holiday, summer love, beach volleyball, swimming, bikinis and smiles, fun and a beautiful skin colour haha. I wish you a lot of fun with your project!!

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